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Colgate Triple Cool Stripe Toothpaste

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12 Reviews
  • Reasonably priced
  • Cleans teeth well
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    12 Reviews
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      22.01.2015 16:44
      Very helpful


      • "Reasonably priced"
      • "Cleans teeth well"
      • "Has a pleasant minty flavour"


      • None

      Cleans Teeth Well

      I recently bought this toothpaste because it was on offer at only 75p. It's difficult to find toothpaste at less than £1 nowadays so I was very pleased with the price.

      I have used Colgate in the past but they have so many varieties of paste it's hard to remember which ones you have used before. However, I don't think that I have used this particular variety in the past.

      The product comes boxed with information about the paste and brand printed onto the outer packaging. The tube is 100ml in size and is soft and malleable which means it's easy to squeeze out the paste. It has a flip style lid which clicks back into place after use.

      The brand state this paste can provide "cavity protection" as well as teeth strengthening and a fresh breath. It is a fluoride toothpaste.

      When I squeeze out the paste it has a thick white layer with two stripes of different coloured blue gel. I like to use as much as my brush will take. When using the paste it turns into a turquoise blue foam which can expand slightly in the mouth and which may require spitting out at intervals. The texture of the paste is strange as at first you can feel the difference between the spongy gel and the grittier paste but then they melt together.

      I use this twice or sometimes three times a day. It has a pleasant, minty flavour without being too strong. It certainly freshens my mouth and breath which makes me feel confident. It also cleans teeth well until they have that sleek feeling when I rub my tongue over their surfaces after using the paste. My tongue has a strange, cool feeling after use which I really like.

      I would definitely recommend this to anyone who would like a toothpaste that cleans teeth really well but also has a pleasant texture and taste. It is widely available at supermarkets and chemist stores in the UK.


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      28.07.2012 21:02
      Very helpful



      a great toothpaste from colgate

      I do have to say when it comes to toothpaste, quality and brand are something I won't budge on and I will always choose Colgate. I most specificallyy buy the Triple Cool Stripe variety as it is my favourite!

      The Colgate toothpaste is presented in a thin cardboard red box with the blue oval and the Triple Cool Stripe logo at the end. Inside the box, is 125ml tube, for which I pay £1 either on offer in the supermarket or in my local market, as there are stalls who sell toiletries such as this toothpaste for what I consider a very reasonable price!

      The toothpaste itself is exactly what it says: a paste which is white with light blue and dark blue stripes running through it, which is extracted by squeezing the paste through the head which has a flip lid. I love this toothpaste as it has a strong minty taste, and I can feel it in working in my mouth. The paste is substantially thick, and works luxuriously to lather and create a bold teeth cleaning experience without having to go to the dentist. After brushing my teeth, the flavour and taste lingers for a lot longer than when I used to use the ordinary white Colgate toothpaste and leaves me with much more minty fresh breath! Hoorah!

      I have always used this toothpaste with my daughter who is almost 3, giving her a teeny pea sized amount and it has worked well in maintaining she has excellent dental hygiene, clean teeth and a refreshing mouth. With myself I use a generous amount as I just like to be 100% sure! I have not had any fillings (yet touch wood!) and so I like to maintain and ensure oral hygiene and this toothpaste has worked well for me so far!

      On a cheeky note, my friend recommended using toothpaste to help clear spots. I had a weird one on my chin one day, so I put a dab of this toothpaste on it overnight and sure enough it helped the spot go down dramatically and it really reduced the redness and the appearance of it, so you are getting a 2 in 1 kind of product really!

      This toothpaste does contain active sodium fluoride which I know some consumers are not a fan of, but for me I was advised by the dentist that it was important for aiding healthy teeth so I am happy to stick with it. This is the best toothpaste I have used by far so I would definitely recommend it!


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      21.05.2011 00:32



      Everything you need for clean teeth

      I am quite fussy about toothepaste as my teeth are not in a good state and I hate going to the dentists so it is important for me to try and get a product which will give them a good clean and keep me out of the dentist's chair! This is the toothepaste that we now always use in our household and have done so for a few years now. The price is one of the most reasonable for a main brand toothepaste which is a bonus as prices seem to be rising continually for toothepaste in the supermarkets. The toothepast has a texture like gel, it is very fresh tasting and it leaves a nice fresh tingly taste in your mouth, without feeling like you've just eaten a really strong mint. There is no claggy after tast in your mouth with this toothepaste which I have previously found with some of the creamier toothepastes out there. This one also contains fluoride which Is recommended by dentists, also it is good for keeping gums, breathe and cavities clean and fresh.


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      15.08.2010 18:38
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good standard toothpaste to use

      I recently bought this toothpaste at poundland as it was only a pound! I'm not too bothered about which toothpaste I buy, but I know Colgate is a well-known and reliable make so was fine to go along with them. I was quite pleased of my purchase as I got what appeared to be a large tube at 125ml for just a pound. It has already lasted me well over a month (coming up to 2) and there's still a good deal left.

      On the toothpaste, it says 'Fluoride Toothpaste' just below the large white Colgate logo on the red background. I thought all toothpastes had fluoride in them to keep your teeth whitened but this seems to make a point of it! It also says that it strengthens teeth and freshens breath - both of which I'd hope a toothpaste to do, and this one does it pretty well.

      On the right hand side it says Triple Cool Stripe and Cavity Protection. I'm not so sure what makes the 3 stripes to amazing apart from their look but this toothpaste freshens breath, strengthens teeth, fights cavities and apparently has a great refreshing taste. I do quite like the taste as it's not too strong but is quite cool and minty. It has a slightly different texture to some other toothpastes however - it seems quite gritty as opposed to smooth.

      As you flip open the white cap after taking the toothpaste out the box, you can see the three stripes. After a while of use, these stripes get mixed up together and it's harder to make them out. There are two tones of blue and a white stripe. The tube itself has some information on directions for use as well as contact details for Colgate.

      It's pretty easy to use and you only need a small peanut size amount on your toothbrush whether it is manual or electric. It works well and I haven't had any problems since using this toothpaste. It tastes quite minty but a very mild mint and it doesn't leave your mouth painfully stinging. I like to give my teeth a good 2 minute brush with this toothpaste and then bite my teeth together a bit to get it right in there, give it a swirl around and finally spit it out and rinse.

      It's pleasant to use and I can't really say much more! It's certainly worth it for a pound if you can get it at poundland. It is just as good as the others but isn't specified for sensitive teeth if you have them. Mine aren't exactly made of iron but it's not overly bad if I have a cold ice cream whilst using this toothpaste. I am not sensitive to alcohol or hot temperatures either in terms of teeth and this works perfectly fine.

      Thanks for reading!



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        24.06.2010 09:00
        Very helpful



        Good value for money.

        Looking after our teeth is very important and to keep them for as long as possible and so not to have to wear dentures, I have all my own teeth lol and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible and using a good toothpaste is one of the products I would rarely lower in brand, although I have heard many cheaper ones are quite good and I have yet to try them and see for myself but this one is a very well known brand and I have been using the brand for many years as I am extremely happy with it.

        It comes in a cardboard box and inside is a long tube with a flip back top, inside it is a bright blue and white smooth paste and it comes out of the tube very easily to squeeze onto the toothbrush.

        The texture of the paste is nice and soft and very smooth and on the brush it blends around the teeth perfectly and the taste is nice and minty and very refreshing indeed.

        It freshens the breath and fights cavities and it also strengthens the teeth to make them stronger and in good condition and it has a nice refreshing after taste once it is rinsed and it is very easy to rinse from the mouth.

        It is a gel and a paste combined and the stripe effect of the combination works well on the teeth in my opinion and the freshness is felt constantly while brushing and I have found it does not burn or sting the mouth when being used, as I have found some other pastes tend to sting while brushing but this one is fine.

        For a 100ml tube it cost only £1.10 and so I think it is excellent value for money and I think the lower brands are a little cheaper but I think this one is worth paying that little bit more for a nice brand and one I can trust.

        The plastic tube can easily be placed in the recycle bin, which is also a good thing and I think the after taste this toothpaste leaves on the teeth and mouth is a very good one and I use it along with my mouth wash and the results are perfect for me and keep my teeth is tip top condition.

        I really like the combination of the gel and paste as it is smoother around the teeth when brushing and I recommend this one for anyone to try as I do not think you would be disappointed and I will continue to buy it as I think it is extremely good value for money and for the very low price, I just think it is worth every penny spent in my opinion.

        I give it 5 stars.

        Thank you for reading my review.


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          09.04.2010 08:35
          Very helpful



          Nothing over and above many other tooth pastes on the market

          Unless I am after something special or in particular, such as being ideal for sensitive teeth or having effective whitening properties etc. toothpaste is simply toothpaste. It is nothing more than a fast moving consumer product with many different brands, all of which are pretty much similar, I will favour either the cheapest, the one with multiple savings or the first one that comes to hand in a busy supermarket. I find there is nothing worse than reaching around the un-kept, dirty and BO stinking people who like to be in the way in my local supermarket.

          I'll be honest here and state there are only two reasons why I bought this particular tooth paste from this particular company, and these include;

          1) I will review almost anything and I have never reviewed toothpaste before, although I have to admit that I have never really been inspired to or been so passionate about a particular type of tooth paste that I felt the need to.

          2) I like a challenge and reviewing a bog standard product that, at first glance appears no different from many other types of tooth paste available, is quite a challenge.

          ****The packaging and advertising****

          The consumer is spoilt for choice with this tooth paste since it is available in the traditional style metal tube or a hard plastic tube. Both tubes hold the same amount, which at 100ml is comparable to other tooth pastes. Without really thinking about it I grabbed the first Triple Cool tooth paste that came to hand, which turned out to sting my wallet a lot more than was really necessary. This review, therefore, is based on the tooth paste in the hard plastic tube.

          This tooth paste is liveried up in the corporate colegate colours of red and white, which is easily recognisable. In addition to this, the tube is supplied in a cardboard box, which I think is pointless, especially in this day and age when we are all encouraged to produce less waste and preserve the environment etc. the cardboard can be recycled, as expected, but it really is unnecessary and other than making the tooth paste easier to stack on the super market shelves I can't see that it serves any other purpose. It certainly doesn't offer any additional protection over and above the hard plastic tube.

          The hard plastic tube could be seen as a selling point of this toothpaste. I wouldn't call it a 'unique' selling point as there are many other types of tooth paste that come in these tubes. With a flat bottom the tube can be stood upright on a shelf, or in the cupboard which is great as it negates the need for a tooth paste holder. One of my pet hates is the tooth paste tube randomly lying on the bathroom window sill and this packaging stops this happening.

          If asked to think of a tooth paste I would instantly think of Aqua Fresh's three stripes and not Colegate, but this is down to the TV campaign of the cartoon family singing the highly catchy "I like red stripes, I like White.......Aqua Fresh is for the family". In fact, it is a tune I often hum whilst carrying out my twice daily teeth scrubbing ritual. I am struggling to think of any similar advertising Colegate has done, although I am sure they must have done some it just didn't make any type of impression on me.


          Obviously, the tooth paste is not extracted from the plastic tube by squeezing it. Instead there is a plastic cap that is pressed down and the tooth paste oozes out in constant stream, a bit like a dog having a...... well, I'll leave that to your imagination. This consistent stream of tooth paste controls how much is used and prevents over use that can be a problem when using traditional style tubes a bit heavy handed. The operation of this is also cleaner, and there are no crusty bits of tooth paste left around the rim of the tube.

          Despite the above there is still some wastage as it is difficult to get the last dregs of tooth paste out of the tube. This is not a problem with traditional tube as these can be flattened or cut open and the remaining dregs can be scraped out, a practice my mother always did when I was growing up.

          ****Once out what is this tooth paste like?****

          This tooth paste consists of, you've guessed it, 3 different coloured stripes. There is;

          1) A white one, which appears to be the 'normal' Colegate tooth paste
          2) A light blue stripe, which appears to provide the 'minty' kick
          3) A darker blue stripe, which is like the classic 'minty blue gel' of yesteryear.

          The consistency is the same as all other types of tooth paste. It is no thicker or runnier nor does it spread across the teeth any easier than any other tooth paste, so there are no real surprises there.

          ****The magic formula****

          Contained within these stripes is sodium fluoride (which is the 'active' ingredient), hydrated silica, glycerine, PEG-12 (sounds like some movie rating), cellulose gum, sodium chloride (although there is no salty after taste), sodium lauryl sulphate, aroma (is that a smell?!?), sorbitol and aqua (good old H2O).

          For years dentists have been harking on about how fluoride is essential for oral hygiene as it reduces plaque acid, replenishes mineral loss and maintains teeth enamel, and this is drummed in to us from a young age. Too much fluoride is bad and can lead to fluorosis, which can only take hold during tooth development, in children therefore it is recommended they use a pea sized amount of the tooth paste and don't swallow it. Ever since I can remember I have always swallowed a small amount of tooth paste after cleaning my teeth, a habit that has followed me in to adulthood, and I never had any problems so I am unsure how big the risk of fluorosis is.

          ****What does this tooth paste do?****

          Colgate claims this tooth paste provides a three pronged approach in oral hygiene, in that it;

          i) Strengthens Teeth
          ii) Fights cavities
          iii) Freshens breath

          There are many other tooth pastes that claim the same so there's nothing unusual or unique about the above, however, does this tooth paste live up to the claims? I'm sure it does, after all I am guessing that Colegate's laboratory team, or the team Colegate subcontracts the work out to have spent years carrying out scientific research, tinkering with the formula and tweaking it so the claims can be printed on the packaging. The million dollar question is "does this tooth paste do the above any better than its rivals?" Unfortunately, this is something that I will never find the answer to, although I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.....

          ****It's the taste****

          Let's face it if a tooth paste is of the 'normal' type, i.e. without any special qualities, then it has to taste nice otherwise consumers won't buy it. The pink Sensodyne tastes absolutely foul but because it is "medically proven to be good for sensitive teeth" it sells. This tooth paste is very minty without being overpowering. Some minty products can be too much, and will blow the roof of your mouth off and provide a kind of "burning" sensation (for want of a better phrase) but this tooth paste isn't like that. In fact I would even say it is quite refreshing. The after taste is nice although it is short lived, but then given I am a strong believer in mouth wash I am not overly bothered by either the breath freshening qualities or the longetivity of the after taste of any tooth paste I buy.

          Once again I have t say that this tooth paste is no better, or worse in the taste department than many other tooth pastes on the market, many of which provide the minty kick without being overpowering.

          ****Availability and price****

          Colegate is a market leader and widely stocked throughout retail stores of all sizes. From the large national supermarket chains down to the local corner shop you will find Colegate tooth paste everywhere so getting this product should create any problems at all.

          A 100ml of this tooth paste in a traditional styled tube currently costs £1.00 from Tesco, which isn't too bad. It is not the cheapest tooth paste on the market, but then given it is a premium brand it wouldn't be, but it is certainly not the most expensive. It is very middle of the road and represents value for money.

          A 100ml of this tooth paste in the hard plastic tube costs a whopping 90% more, i.e. £1.90, than its traditional counterpart which is just ridiculous. And to add salt to the wound, well in my case, I selected the hard plastic tube, which was definitely not good shopping on my part. At this price this tooth paste is not great value for money, and in my opinion the benefits of having a hard plastic tube over the traditional metal tube do not outweigh the additional cost.

          ****Would I recommend it?****

          Personally, I think that this tooth paste is no different to many other tooth pastes on the market. It doesn't look and different, it doesn't taste any different nor does it do anything 'new' or 'exciting', and in addition that little spillage on the tie is still a nightmare to get out. That said, it is a good quality product at a fair price (providing you don't buy it in the plastic tube that is). However, tooth paste is a personal choice and I wouldn't recommend this tooth paste over and above any other minty flavoured tooth paste, unless it is exceptionally cheap (or on offer) or you can't reach any alternative without having to reach around one of those dirty, BO stinking people in the supermarket.

          If given the choice I would go for the Aqua Fresh purely for the TV advertising and the fact I can happily hum the song to myself. Humming the Aqua Fresh song whilst using a different brand just isn't right.


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            02.04.2010 12:49
            Very helpful



            I'd rather have no teeth

            Whether we like it or not, we all have to clean our teeth. It's a dreadful chore really. Personally, I hate the way that it dominates my morning and evening routines. It might just be my OCD, but if I find myself unable to clean my teeth before bed I can't sleep and if I can't clean my teeth after breakfast, I'm in a bad mood all day.

            Colgate Triple Cool Stripe is nothing special. It's one of countless toothpastes on the market, each vying for a little slice of the market. We tend to be quite brand loyal where toothpaste is concerned, particularly when we find a taste/texture that we like. Suffice it to say that in Triple Cool Stripe, I have NOT found a product that I would be prepared to use on an ongoing basis. This product is utter rubbish on pretty much every level.

            As one of the UK's leading brands, Colgate invests significant sums of money in its brand and image. Colgate Professional is a subsidiary of the Colgate brand that aligns itself to the dental industry and asks dental professionals to sign up for the latest news and support. Colgate products are frequently advertised as being produced in conjunction with dental health professionals. It's unclear to what extent this is the case. Certainly, whenever I visit the dentist, there are various posters and leaflets that are sponsored by Colgate and the company seems keen to concentrate on its claims of strong links with the trade. This is a serious brand. Whereas other brands like Aquafresh and Macleans go for the family image, Colgate wants to be seen as clinical and effective.

            This doesn't mean that this is an expensive brand, however. At around £1.00 for 100ml of standard toothpaste (including Triple Cool Stripe), this is one of the cheaper brands on the market. The price doubles near enough if you opt for the pump dispenser, but I'm never convinced that the pump dispensers are any more effective than the tubes and seem to use up a lot more plastic to me. There is a wide range of alternative Colgate products, ranging in advertised properties and prices. Triple Cool Stripe is amongst the cheapest and aside from the gimmick of having three groovy stripes, its claims are limited.

            I would have thought that the gimmick of a toothpaste with stripes would have worn off by now, but clearly not. The idea is that a toothpaste with stripes can combine the abrasive white paste to help shift the gunk, with the breath/mouth freshening capability of the blue minty gels. Colgate clearly think this is cool (both in terms of temperature and credibility) and that's probably because they patented the idea, but it all seems a bit 1980s to me. There was a time when we might have marvelled at the wonders of a toothpaste tube that magically dispensed such beautiful, multi-coloured paste. Now we all know that it's part of the tube's dispensing mechanism. This one is fairly easy to dispense and the stripes do come out in a uniformed fashion. Like most toothpaste in a full tube, if you squeeze too hard, it goes everywhere but with a gentle squeeze, it's easy enough to put on your brush. The manufacturers suggest the classic 'pea-sized amount'. Personally, where toothpaste is concerned, I just tend to smother the bristles of my brush and often lose some in the sink. This stuff is reasonably firm, however, so it doesn't ooze over the brush and drop in the sink too easily.

            Once you add some water and start brushing, the paste combines reasonably well with the water to start applying itself to your teeth and gums. Unlike some of the new Iso-Active gels, it doesn't particularly foam up, so its ability to aid cleaning is very dependant on your brushing technique. The texture of the paste is quite gritty. It doesn't feel particularly nice on your teeth or tongue. One application doesn't really seem enough to clean your mouth and tongue properly. It dissolves and rinses away in the water/saliva too readily. Used with an electric toothbrush, it's even worse. The paste seems to disappear almost immediately. After use, the mouth doesn't feel very nice. The spearmint flavour has an unpleasant aftertaste and even when rinsed, the mouth seems to have an unpleasant residue left on it. With a reasonable brushing technique, it seems to remove any food residue well enough, but the paste only has limited influence on this really. The paste has no whitening properties.

            I found that this toothpaste aggravated my gums. As soon as I had applied this toothpaste, I noticed that certain areas of my gums became sore and tingly. I suspect that my mouth may now be more sensitive to fluoride-based toothpastes since I switched to more ethical fluoride-free brands.

            Colgate claims that 'Total Cool Stripe':

            * Freshens Breath
            * Strengthens Teeth
            * Fights Cavaties
            * Has a great refreshing taste

            Let's investigate those claims individually.

            Freshens Breath

            The immediate minty taste is weaker than other toothpastes that I have tasted. It's rather reminiscent of spearmint chewing gum (my least favourite flavour) due to that lingering after taste. (Peppermint is zestier and more refreshing.) I would argue that after maybe twenty minutes you can barely taste this toothpaste and it certainly doesn't maintain fresh breath for any period longer than this. In reality, it simply doesn't contain the sort of ingredients required to do that. The artificial minty taste really just temporarily covers up any odour in the mouth.


            Strengthens Teeth/Fights Cavaties

            The active sodium fluoride ingredient is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of tooth decay and therefore protect the teeth for longer. This would, of course, apply to any fluoride-based toothpaste. The reality is that any claim of of this nature would be extremely difficult for the average consumer to substantiate, particularly given the variety of other factors that would need to be taken into account. Your brushing technique, the type of brush you use, the water you use to rinse, your diet, the frequency with which you brush, how often you visit the dentist, whether you smoke or not - all these things would influence the health of your teeth. Without a long-term, scientific test, a consumer simply couldn't pass judgment on this or compare it to other brands, in terms of effectiveness.


            Has a Great Refreshing Taste

            I'd dispute that 'great, refreshing taste'. It's reasonably minty but only for a brief period of time, and has far less impact than a single mint or piece of chewing gum. It's so terribly artificial too; it tastes like a chemical concoction in your mouth and the sharpness of the mint taste is way over-the-top.


            Ethics Corner

            Warning: some readers may find the content of this section distressing.

            When it comes to ethics, Colgate-Palmolive does not, unsurprisingly, have a strong record. Very few large manufacturers of products like this would score well ethically. By definition, large-scale manufacturing processes are largely unethical.

            Animal Testing

            The ingredients in Colgate Palmolive products are tested on animals. Colgate Toothpaste is tested on animals. In order to test toothpaste on animals, the 'LD50 test' is commonly used. Controlled groups of animal are force fed the product (in this case, toothpaste) until 50% of the animals die. The results of the LD50 test are inconclusive - often, the animals are believed to have died because of ruptured internal organs, not because the substance itself was hazardous at that level. Anti-vivisectionists have also long claimed that toothpaste is smeared into the unfortunate creatures' eyes as a further test of toxicity. This is a claim that (unsurprisingly) is difficult to substantiate.

            Colgate should not be singled out here. The following brands of toothpaste are all tested on animals in this way:

            Mentadent, Crest, Ultrabrite, Macleans, Aquafresh, Oral B

            In 1999, PETA made some headway with Colgate, where some agreement was reached on a reduction in animal testing. It is unclear, however, what progress has since been made.

            Fluoride Content

            Dentists agree that the fluoride commonly used in toothpaste significantly reduces tooth decay. There is, however, growing scientific evidence that increased dosage can be harmful to the health of children. The chemical has been linked to bone cancer and in the EU, fluoride is classified as harmful if swallowed and as a skin irritant.

            All of the big brand-named toothpastes, including Colgate, contain fluoride.

            Incidentally, this one ALSO includes sorbitol. Sorbitol is a sugar substitute that has been linked to irritable bowel syndrome.

            Brand Issues

            The cardboard outer is recyclable, but it's also arguably rather unnecessary and exists purely to try and tempt shoppers to the shelves (and make it easier to stack, of course). The cardboard could reasonably easily be withdrawn with a different kind of outer case. Although the cardboard packaging can at least be recycled, the toothpaste tube cannot. In fairness, over the last ten years, the company has made advances in the amount of recycled material used and has significantly reduced the amount of plastic used overall.

            (By the way, it's estimated that 10% of toothpaste just goes to landfill because nobody can be bothered to cut the tube open at the end when it is nearly finished.)

            In 2006, Colgate Palmolive bought a significant share in an ethical toothpaste company, named Tom's of Maine. Whilst Tom's insists that it has maintained its ethical credentials, its affiliation with the partner company rather undermines this.

            The US product is not suitable for vegetarians as it contains glycerin sourced from animals. All European Colgate toothpaste however, uses glycerin that is suitable for vegetarians.

            You should never buy toothpaste from the discount stores like Poundland. Fake toothpastes from China have been found in such stores in the UK and the USA (in the latter, branded as Colgate) that contained toxic chemicals. Be particularly wary of toothpastes featuring Arabic lettering.

            Ethical Alternatives

            We're all very used to that strong minty taste that we get from toothpaste. This makes most ethical toothpaste quite a culture shock. They tend not to have that immediate impact and can be less effective at freshening breath. It has to be said that some of them really don't taste very nice either. I'm going to discount Tom of Maine's toothpastes. They were good, but as a subsidiary of Colgate Palmolive I no longer merit their ethical qualifications

            Green People Herbal Organic Peppermint Toothpaste tastes reasonably nice. It's about six times the price of Colgate at £3.75 per 50ml but it's 100% organic and certainly does a good job. It's also suitable for vegetarians and fluoride-free. I've seen this in larger Waitrose supermarkets.

            Kingfisher Baking Soda Toothpaste is more extreme, with no real mint taste to speak of. It's suitable for vegans but the flavour takes some getting used to. At £2.65 for 100ml it's cheaper than the Green People paste.

            If you're feeling really brave, you could try Weleda Salt Toothpaste. The toothpaste neutralises acid and protects the teeth from decay. It tastes plain weird, kind of salty and kind of herby - I have to say I couldn't stick with this one as I found the taste revolting. It's quite expensive too at £3.75 for 75ml.

            All these toothpastes can be found online at www.ethicalsuperstore.co.uk.

            You could, of course, make your own toothpaste. A teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water has similar properties (never use it undiluted by the way).

            I think you can see which way this is going. What a horrible product! It tastes vile, is of limited effectiveness and probably only exists following the miserable deaths of countless animals. I couldn't even remotely recommend this dreadful stuff to anyone.



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              14.02.2009 16:32
              Very helpful



              I will never be switching again now I have found this!

              I recently reviewed Colgate Fresh Stripe very positively and was really happy using it. However, my husband mistakenly purchased Colgate Triple Cool Stripe instead last week, so this week when the Fresh Stripe ran out we started using the Cool Stripe toothpaste. I was not overly impressed with the idea of changing after finally having found a toothpaste I really liked but intended to chage back after we had used this tube up.

              Anyone who read my review of the Fresh Stripe will know that I love the product save for one thing - I wish it left a fresh feeling in my mouth for longer. In the review I dismiss this is being something I have never found in a toothpaste, so obviously my expectations are too high.

              Well, ladies and gentlemen, I have found it!

              This paste is fantastic - it does everything I loved about the Fresh Stripe AND leaves a super-clean, minty-fresh feeling in my mouth for hours. I am immensely impressed!

              It comes in a pump bottle/tube (I'm not really sure what it would be classed as so I am going to refer to it as a tube). It has a plastic cap on the top which you remove, then you depress the red button on one side and the paste will squirt out of the hole opposite. It is great because it comes out at just the right speed - no squirting across the room like you sometimes get with the traditional toothpaste tubes, but it does not come out too slowly either - ideal for getting the perfect amount on your toothpaste. It means there is a bit of waste left at the end as you can't squeeze the last dregs out the way you can with a traditional tube but in my opinion it is a small price to pay for the convenience. It also stands up in the bathroom cabinet which is another plus. The tube is 100ml so it lasts much longer than the smaller traditional tubes.

              The manufacturer of this product is Colgate-Palmolive (Ireland) and of course Colgate is a very well-known brand of toothpaste so it is one I definately trust.

              My husband bought this in Asda as it was on offer but I am not sure how much he paid for it.

              The toothpaste itself is not a paste per se - it is actually a combination of stripes of gel and paste, hence the name 'Triple Cool Stripe'. It is cliinically proven to strengthen teeth and provide you with the breath freshening of a gel. As I described above, it certainly freshens breath - by far the most effectively I have ever found in a toothpaste. It leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh for a couple of hours afterwards and even after that it does not leave me with the stale, dry taste I got with all the other toothpastes I tried.

              It claims it:
              - Freshens breath
              - Strengthens teeth
              - Fights cavities
              - Has a great refreshing taste.

              As far as the claims to strengthen teeth and fight cavities go, I have not ever had problems with my teeth so I cannot say I have noticed any difference in this area but the refreshing taste and fresh breath are certainly proven in my opinion.


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              22.08.2008 18:27
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              No reason to specifically buy it, no reason not to.

              Pretty much every tube of toothpaste I ever buy is Colgate. This is partly down to the fact Colgate is well known in the field of toothpaste but it is mostly because of the good offers supermarkets tend to put on it. I will not be reviewing it in its tube form but rather in the little plastic pump which is quite common nowadays. It costs around £1.50 a pump (tube) but it is often BOGOF etc.

              The toothpaste is packaged in a bizarre pump contraption. All the Colgate toothpaste I have bought for a long time has been packages like this. I am sure they still do it in the collapsible tubes but I never see it in my local supermarkets. The pump is a rigid cylinder shape. There is a hole in the bottom with a plastic base inside that which moves up in the cylinder as the toothpaste is used. At the top of the cylinder is a red kind of switch which when pushed down forces the toothpaste out of the tube, the whole top is protected by a plastic cap when not in use. In my opinion the pump design, although interesting, just seems to be a waste of packaging. It does not appear to be any more hygienic and is just as hard to force the last bits of paste out when the toothpaste is running dry. It actually seems less hygienic as the toothpaste that you fail to scoop up just gets spread around the protective cap and pumping mechanism making a sticky mess. The cylinder is wrapped in a red piece of plastic adorned with Colgate logos and information on the product.

              The toothpaste itself claims to freshen breath, strengthen your teeth, fight cavities and have a refreshing taste. It looks like any striped toothpaste only the blue bit looks like a gel and it translucent. It looks quite cool with the light shining on it. It smells very minty which is obviously to be expected from any toothpaste. It tastes fairly normal although the mintyness is perhaps stronger than in some other toothpaste.

              It's hard to measure the effects of toothpaste. All I can really say is that I brush regularly with this paste and my teeth get the all clear from the dentists. I can comment on the supposedly breath freshening abilities of this toothpaste. One of my family members said my breath certainly smelt very fresh and minty after use. However don't all toothpastes freshen your breath to some extent?

              In conclusion I feel that Colgate toothpaste is good toothpaste and nothing else. It makes claims about doing this and that but I have used a few toothpastes and they all do the same thing. The pump is a novel idea but just seems a waste of packaging once you have got used to it.


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                01.05.2008 11:53
                Very helpful



                Triple your chances of a snog with triple cool Colgate!

                Since the dinosaurs roamed our planet and perhaps even before Colgate have been around making toothpastes and mouthwashes to take care of our teeth (ok maybe not quite that long).

                Being that I like to think there could be a chance of a kiss from a nice lady or two on a night out I tend to keep my teeth very good and my breath smelling fresh at all times.

                I have used all kinds of toothpaste through the years but have finally settled on one, that one being Colgate Triple Cool Stripe. The reason I have settled on this particular toothpaste is due to its brilliant cleaning power and most of all it`s very strong minty taste.

                Although the minty taste is a strong one it's not unpleasant and does not burn the tongue as some do. i find that triple stripe keeps my teeth feeling silky smooth and my breath oozing freshness for much longer than most pastes.

                Both asda and semi-chem sell this paste for 99p for a 100ml tube which is around the same price as you will pay for any of the leading brands if not a little cheaper. It is readily available in loads of other stores also including boots the chemist and most local convenience stores.

                It comes packaged in the familiar red Colgate box but has clearly printed on it the words "triple cool stripe" you can't fail to spot it.
                Contained in this paste is....

                Aqua Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Glyucerin, Peg-12, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Aroma, Sodium Saccharin, Callulose Gum, Sodim fluoride, Cl 74160, Cl 77891.

                Useful information to some perhaps to me however just odd words I have never heard of!

                All in all I would say that if you have used other Colgate pastes you will know how good Colgate is in general and you should give this one a bash because to me its the best Colgate paste out there. If you do not use Colgate at the minute or have never tried their pastes then now is the time to do so!!

                Thanks for reading!


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                  12.02.2008 22:27
                  Very helpful



                  Minty clean freshness!

                  Even at my grand old age (which shall remain unmentioned) I still have all my own teeth and looking after them is as important to me now as it has been all my life. I look after my teeth with many brands of toothpaste to be honest although I mostly prefer Colgate products of some sort or another.

                  Colgate have been producing toothpastes since Jesus was a boy (1837 to be precise) although the company have been around in some form or another for much longer. This particular Colgate product is in my opinion one of the best.

                  Triple cool stripe from Colgate provides you with an intense cleaning power and a very strong minty freshness however although the minty smell is very strong it doesn't taste too strong, you know how other pastes in order to gain the strong smell leave you with a burning tongue and the roof of your mouth on fire? Well with this one the minty taste is more fresh and mild.

                  This paste comes packaged in the usual Colgate red packaging and when opened you will find a squeezy tube with a flip top lid. Keep the cap closed ant the top of the tube clean to avoid the excess paste from going hard and ending up on your brush next time round (not pleasant).

                  I bought my tube of this paste from my local asda at the cost of a little over 90p for a 100ml tube which is around the same price as you will pay for any of the leading brands. Although I have tried many pastes and have never really settled on one particular one this paste is certainly one I will be using frequently in the future.

                  The ingredients in this paste are as follows -
                  Aqua Hydrated Silica, Sorbitol, Glyucerin, Peg-12, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Aroma, Sodium Saccharin, Callulose Gum, Sodim fluoride, Cl 74160, Cl 77891.

                  Most of you reading will be as baffled as me as to what any of this actually is but when reviewing a product like this I guess it could be useful to people who may have certain allergies.

                  My over all opinion of this paste is that I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. If used properly then it will take care of your pearly whites very well and leave your breath smelling minty fresh for a long time after use. It is not overly expensive so there's no real point in skimping on a few pence to buy an inferior product. Finding this paste should be no problem either as I have yet to visit a supermarket which does not stock it,

                  Thank you for taking the time to read my work.


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                    26.06.2007 08:16
                    Very helpful



                    Cheaper than some other Colgate toothpastes.

                    I am always on the look out for bargains and good quality, inexpensive products. Being under the impression that Colgate toothpastes were the more expensive on the market I have always averted my eyes unless there is a large label with a BOGOF offer! I mention this as this toothpaste was only a mere 4p more than my bog standard usual Aquafresh toothpaste!

                    - Price -

                    As of June 2007

                    Asda & Tesco
                    100ml – 93p
                    Pump action 100ml tube £1.54

                    I actually bought mine from Morrisons for 94p, thinking that I was getting a huge bargain, not so, I have been robbed of 1p!! Oh no!

                    - Compared with other brands per 100ml -

                    * Aquafresh - 90p
                    * Crest - 1.32
                    * Macleans Freshmint - 96p
                    * Signal - 98p

                    - Packaging -

                    As with most tube toothpastes this comes in a cuboid box, within which is a squeezable tube with a flip top lid, which I must point out should really be closed after use otherwise the top section dries out and becomes hard.

                    The tube has Colgate emblazoned in large white lettering on a red background.

                    - What Colgate Say About This Toothpaste -

                    * Freshens breath
                    * Strengthens teeth
                    * Fights cavities
                    * Great refreshing taste
                    * Provides you with the breath freshening of a gel

                    - My Experience -

                    I am lucky in that I don't have bad teeth, my first filling in my mid 20s. However as I make my way through my late 30s my teeth however are beginning to show signs of wear and tear (too many sweets!) but they are still a reasonable colour so I don't at this point have to buy any toothpastes with promises of whitening capabilities.

                    Given it’s name, I wasn’t surprised to find that the toothpaste has three stripes. In this case of this paste, it has one dark blue, white and light blue stripe which does look very clean and refreshing. The light blue stripe looks more gel-like than the other two.

                    It has a very clean, light spearmint smell. I mention light, as some toothpastes that I have used in the past have such a strong mintiness to them that they sometimes feel as if they are slightly 'burning' the inside of your mouth, not so with this one.

                    I tend to put a lot of toothpaste on my brush which really isn't needed with this paste, a little really does go a long way. It froths up quite a bit, a factor that I like. It may be psychological but I think the more froth you get the cleaner your teeth will become!

                    It cleans really well. My teeth feel totally clean after using it but since it has no whitening properties they don't make your teeth look like those seen on adverts that glisten in the light but I ask you, which ones do? It also freshens your breath, even the morning after a good night out!

                    As for all of it's promises about fighting cavities. I'm sure it helps in some way as dentist's wouldn't have it on show in their waiting rooms if it did absolutely nothing to combat cavities. However since I’m not from a dental background I don’t feel suitably educated to give you the ins and outs of this aspect of the toothpaste!

                    All I am able to give you is a lay person’s verdict of the paste:
                    ~ It isn’t so minty that it burns your mouth
                    ~ My breath is instantly refreshed
                    ~ It leaves my teeth feeling suitably clean.

                    - Other Colgate Toothpastes -

                    Colgate have a host of dental care products; toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwashs etc.
                    I have listed some of the toothpastes currently available:
                    * Total
                    * Total Plus Whitening
                    * Total Advanced Fresh
                    * Sensitive
                    * Sensitive Whitening
                    * 2 in 1
                    * My 1st Colgate (for under 7s)

                    All in all I am pleased with this toothpaste which for some reason is a whole lot cheaper than other Colgate toothpastes, even when it isn’t on special offer etc.
                    Well worth a try!


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