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Corsodyl Daily Gum & Tooth Paste

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15 Reviews

Corsodyl Daily Gum and Tooth Paste actively helps to improve the health of your gums. Although it is expensive and the taste may take some getting used to, it is effective and long lasting.

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    15 Reviews
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      15.09.2013 23:44
      Very helpful



      Bit expensive but worth the cosy

      I first tried this after my last visit to my dentist a few months ago. At first I'll be honest I wasn't keen. It's a funny colour, funny smell and def a strange texture. It's far more grainy than normal regular toothpaste. I figured if its horrid it must be good for you.

      I was experiencing some bleeding gums after brushing ( not sure if it was gum disease or prescribed medication) but figured it was worth a go.

      The tube warns you about the 'unique' taste and it claims that you will get used to it quickly. At first I was pessimistic but it's really true. In fact I ran out and tried regular toothpaste and it felt very strange.

      I've been using the product for a few months and whilst I haven't been back to my dentist yet I feel it's had a benefit my gums appear to bread less and I haven't had much tooth ache!

      It costs a little more than regular toothpaste but I feel it's worth the extra cost. For cheaper than having dental treatment anyway.


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      07.05.2013 11:50
      Very helpful



      I'd rather spend £4 elsewhere other than on my gum health, but it does help and was money well spent

      I was advised to try Corsodyl tooth & gum paste by my hygienist, after years of struggling with my teeth & gums health. I was struggling with quite bad bleeding gums and things hadn't improved despite all the extra thorough cleaning, investing in electric toothbrush etc as advised by the hygienist. On one of my visits, she told me about this paste and gave me a tiny free sample of it. She warned me that it was an "acquired taste", but if I could stick with it it would be beneficial.

      She was not wrong about the acquired taste! The first time I used it, it really freaked me out. Your taste buds just *expect* a minty flavour when your brain is telling your mouth the toothpaste is on its way ... when the taste buds are hit by this wierd flavour, which I can only describe as salty, the messages to the brain are "confused! confused!". It also looks different from other toothpastes I've used, in that its a pinkish colour and somehow a slightly more creamy texture.

      Bizarrely, being a fan of savoury flavours, I very soon got over the shock of the taste and I never found it offensive or actually unpleasant at all. Having said that, though, I do completely understand why the hygienist was giving me the warnings, I could imagine it being something a lot of people could not stomach, so the trial-sized tube is definitely an important marketing tool for them.

      When I went to buy a full sized tube the price was over £4, and that was for a tube of 75ml - compared with my usual purchase of Macleans for £1 for 100ml. For this reason, you do need to be (a) convinced of its benefits, and (b) prepared to put up with the flavour, before you spend.

      As far as (a) was concerned, the hygienist was pretty convincing, and by this point I was prepared to try anything; and as far as (b) was concerned, obviously I had the benefit of being able to try before I bought.

      The tube has a matt finish rather than the usual shiny finish of toothpaste tubes which gives it a pretty classy feel (maybe they are trying to make you feel a bit better about your expenditure!) and it stands easily and steadily on its lid, standing only about 5 inches high. Instore, you will find it standing on the shelf as a tube, rather than the conventional toothpaste marketing of the tubes within boxes.

      So the critical question - Did it work?!
      Well, the bleeding of the gums did stop. However, using Corsodyl was one of a number of measures, including a very thorough clean by the hygienist to start things off, using mouthwash, and also starting using the Tepe interdental brushes as part of my dental routine. The tube lasted almost 3 months, with only me using it, brushing with a pea-sized amount, twice a day. I must be honest and confess I did not go back to buy a second tube. I kept up the thorough cleaning, mouthwash, and using the interdental brushes and the gum problems have not returned. This was about 8 months ago now, and I have visited the hygienist twice since that 3-month usage. She hasn't asked which paste I'm now using,so presumably hasn't noticed a particular downturn in my gum health either. That isn't to say, though that I rule out the possibility that the product did some good - In some ways, the strange flavour made it feel like it *must* be doing good - almost like taking your medicine!!

      I rely heavily on the advice of my hygienist as I've always struggled with dental/gum health, and if she is to ask or suggest another burst of this paste in the future I wouldn't have a problem with buying another tube for another few months. I believe that it definitely did help get things back on track, I am just wary of paying such a high price now that things seem to be ok.


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      14.11.2012 16:38
      Very helpful



      A very effective toothpaste for dealing with dental problems

      When you are born you take pot-luck about which genes you inherit from your parents. If your parents have a less than optimum gene or set of genes for a particular characteristic then you generally have a one-in-four chance of avoiding it completely and a three out of four chance of not being affected by it, just like your parents. That's for recessive genes; for dominant genes, your chances are not good if you only get one copy, so you're back to the one-in-four chance again.

      Not good odds and, in my case, it was the dental genes I inherited from my mother that have given me problems my entire life. She finally gave up on her teeth when she was 55 and had them all removed, wearing full dentures until the day she passed away. I wasn't prepared to give up so easily but trying to maintain what teeth I have left has been a costly and sometimes painful experience.

      Don't get me wrong, it's not neglect that's the problem: I have always brushed at least twice, sometimes three times daily; I use floss; I use mouthwash. I still get sore gums and ulcers. However, things recently have taken a turn for the better. I've started using Corsodyl Toothpaste and this may well be at least part of the reason.

      In the past I have used all sorts of toothpastes and mouthwashes but none with any great success. Recently, during a particularly bad attack of ulcers I started using Corsodyl medicated mouthwash and other similar formula generic mouthwashes. These did seem to make an improvement but you are not supposed to use these high strength mouthwashes all the time, so I needed something else on a daily basis.

      It was purely by chance that I happened to notice Corsodyl Daily Tooth and Gum Paste in my local chemists and so I thought I'd give it a try, to see if it would make any difference. One thing I did notice missing from the list of ingredients is SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), a foaming agent used in most toothpastes but which has been implicated in mouth problems like mine, in some users. I had been using toothpastes such as Sensodyne Pronamel, which also excludes this ingredient.

      The local chemist was charging £3.14 for a 75ml tube; expensive but actually cheaper than on the High Street! I bought a tube to try.

      The paste is a very strange pinky/brown colour and is substantially thicker than most toothpastes I have used in the past. For this reason you don't have to use very much of it to brush your teeth. I use an electric toothbrush as well and the combination does seem to get my teeth far cleaner than almost any toothpaste I have ever previously used. I suspect that this may be because the paste is somewhat more abrasive and so is better able to tackle stained teeth which I suffer partly, I'm sure, due to my undying love for tea, red wine and curry.

      That's the good news: the bad news is that under no circumstances could you say that this toothpaste has a pleasant taste. It has a strong "medicinal" taste although the list of ingredients reads more like for a product that you might buy in your local herbalist's store than from a traditional chemists. There must also be something in there that has a numbing effect although it certainly isn't the traditional "sensitive teeth" ingredient - potassium nitrate - which you find in Sensodyne. However, whatever it is it does seem to be effective.

      Since I have been using this I seem to have avoided the problems I have previously been experiencing; that's about three months now. True, I have also changed my mouthwash regimen as well. In discussion with my dentist and hygienist they have said that they believe that using a strong saline mouthwash, that you can make up yourself from common salt and water, is actually more effective than commercial products, and safer for long-term usage, so that's what I have been doing.

      I have got used to the taste of this toothpaste but I don't think that I will ever grow to like it. Still if it remains as effective as it appears to be then that's something with which I can live.


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      17.06.2012 18:38
      Very helpful



      keeps your teeth and gums healthy which is the main thing

      I picked up corsodyl daily because I have a slight bleeding gum issue and didn't find that any other toothpaste I tried helped with that. Corsodyl however, is designed to clean your teeth and nurture your gums.

      This product is expensive at £4.95 for a tube of 75ml toothpaste but I think that's a small price to pay to keep your teeth. The packaging is an attractive green and white.

      The toothpaste states it will nurture gums, fortify your teeth, reduce plaque, protect against cavities has antibacterial action and is clinically proven to work. It contains 6 plant extracts therefore, has a pretty leaf design on the front of the tube. The plant extracts include peppermint as you will find in most toothpastes but also echinacea, camomile, Rhatany, Sage and Myrrh. This is is a departure from any other toothpaste I have ever used and I think this may be what gives Corsodyl daily its aherm, distinctive taste. It also contains Sodium Bicarbonate, which if you have used to clean your teeth before you will know doesn't taste great but gets your teeth sparkly white.

      Like your average toothpaste Corsodyl daily should be used twice daily.

      Now there is no getting around it Corsodyl daily tastes and looks pretty vile. Its pink and gritty in appearance not like your average toothpaste at all so this might be the first thing that takes you by surprise. The next thing that will shock you is the taste. Its bitter. I do imagine it might be what eating a houseplant with a bicarb chaser might feel like. You can taste the peppermint but the bitter plant/bicarb taste over rides it initially. There is no doubt about it this toothpaste will make your taste buds flee in horror.

      Strangely, I think my taste buds have indeed found a place to hide because now that I am used to this bizarre toothpaste which I have been using for more than 6 months I have found that I am not quite as shocked, stunned and disgusted by the taste as I was initially and can use it without much difficulty.

      You can taste the peppermint after using but its not incredibly over powering. There isn't an unpleasant aftertaste. After using your mouth just feels mildly minty fresh. This for me is a bonus as I don't like everything I eat for tasting of mint 3 hours after I have brushed my teeth.

      I find that corsodyl gets my teeth clean as well as your average whitening toothpaste.

      In conjunction with the mouth wash (which also tastes pretty nasty) I find that it stops my bleeding gums problem and helps keep them healthy.

      I would recommend using this toothpaste if you have gum problems I think a few moments of upsetting your taste buds and shelling out that little bit extra cash is well worth keeping your gums healthy and tight to support your gnashers.


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        29.02.2012 19:52
        Very helpful



        Its hard to stomach

        I always use mouth wash regularly and one of my favourites is Corsodyl so when I received a money off coupon for Corsodyl Daily gum and tooth paste I decided to give it a try. At £4.50 for a 75ml tube there's no way I would have tried it without a coupon. As it happens Tesco currently have this on offer for £2.99 so with my coupon I only actually paid 99p which would be less painful if I hated it.

        Corsodly gum and toothpaste is sold in a green and white tube with a screw top lid. It has Corsodyl Daily written across the front of the tube, below this is a little picture of some leaves and says 6 plant extracts. The front of the tube also tells the customer that this tooth and gum paste nurtures gums, fortifies teeth, will effectively reduce plaque, give daily cavity protection, has an antibacterial action and is clinically proven.

        The back of the tube gives all the usual information such as ingredients and instructions for use, it also gives a little bit of information about the paste.

        Corsodyl have developed a clinically proven paste that will help maintain healthy tight gums preventing plaque and bacteria to build up which can ultimately loosen your teeth. What makes this different is that it contains a combination of 6 plant extracts, myrrh, sage, rhatany, camomile, echinacea and peppermint, it also contains mineral salts and has a strange taste that will take a few weeks to get used to, how right they are!!

        The instructions for use are the same as any toothpaste with children of 6 years and younger using a pea sized amount of the paste, to be honest I couldn't imagine a child using this but I may be wrong.
        The tube also advises not to use the toothpaste if the little foil seal is broken.

        On opening the tube I was surprised to see the colour of the paste is actually a dirty pink, a bit like an old piece of chewing gum, it has a slightly gritty/sandy feeling when I rubbed a little bit between my fingers and despite all the strange ingredients smelt surprisingly minty. I squeezed some on my toothbrush and brushed my teeth.

        To say Corsodyl gum and toothpaste has a strange taste is an almighty understatement, I have never tasted anything like it. It is so salty and incredibly sour in fact it took all my will power to actually brush for the required 2 minuets. It really is disgusting and made me feel a bit sick. However I have to say after I had finished cleaning my teeth my mouth and breath felt and tasted surprisingly minty and fresh. My teeth also felt really clean and smooth.

        Since being pregnant I have occasionally had a sore piece of gum that has bled when I've brushed, after using this paste for just over a week I have noticed that it has been considerably better, in fact my teeth and gums are looking and feeling nice and healthy.

        I am in 2 minds as to whether I would recommend Corsodyl gum and toothpaste, it undoubtedly cleans very well and leaves my breath and mouth feeling really fresh, clean and healthy but it tastes so bad I have struggled to use it. My husband refuses to use it at all so I have the rest of the tube to finish myself. To be honest unless the taste changes then I wont be buying this anymore.


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        15.02.2012 15:09
        Very helpful



        A must-have toothpaste for anyone who suffers from bad gums

        For anyone who suffers with any kind of gum trouble, whether gum inflammation, bleeding gums or more seriously, gum disease, Corsodyl Daily Gum and Tooth Paste is a life saver - or should that be a tooth saver.

        I myself suffer from gum inflammation and was warned by the dentist I would need to address this by flossing and all round better dental hygiene but I decided to look to see if there was a toothpaste which would also help target the problem. Enter Corsodyl Daily Gum and Tooth Paste.

        As the title suggests it is more than just a tooth paste, proving just as effective at targeting gum health as preventing tooth cavities and decay.

        The toothpaste is made up of a blend of ingredients, existing naturally, as proven tonics to tooth and gum problems. This brings about a toothpaste like no other in terms of colour and taste. It is a red colour which takes you by surprise when you squeeze it out onto your toothbrush. And the taste - well - the paste has a warning on the back of the tube that it will take a certain amount of getting used to and it certainly does.

        It has a very strong, herbal taste, far removed from the usual mint, which to be honest is disgusting at first and I wondered if I could continue using it. But at the same time, I thought something that horrible must be doing some good, so I persisted and after about a week's use I had adjusted to the taste to the point it was not just bearable but actually quite pleasant. The warning on the back of the tube had been accurate, that customer satisfaction with the taste rises with use.

        In terms of the effectiveness of the toothpaste you don't actually realise how marvellous it is until you stop using it. The shop I went into to purchase it had run out one day so I bought another toothpaste instead. This was a mistake. My gums immediately started to become inflamed again and my teeth did not have the same squeaky clean freshness after brushing. I realised I couldn't continue with this other type of toothpaste and went on a mission to track down a tube of Corsodyl. Within a few days I was back to top gum health.

        This is one of the downsides. This toothpaste is not always in stock in all shops. Also it is around £3.99 so far more expensive than most other pastes. However, as proven, I can't do without it.


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        08.02.2012 23:24
        Very helpful



        A fantastic paste that is worth every penny.

        This may sound slightly strange but I'm actually obsessed with oral health and there is a good chance that one of you Dooyoo'ers may just spot me in the 'Teeth cleaning isle' of a supermarket at some point in your life. I'm constantly on the search of products to improve oral health and teeth condition after having my first filling a few years back and I thought.... I'm never letting that happen again! This is where the Corsodyl Daily tooth and gum paste came into my life.

        In Asda last year I spotted this GlaxoSmithKline Corsodyl Daily toothpaste, I always considered 'Corsodyl' as a gum disease treatment and I had overlooked this toothpaste for quite some time until I saw an advert on TV promoting the daily version. Luckily I don't have gum disease or any other mouth condition but I want to prevent it and that is why I chose this toothpaste.

        ***Some information on Corsodyl Daily toothpaste ***

        It is classed as 'Gum and Tooth' paste which contains many plant extracts and chemicals to keep your teeth and gums healthy and protected. As it says on the back of the tube 'It contains a special combination of plant extracts and mineral salt' which work together to care for your gums and keep the seal between your teeth and gums tight to lock out plaque and harmful bacteria. This is perfect for preventing gum problems and of course, cavities under the gum line.

        The paste apparently natures gums and fortifies the teeth along with effective plaque reduction, daily cavity protection and it has an anti-bacterial action. The first time that I used this paste I was rather surprised by the colour of it, after the small seal was removed only a light squeeze on the tube gave a nice slightly pink / slightly orange flow of paste straight onto my brush ready for brushing. I instantly noticed the strong smell that was very much different to any other tooth paste but oh boy, was I in for a surprise when I actually tasted the stuff!

        *** Using the toothpaste ***

        Now due to the rather strange natural ingredients used in this paste it does have a rather strange taste to it, there is even a very slight warning on the back of the tube that does explain that it takes a while to get used to the unique taste and I can assure you that it sure does! The moment I put the toothpaste into my mouth for the first time was a moment I will never forget, the taste was horrendous and very much like salty but minty toilet cleaner. This however was a very short problem as what Corsodyl say about getting used to the taste is very true, after about four brushes with the tooth paste I was actually enjoying the taste and the very slight minty flavour was noticed (Only slightly though!)

        I use a normal manual toothbrush for brushing and I don't bother with any fancy electric brushes as I do not find them quite as effective. I did notice straight after brushing with this paste that my teeth felt extremely smooth and clean unlike after the Colgate toothpaste that I once used. I instantly had the impression that the paste had done a good job and the after taste was not too bad at all, my mouth felt fresh for hours afterwards and to this day I still experience exactly the same performance from the paste. I usually use a large bead of paste on my brush filling the whole head as this ensures that most if not all of your mouth is receiving this magic concoction. Children however should only use a pea size amount to control their fluoride intake and swallowing should be minimised.

        I have been using this for about a year now and I have notice a massive difference with my gums, they seem tighter and they look very healthy which tells me that this toothpaste does its job. When I used to floss before using this paste I used to find that my gums did bleed slightly and sometimes would hurt as I cleaned around teeth, I have no problems anymore and I really cannot praise this toothpaste enough!

        *** Cavity protection ***

        Now this is the biggest thing for me, fluoride is very important in looking after your teeth and re-mineralising the damaged enamel surface after attacks from plaque and luckily this toothpaste has a rather high percentage compared to others. It contains 0.31% W/W Sodium fluoride 1400ppm which seems higher than other toothpaste that I have compared with in the supermarkets and this is one major reason that I religiously use this paste. Apparently fluoride can have a bad effect on your body but hey, they put it in our water supplies these days so we certainly cannot get away with it that easily! I visited the dentist before using this paste and he told me that I had two cavities starting at the back of my mouth; I went last week after using this paste for a year and had the usual X-ray with no problems at all. The cavities had healed themselves and obviously this is 100% the toothpaste's magic work... Hooray! The dentist was very impressed and actually asked what product I was using and he said he uses it himself, must be good!

        *** Overall opinion ***

        This toothpaste is slight horrible in taste but I can assure you that you soon get used to the slightly original tang. The paste has definitely improved my gums and it has already healed two 'cavities to be' from my teeth and in all honesty, I would never stop using this paste! They do recommend that you use this toothpaste along with their mouthwash which I do, this could be a money making scheme but I trust Corsodyl, it has done me the world of good and I will never look back.

        I buy my tubes from Asda as they seem to be the cheapest at £3 a tube, this may seem pricey for toothpaste but it's currently £4.50 in our local Tesco! I believe that the current price in Asda is an offer and unfortunately I am not sure how long it is going to last, definitely go and grab a few tubes before they go back up in price, that's what I have done! The paste tube is 75ml in capacity and I find that a tube lasts me roughly a week with three brushing sessions a day.

        Congratulations to GlaxoSmithKline for bringing out the Corsodyl range that I guarantee will help people from all around with its healing and protecting properties! A wonderful paste - 5 stars from me :)

        Thanks for reading,


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          07.11.2011 10:21
          Very helpful



          It might look and taste horrible but is worth it for the results it gives.

          I have had trouble with my gums for years which my dentist puts down to me being a smoker. Apparently this is stopping the blood flow to my gums which causes them to bleed and generally not look very good. I am absolutely paranoid about my teeth falling out due to gum disease so I regularly use Corsodyl mouthwash which I think is one of the best things that you can buy for sore bleeding gums. The mouthwash soon gets bleeding gums under control but it isn't recommended for use long term and stains teeth so when Corsodyl first came out with a range of products that were intended to be used daily I decided to buy them.

          The corsodyl daily gum and toothpaste is available at all good supermarkets as well as pharmacies and shops such as boots and superdrug. It is much more expensive than most regular toothpastes and costs in the region of £4.50 which is for a 75ml tube. Because it is so expensive I always look out for any special offers and it can usually be found in boots on 3 for 2 or on offer in tesco.

          The toothpaste has a regular fluoride base but it also contains different plant extracts such as Echinacea, camomile, peppermint and sage. These ingredients are supposed to not only clean and strengthen teeth but also promote healthy gums keeping them tight and stopping bacteria from getting under the gum line and causing gum disease.

          Using the toothpaste takes a little bit of getting used to as it looks and tastes so different from normal toothpastes. First of all the most off putting thing about the toothpaste is the colour which is brown instead of white. I didn't think I would be bothered by something like a colour but I have to admit the brown colour was a little off putting for me. The second thing which I needed to get used to was the taste which is really different from regular toothpaste that although I didn't hate it I just couldn't get my head around the fact that I was brushing my teeth with a brown paste that didn't taste fresh and minty.

          The taste is quite medicinal and it really did take me a few weeks to get used to it as it is quite an intense flavour which is just so different. It also has a strong medicinal smell so do be prepared to have to persevere with it until you get used to it.

          It might look and taste weird but it does a great job when it comes to cleaning your teeth. The paste has mineral salt in it which you can taste but it really does do a good job at cleaning your teeth and afterwards they feel really smooth as though they have had a polish. Being a smoker and a coffee drinker I find that my teeth can look a little stained and although this doesn't advertise itself as a whitening toothpaste I think it does a better job at removing stains than the majority of whitening toothpastes do. It doesn't whiten my teeth but it does seem to help remove stains from the surface of the enamel.

          As for my gums they are definitely looking and feeling better since using this and the daily defence mouth wash. They aren't bleeding as much and they do look tighter and have a nice pink look to them instead of looking so inflamed all the time.

          I think that corsodyl daily toothpaste is a great product. It may taste vile but you do get used to it and you might even start to enjoy the taste like me. Regardless of whether or not you do get used to the taste or not if you have bad gums then you really should persevere with the toothpaste as there is no other daily toothpaste that will do as good a job as this one.


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            01.10.2011 16:44
            Very helpful



            Use this is you have bleeding gums, it tastes awful but is awfully good.

            I have been having problems with sore, bleeding gums and have tried several different toothpastes and mouth washes, including using Corsodyl Mouth Wash, so when I saw this toothpaste by Corsodyl I was happy to try this as Corsodyl has a good reputation.

            Claims on the front of the tube: Nurtures gums/Fortifies teeth/Effective plaque reduction/Daily cavity protection/Antibacterial action and Clinically proven. This impressive list also helped to sell the toothpaste to me. So I bought the toothpaste and put some on my toothbrush, put it in my mouth to clean my teeth - ugh, what a horrible taste! Reading the back of the tube says "you might find it takes a few weeks to get used to the unique taste and sensation", an understatement if there ever was one.

            So, this toothpaste tastes strange, but I have never before used a toothpaste that left my teeth feel really clean as this does, the kind of clean that you get just after leaving the dentist when the nurse has cleaned your teeth. It tastes very salty and grainy but helps tightens up your gums and leaves your whole mouth feeling fresh - if only it tasted better. But I would rather have the positive things about the toothpaste than worry about it's taste, but I don't think you would be able to get a child to use this, however much good it was going to do.

            This product retails for approximately £4+ for a 75ml tube and is available to buy at chemists, supermarkets and online. It also lasts a reasonable amount of time, because of it's taste I only use it once a day, especially not before bed or it leaves a horrible taste in your mouth, not good to go to sleep with! Maybe I will use it twice a day,having refreshed my mind about what this toothpaste can do, but not before bedtime.

            Also, using this toothpaste you can dispense with using a mouthwash, so even though it appears expensive it is a necessity if you have gums that bleed, as this product does what it says, even though I haven't been using it twice a day it has helped. So this toothpaste is worth persevering with because of the results, just ignore the taste!


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            02.09.2011 13:55
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A good product, but not to everyones tastes


            Throughout my childhood I suffered constantly from severe mouth ulcers so I could not brush my teeth as much I would have liked there were points when I had to go for up to 10 days without eating things got so bad. So I used Corsodyl mouthwash the mint variety to freshen up my mouth, it was highly effective and left my mouth tingly and minty it also numbed the pain a little.


            I was in Tesco one day and noticed the toothpaste was buy one get one free and since I had such a positive experience with the mouthwash I thought that this was a bargain.


            Much like most other toothpastes Corsodyl toothpaste comes in a tube with a screw top, the quality of freshness is also marked with a little tinfoil circle on the opening of tube. The packaging is largely green and white with the company's logo across it; it also has a little picture of a herb on the front. On the back however it explains that this isn't your standard mint tooth paste and has a little image with an unhappy face leading up to a happy smiley face. This describes that it has a unique acquired taste that your pallet gets used to after a couple of weeks.

            Flavour and texture

            When I first applied it to my brush I was very surprised, instead of being white, green, blue or even red the colour of the toothpaste was pink, almost flesh coloured in tone, it also had a texture more of tomato puree or paste instead of the more gloopy translucent consistency. Upon using the product I noticed that the product had a very gritty almost chalky consistency, the flavour I initially thought was very bizarre, it was really salty in flavour not minty at all. I did get used to it after a few weeks however and although it didn't leave my mouth the freshest smelling, it did leave my mouth nice and clean. I also have a problem with sensitive teeth but I thought that this product catered for my problem.


            After frequent use this toothpaste started to dye my teeth blackish brown, I had a panic attack that I was developing gum disease before I read about this product online. My boyfriend is also a smoker and he found it did nothing to freshen his breath either, of something he is actually quite paranoid of.


            I was pretty happy with this in the first few weeks of using it but think I will have to turn to sensodyne whitening as I have naturally yellow looking teeth as it is which is nothing to do with smoking, or the drinking of coffee as I consume neither of these, I believe my problem is genetic.
            The rest of my family are also not fond of the taste of the product either as I have to admit it does take a while to get used to. I still have one entire tube of this from the buy one get one free offer which we use for emergencies when we run out of all the other brands in the house.
            It's not that it is bad, it's just not to everybody's taste.


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              21.06.2011 12:46
              Very helpful



              If you can get past the taste, it's good!

              I started using this a few months ago after an overhaul of my dental regime, and I now alternate this toothpaste with my other fave one ( I use this in the mornings and the other one in the evening).

              It's made by Corsodyl who know all about dental hygiene thanks to their range of mouthwashes, and is easy to spot on the shelf in Boots or Superdrug (or wherever you buy your toothpaste!) as it's not in a box and will be standing up on the shelf. It's also about £4.50 so a bit more expensive than most toothpastes.

              The toothpaste is different to other toothpastes in taste, texture and ingredients and I have to be honest and say that when I first tried it, I absolutely hated it! But now i'm used to it being different to my other toothpaste I'm absolutely fine with it and I think it is worth persevering with!

              The toothpaste is a pink colour and quite gritty (due to the mineral salt that it contains). It also has the following plant extracts in it: Peppermint, Echinacea, Camomile, Rhatany, Sage & Myrrh, which all add to the unique taste and the antibacterial action of the toothpaste.

              You use it in exactly the same way as "normal" toothpaste and it is designed to nurture gums, fortify teeth, reduce plaque and provide cavity protection.

              Since I started using this (and the Daily Defence mouthwash too) my mouth has definitely looked and felt cleaner and healthier as a result so I plan to continue using it!


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              12.06.2011 13:03
              Very helpful



              Brilliant toothpaste which has really improved my oral health

              At the end of April I read a review by supersonic75 on Corsodyl Daily Gum and Tooth paste. At the time I was suffering a bit from sore gums so I was curious about the product, hoping it might do something about the recurring pain I got and my bleeding gums. I had been using the normal Corsodyl mouthwash but this isn't recommended for prolonged use as it can stain the teeth.

              Only slightly undeterred by the rather hefty price tag of the toothpaste (it costs £4.79 in Boots) I decided to see if I could find it cheaper elsewhere and was delighted to locate it in Savers for £3.25. I appreciate that this is still rather a lot of money for toothpaste but it did represent a rather large saving on the Boots price. It is worth noting if you have an Advantage card however that if you put your card in the Advantage Point instore you may get a 25% off coupon for dental products which obviously will make the price in Boots much more attractive.

              ~~What it Claims to Do~~

              According to the blurb on the tube, Corsodyl Daily Gum and Tooth Paste can nurture gums, fortify teeth, reduce plaque, provide daily cavity protection and contains anti bacterial action. On top of this it is "clinically proven". The toothpaste contains fluoride.

              ~~My Thoughts~~

              The review I read did quite clearly state that the toothpaste doesn't taste particularly pleasant. I was undeterred by this, having been subjected to some vile tasting toothpastes my mother bought when I was a child and I reasoned nothing could be as bad as one I recall having to extract from a metal tub which was in effect a powder.

              The product itself comes in a green plastic tube which contains 75 ml of product. The tube looks rather small and I was worried about how long it would last but the instructions clearly tell you to only use a pea size amount of product and let's face it you have spent over three quid on a tube of toothpaste you'd be a fool not to be parsimonious when measuring it on to your toothbrush.

              So was the taste as bad as others had suggested? Well for me it wasn't that bad actually! It isn't as immediately pleasant a taste you get from a traditional mint flavoured toothpaste but there is some mint extract included in the ingredients which I did detect.

              The paste contains several plant extracts and mineral salt so as well as peppermint you might detect a little camomile, echinancea, rhatany, sage or myrrh. I didn't however - being something of a philistine when it comes to plant extracts.

              When I first used this I was taken more by the tartness of the flavour but because I was able to pick up on the mint it didn't particularly bother me. The instructions on the tube do tell you that people tend to dislike the product at first but over prolonged use they get used to the flavour and the texture of the paste. This is true - the more I used the paste the less I even noticed the taste. I do wonder if this is something to do with most people associating toothpaste with mint and just needing to take a little time to realise there is an alternative.

              Appearance wise the toothpaste is a pink colour and it's quite thick too. I like the thick texture as it makes it easy to measure out a small amount on to your brush without too much product coming out behind it. This doesn't lather up as generously as some other toothpastes but the lather lasts well over the course of brushing my teeth.

              I use an electric toothbrush and have recently switched to using a small head on it on the advice of my hygenist. I do ensure I brush not only my teeth all around but also make sure that my gums are brushed too and I have to say in the 5 weeks I have been using Corsodyl Daily I have noticed a marked improvement in the state of my gums.

              I must be honest and say it's not just down to the toothpaste - I have been using the Corsodyl interdental brushes once a day too - but my gums very rarely bleed now - which is a vast improvement on the daily onslaught I had before I switched to using it. But brushing with it twice a day for two minutes a time has definitely helped.

              I have also realised although the price tag is hefty, a tube of this goes a long way. After 5 weeks of twice daily use I still have half a tube left. Of course my daughter doesn't use this - if she did I'd be lucky to get 5 days use out of a tube due to the amount of toothpaste she applies to her brush.

              I must admit I don't even notice the taste when I use Corsodyl Daily Gum and Tooth Paste now so clearly they know what they are doing when they tell you to persevere. The price tag made me persevere too however - I am far too tight to give up on something that isn't cheap!

              So in conclusion I am a convert to this paste and am very impressed at how using it has improved the condition of my gums and made my teeth feel better. I am less aware of tartar build up on my teeth too - there are areas where I am prone to it building up but brushing with this paste and flossing seems to have held it at bay.

              If you suffer with bleeding gums and other gum pains then I would highly recommend you try this - it may be expensive and lack the instantly familiar minty taste of other toothpastes but it works.


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                29.04.2011 18:03
                Very helpful



                An effective product

                On my last visit to the dentist for a check up a few weeks ago I happened to mention that my gums were a little bit inflamed. The dentist assured me their was no underlying problem such as gum disease and recommended that I use Corsodyl Daily toothpaste. Having used the mouthwash version and been quite impressed I decided to head up to my local Superdrug store to buy a tube..where I found out they don't sell it there. Typical! When my mum mentioned she was nipping in to town the day after I asked her to please have a look in Boots for said item, which they did in fact stock and here is my review..

                The product~
                Corsodyl Daily Gum & Toothpaste is no ordinary toothpaste - it apparently does the following:

                *Nurtures gums
                *Fortifies teeth
                *Is effective at plaque reduction
                *Has daily cavity protection
                *Antibacterial action
                *Is clinically proven

                ...and tastes quite disgusting (but more on that in a minute).

                I won't list the ingredients but I will say it is made up amongst other things of mineral salt and features the following:


                Price and packaging and availability~
                The paste comes housed in an upright standing tube which stands on it's lid. Speaking of the lid, this is fully removable and fastens via a 'double thread lock' before firmly and quite satisfyingly clicking closed. The tube itself is decorated in the Corsodyl uniform colours of green and white. Apart from the lettering of the logo on the front and directions/ingredients on the reverse the packaging is quite plain and subdued looking.

                As mentioned this wasn't available from my local Superdrug despite the fact they stock the various Corsodyl mouthwashes, though Boots do sell it and no doubt larger pharmacies.

                This comes in a 75ml size tube and cost me £4.10! I'm not keen on the price already so what about the actual product..?

                My experience of using this~
                After getting over the shock of the actual cost of this I was eager to see if it would be actually any good at reducing the inflammation of my gums. On removing the lid I was quite surprised to find the colouring of the paste to be a dark pink and it reminded me of the old fashioned germolene (the one that came in a tin - showing my age now). The consistency is very thick and the texture has a unappealing slight greasiness to it, whilst the contents emitted a comforting peppermint aroma so all was not lost.

                What I didn't like the sound of after reading the blurb on the back of the tube was the fact this has a 'distinctive taste' and it normally takes a few weeks to get used to the flavour!

                Having paid the colossal amount (in my opinion) for this product I carried on regardless and proceeded to apply a small pea sized blob to my tooth brush as advised. Having dipped my brush briefly in a trickle of water just to dampen it I started the task of cleaning my teeth with my new toothpaste.

                The first thing that came to mind as I started to brush was "Yuk!" and I nearly spit it out into the sink the taste seemed so vile but like a trooper I decided to carry on.

                After managing to brush my teeth and gums fully all I could taste was a really obvious salty flavour, which no prizes for guessing is the mineral salts at work. After about 5 minutes though was a very strong peppermint flavour that seemed to come from nowhere and left a refreshingly clean feeling aftertaste in my mouth, which luckily seemed to drown out the salt.

                After the initial disliking of the taste of this I found that two weeks of consistent usage both morning and evening has indeed made a significant improvement to my gums. The redness and inflammation seemed to diminish within days of using this and has been so far kept at bay as I'm still using the tube up. As for my teeth; they feel very clean and actually look whiter as well so despite the initial disgusting taste this stuff really is fantastic.

                Would I recommend it?~
                Obviously the price is my main concern here as it's not something I could afford to buy on a regular basis but perhaps just keep in for sporadic periods if my gums become inflamed again. The other 'negative' is of course the taste. Though it did seem to mellow the more I used it, that was probably more down to my own taste buds which were just getting used to the *unique* flavour.

                Aside from the taste and the price this is actually a very effective product that does work. My gums have felt very healthy as mentioned since using this and my teeth have had a 'gleam' to them that my old toothpaste obviously wasn't giving them. Once the salt flavouring fades the peppermint seems to shine through and does leave a fresh taste for quite some time, it's whether you can put up with that almost vomit inducing salt taste for the first few minutes to reap the benefits.

                This does what it says but comes with a price - and not just monetary! I would highly recommend this if yu particularly suffer from painful, inflamed, itchy or bleeding gums as the paste does really help to ease and in my case eradicate symptoms. Though my first impressions were not exactly positive, my overall experience of using this has turned out to be a very positive one and even down to the off putting appearance of the colour and texture this still turned out to be a very effective product that did what it claimed so begrudgingly it gets the thumbs up from me.

                I'm taking one star off however for the price and the flavour but it still gets avery respectable 4 out of 5 from me.


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                  23.05.2010 00:38
                  Very helpful



                  Recommended for bleeding gums

                  I've only recently started going to the dentist again, since I had children and treatment was free - unfortunately this time I had to pay because both my kids are over 1 year. Anyway, last time I went the dentist said my teeth were perfect (thank you very much) but the problem was my gums. They were inflamed and she assumed that they bled when I brushed my teeth, and that assumption was correct.

                  So she gave me a sample tube of this Corsodyl Daily toothpaste. Only a 20 ml tube, but still it was free and she said it would help with my bleeding gums, and if I liked it I could buy some more from Boots. She recommended that I only use it once a day preferably before bed, the reason being that the taste is not very favourable.

                  So what is this Corsodyl toothpaste? Well it is actually a 'gum and toothpaste' rather than just a toothpaste, and is a unique formulation of 6 plant extracts (peppermint, Echinacea, Camomile, Rhatany, Sage & Myrrh) and mineral salt. On the front of the tube is a long list of things the paste aims to do:

                  * Nurtures gums
                  * Fortifies teeth
                  * Effective plaque reduction
                  * Daily cavity protection
                  * Antibacterial action
                  * Clinically proven

                  Quite an impressive list! But the main aim of Corsodyl Daily is (with regular brushing) to help maintain firm and tight gums to lock out harmful plaque and bacteria. And this is the main reason I am using it, and also because the dentist told me to.

                  The actual tube recommends brushing twice daily, but I have been only using on a night as the dentist recommended, and these are my thoughts:


                  ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING.

                  There is no other way to describe the way this toothpaste tastes; it is totally and utterly revolting. When you put the brush in your mouth you just get the sensation that you have just swallowed a whole dentist's surgery, it has a real nasty clinical taste to it. There is also a hint of saltiness to it which I think gives it a sense of bitterness. I also think there is an underlying hint of mint but this is just overwhelmed by the revoltingness of everything else. It certainly takes a lot of getting used to.

                  But despite that, it does not really leave a bad taste in your mouth. As I was laid in bed last night, 5 or 10 minutes after brushing, I was assessing what taste I actually had in my mouth, and to be honest I was quite surprised to realise that my mouth kind of just felt fresh, which is quite an advantage considering the taste you get when brushing!!

                  **Something to add here is that my husband decided to sample this toothpaste quite recently and he was so shocked that he felt the need to wake me up to tell me that the colour is awful and the taste nearly made him sick - I was so appreciative to him for providing me with this information in the middle of the night. Anyway, if you have a weak stomach like my husband then you may not get along with this toothpaste.**

                  ***Texture and Consistency***

                  It has quite a grainy texture to it, and the colour is kind of a pinky/brown - a colour similar to that of the foundation you might apply to your face (if you wear make-up, I don't so that comparison could be wrong). When brushing, you don't get a white frothy lather as you would with normal toothpaste, it actually feels like you are not giving your teeth a good brush because of this (I love the lather when I am brushing!!), so you have to make sure that you get everywhere with your brush, just to ensure that the paste gets in all the nooks and crannies.

                  I have to admit that when I use this I tend to brush for longer as I worry that because there is no lather, I am not getting as good a clean as I would normally. So I like to make sure I brush every tooth thoroughly.


                  The first time I used this toothpaste, I am not joking when I say that my teeth immediately felt a lot cleaner and really smooth. Running my tongue across my teeth was a very satisfying experience. I think this could be because of the grainy texture that the toothpaste has, it must be giving my teeth a good polishing!


                  Well at first, despite my teeth feeling a lot cleaner, my gums were still bleeding quite a lot during brushing. And after 2 weeks of use I was tempted to notch it up to twice a day, but I decided to carry on using only at night for a few more weeks, and then if there was no improvement I would increase my usage. Thankfully my gums did improve during the 4th week of use, and it felt so good to not feel like I was losing a pint of blood every time I brushed my teeth! For someone who has been suffering with bleeding gums on and off for 10 years, this is nothing short of a miracle!

                  I am quite pleased to say that my gums do look and feel a lot healthier. When I peer into my mouth and assess my gum lines I have noticed that I am not getting the build up of yellow plaque as I was previously, my gums don't look sore or red, they look healthy and pink, and my teeth just seem to look generally cleaner. I am a lot happier with the state of my mouth than I have been previously, it not only looks better but also feels better.


                  I have since bought myself a larger tube from Boots which cost me £4.49 for 75ml, which I know is pricey, but I think for healthy teeth and gums it is very much worth it. Especially since dentist costs seem quite high (I had to pay £16.50 just for a check-up!). And if this toothpaste prevents me from needing further treatment (the £45 bracket) then I am quite prepared to pay between £4 and £5 for a tube which will last a good few months.


                  I have decided to include a list of ingredients with this review because I do think it is important when it is regarding something you are putting in your mouth and potentially swallowing every day.

                  Sodium Bicarbonate,
                  Cocamidopropyl Betaine,
                  Krameria Trianda Extract,
                  Echinacea Purpurea Juice,
                  Xanthan Gum,
                  Chamomilla Recutita Extract,
                  Commiphora Myrrha Extract,
                  Sodium Fluoride,
                  Sodium Saccharin,
                  Sodium Benzoate,
                  Salvia Officinalis Oil,
                  Mentha Piperita Oil,
                  Mentha Arvensis Oil,
                  Cl 77491

                  Contains Sodium Fluroide 0.31% w/w (1400ppm fluoride)


                  I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who may be having teeth or gum problems, it does that little bit extra than your ordinary toothpaste, and if you can stand the taste then it's really worth it. And to be honest, you really do get used to the taste, I don't flinch quite as much as I did initially when I start brushing. It does its job in defending your teeth and gums and it actually makes me feel more confident about my teeth, and confident about visiting a dentist.

                  ***Additional Useless Information***

                  I now have 4 different types of toothpaste in my bathroom - Corsodyl Daily for me, Ordinary toothpaste for me, Sensitive toothpaste for my husband, and Bart Simpson toothpaste for my kids.

                  It's a crazy world we live in!!

                  For more info visit www.gumsmart.co.uk


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                    24.11.2009 15:30
                    Very helpful



                    It's a good defense for teeth and gums

                    The other half recently had some problem with his wisdom teeth and the surrounding gum area and was back and forth to the dentist I don't know how many times. As part of his daily toothcare routine the dentist recommended that he use corsadyl mouthwash to help heal his gums and prevent infection. The problems continued and eventually some teeth had to be pulled (not pleasant for either of us), but the dentist recommended that as the corsodyl mouthwash was not for prolonged use that my partner switch to the daily defense version to help the healing process. Anyway, while perusing the dental care section of Tesco we came across the toothpast version of the Corsodyl daily range and decided it was worth a try seeing as we had the mouthwash already.

                    ***Healthy Teeth and Gums***

                    I'm sure we've all heard it from our dentists, that caring for your gums is an essential part of dental care that has a direct impact on your teeth and your mouth in general. I've lost count of how many times my dentist has preached to me about the importance of flossing. Looking after your gums can actually lead to a healthier, whiter more attractive smile and lower the risk of gum disease as well as providing you with better overall health in general.

                    Gum and Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of tooth decay and tooth loss in young adults today and proactively looking after your gums can help prevent bad breath and gum problems in the future.

                    ***What is Corsodyl Daily Toothpaste***

                    Corsodyl have now developed a new unique and clinically proven product that helps us do just what the dentist recommends and look after our gums properly. It claims that with regular daily brushing, users can work toward maintaining firm and tight gums that will help to block out harmful bacteria that can cause gum disease. Made up of a unique blend of plant extracts including

                    along with mineral salt giving this toothpaste a taste unlike any you've ever tasted.

                    ***What does it do***

                    Corsodyl Daily toothpaste helps to nurture your gums and fortify your teeth, as well as providing daily protection against cavities and reducing plaque with its antibacterial action - sound familiar? that's what I thought, but that was before I tried it.

                    ***Using the toothpaste***

                    Corsodyl daily comes in a 75ml tube very similar to other toothpastes. All you have to do is squeeze onto your toothbrush and brush as normal. The colour of the toothpaste is very strange indeed, sort of a pink / brown colour and to be honest it doesn't look very pleasant and the smell is somewhat antiseptic reminding me of dettol mixed with peppermint, at this point I wasn't really sure if I wanted to put my toothbrush in my mouth - both the look of the paste and the smell were very unappealing.

                    Next was the taste. This is a very strong tasting toothpaste, and initially the taste made me feel a little nauseous and I found it very difficult to continue brushing my teeth but I persevered. It tastes very salty, and I did find it tasted of antiseptic too but in amongst the bitter unpleasant taste you get the same tingly sensation as other toothpastes - probably because of the peppermint extracts. Now there is a warning on the tube that indicates that due to the special combination of plant extracts and mineral salt that it may take a few weeks for you to get used to the unique taste and sensation that this toothpaste provides.
                    Now I know I haven't painted a very pretty picture of Corsodyl daily up to this point and a lot of you may be put off from even trying it at this point but wait - I'm not finished.

                    ***The final result***

                    After persevering with this toothpaste I found that my mouth felt fresher and cleaner than it ever has using any other brand of toothpaste, I literally can run my tongue over my teeth after using this product and they feel extra smooth, almost like smooth unblemished porcelain and I absolutely love the end result. After a few weeks of using it I've become used to the taste just as the tube suggests and don't really mind it anymore, and with the added benefit of knowing that this toothpaste has a direct impact on the health of my gums it makes it a very appealing option for my oral hygeine.

                    ***Would I recommend it?***

                    You can pick a 75ml tube of Corsodyl Daily up in Boots for £3.99. It's certainly not the cheapest brand of toothpaste but it is effective and I do recommend that you try it. I use both a regular toothpaste and the Corsodyl Daily, alternating between the two and my whole mouth feels great so if you're looking for healthy gums then get yourself to boots or even Tesco or other local supermarkets to see if you can pick it up on special offer


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