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Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects Enamel Safe Formula

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Brand: Crest / Type: Wax Strips / Subcategory: Whitening Product

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    2 Reviews
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      07.12.2009 17:38
      Very helpful



      Brilliant A+ teeth whitener!

      I was planning on getting my teeth bleached and was saving up to fork out £300 to get it done when my mother in law suggested these strips. She advised me that a colleague of hers uses them and has bright white teeth. My teeth aren't yellow or discoloured, I've just always wanted them to be really white.

      I bought my box from ebay for £19.99 and it arrived very fast.

      The strips come in a blue box about the size of a purse, (can't think of another comparison!) and inside this box are twenty strips in pairs, individually wrapped in foil. The strips are the perfect length from my visible teeth at one side to the other. One of the strips go at the top and one at the bottom. The strips are covered in tiny dots of peroxide, which when placed on teeth, start to slightly foam and work into the teeth. The strips do slide about a bit if you talk too much but you shouldn't really talk with them in, as some of the peroxide might leak out and it tastes revolting! You have to keep the strips on for half an hour morning and night but I saw results after 3 days! I must admit, it is hard trying to not swallow whilst they are in your mouth and half an hour can be a while not to talk. If you jump in a shower or bath, or generally get ready whilst they are in, it goes in quicker.

      The strips do make your teeth sensitive but I personally think it is a small price to pay for white teeth. It would be ten times worse probably getting them whitened at the dentist. The sensitivity doesn't last long and as soon as you stop using them, disappears.

      Crest claim that they are enamel safe, so I would assume that they are, and they didn't damage my teeth in any way.

      The only problem I would say I have is that it doesn't last long term. I done this back in August and already I am considering buying more, because I feel my teeth have went back to the original colour. And also, my bottom teeth didn't whiten up as well as the top teeth.

      The effect that I got from this teeth whitener, I thought, was outstanding. My teeth were shades whiter and people actually commented on them. This is an amazing product at such a great price and I will actually be buying them again now! :)


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        22.07.2009 21:21
        Very helpful



        It keeps its promises, but can be an uncomfortable experience.

        A decade of enthusiastic coffee appreciation had started to affect my teeth, I noticed they were looking a bit dingy and yellow in a family photograph so I started to ask around for whitening advice.

        Crest Whitestrips were recommended to me as the most effective whitening product. They are not sold in the shops, there is a Crest Whitestrips British website but the prices are better on eBay. I got the pictured box of Pro-Effects Whitestrips 10 Day Kit for £25.99, whereas the site was selling them for £38.99 (RRP £54.99).

        There are currently eight Whitestrip kits on the market. Pro-Effects is enamel safe, has advanced strips for faster whitening, and boasts the claim of Crests highest level of whitening at retail.

        It's hard to find out but I believe they are all imported from America, I know the ones I bought from eBay came from a British seller who imports them in bulk from the States. British tooth whitening products tend to be very weak because of legal restrictions. The packaging doesn't mention how much hydrogen peroxide is involved but it's the third 'ingredient' listed after water and glycerin.

        When they were delivered to my house, the first thing I noticed was the totally unnecessary packaging. The blue plastic tub has nearly the same dimensions as a Tampax Multipack box (or 7 cm deep, 14 cm length 14 cm height if you don't have a tampax box lying around to compare with!)

        The size of the tub seems very wasteful for what it contains, a folded A4 page size instruction leaflet, and 20 flat foil pouches that look like those Biore pore strip pouches. They could have fitted comfortably into a container half the size so I was unimpressed with that. I don't know what reasoning was behind it.

        I read the instruction leaflet carefully first. There wasn't too much info to take in. The strips are to be used twice a day for 30 minutes, for 10 days. The instructions do suggest you can wear two strips back to back for optimum results or start another box after you've finished the first one. From my experience so far, I don't think that would be necessary or even safe!

        They are very simple to use, you open the foil packet, both strips are on a piece of clear plastic, the ones for upper teeth are longer. They are easy to peel off.

        Looking into a mirror, apply the gel side of the strip to your teeth and wrap it around, the strip is made from very thin flexible plastic, like food wrapping. They wrap round your teeth quite firmly and stay in place.

        The first time I used them they were touching my gums, which were rather red after the treatment, so now I mould them with my fingers to be more teeth-shaped and avoid my gums. It seems to get a bit 'bubbly' under the strips near the end of the time, which is either saliva getting inside the strip, or the peroxide bubbling a bit, not sure.

        Peel off after 30 minutes, and rinse the gunk off your teeth. I find there is a chemical aftertaste that lingers until I eat something.

        They fit round my teeth comfortably, but it's still hard to carry on a conversation, I found I had a hissing sound accompanying my speech which was a concern to our poor old cat! Best to use them during a half-hour when you're unlikely to have to speak to anyone.

        I am 5 days into the 10 day course. I'm feeling the sensitivity, but I expected that. Dental whitening can hurt too, so you need to expect some discomfort. It's not so bad I need to take painkillers or anything! If you try them and struggle with the sensitivity you can use one strip a day instead of two.

        If you get the gel on your skin or clothes you should wash immediately to avoid whitening other things than just your teeth. My tongue was tingling from where some of the peroxide leaked out from under the strips, I've been checking to see if it will turn white but it hasn't happened yet.

        It would be an idea to get advice from your dentist to make sure you have no underlying problems like bleeding gums. Also the strips only whiten natural teeth, not veneers.

        I think if you can afford to pay over £100 for dentist whitening that would be the most sensible option, but this must be the best product you can buy and use at home, just be prepared to invest in some sensodyne toothpaste too!

        Crest Whitestrips do not include a tooth 'colour chart' so you can keep checking on how the whitening is going, but my teeth were noticeably shinier after the second strip, and halfway through the process I can see they are whiter.

        I would rate 5 stars for effectiveness, but deducted a star for the ridiculous packaging, and not only the sensitivity but also the irresponsible advice to keep using more product.

        UPDATE: Only a couple of days after writing this my upper gums got really inflamed, and my dentist told me to stop using them :(
        I still have the others left and I will probably finish using them at some point when my gums have recovered!


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      • Product Details

        Get professional-level whitening without the cost of dentist treatments / Formulated with an enamel-safe whitening ingredient, Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects is a teeth whitening system that removes surface stains in just 10 days / And you'll get whiter teeth that last / Apply Crest Whitestrips Pro Effects twice a day for 30 minutes each application / You'll start seeing whiter teeth after 3 days, and full results in 10 / 

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