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Denivit Anti Stain Expert Professional Whitening Toothpaste

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Brand: Denivit / Body Care Type: Whitening products / Type: Paste / Subcategory: Whitening Product / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      15.04.2012 21:29
      Very helpful
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      A whitening toothpaste that works gradually and gently

      I think we all want whiter teeth but not all of us have the money to pay for them. I did however have the money to pay for Denivit Anti-Stain Intense Stain Removal Professional Whitening Toothpaste. My teeth aren't massively stained but as I drink lots of tea, they aren't as white as I'd like them to be. The product promised to reduce stains by 55% after 12 weeks use and replace my teeth's natural whiteness.

      What does the product do?
      The toothpaste is described as being a specialist and professional product and it has been created by dentists for stain removal on the teeth. It promises to penetrate and loosen the stains caused by things like tobacco, food and drinks from the teeth, therefore leaves them smoother and whiter.

      How do you use the product?
      The product is to be used in the same way as you would use your normal toothpaste. You are advised to use the product twice daily which to me means once in the morning and once in the night. You are directed to brush your teeth for between two and three minutes.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes in a plastic tube and it looks a bit like a mini tube of toothpaste. The tube is white in colour which some blue stripes and extra information about the product. It has a funnel shaped white plastic lid on which the product can stand so it can be neatly stored in your bathroom. The cardboard box which contains the toothpaste comes with a colour grader so you can check if the whiteness of your teeth is improving with continued use.

      Considering the product has been created by dentists, the toothpaste comes at a relatively cheap price costing you around £2 for 50ml. It can be bought from most pharmacies, department stores and from a few online websites.

      The product doesn't really have much of a taste at all. It is fresh tasting but hasn't got the strong minty taste that I have been accustomed to tasting with normal toothpastes. On the plus side, it doesn't have that peculiar taste that often comes with unusual toothpastes such as those for sensitive teeth. I don't think anyone would be put off with the taste of this toothpaste as it barely has one.

      The toothpaste is fairly easy to dispense from the tube although the plastic is quite thick so you do need to squeeze hard. I imagine there would be quite a lot of the paste left in the tube as you are coming to the end which would be a waste. The paste is white in colour and I use the advised pea sixed amount.

      It feels very comfortable when you brush the product on the teeth. It foams in the same way as a normal toothpaste and it is a tiny bit gritty but this doesn't hurt or feel uncomfortable. I've used many different toothpastes that have been designed to whiten tooth and I've found that they hurt my teeth and make them sensitive. This must be a gentle version because I've never suffered from any pain or sensitivity when using this product.

      I've only been using the toothpaste for one month instead of the recommended 12 weeks and this usage has been sporadic because I sometimes stay elsewhere and forget to take it with me. Despite this I think that my teeth have become slightly whiter. I still don't have a Hollywood smile but then I wasn't expecting to get one for £2. I think I've gone up a step on the chart so they are changing and they feel really smooth after use so I think it's definitely removing something from the surface. Nobody has commented on my teeth yet so it hasn't made a massive difference but I do think it has made an improvement to my smile.

      All in all, this toothpaste is a gentle way to get a bit of whiteness back in your smile. It hasn't caused my teeth to hurt or become sensitive and it has made my teeth feel smoother and look moderately whiter. I've used it for a third of the recommended time so I'm hoping that my teeth will continue to get whiter with time. I think this toothpaste is definitely worth the money that I paid for it.


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        02.08.2010 00:53
        Very helpful





        I picked this up in my local bargain store because I am a sucker for anything which promises miraculous results. Given that it was only 99p, I reasoned that it was cheap any way for any type of toothpaste.
        Apparently the product is known world wide as an anti stain product and this specialist dental cream has been developed by dentists to produce a highly effective stain remover. The blurb teels me that daily cleaning with the product reduce stains and gives me a little graph to prove it!

        WHAT DOES IT DO?
        This product promises to:

        * restore natural whiteness of teeth
        * help prevent plaque build up
        * clean teeth gently and safely
        It is especially recommended for smokers, and red wine drinkers.

        It contains an anti stain formula (probably secret) which penetrates and loosens stains on the surface of the teeth. Special little Silica particles remove stains and smoothing agents improve whitening.

        The product comes in a box with information all around the sides and on the front a picture of a whiter than white smile. At the side of the box is a colour chart and it is against this that you are supposed to measure the whitening effect of the product. It has perforated edges so can be easily peeled from the box. Hold it against your teeth, decide on the whiteness and then keep comparing when using the product.

        Inside the box is what is the toothpaste- one of the types which stands on its lid. I actually prefer these as there is less chance of the lid being left off. When I unscrew the lid and give a little squeeze out comes the toothpaste. It's pure white; I don't know why but I was expecting little particles as well. It tastes of mint but something else which isn't immediately recognisable- in fact it's a bit like aniseed. Would they have an aniseed taste in toothpaste? Anyway, I like the taste. It is clean and refreshing tasting without leaving a strong after taste in my mouth.
        USING IT...

        Use at least twice a day and brush for two to three minutes. I find a little goes quite a long way so although it's quite a small tube it does last a long time.

        I paid 99p but have seen it online for around the £4 mark which makes it pricey for a toothpaste (only 50ml of the stuff) so shop around.


        Well, did it work?
        The toothpaste tastes nice and is not at all harsh on my teeth, which surprised me. It gives my teeth a really good clean and after use my teeth feel "squeaky" clean when I run my tongue over them. I don't go with the promise that teeth go shades lighter although the toothpaste did get rid of some of the very small stains near my gums.

        I would buy this again as it is a good toothpaste and gentle enough for twice daily use.

        Thanks for reading
        Daniela x


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