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Dentek Comfort Clean Floss Picks

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Brand: Dentek / floss / Type: Floss / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    3 Reviews
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      15.09.2012 04:24



      Flossing can be done and easily.

      What to do? My dentist told me that I had to floss my teeth and regularly but as a teenager I broke my jaw near the joint and had never been able to floss my back teeth with the string floss as I just could not get enough of my hand back there to floss between my back teeth and certainly not under any kind of control. Flossing the front and side was not much easier either as my jaw aches if kept open under strain for too long - hence having a wisdom tooth out under local aneasthetic in the chair.

      Enter my saviour. These little sweethearts.

      They are multi-purpose. There's the floss itself, firmly anchored between the prongs of easy placement and control. There is the tongue scraper for doing the thorough job which is so often needed. This is strong enough to give the tongue a really thorough scrape to healthy pink while not being too hard on a sensitive organ. Then last but not least, the gum massager which also helps remove food and tartar particles when they get stuck.

      Instead of strings which shred all too easily these floss picks have a ribbon, which holds up much better especially when flossing between tight teeth or those afflicted with tartar. The ribbon is also flouride coated, so the flouride gets where it needs to be and sometimes does not get - between those tight teeth.

      If you had or are having problems flossing with the string or ribbon versions, do not give up. Use these. They work.

      And at £3.05 at Sainsburys for a packet of sixty - cheap at half the price for how effective they are.


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      14.02.2012 21:04
      Very helpful



      A fantastic pack of floss picks, the best!

      Oral hygiene and care are the two most important things in my life. As strange as that sounds it's probably only slightly true but I can get obsessed at times, I often find myself evaluating meals and their acid content before eating to protect my enamel but these 'DenTek Comfort Clean mint' floss picks definitely help me look after my teeth and gums easily, very much more easier than using normal floss from a roll.

      ~~~ Some info on flossing ~~~

      I had a long chat with my dentist last month about flossing and I picked up some interesting facts from him, after he informed me that I should floss more often and all of that malarkey I asked him how many of his patients actually flossed often enough, to my surprise he said only roughly 10% of his patients flossed correctly and even more to my surprise that over 50% of his patients admitted to not flossing at all! Woops. In all honesty until the end of school I had never heard of flossing before and I'm pretty glad that I did eventually hear about it as I rather enjoy the sport now! Hehe.

      Flossing breaks down the plague layer around and between teeth which controls bacteria and other smelly things within our human mouths. As plaque breaks down the bacteria gives off acid and apparently other nasty smelly gasses that can cause bad breath and a generally poor mouth environment. The acid given off by bacteria can erode your enamel between teeth causing cavities which can cause rather large and annoying trips to the dentist..... That's enough to get me flossing ten times a day! Floss also offers huge help with gum care that I will talk about slightly later on.

      ~~~ DenTek comfort floss picks ~~~

      I picked my first pack of these up from Tesco last month and forked out a rather hefty £3.05 which I must be honest, seemed slightly high for floss. There are 90 in a pack and with daily flossing I usually use two, one for the upper teeth and one for the lower so they last over a month. I'd say that is a pretty good price considering I'm only paying that small monthly price to look after my teeth. They come in a nice and modern looking transparent bag that boasts some of the floss picks features and benefits.

      The floss picks are nicely designed; they are about 2 inches in length and have coated floss held between the rounded ends to make access to hard to reach teeth easy. The back of the rounded edge has a 'tongue cleaner' that is used to remove bacteria from your tongue after flossing. The handle is textured so it's easy to hold and also acts as a textured tooth pick for removing any nasty stuck particles that may be between your teeth to ensure a perfectly clean mouth.

      To use the floss picks you simply brush your teeth normally first, then take a floss pick from the pack and get flossing. I just slide the floss between each tooth and occasionally move them up and down to ensure total coverage between teeth. The floss is rather thin but I find it extremely strong, my teeth are unfortunately extremely close together and some floss can be hard to get between each tooth but I have absolutely no problems when using these. I once used Colgate expanding floss and I should have thought about the consequences before using it, I slid it between my teeth and it expanded.... DUH! I had huge problems getting it out but I have had no problems like this with the DenTek Floss picks.

      ~~~ Features ~~~

      Advanced Fluoride Coating - The floss on these picks is luckily coated with fluoride of which plays a very important role in keeping your teeth healthy. Fluoride helps re-mineralise the surface of the enamel after acid attack to prevent cavities and other dental problems. The picks allow the Fluoride to be distributed between the teeth and even below the gum line while flossing, the normal toothbrush does not get into these little nooks and crannies hidden in your mouth so unfortunately some areas can get missed if you do not floss. I find that after flossing one set of my teeth that the floss becomes transparent which tells me that the coating wears off rather quickly; this is the main reason that I use two picks per flossing session to ensure my upper and lower teeth both have a splash of fluoride to keep them healthy. The coating on the floss has a mint flavour that can be noticed if you actually lick the floss a few times but during flossing it is hardly noticeable so I find that quite a useless feature unless you regularly lick floss.

      Textured pick - The textured pick is designed to remove particles from between the teeth (Just like a tooth pick really). It can also be used to stimulate the gums and removing food from the gum line. I personally never use the textured pick as my teeth are too close together; if my teeth were slightly further apart then I guess that it would be a rather handy feature.

      Tongue cleaner - This is very handy but I do find it quite hard to use due to the rather small design of the picks. The tongue cleaner is rather sharp and I do find that they hurt my tongue slightly but I guess that is a good thing to ensure it is clean and well scraped. Over time I have gotten used to the sensation of the tongue cleaner and I find it rather effective but it is hard to get the pick to the back of my tongue, maybe I have a large mouth?

      ~~~ Gum advantages and general ease of use ~~~

      The floss picks have a huge impact on the health of your gums during use. If you gum seal is not tight it is very common to have plague build up below the gum line that can cause gum disease and generally unhealthy gums. The floss is thin and easily slips between the teeth and the gums to ensure that plaque and bad bacteria is removed to keep the area clean. My gums used to bleed ever so slightly while brushing hard but after using these I have had no problems at all, no bleeding and generally healthy gums. I have been using Corsodyl products along with these picks so it could be a mixture of the few products that have helped but I seriously believe that these have had a huge impact on the health of my gums.

      I find the picks extremely easy to use and very much easier than normal floss. Before I started flossing every day I used to use normal floss (The type on a roll) every once in a while but never religiously. I found that stuff extremely hard to get around my teeth and it was very often that I had my whole hand in my mouth to just about reach my back teeth. This obviously is not a good idea and probably causes wrinkles due to the pure wide opening needed to reach the back of my mouth. These DenTek picks reach the back of my mouth with ease without the wide opening so I guess that they also reduce the chance of wrinkles ;) Just my theory!

      ~~~ Overall opinion ~~~

      I have been using these picks for over a month now and I have eventually found out how to fully control them to clean around all of my teeth. I can floss all of my teeth with ease with the thin but very strong floss, it is very rare that I break the floss and this only usually happens if I am in a rush to get somewhere and I get slightly heavy handed with them. The plastic is perfect for the purpose as it is slightly flexible but strong and I have never managed to break the body of the floss picks, they are built very well. I truly believe that these have helped my teeth over the month that I have used them and I have full trust that these picks are keeping my mouth healthy and clean. I'm now a regular customer of DenTeks and I will be for many years, flossing is suddenly a whole lot easier!

      Thanks for reading


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        11.01.2011 15:48
        Very helpful
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        A great flossing product for those who don't like flossing!

        Oral hygiene is a very important thing, and we all know we should floss our teeth on a daily basis - but I'd be sure to assume that a large chunk of the population don't do this. And is there any excuse for it? I don't think so - especially with products like these flossers on the market!!

        I have used these floss sticks for at least 5 years, and I think they're absolutely brilliant, I would never use anything else (unless they stopped making them of course).

        I buy these Dentek floss sticks from Boots - the website tells me they are £3.05 per pack (30 sticks in a pack) and quite often they are on 3 for 2 offer, so I never buy these full price and always stock up when they are on offer. They are known as the Comfort Clean version (they are much better than Dentek's Mint flossers in my opinion, though they are a tad more expensive). As it says on the tin, they do feel comfortable as they glide almost effortlessly through your teeth, and don't feel rough on them at all, which some other flossers have done in the past when I've tried them.

        A couple of my teeth are quite tight together, and these flossers work perfectly to help me clean between them, and they are specially made for tight teeth. They claim to be gentle on gums, which I think is correct as my gums don't actually bleed, so I think they are doing a very good job of keeping my mouth clean. The sticks have a fluoride coating which is good as it helps your teeth fight plaque. The sticks are easy to hold and manoeuvre even between the teeth towards the back of your mouth. For hygiene purposes, you should use a fresh floss stick each time you floss. On occasion, the floss will break on these sticks whilst you are using them, so I might have to use two sticks, but it doesn't happen very often.

        If you like to scrape your tongue to make your mouth even fresher, you can use the edge of the flosser to do this (I use an actual stainless steel tongue scraper which is very cheaply in Indian shops - this is much better I think) and if you want to pick anything from your teeth, there is an inbuilt toothpick at the end of the floss stick.

        Flossing my teeth only takes a minute or 2, and I think anyone who makes the excuse that they have no time to floss is talking absolute rubbish!! I think flossing is generally one of those cumbersome things that people know they should do, but just can't be bothered doing it.

        Their packaging is easy to manage, with the flossers coming in a little plastic bag, which you tear the top open to begin with, and then there is a tabbed closure to help you seal the bag in between uses.

        Anyone who cares about their teeth really should try these flossers if they have had trouble flossing in the past. It is really satisfying getting all the crap out of your mouth, if you ask me, and it's a good habit to get into if you want to keep your own teeth as long as you can!


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