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Dentyl Active Smooth Mint Mouthwash

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5 Reviews
  • good at getting food debris from in between teeth
  • Mild taste
  • Doesn't leave mouth feeling fresh for long
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    5 Reviews
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      24.11.2014 08:20
      Very helpful


      • "good at getting food debris from in between teeth "
      • "Mild taste "


      • "Doesn't leave mouth feeling fresh for long "

      Gentler than most

      There are loads of different mouthwashes on the market that you can buy and some of them can be really strong and powerful which can also have the unwanted side effect of making them taste horrible. They might be good for teeth and gums but they aren’t very nice to use.

      This one is actually one of the more gentle mouthwashes that I have tried and the taste is much better than most. This has its plus points as well as its negatives however. Because it is quite mild it doesn’t sting and is quite pleasant to use but this also means that it isn’t the best mouthwash for keeping your breath fresh for a long time.

      Dentyl Active are those mouthwashes that you see in the supermarket that have two colours one of the bottom and one on the top that you have to mix before using. You need to mix to activate the two different parts of the mouth wash. This only takes a couple of seconds and isn’t much of a bother but it does seem a bit gimmicky and I am sure that they could produce the mouthwash without the need to shake it before use.

      You then just fill the cap up and then gargle the mouthwash. I think this is a pretty good mouthwash in that it really does lift food debris from between your teeth which you can see the proof of in the sink. It leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh and as I said it has quite a pleasant minty taste that isn’t too strong.

      Although this will leave your mouth feeling fresh after using it the fresh feeling doesn’t last too long. That’s the only problem with this mouthwash that I can find. Within about half an hour of using it the fresh minty taste and smell is gone even if you haven’t eaten or drunk anything in the mean time. I don’t really mind so much as I think my breath smells ok but if you were looking for something that gave long lasting mouth freshness then this probably isn’t the mouthwash for you.


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      15.08.2013 13:54
      Very helpful



      The one we keep coming back too. Minty Fresh Pour La Bouche!

      The product:

      Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter Smooth Mint Alcohol Free Mouth Wash

      500ml in a triangular shaped plastic container with a white plastic screw top lid that acts as a measuring cup

      What it claims:

      "Kills up to 99% oral bacteria for long lasting breath freshness."

      To use:

      Simply give the bottle a good quick shake to mix the product, you can see when you have done this through the clear plastic bottle as the colours blend into one and the product goes a little cloudy and bubbly. Ideally use twice daily, we tend to use once daily, my husband at night and me in the morning! The bottle instructions which are on a stick on label, are helpfully in the form of simple to follow diagrams:

      1. Shake
      2. Half fill the cap
      3. Rinse around your mouth for 30 seconds.
      4. Gargle
      5. See the results in the sink!

      If you are not over enamoured with the taste follow up with a swig of w..... no water I was not going to type Whiskey!

      Why we Like it:

      First you should clean your teeth and be happy that you have cleaned properly, these products are not designed to replace a good brush and paste routine. Since using this product my husband's problems of bleeding gums and mouth ulcers have diminished to almost zero. I use it mainly for the fresh breath element and really rate my toothpaste, but fingers crossed, have had no dental interventions since I started using this about 2-3 years ago.

      We have from time to time tried other products, but always return to this one. Dentyl Active comes in several different flavours and this is by far our favourite. The mintyness is just right not too overpowering or fake and enough to feel that your breath is minty fresh. This product benefits from being alcohol free, even so, it carries a warning as not suitable for children under 6 years. I notice the ingredient list includes sodium saccharine, so that may be why I find it a little sweet and don't like to use it at night.

      We enjoy experimenting with home-made curries and eat quite a fair bit of onions and garlic, so this mouth wash is a vital part of our routine and colleagues at work confirm that I do have garlic free breath, when I enquire.

      I cannot honestly say I do not like the taste at all, as mentioned it is thank goodness not too overpowering or fake like some and the terrible flavour of some others is what brings us back to this one again and again. So if you don't like the flavour, it could be worse.


      Fresh breath and 99.9% bacteria free gob


      Flavour - but I cannot find a better choice

      Price and Availability:

      Price is usually £4.50 from Sainsbury's although if you are clever it is usually on a half price of BOGOF somewhere. I buy it from selected Sainsbury's, Morrison's and Superdrug, as well as Boots and Tesco.


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      16.09.2012 11:00



      Well worth giving a go.

      And this one does, visibly, in your very own sink.

      You have to shake the bottle to activate and mix the mouthwash, which can either be a pain in the wrist or theraputic according to the kind of day you are having.

      But after you have done the shake and mouthwash, and then rinsed the solution around your mouth for the usual 30 seconds, you get the unique selling point of this brand of mouthwash - the gunk in the sink which had been clinging to your teeth and gums.

      Afterwards, your mouth, teeth and gums not only feel cleaner and healthier, you can see that it is. Admitedly, it can be more than a little gross to see brightly coloured bacteria clumps staring back up at you from your very own sink, but it is far better that they be heading down the pipe than stay where they were - in your mouth.

      The taste is good and the mouthwash is one of those which does not sting, which does make the task of mouthwashing a lot more pleasant.

      What it also does is provide a long lasting clean along with fresh breath and healthier teeth and as such is well worthing trying if you can take looking at the gunk in the sink.

      If you can, Waitrose has this on promotion at £3.00 for a 500ml bottle, while the other main supermarkets are selling it at £4.00, which is still good value, but I will be restocking at Waitrose.


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      14.07.2012 01:41
      Very helpful



      Pretty useless mouthwash

      I started using mouthwash when my mouth started to need an extra cleaning boost after brushing my teeth, I used this was what was int he bathroom as my mum uses it.

      At first I quite enjoyed having to mix the two colours together but sometimes it can be a little tricky to get the lid off in time before they start to separate again which can be really annoying and since the amusement as worn off it's just generally annoying having to shake it at all really.

      When I first started using it it stung my mouth a bit but after using it for quite a while from never having used it before but you get used to this quickly and can barely feel it at all and infact the taste isn't strong at all, it's only a subtle mint flavour. So afterwards it doesn't feel like you've used any.

      I now use another mouthwash and find it much better as it is really strong and you can actually feel it working in your mouth and can still feel it for a few minutes after too. The one I'm currently using kept my mouth feeling very clean and in the morning it improved my morning breath (ew!) so much, whereas this Dentyl one didn't help at all! My mum still uses Dentyl so it must be more suited to people with sensitive gums.

      Overall I wouldn't recommend this product, my mum still uses it but I notice it gets used up extremely quickly compared to the one I use which is about the same price so it's a waste really.


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      07.05.2012 14:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Clinically proven mouthwash - not very minty

      ---Why I Bought This---

      I was not a great believer in mouthwashes - but I have a few crowns fitted and on the last visit to the dentist I was advised t use one 'before' cleanig my teeth as my gums were a little red where they joined the crowns - a common problem apparently. I double checked and she did mean before - which seemed a bit odd - so now I will use one either before or after, whichever I feel like.
      The dentist recommended Listerine, which of course is well known and expensive, so as well as buying that one with Tesco online I keep a lookout for any on offer, so finding this one at half price seemed worth a try.

      ---The Product---

      Dentyl is an alcohol free mouthwash which was introduced in 1997 and consists of two separate part - the water liquid contains anti-bacterial ingredients and the oily part with essential oils which is supposed to stick to the bacteria and then be rinsed out of the mouth.
      To use the mouthwash has to be shaken so that the oil is mixed with the liquid. 'This emulsion is clinically proven to lift debris and bacteria from the mouth and is stated to kill up to 99% of oral bacteria'
      Attractive triangular shaped bottle with white screw cap security fitted.
      Alcohol free and called 'Smooth Mint'.
      Dentyl Active - plaque figher.
      Kills up to 99.9% or oral bacteria for long lasting freshness.
      The front label is blue and green with an image fo water on it and you are told to 'shake to activate'.
      The back label states that it was developed and recommended by dentists.
      ' - Kills up to 99.9% oral bacteria (in lab tests)
      - Powerfully lifts plague from teeth and gums
      - Provides long lasting breath freshness
      - Is alcohol free so it tastes good and doesn't sting or dry the mouth.'
      Once opened use within 12 months.
      Distributed by Dendron Ltd on behalf of Fresh Breath Ltd UK.
      According to the Dentylactive website - 'Dentyl Active's advanced antibacterial action remains effective, and essential oils continue to help protect the teeth and gums from further build up, for up to 18 hours after use'.


      Shake vigorously to activate formula and mix the two layers.
      Use half a capful, undiluted.
      Rinse around mouth for 30 seconds.
      Spit out.
      For best result do not eat or drink for 30 minutes afterwards.
      Use twice daily.


      Not for chidren under 6 years.
      Do not swallow.
      Aviod contact with plastics.
      Store at room temperature.


      £3 for 500 mls at Tesco but currently at half price for £1.50.


      Dentyl now comes in:
      Complete Care - Icy Fresh Mint or Icy Fresh Cherry
      Enamel Restore - Icy Fresh Mint
      Ultra Cleanse - Fresh Mint
      Plaque Fighter - Smooth Mint, Fresh Clove or Minty Citrus.

      ---My Opinion---

      Well this looks very attractive in its nicely shaped bottle and with a bluey green layer floating on top of a bright green layer. It is a novelty to have to shake to mix the layers.
      In use I was suprised at the taste after using other mouthwashes. It is marketed as 'minty' but tastes more clinical that minty fresh. I was not very keen at all when I first started using it but have now gradually got used to it - but it does not give you the minty tingle you get from some others.
      After shaking you use half a capful and rinse it round your mouth - you are supposed to gargle as well but I do not. I am not too fond of the taste. You are supposed to see the results of the removed plaque in the sink when you spit out the mouthwash - as shown on their TV ads when people are horrified at what is removed. However I see very little - there are some darker bits of green but that looks like where it has mixed with the saliva in your mouth.
      I would not say this was a favourite of mine but if I can continue to buy this at half price I will. I have not noticed any difference to my mouth or gums with this, but then I didn't with the other mouthwashes I used either.
      All in all an ok mouthwash which must be as good as the others as it claims to kill 99.9% bacteria and is a novelty with the two layers.

      ---Star Rating---

      4 stars - not a very minty taste.

      ---Would I Recommend?---




      ---Full Ingredients---

      Isopropyl Myristate
      Mentha Arvensis
      Sodium Saccharin
      Sodium Phosphate
      Sodium Fluoride
      Cetylpyridinium Chloride
      3-Diol ,Limonene
      CI 42090
      CI 47005
      CI 61565
      Contains: Sodium Fluoride 0.05% (225ppm F)


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