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JML Sonic Clean Between Machine

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Brand: JML / Type: Oral Care / Cleans between each tooth and removes what the toothbrush might miss / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2009 20:47
      Very helpful



      An excellent dental hygeine kit

      "*"*"*" Packaging "*"*"*"

      This comes in a see through plastic box. It is well packaged and has different compartments. These compartments separate the different items that are included inside. The toothbrush was the first thing that I lifted out because it is closest to the top of the box. When I got to the bottom of it I seen that there was two bubble wrapped packages. One had inside it all of the attachments for the toothbrush and the other had a container to hold your toothbrush in. There was also 8 tiny interdental brushes inside a tiny plastic packet. These were placed snugly inside it and when I was just about to throw the box away, I seen something poking out from the bottom. It was a little card giving you details that you can use to enter a competition to win £1000 on the JML website.

      Inside the box there is instructions as well, they are on the small side and you don't exactly get a page for page guide telling you how everything works, in every language available. But you really wouldn't need it for this anyway! On the leaflet when you open it up, there are three separate pages. These have instructions and pictures guiding you on how to use it and telling you everything else that you need to know. When it is closed over there is also two more pages with instructions and other details. These details include the order codes for certain attachments incase you need to replace them.

      "*"*"*" What Do You Get? "*"*"*"

      Inside the box you get the following things

      * The Clean Between Machine - Battery Operated Toothbrush
      * 4x Tapered Interdental Brushes
      * 4x Cylindrical Interdental brushes
      * 1x Toothbrush Attachment
      * 1x Gum Stimulator
      * 1x Tongue Cleaner
      * 1x Click Tip Holder
      * 1 Plastic Container (This holds your toothbrush and the attachments)

      "*"*"*" What Does It Do? "*"*"*"

      * Multi-Patented Technology
      * Extra Gentle Bristle Design
      * Ergonomic Tapered Handle With Comfort Grip
      * 2 speed control - Pulse And Vibration
      * Interdental Brush System

      "*"*"*" What Else Does It Have To Offer? "*"*"*"

      This is totally safe for use on implants, under crowns, bridge-work and around braces. On the box it tells you that its slim neck, contour-fit bristles and tapered brush head are designed to deliver a unparalleled level of truly thorough cleaning. This is cordless meaning that it is compact and you can easily bring it anywhere, with out the fuss of wires. This does not need to be charged, so there is no annoying charging times to wait on. Nor, is there irritating, restricting wires! This has everything you need for complete dental hygiene. Inside the box you are supplied with everything that you will need to clean every bit of tooth and even your tongue. This can provide nice, fresh and clean breath with the attachments provided. As well as nice thoroughly cleaned, sparkling and shiny teeth. This tells you to "forget" time consuming flossing that can cut and irritate gums because now there is a easier way.

      "*"*"*" Looks Can Be Deceiving "*"*"*"

      Its appearance is deceiving because aside from some nice colouring and design. It just looks like your normal, battery operated toothbrush. It is very thick at the bottom and gets slimmer as you get closer to the top. This is where you put the attachments. The attachments are not exactly what I would refer to as easy to use! Nor, are they hassle free, they don't exactly click into place easily. In fact It took me to push two of the attachments in with great force and extreme worry of breaking the whole thing to get them securely in. All of it is made of plastic and the only part that isnt is the bristly part on the toothbrush attachment.

      In the middle there is a silver part that sits out quite a bit from the rest of it. Inside it is a turquoise green button, that you use to choose speed settings and mode. This is easy enough to do and will go wherever you need it to. With just "a slight push" in the direction corresponding with the speed/setting that you require. Underneath the turquoise coloured button you will see the "sonic clean between machine" written in fancy writing of the same colour. The place to insert two AA batteries (these are not included) is at the bottom of the toothbrush. This takes quite a bit of force to pull it open but once done everything is straight forward from there. Even though it doesn't look like anything extraordinary it really is because it does everything!

      "*"*"*" How Does Each Part work? "*"*"*"

      *** The Main Unit ***

      This is where you attach all of the different things including the toothbrush attachment. It is plastic and is white in colour. At the bottom you will see the part for inserting the batteries. This has little pictures to guide you as to what way the batteries should be put in.

      *** The Toothbrush Attachment ***

      This is the same colours as the main unit, it is plastic like the rest of the attachments. This slots into the main unit.

      *** The Tongue Cleaner ***

      This is white in colour and the top is a diamond shape. It has a thin slanted neck and a place at the bottom to slot into the main unit. This really cleans your tongue and there is little holes all around the centre of it and four parts that you use to scrape along your tongue.

      *** The Gum Stimulator ***

      This is quite frightening to look at and looks like something that would have you nervous, if the dentist were to walk towards you with it! The top part is a funny shape. It sort of slants in at the neck and it has a pointy scary looking tip. The tip although pointy is soft and you use this to trace your gumline. You also use it between teeth, crowns bridges and implants.

      *** The Click Tip Holder ***

      This reminds me of a "whistle pop" if anyone has ever seen them and I think that it can be described as being quite similar to one. For those who have not seen them, I can describe it like this. It is white in colour, there's a little part at the top and a hole in the middle. But you wont see that until you slide it up. When you slide it up, you insert one of the interdental brushes inside and push it down. You should do this until it slots in! Be very careful because the first time I didn't slot it down right and turned the clean between machine on. The brush near shot down my throat! The brushes are tiny and inserting them inside can be quite fidgety but once you have done it properly this works brilliantly.

      Once you get this all properly set up, you use it to get right into all of the parts that normal brushing doesn't. It basically gives you the benefits that you would get from flossing. (minus the cuts or irritated gums) When using this to get the best results use it in a vertical direction. As usage becomes regular you will find that bleeding decreases, gums become firmer and brushing becomes more horizontal. You should use this for a maximum of 10 seconds in each area. New users of the interdental brushes are told to use one of the smaller brushes first until they become more acquainted with them. This needs to be cleaned monthly by removing the interdental brush and sliding the retaining cap of entirely to clean it. After this all that you have to do is replace it.

      *** The Interdental Brushes ***

      These are very tiny so you have to make sure you don't misplace them. Once you open the plastic packet that they come in - remove them from inside the toothbrush holder and container. You should make sure that they don't fall out because they are just sitting inside it. It would be best to find a cupboard or somewhere that you are familiar with to set these because that way they wont get lost. There is four of each type they are little white brushes on tiny black sticks. You use these inside the "click tip holder." The machine is designed to accept most interdental brushes. So, if there is a certain type or more reasonably priced interdental brush you are aware of, you will most likely be able to use them instead!

      The leaflet tells you that when properly cleaned "healthy teeth" sometimes trap particles but interdental brushing removes plaque and makes it easier for you to access and remove particles. (Which may previously have been hidden behind teeth) If you are going to use interdental brushing. You have to do it regularly and build it into your routine because if you do not then plaque can rebuild and brushing can become uncomfortable. The brushes must be replaced regularly and you need to avoid bending them too. For safety reasons you must never force one of these brushes between your teeth. You should only use gentle pressure and consider using flossing for the really hard to reach parts. They also tell you that while these are ideal for cleaning between bridges and braces for people of all ages. True "between the tooth brushing" is for adults only. Direct supervision is necessary if this is being used by children or those who may be physically or mentally challenged by its operation.

      "*"*"*" Ease Of Use "*"*"*"

      I never intended on having one of these systems but my mum heard me talking about liking the idea of using a battery operated or electric toothbrush. Instead of the usual ones that I have become accustomed to using because I have mild cerbal palsy, I have weaknesses like mentioned in my about me review. These can effect my ability to open things and to grip things and such. In a way I give this top marks because the main unit is designed to be "easy to grip" and it is very helpful for anyone but specifically if you have difficulties with gripping things.

      However it is quite hard to open when you need to insert batteries and it is not straight forward because you do have to be very careful. The attachments are not easily attached and I found most of mine to have needed quite a lot of pushing to get them to slot in. There is quite a bit to understand about this before you even put it within a inch of your mouth and believe me. "If your first impressions" are anything like mine were when I started reading the warnings. Then you will be glad that you did, it is very daunting and feels like your letting the crazy dentist from the little shop of horrors at your mouth. The pointy attachment actually looks like something that he uses. With this it is a case that it gets easier to use the more acquainted that you become with it. It is tricky at the beginning and you really do need to be careful!

      "*"*"*" Medical Safeguards "*"*"*"

      If you have had heart problems or gum surgery within the past 12 months or if a medical professional has advised you to take antibiotic medication prior to dental treatment, you should consult your GP first before using this.

      "*"*"*" My Opinion "*"*"*"

      My mum bought me this a while ago and she said it only cost her £3. In my opinion that is quite a bargain for all of the stuff that you get with it. Because, it is basically a complete dental hygiene kit. I have used it for a while now and my teeth do seem healthier. Although they have bled a few times. (It says on the leaflet that it is normal when you begin) I have noticed that my teeth feel a lot cleaner after using this. Especially in comparison to the results that I have got when using my usual "everyday" toothbrush. If you use it regularly and stop it tells you that you will get discomfort when brushing.

      I do think that is a bit of a downside to it. So, if you think that you will not stick with this. I suppose it is not worth it but if you will then it definitely is. It is great to use once you get over the initial shock and when the rocky horror shows dentist stops flashing into your mind "every time" that you look at the scary, pointy attachment. I also did find that the interdental brushing irritated my gums a bit at one point. This was even though I followed the instructions properly and it said unlike flossing it wouldn't. I really advice you to be careful with the interdental brushes they may be tiny but they could cause a numerous amount of different problems if not used correctly or if they don't agree with you.

      Like I mentioned before about my first time trying them. I put one in the wrong way. It shot up when I turned the power on and nearly went down my throat! I can see why younger people need supervised with this and I think that its best to keep it well out of their sight, if you do decide to purchase it. If you get the hang of it as I am still doing (even quite a while later) you will start to feel and see your teeth improve in ways. The tongue cleaner is a good part and one of my favourites. Overall I would recommend it as long as you take the time to read everything and use it safely.

      "*"*"*" Price "*"*"*"

      I have seen it on ebay for £9.99 but my mum got it for just £3 so shop around!


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