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Listerine Whitening Clean Mint

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Brand: Listerine / Type: Mouthwash / Subcategory: Wax Strips / Whitening Product

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    1 Review
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      24.05.2011 11:55
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      not as good as it claims to be, i feel there are better whitening products on the market

      I actually got these as a Christmas gift a while back, so im not sure where to buy them, i have had a look around and there are several online shops that do them, but i cant seem to find them in any shops on the high street. They sells these at stripsrus.co.uk for £24.25 with free delivery, but you can pick them up a lot cheaper on ebay and on Amazon. But i wouldn't expect to get them for less than £13 or so.

      The box comes with 56 teeth whitening strips, this is a 2 week supply, of using twice a day, one on your upper teeth and one on your lower teeth. But obviously you could decide to just whiten the upper or lower teeth, or you could decide to just use once a day. It says that these strips will give you noticeably whiter teeth, will kill bad breath and germs, is enamel safe, and that the strips dissolve in 5-10 minutes with no mess and nothing to remove. sounds like a nice quick and easy way to whiten right?

      Well, first thing i found a bit difficult was taking them out of the packaging with out breaking one of the strips, these are very delicate so you need to be careful, but this gets easy when you've done it a fair few times, so is not a huge problem. The second issue was that its important to make your your hands are completely dry when using these, even the smallest bit of dampness to your hands will cause the strips to stick to your fingers. But once you have learnt this lesson, then again its not a big deal, so this was also not a huge issue. So these are moderately easy to use, and you can still talk with them in so you dont have to even put aside any time in the day to wait for them to work, use them any time and any place, i found them to be very convenient.

      I liked the taste, i thought it was a nice fresh mint taste, but my sister swears they taste like rubber and cant stand the taste, so for me the taste was a good point, but others may disagree. These do not take 5-10 minutes to dissolve, it will take about half an hour. Mine took longer than this even, but both my sisters took around half an hour to dissolve (we all got the same Christmas gift) The instructions are very straight forward and simple, but you must have a look at them so you put the strips on the right way around. Once the half hour is up and they have dissolved, they do leave little white bits between some of your teeth, so the no mess and nothing to remove claim is just not true, i found i always wanted to brush my teeth after using these to get rid of the residue.

      Despite some issues with using these, in that they were not as quick, easy and mess free as they seemed to claim, there was a noticeable difference to the whiteness of my teeth. My sister who used once a day for longer found less of an effect, so i think its probably best to follow the instructions exactly. While my teeth were whiter, and some people did notice and asked if i had been whitening, or simply commented on how white me teeth were, the results were not as dramatic as i was expecting, i think in the future i will be looking for something with more of a dramatic effect.


      these were some what easy to use, but not as much as they claim to be, they did not slide around once on the teeth which i have experienced with previous teeth whitening kits, and they caused no sensitivity to my teeth, while one of my sister experienced a very small amount, I tended to forget they were there until it came to brushing the residue off my teeth. I found them to taste rather nice, which was a definite bonus. The results were good but not great, and i think there are probably better teeth whitening products on the market for not much more money


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    • Product Details

      Kills Germs for a Clean Mouth Feeling / Whitening Ingredient is only on one side of strip /

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