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Macleans Milk Teeth Gel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Macleans / Type: Toothpaste / Subcategory: Milk / Gel / What it does: Cleanses, Protects / Suitable for: Children

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2006 12:07
      Very helpful



      Id reccomend buying this toothpaste for all kids!

      Well, as my daughter has grown six teeth almost overnight it seems I decided that I should start as we mean to go on and begin cleaning them morning and night to get her used to the routine.

      The Packaging

      Well, this was a freebie in my bounty packs so it is only a 17ml version but it is exactly the same as the bigger versions.

      It is a mainly white tube with the words milk teeth written in multicoloured letters and it is for ages 0-6. It is made by MacLean’s and is described as a training toothpaste that is low in fluoride, has a gentle minty taste and is completely sugar free. It is also British Dental Association Accredited.

      The Smell

      When I opened the tube which has a flip-up cap by the way, I wasn't immediately aware of any smell. I had to almost stick the tube up my nose (not advised!) to smell a faint minty trace. It is very pleasant but not at all strong

      The Taste

      It's minty enough to leave a minty aftertaste in your mouth but it doesn't make your eyes water at all. It's very smooth and all in all very pleasant.

      Aimee’s Verdict

      The first time I squeezed a little on to Aimee's brand new toothbrush she looked at me as if to say 'What on earth is that?' but as soon as it was in her mouth and being brushed over her teeth and sore gums she let out a loud squeal of joy and opened her mouth wider so I could massage the top gums too. She was very interested in the toothpaste and kept rubbing the toothbrush with her tongue to get the taste. I brushed her teeth for about 30 seconds and then took the toothbrush away...you should of heard her yell (mind you I'd be surprised if you hadn't). She looked up at me teary-eyed as if to say 'Mummy, how could you?!'

      Since then she loves having her teeth cleaned. Maybe the brush helps to soothe her gums as well as having a nice taste.

      I will definitely be buying this tooth paste and would recommend it.

      Thank you all for reading my review.

      I hope it was of some use to you parents out there.

      Feel free to leave comments as I always read them and try to reply to them!



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        01.09.2003 14:48
        Very helpful



        When it came to choosing a toothpaste for my daughter six years ago when she started teething, I knew what a big decision it was. I have always looked after my teeth and I know how important it is to get children started off at an early age. With there being so many infant toothpastes out there including those that feature well-known cartoon characters, I wanted to go for one that I could trust. Maclean?s is a brand that I myself have used over the years and it?s one I wouldn?t even hesitate to use on my children. As it is accredited by the British Dental Association, this tells me that it has been tested to high standards and is specially formulated for young children. This toothpaste contains lower levels of fluoride plus calcium, which work towards preventing tooth decay, and weakening of enamel. It is suitable from the age of 0 months up to the age of six years when children start losing their milk teeth and growing adult ones. Maclean?s Milk Teeth is available in original mint paste, or strawberry flavoured gel. My children like both so I alternate them each time I buy them. A 50 ml tube costs £0.98 from Tesco, but you can buy it from other leading supermarkets and chemists for round about the same price. The packaging is aimed towards children, as you would expect. The words ?Milk Teeth? stand out a mile in bright colours and alongside are two columns with A, B, C running downwards. My kids are currently using the strawberry version, and it smells very much like those strawberry lace sweets you can buy. It smells a bit sickly, but if it encourages children to brush their teeth then that?s fine. It tastes quite sweet and fruity, but the good thing is the gel is sugar-free so no damage can be done to your child?s pearly whites. When put on your tongue the gel has a chalky texture to it very much like the normal toothpaste. The gel is quite thick in consistency, which makes it easy to squeeze onto the brush and beca
        use of the thickness; the gel doesn?t just run out of the tube and down the plughole. However, the same can?t be said if you let your little cherub loose with the tube. You have been warned. Our first attempts at brushing Craig?s teeth were not by any means easy. Trying to unclamp his jaws from the brush that he thought was a teething ring was a mammoth task in itself. Then when we eventually managed to manoeuvre the toothbrush around his teeth he was more intent on sucking the bristles. After a couple of weeks of repeating the process, Craig has got used to the idea and happily opens his mouth ready for getting his teeth brushed. He quite enjoys it now and it won?t be long before he is standing next to his big sister doing it all by himself. There are a few guidelines to follow when brushing your child's teeth. Only a small amount is needed for children below the age of seven, the suggested amount being pea-sized. Always supervise your child while they brush their teeth, this will make sure that swallowing of the paste is minimised and also you can check they are brushing correctly. All importantly, as will all toothpastes, this doesn't take away the need to visit a dentist so make sure they get their teeth checked every six months. I have been raised to look after my teeth and I am doing the same with my kids. Whilst it is very important for young children to have good dental hygiene, trying to teach them from babies is not easy, so the key is to make it enjoyable so that they begin to like the daily routine of brushing their teeth twice a day. I have no trouble getting Gemma to brush her teeth and as for Craig he starts getting all excited whenever I take his toothbrush out the holder. All in all I am very happy with this toothpaste. The fact I have bought it for 6 years speaks for itself. This toothpaste is made by Glaxosmithkline and you can contact them by writing to: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Hea
        lthcare, Brentford TW8 9GS UK


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      • Product Details

        Completely sugar-free with calcium GP to help protect and strengthen young teeth / Lower fluoride levels, suitable for young children / Accredited by the BDA

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