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Optima Aloe Dent Toothpaste

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Brand: Optima Aloe Dent / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    6 Reviews
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      09.08.2013 15:23
      Very helpful



      A fantastic natural product to clean the teeth

      I bought this Aloe Dent toothpaste from my local health food shop, it was on special offer so I decided to try it. It is available from the internet and in different health food type shops including Holland and Barrett. It costs about £3.70 for 100ml usually which I think is expensive, especially when you compare it to all the toothpastes you can buy for about £1. Mine cost around £2.50 because of the special offer. I bought it because I wanted to try something natural, without the questionable ingredients in some of the more widely available toothpastes.

      The packaging is a standard rectangle cardboard box with the tube of toothpaste inside. The tube is white and green and there is plenty of information written on the packaging. It states that this toothpaste is fluoride free, a lot of people try to avoid fluoride when they can so this is definitely a selling point. It also is free from SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) which is fantastic, there are quite a few risks related to SLS so it's probably best to try and avoid putting it in your mouth! Although we don't swallow toothpaste, I do think that some will be absorbed into the mouth and traces will be swallowed. It says that the toothpaste fights bacteria, gives you healthy gums and fresh breath and has some natural whitening properties.

      A few of the key ingredients that this contains (as stated on the box) are aloe vera- helps soothe gums, tea tree- a natural antiseptic, silica- for natural whitening, co Q10- helps keeps gums healthy and peppermint & menthol- natural flavour.

      The toothpaste itself is a green, translucent colour and it's a gel rather than a paste. It smells quite strong, it just smells of aloe vera really. While I appreciate natural products, I also want great results. I want my teeth to feel and look clean and I want that fresh and squeaky clean feeling after brushing them. I used a pea sized amount on my toothbrush and started brushing, I noticed that the taste is pretty strong but it's not unbearable, I got used to it quickly so it wasn't a problem. It doesn't foam up loads like some toothpastes, this is probably because it doesn't contain harsh foaming agents like a lot of products. It definitely cleans the teeth and has a very fresh taste. It feels a little bit tingly, I think this could be because of the tea tree it contains, I really like this because it kind of tells me that it's working. I like to see tea tree in a product like this because I know that it kills germs. It leaves my teeth feeling very clean and it gives me fresh breath which lasts for quite a while. I think it's definitely just as good, or even better than the main brands of toothpaste for freshening the breath and cleaning the teeth. I really like the feeling after brushing with this, very clear, minty and fresh, I think this is because of the menthol which I love.

      The box says that it contains silica for natural whitening. I do like a toothpaste that whitens my teeth a bit but unfortunately I haven't found this toothpaste to whiten my teeth. It does make them look clean and it did remove little stains so maybe I am just used to more harsh whitening from a toothpaste. I also use another health food shop toothpaste called Kingfisher which does whiten the teeth, probably because of the bicarbonate of soda that it contains. Apart from the lack of whitening, Aloe Dent is a fantastic toothpaste, I alternate between Aloe Dent and Kingfisher because of the whitening. Aloe Dent could definitely be the only toothpaste I use though, some people like to mix this toothpaste (or any other toothpaste) with a small amount of bicarbonate of soda to whiten the teeth.

      A tube of this does last me a while, I don't have to use much and I like how it is a natural product, without any unnecessary and unhealthy or harmful ingredients added to it. For this reason I don't mind spending more than I used to on a toothpaste (usually a £1 one from Savers)

      I would definitely recommend this, it's natural and effective. I have decided to knock one star off though just because of the lack of whitening results.


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        09.03.2010 10:09
        Very helpful



        An effective toothpaste free of 'artificial' additives.

        I am not entirely sure why I have not written about this toothpaste earlier. Perhaps I thought that it was not a sufficiently 'mainstream' product for many readers to be particularly interested. Over the last few months, however, I have become increasingly aware that more and more people are using it. On occasions when I have visited friends and family members in their homes, and made the inevitable trip to the bathroom, I have noticed that familiar tube sitting among the tooth-cleaning paraphernalia. When a conversation has ensued about the product, I find without exception that its owners are very positive about it. It turns out that there are increasing numbers of fans of 'Aloe Dent'. So here goes...

        The company who distribute Aloe Dent in the UK are William Ransom & Son based in Hertfordshire using the brand name of "Optima Health and Nutrition".

        What is it made from?

        The makers assure that the toothpaste is made from ingredients which are of "100% natural origin". Toothpastes, in general, can often contain products such as sodium lauryl sulphate which produces a lather, artificial flavoring, artificial colors, and preservatives such as methylparaben and ethylparaben. Of course, these ingredients and the finished products are tested and approved for dental use and I do not wish to cast any doubt on their value or safety. However, some people have allergies or sensitivities to some of these components and increasingly, consumers are becoming concerned about unnecessary additives, both in the products we eat and those we use on (or in) our bodies. It is of interest that it is possible to manufacture a toothpaste free of these chemical additions. I will provide a full ingredients list at the end of the review, but for the moment I world like to concentrate on the 'active' ingredients only. This list - printed on the toothpaste tube and the presentation box - reads as follows:

        Aloe Vera - natural soothing gel
        Co-Q10 - for healthy gums
        Tea Tree Oil - natural antiseptic
        Chitosan - attacks bacteria
        Silica - natural whitener
        Horse Chestnut - for healthy gums
        Peppermint - natural flavour
        Menthol - natural flavour

        For me, three of the ingredients stand out: Aloe Vera, as I have found this to be a superb ingredient in any skin care product given its propensity to soothe and moisturise; Tea Tree Oil, in which I have tremendous experience-based faith with regard to its excellent antiseptic and healing properties and Horse Chestnut which is an ingredient herbalists use to seal and support capillaries and veins.

        What do I look out for in the store?

        You will see a cardboard presentation box - of very typical shape and size for a toothpaste product - and it shows rather a lot of quite vivid green print and styling against a White background. The wording "Aloe Dent toothpaste" is printed clearly and sits alongside an image of a cut aloe vera leaf.

        Further information about the product is highlighted on the front face of the box. The information given on the rear of the box comprises a list of active ingredients and their purpose; the full list of ingredients, a list highlighting the benefits of the paste, the manufacturer's contact address (which has recently undergone a change) and the assuring statement that "this product has not been tested on animals". You will also see a green strip running along the lower edge of the two sides of the presentation box bearing the information: "100% natural origin, fluoride free, sodium lauryl sulphate free". The box also carries a logo which a stylised depiction of a tooth surrounded by the Words "triple action" and "total protection". The legend "triple action" is based on the claims that the paste "Cleans, Protects and Whitens Naturally"

        The designs and information printer on the tube closely mirrors that on the outer packaging.

        How does it appear/feel/taste?

        Take a look at the image of the aloe vera leaf on the toothpaste tube (not the box). Look closely at the depiction of a shadow under the leaf - printed in two shades of green. Now look a the paler shade of green. That is pretty much the colour of the paste. Not unique, but unusual for a dentifrice.

        Although it is given the standard description 'toothpaste' I world describe it more as a gel. Unlike the smooth, creamy-textured products which are familiar to us all, this is a fairly firm, translucent gel. The smell is fresh and minty. When you begin to brush your teeth the first thing apparent is the absence of froth. It hardly 'lathers' at all. We have been informed that the product does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate so it should be no surprise that there is no sensation of frothiness or foaming with this toothpaste. For me, this is a huge advantage, I absolutely loathe the feeling of "frothing at the mouth" when I am cleaning my teeth. For some users, though, this could be viewed as a negative characteristic.

        The taste is minty. Very minty. Not in the light, sweet spearmint style common to so many pastes. This is a strong peppermint flavour and this, coupled with the addition of menthol means that the taste is sharp and biting. For that reason, I think this product is unlikely to suit children and possibly even some adults. For me it is perfect, no sickly sweetness but only an extraordinary freshness in your mouth.

        Does it work?

        It works very well. I do not naturally have the whitest of teeth and I would not expect miracle results from any dental product but with this paste I feel that my teeth are visibly cleaned and brightened and my entire mouth feels exceptionally fresh and clean. I have had gum problems in the past and I find that this paste has stood out significantly from any other product in terms of improving gum health. I have noticed a marked reduction of gum bleeding. Although the feeling of freshness is apparent with any paste immediately after brushing I find that it is longer lasting with this product. It is more expensive that some regular toothpastes, but not outrageously so and I find that I need to use only a little so it is quite economical in use.

        Where do I buy it?

        The first time I bought this paste, it was from a small, independent 'healthfood store' where the shop owner recommended it to me. This turned out to be the only type of shop at that time to stock this product. After a while, Holland and Barrett began to stock it, meaning that there would be at least one shop in most towns where it could be obtained. I was delighted to discover recently that Waitrose now stock Aloe Dent, along with the online store, Ocado. Not all of these outlets offer the full range of pastes however, so I am referring here to only the "original Triple Action Aloe Dent Toothpaste". Expect to pay £3.49 at Waitrose, Ocado and Holland & Barrett.

        Anything else of note?

        For the purposes of the review, I have discussed only the "Original Triple Action Aloe Dent" aloe vera toothpaste but there are several variations in the range namely; Aloe Vera Whitening, Aloe Vera Sensitive, Aloe Dent Children's Toothpaste and Australian Tea Tree Fresh and White Toothpaste.

        As I have already mentioned, I think the mint/menthol flavour could be too powerful for children, but any parent who likes the qualities of the paste may be interested in the Aloe Dent Children's Toothpaste which is has a "cool strawberry" flavour.

        The full ingredient list for Aloe Dent (Original) reads as follows:

        Glycerin (vegetable source), sorbitol (plant origin), hydrated silica (mineral origin), Aloe barbadensis, aqua, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate (protein derivative), carboxymethyl chitosan (marine origin), Mentha piperita (peppermint oil), escin (horse chestnut), hydroxyethylcellulose (plant origin), menthol (natural origin), ubiquinone (co-enzyme Q10), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil), sodium hydroxymethylglycinate (protein origin), xylitol (plant origin), citric acid, CI 75810 (chlorophyll-natural colouring).

        Vegetarians/vegans should be aware that one of the components, carboxymethyl chitosan, described as being of "marine origin" is likely to be derived from the shells of crustaceans such as crabs and prawns and the packaging does not carry a logo or make any claim the product is suitable for vegetarians.

        The tube contains 100ml of toothpaste.

        A small logo depicting an opened cosmetic pot and bearing the cipher "12M" can be found on both the tube and the box. This indicates that the toothpaste should be used within twelve months of opening to perform at its best.

        The company who distribute Aloe Dent in the UK are William Ranson & Son based in Hertfordshire using the brand name of "Optima Health and Nutrition".

        William Ransom & Son
        Alexander House, 40a Wilbury Way,
        Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG4 0AP
        Tel: +44 (0)1462 437615
        Fax: +44 (0)1462 420528
        Email: info@williamransom.co

        The company website is: www.williamransom.com/home.asp?nid=152&pid=3

        An additional product-specific website can be found at: www.aloedent.co.uk/

        The Aloe Dent range includes a range of dental care products other toothpaste (mouth washes, breath fresheners, floss... more reviews, another time!)

        So in summary......

        For me, this is high quality and very effective product and the loyal following Aloe Dent has gained is testimony to this but the nature of the texture, flavour and lack of vegetarian credentials mean that is will not suit everyone.

        NB This review also appears on 'Ciao' under the same author name.


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          13.02.2010 09:35
          Very helpful



          A great all round toothpaste, without the need for synthetic chemicals. I'm sticking with this.

          After a visit to the dentist, it suddenly dawned on me that whilst I had converted to using 'Natural' products on my hair & skin I hadn't changed my toothpaste and was therefore filling my mouth and body twice a day with a concoction of chemicals that undoubtedly won't do me any favours in the long run.

          As a sufferer of sensisitve teeth, I usually use Sensodyne Pro-Namel, and whilst there is nothing wrong with the majority of my teeth, the ones that had been filled years ago now needed re-filling. Now I do like Sensodyne toothpaste, and it obviously keeps the untreated teeth I have in good condition. I don't suffer from the sensitivity associated with hot and cold drinks and food and therefore it's only fault for me is that it is a synthetic product. So off I marched to my local Health Food shop where I found an array of 'Natural' toothpastes although there was only one specifically for Sensititve teeth which was AloeDent Sensitive Aloe Vera toothpaste which is the one I'm reviewing.

          This comes in a cardboard box, and there is the standard 100ml size tube inside complete with a flip top lid for convenience. It cost me £3.65, but I'm sure you can probably find it cheaper online. It claims to offer 'Natural protection for gums and teeth' and contains amongst a whole load of other plant derived ingredients Aloe Vera to soothe, Echinacea which is a natural antiseptic and helps to stimulate your immune system and look after you gums, Tea Tree oil for its antibacterial properties, Silica as a whitener and peppermint and menthol as flavours.

          The actual toothpaste is a thick green gel, and I was surprised at the really minty flavour which is down to the peppermint and menthol oils. It does foam in the mouth well, (although there are no SLS or parabens in the formula) and after a good brushing my teeth feel exceptionally clean and continue to do so throughout the day and I'm confident my mouth is fresh and minty for some time too.

          I've been using this product for several weeks now, and so far I haven't had any sensitivity issues. My mouth feels cleaner, and I'm concious of the fact that I'm no longer putting a load of nasty chemicals in my mouth on a daily basis. I would expect a 100ml tube to last a month for two adults brushing twice a day, so feel that this is very reasonably priced. It's also not tested on Animals and is suitable for use by children aged over 6. It can be found in most Health Food shops i.e.Holland & Barrett or online and I would expect to pay around £3 for it.

          I will be sticking to AloeDent from now on, and would recommend it to anyone.


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          21.05.2009 16:47
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended for any dental issue you may have.


          I have always suffered with very sensitive teeth and gums, so I was on the look out for a tooth paste that would help the problem and eliminate my gums bleeding every time I showed them a tooth brush.

          I have tried various brands over the past few years, although some would help with the sensitivity aspect of things they would not prevent the bleeding, so I visited my local herbal shop Holland and Barrett and a shop assistant presented me with this Aloe dent toothpaste that has proved to be very successful from me and my dental problems.

          THE ALOE DENT

          Aloe Dent toothpaste is made with all natural ingredients that help fight plaque, Tartar build up, gum disease and cavities as well as giving your teeth the best clean possible.

          This is a triple action toothpaste that not only cleans, but it protects your teeth and whitens then naturally. With its natural peppermint oil this gives you a brilliant minty taste and leaves you mouth felling fresh and tingly after use.

          The actual tooth paste is a translucent green colour, that really looks foul but the taste is like any other paste. Once you have this in your mouth it feels a little bit grainy as if you are brushing your teeth with speckles of sand, but once you have rinsed your mouth out your teeth will feel nice clean and refreshed.

          Only a small peas sized amount is needed to achieve a good all round clean, when you first use this you think that you have not used enough as it does not foam up like most toothpastes, but as this is a gel form paste it does not foam up so don't be alarmed this is normal.

          This comes in a 100ml tube with a screw off cap, a great benefit for me is the fact that this toothpaste can be stood up on its cap, so you can be assured you will be able to use every last little scrap of paste before recycling the tube.

          Considering this is made with all naturally sourced ingredients, I was let down by the packaging slightly as is came in a cardboard box and a 100ml plastic tube, so this was not the best from the environment but these can be fully recycled so it was not to bad.


          This Aloe Dent has a 100% natural origin, as all of the ingredients used to produce the toothpaste are natural, making this the ideal toothpaste for vegetarians and vegans. Not only that but is contains no fluoride or SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) so can be used by the whole family.

          This paste is not sickly of very bitter tasting and does not foam up, unlike many other tooth pastes on the market. However if you like a foamy very minty flavour, which almost stings your mouth every time you brush your teeth then this, may not be the tooth paste for you.


          As this is a natural toothpaste you would almost expect it to grow on trees, but in fact it doesn't as it is only available is a small selection of herbal shops and chemists. Although I have recently heard that Waitrose have started to stock it, but this would be any help to me as I don't have a Waitrose near me, but could provide very helpful to some of you.

          I tend to buy my paste from Holland and Barrett so this is the only price I can confirm at being £3.49 for a 100ml tube, but I am sure you can find it cheaper if you shop around.

          Aloe dent also do this toothpaste in a sensitive form, which I found didn't clean my teeth as well as the normal one but it did stop my teeth being sensitive to everything they went near. However I have also found that the normal paste has stopped this so I am sure it is down to how sensitive your teeth actually are.

          You can buy a whitening version, which I have also tried but this did not seem as gritty and therefore I was have to brush twice before leaving the house to ensure my teeth were clean. The other down side to this was that it did not seem to be whitening my teeth any more than the normal paste did so I soon gave up with this one too.

          Aloe Dent has more recently designed produced a strawberry flavour paste for children, a mouth wash and a lip balm. I can not comment on the performance of these but I just wanted you o be aware that they actually exist.


          Aloe Dent is a toothpaste that is made with natural ingredients, the main ingredient being Aloe Vera which naturally sooths your mouth and teeth, this Aloe Vera is then combined with many other natural ingredients such as Silica, which is a natural mineral that is used to keep your teeth clean and naturally whiten them.

          Other ingredients include Tea Tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic to help fight bacteria and keep your mouth clean. I am not a tea tree oil fan as I cannot stand the smell but if I had not read the ingredients I would never have known this was actually in the tooth paste.

          Horse Chest Nut Seed sounds like a very strange ingredient for a tooth paste to contain, but it is present to help your circulation and therefore eliminate bleeding gums and gum disease.

          Lastly the paste contains Chitosan and Peppermint oil, these are used to attack bacteria and gives you healthy gums and an all round protection for you mouth, teeth and gums.

          MY OPINION

          Upon my first impression I thought this looked bland and was not as minty as my usual toothpaste, but after brushing for the first time I instantly noticed my teeth felt cleaner as I rubbed my tongue over them, I am sure this is down to the gritty bits as my teeth seemed to have been buffed and polished like I had just walked out of the dentist after a scale and polish.

          Over a period of a few weeks I was then able to eat ice cream, which is something I have been unable to do for a number of years and my teeth had stopped bleeding. So yes this is slightly more expensive but for me it has opened many doors I can now eat hot and cold foods without flinching, so it is money well spent in my opinion.

          I am also a vegetarian so this toothpaste also supports my beliefs so I am in a win win situation as far as I am concerned.

          If you suffer from gum disease, bleeding gums, sensitive teeth, cavities of any other dental problem I would strongly recommend you give this a go.


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            14.11.2008 12:43
            Very helpful



            Nature does it best!

            I was informed about this toothpaste whilst visiting my local 'health and herbs' shop. I have been having an on/off problem with bleeding gums and just so happened to mention it to the staff there who quickly recommended this product, after having much success with it personally and with various happy customers.

            I had already experimented with the 'kingfisher' range of flouride-free toothpaste but had not tried this one before.
            I was advised about its various natural ingredients, specifically designed to target multiple mouth/teeth issues - from bad breath to gum disease and even discolouration.

            The fact that this product could possibly help my bleeding gums and whiten my teeth at the same time (and all without any use of chemicals I may add) was all too much to resist so I decided to give it a go!

            It cost me £3.49 which is a lot for toothpaste, I know, but bleeding gums is not pleasant and when it comes to my health I am prepared to pay a bit extra and am always looking to try out new 'natural' products. There was also an accompanying mouthwash which I was very tempted to buy but decided to wait and see if I had any luck with the toothpaste first.

            Well....It certainly feels and tastes different to your average supermarket toothpaste but the sensation is 'different' and not 'bad' in any way. Ive been using it twice a day for about 3 weeks now and although I personally haven't noticed a marked difference in the colour of my teeth, it has definitely made a difference to my gums.

            They are not bleeding now when Im brushing them and they don't feel quite as sensitive either, which to be honest is such a relief, because brushing my teeth had become somewhat of an unpleasant and worrying experience.

            That has all changed now.

            Im looking forward to seeing my dentist and telling him about this product and having him take a look at my gums to see what he thinks.

            I will keep using it for the time being and will now try out the mouthwash as well.


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              13.04.2008 11:45
              Very helpful



              Commercial toothpaste might leave your teeth healthy, but what is it doing to the rest of you?

              A few years ago, I travelled half the length of the country to visit Sideshow-Bob-Lookalike Friend, an old housemate from university. Dredging up this memory from the dim and distant past, I can recollect two things; firstly that it was good to see him and we drank a lot of red wine (that would account for the memory loss) and secondly, in the bathroom was this tube of Aloe Vera toothpaste. I'm unsure of the provenance of this toothpaste - somehow it had arrived at his mum's house from his nan's and the logo and brand name had been rubbed to an indistinct state.

              Approximately two days into my visit, I glared at my hungover face in the mirror and accidentally used it instead of the Colgate in my bag. Despite the strange taste (like cleaning your teeth with parsley), my mouth came to life and my teeth felt smooth and fresh. It scrubbed the dark wine stains right off. That morning I was smitten. After returning home, I looked for this toothpaste on the Internet for a while and then, being young and fickle, I forgot my little holiday romance with it.

              Some years later.........

              I was in Holland & Barrett. It's not somewhere I often go, I worked there as a teenager and in our cynical, subversive, pierced and dyed way we mocked the whole herbal holistic scene and indeed the customers from behind the grubby counter. I think we might even have made a suicide pact about not setting foot in there again. But, I was with a friend who knows nothing of my past and she wanted Sosmix..... Anyway I spotted this Aloe Vera toothpaste on the shelf and I was struck by the memory of that sunny bathroom in Norwich so long ago. Like Humbert Humbert, settling for the shadow of his lost love's image in the child Lolita, I bought it.

              PRICE & AVAILABILITY:

              Not only is it not the toothpaste I first tried, but it is NOT 'Holland & Barrett Aloe Vera Toothpaste' as the Dooyoo description reads. The brand name is in fact Optima Aloe Dent and there are many places to buy this from - indeed much more cheaply than the £3.49 I paid. If I'd been less hasty, I could have picked it up from GNC for £2.44. See the bottom of this review for a comprehensive list of stockists, their websites and the current prices.

              NO HIDDEN NASTIES:

              You might be wondering why anyone would make an Aloe Vera toothpaste. In our chemical society, there is a widely held belief that germs and bacteria need man-made weapons to combat them and that toothpaste should be the result of amazing technological advances by the men in white coats on the adverts. It's all well and good being some sort of hippie, but you only get one set of adult teeth and no one wants to take the chance of a black rotten mouth for the sake of principles.

              On the flip side, you have to wonder how many chemicals the human body should have to, indeed can, take. They're forever discovering the nasty side effects of chemicals which appear in everyday items and were last tested for safety before the war. What of the unknown cocktail your skin absorbs from foundation, your food extracts from its shrink wrap, or the deodorant you inhale?

              I'm as guilty as the next person of using all these things and taking it on trust. In fact, I've sat here sending others messages on the dangers of aspartane while knocking back a pint of Robinsons Orange Squash which turned out to be loaded with it. But I clean my teeth when I get up, before I got to bed and when I get in from work and there is to me something peculiarly nasty about absorbing the content of toothpaste through gums or tongue or cheek lining.

              There's a reason children under 7 must only use a pea size amount of toothpaste to minimise swallowing......this isn't food grade stuff you're putting in your mouth. If you have kids, please think about what you're brushing their teeth with. If you don't, then wonder about the occasional headaches, the tiredness you sometimes experience, those times when you feel run down for no reason. There are endless opportunities to look up the ingredients in a tube of any commercial toothpaste and I won't patronise you by going into detail here.


              While relieved of a chemical burden, the wholly unnecessary outer cardboard box means that this toothpaste is environmentally guilty. The box carried exactly the same information as the sealed tube inside and had to go straight in the bin. Other than this, the squeezy tube stands on the cap (more toothpaste like this please) and looks a lot like the Aloe Vera Moisturiser I also bought and left right next to it on the windowsill...... yeah, sorry about that.


              Aloe Vera - naturally soothing gel
              CO-Q10 - for healthy gums (see http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/supplements/a/CoenzymeQ10.htm)
              Tea Tree Oil - natural antiseptic
              Chitosan - attacks bacteria
              Silica - natural whitener
              Horse Chesnut - for healthy gums (Also improves circulation)
              Peppermint and Menthol - for natural flavour

              DOES IT WORK?

              I'm fussy about toothpaste - my teeth have to be absolutely spotlessly clean before I go to work in the mornings. If I don't think they're completely clean, I'll clean them again. When you think about it, you have to put a lot of trust in toothpaste, you won't know that something didn't work until too late.

              Squeezing a glob of the translucent pale green gel on to my toothbrush, I can honestly say that I love the almost overpoweringly minty fresh taste of this. Dad finds it a little strong, but even 15 minutes later I can run my tongue over my teeth and find my whole mouth feels fresh. It's not sickly or sweet like some other toothpastes and the slightly grainy texture buffs my teeth to perfection.

              I have sensitive teeth, and although I'm not using the 'sensitive' version, I don't experience the fifteen seconds of pain when I rinse my mouth. My teeth feel genuinely clean. They seem to stay clean for longer too - it's easily one of the best toothpastes I've tried. I think that overall this leaves my breath fresher and my teeth cleaner than my Colgate Total did. I'm waking up to a nicer mouth in the morning and I feel confident that my teeth will stay clean throughout the day.


              (Please remove the spaces to make the links work - Dooyoo does not permit words of more that 80 characters!)

              £2.44 in GNC (http:// www.gnc.co.uk/personal-care/aloedent-aloe-vera-toothpast e/product.htm?AFID=70&SAFID=GOOG LE&SCID=8576)
              £2.97 Goodness Direct http://www.go odnessdirect.co. uk/cgi-local/frameset/detail/832723_AloeD ent_Toothpaste_wit h_Co_Q10_an d_Tea_Tree_Oil_100m l.html
              £3.50 Beauty Naturals http://www.beautyn aturals.com/produ ct.asp?ref=AD-1565
              £3.49 Toothbrush Direct http://www.toothbr ushdirec t.co.uk/shop. php?CategoryID=45

              Full Ingredients: Glycerin (vegetable source), Sorbitol (plant origin), Silica (mineral origin), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera), Aqua, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (protein derivative), Mentha Piperita (peppermint), Xanthan Gum (natural origin), Menthol (natural origin), Phytonadione (Vitamin K), Echinacea Angustifolia (Echinacea), Escin (from horse chestnut), Melaleuca Alternifolia (tea tree oil), Xylitol (plant origin), Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate (protein origin), Citric Acid (from pineapple), CI 75810 (chlorophyll - natural colouring).

              Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans
              Contains no Fluoride
              Contains no SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)

              Also comes in Sensitive and Whitening.


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