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Oral B Advance Power D2010 Kids Battery Toothbrush

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Brand: Oral B / Toothpaste / Type: Toothbrush / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2011 11:34
      Very helpful



      Not something I will be getting again

      ==Oral B Advanced Power Kids Battery Powered Electric Toothbrush==

      I think it is really important to get Jack into good dental hygiene habits not only because everyone knows that the teeth make the face and if you have lovely sparkly teeth it really makes a difference to how you appear to other people but also because visiting dentists is really expensive and the more care and attention you spend on your teeth the less time and money you will have to spend at the dentist!

      So with this in mind I decided that Jack really should join us in having an electric toothbrush. Both Himself and I have had electric toothbrushes for years and really wouldn't' do without them. So much so that I don't think I could physically use a manual toothbrush nowadays! Jack was always interested in the fact that our toothbrushes were noisy and apparently far more fun looking than his regular toothbrush so when I came across this Oral B Kids battery powered one I thought it would be a great starting electric toothbrush really to see how he got on with it.

      ==Price and Availability==

      I came across this toothbrush when I was browsing in Boots and at the time I wasn't really intending to go out and get him one but seeing as I had through about it before I decided that the £10 price tag of the brush was well worth it. I had also seen them in a few other supermarkets like Tesco and Morrison's but this was a while ago and I can't say that I have seen them about that much now.

      £10 is very expensive for a child's toothbrush considering I was buying two for 69 p in Lidl as these were a nice size, had a nice design and would stand up with the feet that were attached to the bottom. Jack was getting on well with them and at that price I was able to change them fairly regularly. This £10 price is not something that I would have paid unless I was under the impression that it would be an item Jack was going to be using for a long time.

      ==Look and Design==

      I can't say that I was drawn to this toothbrush because of the appealing look of the thing because to be quite honest it looks hideous with bright bold colours that really don't flatter the colour scheme going on in my bathroom. That said though Jack seemed instantly drawn to it and the blue and green colours really made it seem like a boys toothbrush. There was the option to pick up a more girl orientated colour which had pink and another colour on but of course this wouldn't have pleased Jack very much.

      There is only one brush head that comes with the toothbrush and this is of course small and aimed at little children's teeth. The bristles on the brush are very soft as you would expect but I felt that they were a little too soft compared to the previous brushes that we had been using. Just like a lot of the other Oral B toothbrush products this brush head also has the indicator on the bristles which lets you know when the brush has been used enough and will need changing. This is done by the aqua colour bristles loosing their colour and turning to white.

      There is a lot of blue circular patterns on the main body of the toothbrush which might appear to be buttons but these are in fact a hand guide and it is going some way to showing where the child will need to put their fingers in order to get a comfortable grip on the toothbrush. This didn't seem to work very well for Jack as his hands do seem smaller and dumpier than most children his age. There is only one button on the toothbrush which turns it on and this is the only setting available to use. Unlike my Oral B toothbrush which has one button but several different power options to chose from this is far more simple with just the one press for one and another press for off.

      The batteries are fitted in the bottom of the main toothbrush body and it did initially come with these installed (which you would expect for the price paid). These however didn't seem to last very long especially when you are using the brush twice a day for a good couple of minutes. I needed to replace the batteries within a month or so although this was easy to do and thankfully I always have a drawer full of the AA batteries which were needed.

      ==General Use==

      Jack found the toothbrush pretty easy to use and really got into it at first because it was something new and just like Mummy and Daddy uses. However it seemed that the novelty of the item soon worn off and I did notice that he was becoming lazy with moving the brush around his mouth and almost expecting the brush to do all of the work. I had to explain to him that although it was spinning round this was a little extra cleaning and he would still need to move the brush over all of his teeth individually. He would take this on board for a few times and then soon forget and stand with the toothbrush positioned only on his front teeth and expect his entire mouth to be clean.

      With constant reminding of how he was expected to brush his teeth I didn't feel this really differed from a regular basic toothbrush as children will need that reminding to do the job properly. This toothbrush did seem to get the more awkward places a little easier for him and with me watching over him I did see a slight improvement in the quality of the teeth brushing.

      The main draw back for buying this brush was when I came to needing to buy a replacement head and popping back into Boots I couldn't find the heads anywhere and in all the supermarkets and places on the high street which you would expect to stock an item such as this didn't! I ended up having to go online and order two which the first time I did wasn't too bad but the next time I needed to order I found that the brush heads were really very scarce and far more expensive than I wanted to pay out. With this said once that heads that we had were well and truly fit for the bin I made an executive decision to revert back to the non electric toothbrush at a far better cost to me and really no fuss from Jack whatsoever!

      ==Overall Opinion==

      This brush really was expensive for the money and I can't say that I would be conned into buying another similar item like this again. Yes the idea did appeal to Jack in the first instance but the novelty of the brush soon wore off and he wouldn't' of cared if he was brushing his teeth with a hair brush.

      The one speed setting on the brush makes it nothing really special and there is not even a timer like I have on mine to encourage the right amount of brushing time for Jack at each session. But the fact that the batteries run out quick and that the brush heads are hard to find and expensive when they are found means that this is quite a costly brush to use for such a little man. I think the fact that he can brush his teeth adequately with my supervision with a regular toothbrush is probably better for him and his learning and of course using a regular toothbrush will aid his dexterity too.

      All in all I can't say I rate this toothbrush or the whole concept of electric toothbrushes for children at all. I wouldn't recommend it and I feel that a 3 out of 5 star rating is being more than generous.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      many thanks for taking the time to read.


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