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Oral B Brush Aways

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Brand: Oral B / Type: Toothbrush / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      22.06.2006 16:07
      Very helpful



      A bit like chewing gum but more expenisve!

      Boots is a wonderful place full of wonderful things; I’m always racking up the advantage card points. Also, being one for a bargain (it’s in the genes, I really can’t help it), when I spotted a pack of these nifty little things I just couldn’t resist. They were on special offer!

      It wasn’t until I got home that I actually stopped to think about what I’d bought.

      Now, the pack says they’ll give you ‘a just-brushed feeling anytime, anywhere’. It calls them ‘disposable mint-flavoured teeth wipes’. Now I’d never used a tooth wipe, so the whole experience was going to be something new for me. So here is what I thought of the product at hand: Oral B Brush Aways!

      Each pack contains 12 individually wrapped Brush Aways. Each one is very slim and about the same size as a credit card. They’re easy to just pop in your bag or wallet if you don’t want to lug the whole lot around. The idea is that you can clean your mouth (teeth, gums and tongue) after meals or when you can’t really clean your teeth in the ordinary way (travelling etc.). Again, because of their size, they seem perfect for this kind of use.

      Without even reading the pack, I had a fair idea how to use these, after all, most of have seen the advert “Rip, Slip, Brush, Ahhh!”, but to be sure I searched the pack for instructions. However there are no instructions in words, but there are four little diagrams to show you how to use them. It’s a very vague set of instructions. It consist of number one being a hand pointing its finger, picture 2 is a hand with a green thing over the still pointing finer (I take the green thing to be the Brush Away), the third is a person wiping this green thing on their teeth, then the fourth is the green thing being taken off the finger. Now, being the intelligent young lass I am, I thought I’d decrypted the code enough to use them safely. Safety is always key remember!

      So, I’ve ripped and am about to proceed to slip, brush, ahh. The strange green thing I’ve pulled out has on one side, a sort of honeycomb texture. I presume this is to ‘brush’ without making it too abrasive. But this lack of abrasion also means your teeth aren’t really left feeling entirely clean. You’re still left with food in your teeth (nice huh?). However the wipes do leave your mouth feeling refreshed, kind of cool and tingly. On the reverse of the green honeycombs is little place to put your finger. The pack calls this a moisture shield. Your finger doesn’t get wet but it can feel a little moist. It does pretty much hat it says though.

      The taste is minty and fresh yet sweet, although they contain no sugar. It tastes a lot like chewing gum. Actually, I got nothing I couldn’t from chewing gum. I was quite disappointed really. Despite the catchy advert and the novelty factor, I just ended up feeling this product was a bit wasteful. There were 12 little wipes individually wrapped in glossy, printed plastic, within a larger plastic bag.

      A lot of rubbish in more ways than one really.


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