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Oralclens Natural Toothpaste Mint

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Brand: Oraldent / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / What it does: Protects

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2007 18:49
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      Natural toothpaste - SLS Free

      OralClens Natural is a new range of toothpaste and mouthwash - the active ingredients of which are totally natural. It is produced by a family run company called Oraldent Limited in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire, known for innovative products in the dental range.

      On first appearance this seems to be similar to other items of this type. The claims on the box are that it “Freshens breath, Fights plaque, Protects teeth and gums” but also that it is “SLS free”.

      OralClens Natural toothpaste is a great choice for all the family as it is one of the few types of toothpaste that is SLS free. What is SLS? Well, I certainly didn’t know, it is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. Sounds like something from a chemistry lesson, doesn’t it? And what does this wonder substance do? Well, it is a powerful detergent used in a multitude of everyday items and it seems that its main purpose in toothpaste is to make it froth! It also has the somewhat dubious side effect that it can cause skin irritation and contribute to the cause of mouth ulcers! There is also some suggestion that it doesn’t end there and having checked it out on the internet I have to admit that I’m rather glad that I found this toothpaste!

      OralClens contains a powerful, but totally natural, anti-bacterial called Citroxx which is derived from oranges (believe it or not) and effective against all bacteria, fungi and viruses. This means that it contains no Triclosan which is a synthetic anti-bacterial. It also contains no artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

      Without actually listing the ingredients, I can tell you that it contains: Spring Water, Natural Vegetable Oil, Natural Coconut, Natural Mint, Natural Extract from Oranges, Natural Gum from Glucose Syrup and Natural Liquorice Root Extract. Although this is only part of the list, it is certainly different from the average toothpaste.

      My experience of this toothpaste: The first thing I noticed about it was the colour and texture. With a lot of toothpastes the colour is either a sparkling white – or delicately shaded or swirled with some colour or another. This one is a creamy white – and shiny – rather as though it had been dropped in water! It is also a creamier texture than a lot of other pastes.

      The taste: Not like any other I have come across! You can immediately taste the lack of artificial sweeteners! It is described as ‘mint fluoride toothpaste’ and yes you can taste the mint – though not in the usual sweet way. It does NOT taste like a paste form of well-known mint sweets! I would never class this as a nice tasting toothpaste but, on the other hand, there is nothing to really dislike.

      The results: Very good. Your teeth feel smooth and you finish with a really fresh taste in your mouth - especially if you also use the OralClens mouthwash (review to follow!).

      OralClens Natural is the natural alternative to the more conventional, synthetic products and not only is it highly effective but also much kinder and gentler on your mouth and gums. I have had no problems since I have been using it and I certainly have no plans to stop using it.

      If you are interested in any further information you can find it on: www.oraldent.co.uk

      I hope that you will find this informative and I thank you for reading it.


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    • Product Details

      Loosen and remove existing plaque / Reduce further plaque build up / Freshen breath / Protect against cavities / OralClens Natural contains no alcohol, no SLS, no synthetic anti-bacterials, and absolutely no synthetic sweeteners or flavourings / Use OralClens Natural as the natural alternative to conventional, synthetic products and youãll discover that OralClens Natural is not only highly effective but is kinder and gentler on your mouth and gums /

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