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Pearl Drops Professional Intensive White Toothpolish

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An easy, cost effective and accessible way to whiten discoloured teeth. Although results take some time to appear and aren't drastic, improvements in whiteness are noted by users.

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    2 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 18:54
      Very helpful



      An easy way to tackle discoloured teeth.

      I recently appeared on a home video and when watching it backed noticed that my fang teeth (canine teeth?) back were noticibly yellow coloured and really dull. I was quite shocked as I've always been told I have great teeth. I don't know why some of my teeth have discoloured but I rarely use whitening toothpastes and only use my electric toothbrush now and then - I guess I've been a little lazy with my oral care routines as I thought I didn't need to bother. The idea of professional teeth whitening came to mind but unfotunately I have a sensitive front tooth that was damaged a few years ago and wouldn't want to cause further damage by intensive processes. I then thought of Pearl Drops. My mum swears by them and I've used them in the past to help polish up my teeth before big events, although the results weren't glaringly obvious. When I went to the shop to buy some Pearl Drops I found about four different types on the shelf. I opted to purchase this Professional Intensive Whitening pack as it sounded most impressive and as though it could give the best results in the quickest of times.

      The pack only cost me £1 (from Poundland!) which I thought was very cheap for a specialist toothpaste. The product comes boxed and has plenty of information written on the packet. Inside you get a little bottle of toothpaste. The bottle is tear shaped and has a large screw off lid which it sits on. You should store it like this as the toothpaste is quite runny so it stays in the dispenser end when you sit it on it's lid. The bottle size is 50mls which is actually quite small.

      The brand behind Pearl Drops claim this is a "maximum strength" toothpaste or 'toothpolish' which has been "clinically proven" to help award "natural whiteness" to teeth as well as to leave them shiny and sparkly. They say this paste contains the same ingredient that dentists use to cosmetically whiten teeth.

      The toothpaste itself is quite runny and doesn't sit on your brush in a slug shape - it just melts through the bristles so you have to quickly put the brush in your mouth. The paste is white coloured with dark blue gritty spots running through it. It has a lovely mild mint flavour which is about as refreshing as a minty chewing gum. It is easy to scrub over the teeth and does not make my sensitive teeth sting. Although it has a fine blend of these tough beads in it the toothpaste does not feel too abrasive. It doesn't lather up into a bubble foam like regular toothpastes do though, it just kind of vanishes the more you brush.

      The brand recommend using this toothpolish with an electric toothbrush but I also use my regular non electric brush too. You are supposed to use this twice daily for three weeks to see any results. I have found that it doesn't clean my whole mouth as extensively as my regular Aquafresh toothpaste so I am tending to use my Aquafresh and then follow up with the Pearl Drops on the problem teeth. I personally could not replace my regular toothpaste with Pearl Drops for a few reasons. One is that you seem to need quite a lot of the Pearl Drops polish on your brush to cover a small area in the mouth. Another is that I tend to brush my tongue with the bubbles of my regular toothpaste - Pearl Drops is not suitable for this. It is also not very strong in terms of being a breath freshener. So overall I'd say if you are planning to buy Pearl Drops see it as an extra step in your oral care routine rather than a replacement step for the brushing stage.

      After one weeks use I started to see a slight improvement in the colour of my canine teeth and after three weeks my teeth were brighter and shinier but there is still a noticable difference between the white shade of my front teeth compared to my canine teeth so I'm going to continue to work on them. It's difficult to tell unless you use a professional teeth colour chart or something but I've been photographing myself regularly in an attempt to see if my teeth look any better and they definitely do a little bit (but not as much as I'd hoped for). I'm hoping that continued use of this will sort my teeth out and I am definitely happy to continue to use the paste as it is safe and pleasant to use and I trust the brand.

      The toothpaste is not suitable for children under seven and it contains sodium monofluorophosphate.

      Produced by Chrurch and Dwight UK Ltd you can find this in a number of stores but as I say they had several different types of Pearl Drops polish at my local Poundland, so I'd recommend trying there.


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      13.06.2011 14:37
      Very helpful
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      A gret item

      ==Pearl Drops Intensive Whitening Tooth Polish==

      I am a very keen buyer of whitening toothpastes and I always like an intensive one because I am a smoker and feel that a harsher toothpaste gives me a cleaner and fresher mouth. So of course when I saw this Intensive Whitening Polish from Pearl Drops I couldn't help but buy it as the same certainly ticked all the right boxes for me.

      ==Price and Availability==

      I picked my tube of the polish up from boots and it wasn't especially cheap at £5.10 p although it wasn't one of the most expensive toothpaste/polishes on the shelves either. The Pearl Drops brand is a widely available one and you can get this item from a lot of Tesco stores and Super drug stores too. Having had a look online you can find it from a few different places but with the postage included you don't tend to save too much money doing it that way and Boots more often than not have some sort of 3 for 2 offer on which brings the cost down too.

      ==Look and Design==

      The bottle came housed within a cardboard box which gives all the information on the product anyone would want to know (and more besides). The bottle itself is a screw capped one and it stands up on the lid which means the dregs of the product run down to the spout and are easy to get out. The look of the bottle is similar to a lot of the other Pearl Drops products and as far as design goes it does its job and does it well.

      You get 50 ml of the product in a bottle which works out about right when comparing this to other toothpastes you can buy and the bottle I purchased lasted me a god few months although I was using it on my own and only applying the recommended pea sized amount to my brush morning and evening.

      ==General Use==

      The toothpaste says that the same ingredients that professional dentists use to clean teeth are used in this product leaving teeth sparkling clean and giving a minty fresh smelling breath for hours after use. The paste itself is white in colour but it has small blue beads inside it which aid with the cleaning of the teeth and the whitening appearance.

      The smell of the toothpaste is very minty fresh and this matches the taste which is strong and refreshing yet not burning like some strong toothpastes can be. There are minimal bubbles created when brushing but more of a light froth made even with using my super powered electric toothbrush but a little of the product does go a log way and cleaning all teeth with the pea sized amount is very easy to do.

      Even on the first use of this toothpaste I found my teeth looked visibly cleaner and they felt smooth to touch with the tongue. My gums were pink and healthy looking which seemed to make my teeth appear even whiter. Any stains I had on my teeth were worked off and the toothpaste impressed me from the off.

      As I continued to use the toothpaste throughout the month I found that me teeth did indeed get whiter and by the end of the bottle I would definitely say that I was definitely a couple of shades whiter than I had been before using it and I was really happy with this. Having purchased toothpastes of a much higher price than this in the past and not getting these results I was really surprised that this one worked so well for me. I can't say that my breath stayed that fresh for hours after because I think as soon as I had had a drink or indeed a smoke that the fresh breath taste would disappear but having a cup of tea after brushing with this toothpaste is not advisable as the minty flavour doesn't linger in the mouth and hinder any taste of a nice fresh brew.

      ==My Overall Opinion==

      really I have to admit to not expecting too much from this toothpaste when I first bought it but having used it all up now I can say that I would more than happily go out and buy it again. Okay so it is a little bit more money than a lot of regular toothpastes and it is not suitbale for the whole family as its only advised for children older than 12 but I found for my personal use it lasted well and therefore the cost was well worth it.

      The results really spoke for themselves and considering how much tea and how many cigarettes I smoke a day this toothpaste went a long way to ridding me of any tainted teeth I had and improving the colour and cleanliness of my teeth and mouth. I can't find a single fault with this paste and feel it has worked a lot better than other more expensive brands I have used.

      I think for those reasons nothing but a 5 out of 5 star rating would be acceptable and I would most certainly recommend this toothpaste to everyone over the age of 12 who wants to improve the colour of their teeth.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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