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Sainsbury's Confident Freshmint Mouthwash

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Mouthwash / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Refreshes,

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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2010 12:52
      Very helpful



      Don't think I'll be buying again unless I have to as it's a bit strong for me

      Ordinarily I wouldn't buy this mouthwash but I'd run out of my usual brand and the only options on the shelf in my local supermarket were Listerine - which I've never got on with and now refuse to buy as a result - and this own brand one. Seeing as Listerine seems to make my tongue tingle just a bit too much and is too strong for my liking, I hadn't got much choice but to use this one and hope that it would be ok.

      ***THE MOUTHWASH***
      It's a mid-greenish shade rather than the blue-green in the product image above and quite a bit brighter than the product image suggests. It's quite thin and a bit watery, which probably isn't surprising given the price (which I'll mention in a separate section later on in the review). In terms of smell, it has quite a strong minty smell that I could smell as soon as I took the lid off.

      ***THE TASTE***
      Given that I'm just mentioned a strong smell, you probably wouldn't be all that shocked to know that the taste is also strong too. It's not too bad when you first tip the mouthwash into your mouth but it hits you as soon as you start to swill it around. For me personally, it's not quite as strong as Listerine but it's not a million miles away from my experiences of using that brand, and it seems a bit more harsh than the Boots own brand that I've used before.

      ***THE RESULTS***
      After using this mouthwash, my mouth feels a lot fresher and cleaner but sadly, this doesn't last too long afterwards. Within an hour (at the very latest) my mouth can start to feel a bit yukky depending on what I've ben eating or drinking so I'd imagine that the fresh breath feeling also starts to deteriorate at this point too. If you desperately need to get rid of an unpleasant taste or smell in your mouth pronto, it's quite good for that especially as it's quite strong but it's not great if you're looking for long-lasting freshness.

      ***THE PRICE***
      My review so far hasn't been entirely complimentary, but I can't really complain seeing as it only costs 67p per bottle (and the bottle isn't that small either). Something so cheap was never going to be on a par with the likes of Dentyl but for what it costs, it's not too bad and does at least work quite well in the short-term.


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      10.07.2009 19:47
      Very helpful



      An ok every-day mouthwash that is cheap and cheerful enough!

      Oral hygiene is very important to me! I usually use Dentyl mouthwash but have been trying to save a little bit of money up lately so I avoided buying it and decided on buying a cheaper brand when I saw this Sainsbury's mouthwash priced at 67p a bottle! I decided at that price it was worth a go!

      The Packaging....

      Slightly different to the photograph shown on the top of this page but this product has taken over that one! So mine is a 500ml see-through bottle with screw on/off cap to the top of it. On the front there is a light green and white label and on that in light blue, green and white writing I'm told it is Sainsbury's Freshmint Mouthwash that 'helps fight plaque and decay, freshens breath and helps strengthen teeth'. On the back of the bottle there is a white label and on that in black writing I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use are given, ingredients are listed, safety advice is given, contact details for Sainsbury's are listed as is the size and finally there is a bar-code on there. Simple bottle that is plain and informative and I like being able to see the minty green mouthwash through it too!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

      Sainsbury's dental range helps you maintain an effective dental health care routine.

      Sainsbury's freshmint mouthwash contains fluoride to help strengthen teeth and fight tooth decay. Daily rinsing will help combat germs, fight plaque and leave your mouth feeling clean. Use regularly for instant breath freshness.

      Directions For Use....

      To open, press down on cap and turn anti-clockwise
      To close, turn cap until it clicks
      Use twice daily after brushing
      Half fill the cap with Sainsbury's freshmint mouthwash (15 ml)
      Rinse around teeth and gums for 15-20 seconds and spit out

      Me Using It....

      Well I do as I'm told (for once lol) and half fill the cap with this clear minty green looking water. It smells slightly sort of medicated and minty and is quite strong in the smell department.

      I then empty it into my mouth after I've thoroughly cleaned my teeth, again swishing it about my mouth and teeth for the recommended time and wow it takes my breath away cos not only does it smell rather strong it tastes it too! It isn't unpleasant but is just rather hot tasting really and tears run down my face from the mintyness of it rather often!

      Then of course you spit it out and it comes out slightly foamed up where you've been sloshing it about in your mouth and that's it. Job done!


      Instant fresh breath is given for sure! However that mintyness vanishes in a few minutes and breath although still quite clean doesn't stay as feeling fresh as immediately after using it of course. I don't feel my mouth and teeth are any cleaner after using this and can't prove or disprove it's claim on helping to fight plague or giving me stronger teeth with regular use and over time.

      It certainly doesn't harm my teeth anyway!


      Ok for instantly deodorising the mouth and yes it does seem to get rid of garlicky smells and stuff like that. Yes it does freshen the mouth too but not in the long term and the taste vanishes quite quickly!

      It's ok but is a rather basic product and the price reflects that in my opinion.

      Only available in Sainsbury's stores and also available in coolmint flavour (blue).

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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