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Sarakan Toothpaste

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Brand: Sarakan / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / What it does: Cleanses, Restores,

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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2012 22:32



      I'd never go back to a normal toothpaste.

      I discovered Sarakan almost a year ago. I turned to a natural toothpaste after having problems with my mouth. I had allergic type reactions where my tongue would tingle, my mouth was dry and my lips were sore and cracked. I went to the doctor who did blood tests which came back negative and so just prescribed me with a gel for oral thrush. I was using this constantly but it did not get any better. Then I went to the dentist and sobbed my heart out to him explaining my symptoms. He said that he did not think it was thrush and that sometimes toothpastes can cause problems and as I had already had blood tests he recommended that I stop using my normal toothpaste and try using a natural toothpaste or just water and see how it went. I found Sarakan. The tingling stopped instantly and slowly my lips healed. At first I still used my normal toothpaste occasionally for sensitivity in my teeth but over a period of about a year I found less and less need for it. It was as if my teeth 'healed themselves' and I can not believe the transformation in my mouth. Sarakan has made things normal for me. At first I was unsure of the taste as I do not like cloves but I got used to it and now like it. I was worried about whether my teeth and gums would still be healthy with using a different toothpaste but my dentist has followed my changes carefully and says that my mouth is in a fantastic condition! I will definitely keep on using Sarakan!


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      29.12.2008 11:37
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      Well worth trying if you are looking for an alternative toothpaste.

      For quite a while I had been on a bit of a grumble about toothpaste. Apart from having sensitive teeth, I felt that standard, commercial brands, despite making my mouth feel clean and fresh just after brushing, didn't have the effect of making my teeth feel clean for any length of time. In fact, on several occasions I resorted to giving them a quick rub with salt just to make me feel better.

      I then came across Sarakan toothpaste, and despite having reservations, decided to give it a try - after all it is good enough to carry a statement that the British Dental Health Foundation consider it a useful aid in dental health care.

      It's also made up of natural ingredients, including salvadora persica extract, which is a shrub also known as the 'toothbrush tree.' On top of that it has what some would consider to be the biggest bonus by lacking the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which meant absolutely nothing to me until I looked it up and found it started life in industry as a degreaser and then sneaked into a lot of our body care products.

      I must admit though I was a little concerned about its potential smell and taste, Sarakan is flavoured with geranium oil ... not a flavour you would normally associate with toothpastes, but the reviews I'd seen on the product were all glowing so gave me the confidence to try it.

      First off let's give the colour a mention - it's pink, not white with any coloured stripes. I can't say this bothered me at all, in fact I think it's quite cute and looks more like children's toothpaste, but it might be a little off-putting for some.
      Then of course we get to the smell - it does smell of geraniums, surprisingly so, and because of this the taste may take some getting used to. I actually found that after using it a couple of times I now prefer it to the standard commercial toothpastes as the taste is more natural.

      To the actual results: well I haven't felt the need to sprinkle salt on my toothbrush since using this product. Teeth actually feel squeaky clean after using it and have a slightly polished feel to them. Although you don't get the initial 'blast,' you feel with other products, my teeth generally feel fresher for longer.

      Another bonus seems to be that this product reduces sensitivity, which was something that concerned me slightly at the outset, but I haven't had any problems with hot drinks or ice-cream since using it.

      It is available in a few places, I get mine from Goodness Direct which I reviewed earlier. With them the product comes in at around £2 for a 50ml tube and the postage is free on this particular product. I'm sure it must be available to buy direct from health stores and I have seen it on eBay but the postage cost bumps up the final price a good bit.

      The only downside I could comment on is that you don't seem to be able to get this product in a larger size as you can with most toothpastes, but despite that I will certainly continue to use it as the potential downsides are far outweighed by the positives.


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    • Product Details

      Cleans, freshens and restores the natural colour of your teeth / Flavoured with geranium oil /

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