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Superdrug Totalcare Dental Floss

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Brand: Superdrug / Floss / Type: Floss / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    2 Reviews
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      20.11.2013 17:47
      Very helpful



      A durable and pleasant floss that laves my mouth feeling fresher and cleaner.

      I never skip flossing because I think it really does make a difference to the condition of my teeth. I have teeth that are relatively unevenly spaced - thankfully this is only obvious when I am using floss but it means that not all kinds suit me. The two teeth that have a narrow gap between them pose the most trouble as sometimes the floss catches between them and can even shred. For this reason I often try different brands in order to find a good fit. Most recently I have been using Superdrug's Totalcare floss which costs £1.49 for 50m.


      The floss is mint flavoured, and coated to make it easier to move between teeth. The coating is also supposed to be anti bacterial and lastly, the floss contains Sodium Fluoride "at less than 0.31%" to help strengthen teeth.

      EASY TO USE?

      The floss comes in a standard little plastic dispenser that actually works well. The floss line comes out smoothly and the end doesn't get lost back in the reel easily. You can easily open the sides to change or adjust the floss reel if need be, but I haven't needed to while using the Totalcare product. However I did appreciate this when I slotted in a reel of floss from a different brand which had come with a little metal cutter that only seemed to shred the floss. The cutter on the Superdrug reel is in contrast perfectly sharp enough to make a good clean cut with just a light pull of the floss against it.

      The card packet contains instructions and diagrams on the back as to how to use floss which could be useful if you aren't sure your technique is right but I just use it in the same way that I use any other. I certainly don't use the recommended 45cm length - I find it easier to use shorter strands even if I need more than one but that is true of all floss for me.

      Although this floss is coated, it doesn't seem to glide between my teeth quite as easily as others but it doesn't actually catch or feel rough. Most importantly, it doesn't fall apart as I use it between my closer spaced teeth and it is thin enough to get in where I need it to. It is also fine between my wider spaced teeth, but it takes more passes for me to feel I have thoroughly cleaned there.


      The floss has a relatively subtle minty flavour. It's more peppermint than spearmint. It is enough to make my mouth feel distinctly fresher but the taste doesn't linger that long. I prefer this because I sometimes find that using mint floss as well as mint flavoured tooth paste and mouthwash is a bit of mint overkill for me. The lighter taste also means that any food I have afterwards doesn't taste strange as sometimes happens.


      Using this floss always results in my mouth feeling very fresh and clean. It manages to remove tiny but obvious "bits" from between my teeth so I am sure the difference isn't just in my mind. It doesn't fail to get in any gaps, which is the main thing I need it to do. As for the anti bacterial coating, I can't really measure whether this has an effect. The same goes for the fluoride - the actual floss isn't in contact with my teeth for very long so I don't know how effective it could be in delivering any strengthening effects. I really rely on my toothpaste to care for my teeth in that way anyway.


      This is a perfectly good floss, because although it doesn't seem to glide though gaps as easily as other coated products, it hasn't actually proved difficult to use. I am impressed by the fact it is obviously strong because it never frays or splits and it is thin enough to suit relatively closely spaced teeth. I like the gentle mint taste, the practical packaging and the fresh feeling I experience after using it. At £1.50 for 50m it is not the very cheapest I have used but it still beats many of the branded ones in price without being poorer in quality. It is also very often on offer in Superdrug so the price can be reduced further. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a favoured floss, unless you wanted a really strong mint taste.

      Only available at Superdrug of course. Suitable for vegetarians.


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      09.04.2013 18:39
      Very helpful



      A comfortable to use dental floss from Superdrug

      I am very strict when it comes to oral hygiene and clearly my efforts have paid off, as at the age of 45 years I am proud to admit that I have only ever had two fillings. I am fanatical about brushing my teeth after every meal on those occasions when I am at home and always keep a pack of dental floss in my hand bag and in the bathroom cabinet. A product that I have been using for the past twelve months or so is Total Care Dental Floss, which is manufactured for Superdrug and this review discusses my experience.

      As a couple of my lower teeth are situated fairly close to one another, I always opt for flosses, as I find that tapes can often become caught between my teeth and subsequently cause discomfort. The pack of floss containing 50 metres is hygienically contained within transparent plastic and is presented on cardboard packaging, which offers small perforations that are easily broken to enable the vivid green plastic pack of floss to be removed.

      Prior to my purchases of this brand I had been buying floss manufactured by Tesco, which offers an almost pointed shaped lid and an issue I continually found was that it would not securely close. In addition, the floss would frequently fail to dispense along the cutting blade and as a result, it was necessary for me to repeatedly open the container and rethread it hence me no longer purchasing their product. Thankfully, the design of Total Care has been well considered as the curved lid is easy to open and securely clicks into the closed position with me not having experienced any issues with dispensing and cutting the floss. The pack size is perfect to store in my handbag with its approximate dimensions of 5 cm in length and 4½ cm in width.

      The white coloured floss is fairly thick and has been protected with a special coating to enable it to be effortlessly glided between the teeth without causing any discomfort to the gums. It is very comfortable to use with the coating being evident, as in the past, when I had no floss in my possession, I would use thick cotton and didn't my gums know it! I have no intention of patronising anyone by advising how to use dental floss, but my reason for using is that small fragments of food often become trapped in my teeth especially my lower ones. The floss has a mild mint flavour although it is very delicate but nevertheless, refreshing.

      I have probably purchased in the region of approximately a dozen packs over the past twelve months, particularly as my husband also uses it following each meal due to my persistent nagging to look after his teeth! In addition to the floss being highly effective at removing food remnants and therefore, giving the assurance that the risk of tooth decay and plaque is reduced, it contains sodium fluoride, which assists in strengthening the teeth. Furthermore, it also contains an anti-bacterial agent, which I cannot admit to ever having noticed in relation to any of the other brands that I have used.

      Using dental floss after eating has been an important part of my oral regime for many years and will continue to play a big part, as I have no desire to be plopping my teeth into a glass of water every night! I can highly recommend Superdrug Total Care Dental Floss, as I can see no noticeable difference when making a comparison with some of the big brand names other than for the price. The floss retails at £1.49 per 50 metre pack, but at the time of writing you can make three purchases for the price of two and it is on these occasions that I will stock up.

      Due to the reasons discussed above, I am able to give a five star rating together with a high recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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