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Tesco Total Care Fresh Mint Toothpaste

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2 Reviews

Brand: Tesco / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Refreshes,

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    2 Reviews
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      22.04.2012 21:11
      Very helpful



      Not bad, but not great.

      On another of my searchs for cheap money saving products, I came across this hiding on the bottom of the shelf and decided that for just 51p it was worth a try, so it came home with me in one of my endless amounts of bags.
      The reaction it recieved

      When I did arrive home, as usaul my other half moaned - he hates changes really and just wishes he can use his normal SR toothpaste. But unluckily for him, it was brought and it was damn going to be used lol! Like normal my kids didn't really care - they were just happy that we had some toothpaste (my normal caring family of course lol!)
      So all in all I will give the reaction a 2/5 stars. They thought it would be cheap and low quality, but too be honest so did a small part of me.

      The Box
      Same as most toothpastes, it comes in a cardboard box which is coloured green, silver and blue. And the actual tube is the normal side and a mirror reflection of the box. Only the squeezy tube lid is a pure white colour - not really unusual for a toothpaste. It has all the normal things on the box - Children are only allowed a pea sized amount and must be supervised, the ingridients - blah, blah, blah, I won't waste your time telling you things like that. It really does look good for the price it is.

      I'll give the box 5/5 stars. It looks very good quality for an own brand product and has all the things you need on it - very good!
      The Taste

      The actual taste of it is quite nice, not too much raw mint but not too weak either. I have had toothpastes at both ends of these scales and trust me - it isn't nice! But it is a nice mint and I was glad it wasn't too hot. All of my family agreed, though the other half still moaned a bit as it was a tad weak for him.
      So 4/5 for the taste. It is very good, but doesn't really match up to some of the bigger toothpaste brands - Colgate, Aquafresh and so on. Oh wait ... can't forget the other halfs favourite SR lol!

      The Effect
      Even though I don't have the most amazing white teeth that dazzle fantasticly and that you can see from miles away, I do like to take pride in them. And when I was using this paste, I didn't see any improvement, yet they didn't crumble and (luckily!) I'm not wearing a false set as I write this review! And the lasting of the mintyness was not too bad, about average really. I do have mints during the day sometimes though, so for something like how long it lasts, I am probably not the best judge. All I know is that it was about mid day when I had my first mint genuinally, so it didn't last all day at all.

      So 2/5 for the effect of the actual toothpaste. It doesn't whiten your teeth and it doesn't last that long.
      Availability and Price

      Of course, as you would probably expect, it is only availible at Tesco's (which ones, I'm not sure) and it priced at just 51p for a 50ml tube and funnily enough (you probably won't even belive it lol!) the 100ml choice is 12p cheaper. A bit weird but snap up the deal before they realise I guess!
      So for Availability and Price, I would give it a 3/5. Although I know it is an own brand product and Asda obviously isn't going to do them a favour and sell Tesco's toothpaste as they have their own too sell

      The Benifits they claim with regular brushing
      1. Fight decay

      2. Remove plaque
      3. Freshen breath

      So 5/5 stars - just what you want from a toothpaste!
      How to use

      Like most toothpastes, you have too brush at least two times a day and visit the dentist regulary. Another thing they recommend is that you change your tooth brush at least once every three months - though I don't I will admit!
      So 4/5 stars because they have not really explained it great and like you know ... there really are some idiots out there!

      Another nice little thing
      Just a nice little thing to add is that it hasn't been tested on animals - not much, but I think it's definetly a good plus.

      So of course ... 5/5 stars!

      Now while I have given it quite a glowing review, I still feel that it doesn't quite match up too Colgate (or equvilant) and when you can get them for about a quid (if they're avalible in Poundland or 99p shop etc.). I feel that a branded toothpaste does give a better clean, and you don't have to hide it away when guests ask if they could use the toliet!
      So altogether, I give it 3/5 stars. It's cheap, but it just doesn't live up too the fancy packaging. If your a bit short of a few bob, then it is perfect to you I think, but if not, I would give it a miss.

      Thanks for reading! Please rate and comment :) x


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      30.03.2010 15:04
      Very helpful



      Why to pay more for same quality products????

      For ages I've been buying toothpastes according to ads on tv or shops. They are not very cheap actually. Cause we have to pay not just for a toothpaste but for worldwide advertising as well.

      Besides, my dentist recommended to use one-colour toothpaste as those multicoloured 3 for 1 protection or Total/Multi protection pastes are very strong and I didn't need one cause had no problems with gums, decay or enamel.

      So one day in Tesco looking for a one-colour toothpaste on a bottom shelf I noticed cheap, white with a few green stripes box of squeezy toothpaste: Tesco Total Care Fluoride toothpaste with antibacterial action. It's price was - £0.59 for a 100 ml. Do You see the difference? Other toothpastes used to cost me more than £2 each. And now instead of 1 I could buy 4!!!

      Benefits were stated clearly on the box: "Regular brushing with this 4 benefit toothpaste will help:
      1. Fight decay.
      2. Strengthen enamel.
      3. Remove plaque.
      4. Give Wow fresh breath."

      So I decided to give this Tesco toothpaste a try.

      And I wasn't disappointed! I like it's smell, taste, how it freshens my breath and protects my teeth. I really didn't notice any difference using this Tesco or other pricey toothpastes. So why to pay more????
      I use this Tesco toothpaste for a while now. And visited my dentist a few times. He said my teeth, gums are fine. So this Tesco Total Care Freshmint Fluoride toothpaste really does what it says on a box.
      I definitely recommend this toothpaste! Because not always cheap means bad or low quality!

      Also posted in ciao.co.uk under the same name


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