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Theramed Perfect Express White Toothpaste

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Brand: Theramed / Type: Toothpaste / Texture: Gel / Whitening Product / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      16.05.2011 08:38
      Very helpful



      A great item

      ==Theramed Express White Toothpaste==

      I do like to have white teeth and I also like to see white teeth on other people. I feel strangely drawn to look at peoples mouths when they talk as well as give good eye contact but if someone has bad teeth I feel awkward in doing this. For this reason I like to make sure I have a good supply of toothpastes that I know do a good job of whitening and brightening my teeth.

      This Theramed is a particularly good product which does work and for that reason I have been buying it for a good while now on and off. I like to use it at least once a month because I feel it brings my teeth up like no other product will do and by the time the end of the month comes around I feel like this Theramed is well needed.

      ==Price and Availability==

      This tube of Theramed Express White toothpaste is not exactly cheap considering how much you get in a tube. It usually costs around £5 but can often be found on a special offer which is really worth looking out for. Per tube you only get a measly 20ml of the paste which is a tiny amount when compared to a regular toothpaste this is a more intensive treatment rather than an everyday continuous use type of product.

      I tend to get my Theramed from Superdrug because this is really the only place that I can find it on a regular basis. My Tesco Extra did have it in stock for a short while but it mysteriously vanished just like it arrived! Boots are not a stockist of this brand which is a bit of a pain considering that I do most of my beauty product shopping in there and I get a 10% discount too. But I do make a special trip every once in a while to Superdrug to stock up on this product and because I like it so much it doesn't seem so annoying. I expect you could get it online if you looked about but the price doesn't seem to vary too much.

      ==Look and Design==

      The small tube of toothpaste comes housed within a really large box for something so small and the excessive packaging seems a little silly to me. I guess it is because there is a fair bit of product information on the back and sides that the box needs to be larger and it is made of a recyclable cardboard so on the whole not a big deal. The tube inside the box is a screw capped plastic tube which is soft enough to make sure that all the product is squeezed from it and is easily done.

      I must say that the tube although it works well, doesn't really look anything too special and the only thing that would make me think that it is a more intensive treatment would be the fact that it is so small and gives way to the idea it is not for prolonged use. The basic font of the Theramed logo doesn't look especially appealing but the express white which is written on the front does have a little shining star there so I guess that makes you think of sparkly diamonds and hope your teeth turn out like that. Honestly though how many people would buy an item like this on the look of the tube the main points are how well it actually works.

      ==Smell and Taste==

      The smell of the toothpaste is quite strong, just like the flavour. It has that fresh mint taste that really gives your mouth a blast and works wonders at freshening even the stalest of breaths. I can't say that it is one of my favourite tasting toothpastes but it does work well and doesn't taste like liquorice like some I have tried. The fresh mint is not strong enough to feel as though it is burning the mouth which is another good thing.

      Both the smell and the taste of the minty toothpaste treatment last a fairly long time in the mouth after use and its no good thinking you can have a cup of tea after having brushed your teeth as the minty flavour would seriously hinder any tea drinking experience. I would say that at least 15 minutes needs to pass before the toothpaste mint has worn off enough for me to want to drink anything. I like this aspect of the toothpaste too because it means that I know my breath is smelling as nice as it possibly can do. Of course once I have had a cup of tea and a cigarette I am probably back to square one again!

      ==General Use==

      This Theramed Express White Toothpaste claims to visibly whiten teeth within just 1 week and I think this is probably what drew me to this product so long ago. Like I said it is more of a whitening treatment for your teeth and not a product that should be used daily for a long period of time. This is a good thing because of the cost of the tube and a small tube of this will probably be gone within a two week period if I can use it all on my own and keep Himself away from it!

      Theramed state that this treatment is formulated by dentists and is designed for people who drink red wine, smoke or drink a lot of coffee or tea or generally have teeth they want to brighten up. All of this points towards something which would appeal to a lot of people and thankfully I can say that it does actually work. I followed the straight forward and common sense instructions in that I use the Theramed toothpaste twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, use a pea sized amount on my brush and I brush for the recommended 2 minutes. With just a single use I thought I could see a difference and before the week was out I was calling Hollywood!

      The minty taste worked so well at freshening up my breath and giving my mouth a clean but this seemed so insignificant when compared to what the paste did to my teeth. They look so lovely and white when I use this that they can almost look professionally cleaned and whitened. The toothpaste has tiny blue beads within the thick white paste which is guess would be called micro-cleansers in an advert! These seem to work at getting the stained build up away from the teeth and bringing them up to a good sparkle. The toothpaste does foam excessively which I like and just gives a good amount of froth in which to clean all the teeth effectively whilst only using the recommended pea sized amount.

      =Overall Opinion==

      I have so say that I really rate this product highly and this is why I continue to go out of my way to stock up on the product. I have recommended it already to so many friends and family and the majority of them have begun to use it regularly on a monthly basis too. We now know to pick up each other a tube when we get some and we always return the favour!

      My teeth feel super clean when I have been using this product and they look super clean too. The noticeable difference seems to start before a week and then after every clean they seem to get whiter. As yet I haven't found another product that will match up to the capabilities of this Theramed Express White and although I do keep trying I always end up coming back to this product and being totally satisfied.

      I have to say that a top score of 5 out of 5 stars is totally deserved in this case and I would highly recommended this to everyone and anyone that wants whiter healthier looking teeth.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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