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Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste

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3 Reviews
  • cleans well
  • tastes good
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    3 Reviews
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      07.06.2015 00:37
      Very helpful


      • "cleans well"
      • "tastes good"


      Great natural toothpaste

      What is Weleda:
      Weleda is a multinational company that produces beauty products based on anthroposophic principles. Weleda uses entirely natural ingredients. None of their ingredients or products are tested on animals.They use a green energy supplier and educate their farmers and their communities about ecological friendly production. The founding of Weleda AG is dated back to year 1921. The company takes its name from the German form of the name of Bructeri völva Veleda.

      Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste:
      After my horrible experience with Weleda Salty toothpaste I was quite careful about choosing a new toothpaste. After searching and reading multiple reviews I decided to give Weleda Plant Gel Toothpaste a try. I bought this product for £4.50 from their web store (more expensive than normal toothpaste) and received the product in few days. The toothpaste is in a 75 ml white/green tube with white lid. When I compare it to the Salty toothpaste, this one tastes amazing. You can taste the peppermint and after using the toothpaste my breath feels fresh. The toothpaste is not so foamy (because it is not containing any chemicals) however it cleans my teeth very well. You apply the same amount on your toothbrush as another toothpaste (no need for more even it is less foamy). The whole product lasted me about two weeks (but I am cleaning my teeth more times a day so if you do just morning/evening it should last longer).

      I am very satisfied with this product and will probably buy it again.



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      30.06.2008 22:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Highly recommended

      Having tried numerous 'natural' toothpaste and tooth oil products, I can honestly say that Weleda's Plant Gel Toothpaste beats the competition. The very green packaging may be uninspiring, but the product itself is brilliant. So...

      The +ves:

      It does not feel as abrasive nor as unpleasantly 'frothy' as conventional toothpaste, yet the cleaning results are just as good - if not better. This makes it effective for sensitive teeth and gums.

      A normal amount of the gel is required (great news, as the product is fairly expensive!).

      It has a pleasant, subtle aroma of mint and spices. Your mouth is left feeling clean and breath beautifully fresh - all naturally.

      The -ves:

      I have only one minor complaint about this product - the gel is a bright pinky red colour, which, though natural, is rather alarming!

      In summary:

      This product is relatively expensive, but it is worth paying that bit extra.

      It is highly effective, and it is comforting to know that your teeth are being cared for by entirely natural ingredients (and that you aren't swallowing all sorts of artificial chemicals).

      I would also recommend this toothpaste for children - as it tastes delicious and the colour should appeal! Best of all, there is nothing harsh about it.

      An excellent product.


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        22.10.2005 20:44
        Very helpful



        A good product that works.

        A while ago, I was researching a toothpaste that I could use that was not going to give me that horrible aftertaste that many pastes do, as well has helping me take care of my teeth and gums. What I came up with was a variety of pastes, although some were guilty of making the taste more important than the care of teeth.

        That sounds harsh, but when people market a product, they want the public to buy it. People aren't going to buy something that tastes bad, and advertisements give us the impression that the "zing" of after brushing is as important as the efficiency of a toothpaste and thats not true in my experience.

        Over the 53 years that I have been on this planet, I have toyed with the ones that have extra stripes, ones that have harsh whiteners, and all kinds of pastes, until I found this one.

        The tube doesn't look that fancy. It has a kind of clinical look to it which spells under spending on publicity. I liked that and thought that perhaps someone put their research money to good use instead of hard selling on television. This time I was proven right.

        As I get older, I get more and more aware of chemicals and what they are doing to my body, and I wanted something more natural than fluorides in my toothpaste. After all, who says that fluorides are all that helpful to the rest of my body, and let's face it when we clean our teeth, we swallow a certain amount of paste, whether we intend to or not.

        This paste is made with natural products and I am impressed with the subtle taste of a strange combination of lemon and mint, sharp enough to feel clean without leaving that aftertaste that stings.

        The product contains no artificial colourings (the dreaded E's), no artificial frangrances and no preservatives, although this appears not to be necessary during the lifetime of the tube. I also am assured that no testing has been taken place on animals just to give us a product that makes us feel pursuaded by advertisements, and that people that dress up as dentists on the television tell us is good for us.

        I discussed the product with my dentist and he actually approved of it, and said that natural products that it holds within its tube are a very good combination for cleansing teeth, and stimulating the gums. Look at the contents of this product and be impressed. Which would you rather have in your mouth - chemicals and pretty colours made out of man made false colourings or these ? I don't usually list ingredients of anything, but in this case, they have even catered for the vegetarian in our families and that is an important issue for me, since my husband is vegetarian.

        Glycerin, Distilled Water, Silica, Algin, Chamomile Extract, Ratanhia (Krameria Triandra) Extract, Myrrh (Commophoria Myrrh Extract) Extract, Grain Alcohol (Ethanol), Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Oil, Spearmint (Mentha viridis) Oil, Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare) Oil, Esculin.

        (taken from Amazon website).

        So what do you get for your money ?

        You get a product that does what it purports to do. It makes the gums feel fresh and clean, and leaves the mouth feeling clean without an aftertaste. Not only that, but it actually helps with regularly brushing to sustain the health of your gums, and to me that is an issue that pursuades me to continue using it.

        I mean how much research goes into combinations of things that we take into our bodies. Whilst toothpastes with E numbers and colourings may cause no harm on their own, who is to say the damage that these cause in conjunction with heart tablets, blood thinners and thyroid tablets which are part of my everyday experience of life.

        I believe that as human beings, we have a responsibility to our bodies to be as gentle as progress allows us to be, and that Weleda grow all their plants themselves in Bio conditions to give a product that doesn't need the hype.

        At approx One Pound Sixty Five (I pay the equivalent in Euro), for a toothpaste that lasts a couple two months from a 3.3 oz tube (97.5g), thats not a huge price to pay to ensure that what you are putting into your mouth is actually fit for human consumption and does eliminate with time the soreness of the gums and take care of build up of plaque and cleanliness of teeth.

        It tastes super. Its like when you make a dessert and have a little bit of bitter against the sweet, with the lemon making the cleanliness give you a feeling of "bien d'etre" or wellbeing.

        I think its super. Plus it washes off your brush much easier than traditional toothpastes, being in a gel form. If you cannot find a local stockist, bulk buy on Amazon !

        I cannot praise this product enough.


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