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Wisdom Xtra Clean Toothbrush

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Brand: Wisdom / Type: Toothbrush / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2012 21:15
      Very helpful



      Good quality toothbrush without all the unnecessary extras

      What is going on with the price of toothbrushes lately?! A quick trip into Superdrug the other day resulted in me nearly having a mini heart attack. All the brands seemed to be peddling their wares for around £5 or in some cases even more. And this was for one individual toothbrush! Insane. The whole thing left me with the feeling that i was missing something. For me a toothbrush is just a plastic stick with some bristles stuck on the end so why do they cost so much? Have they started sprinkling them with gold dust?

      After i had gotten over my initial shock and was breathing normally again i began hunting the shelves for something a bit more reasonably priced. I came across the Wisdom Xtra Clean toothbrushes in a four pack that had been labelled as being great value. It actually was as well! I paid about £1.85 and i skipped out of Superdrug with my faith in the world restored. I had managed to buy 4 toothbrushes for about a third of what other brands expected me to pay for just one!

      So what did i actually get for my money? Four toothbrushes that in all honesty were pretty basic. Each of the four came in a different colour, i got a blue, green, purple and pink, making them great for families or just to provide some variety for those of us who get bored easily. Each toothbrush had medium bristles and a simple plastic handle that got thicker towards the end meaning that you could get a good, firm grip of the product. The toothbrushes also featured some rubber grips in a slightly darker colour on the handle that also help to improve grip. The thickened handle does mean that this toothbrush won't fit in my toothbrush holder but i have found this to be quite common with most new toothbrushes. I definitely appreciate the improved grip that the thicker handle provides and so i really think it is more a case of manufacturers needing to make something that accommodates larger toothbrushes.

      Now although this wasn't the fanciest toothbrush i have ever used i found that it did its job really effectively. The neck had a surprising amount of flexibility and the head is sort of tapered at the top so that all areas of the mouth can be reached with ease. The bristles are also slightly angled so as to improve cleaning between the teeth. I did find the bristles to be fairly firm but they didn't at all irritate my gums in any way, which i was particularly impressed with as i do have a bad habit of brushing too hard. The head was a good size; not at all bulky, which is a pet hate of mine. My mouth has never felt anything less than perfectly clean and refreshed after using the product!

      I have been very impressed with the quality of these toothbrushes. Although i bought them for a bargain price the product doesn't at all look or feel cheap. It feels very sturdy in my hand and i really like the simple two-tone design. None of the bristles have fallen out whilst using the toothbrush, something that i have had happen to me even when using expensive toothbrushes and they keep their shape for a good amount of time. I get so sick of using a toothbrush only a handful of times before the bristles get so misshapen that it needs to be replaced. Thankfully i seem to have finally found one that is up to the job!

      As i have said before this is a basic toothbrush but it really does do the job it is supposed to. I feel that a lot of other toothbrushes include features that really aren't necessary and act more as gimmicks than really improving the product in any real way. For example, i really hate the tongue and cheek cleaners that have become so common these days. They don't work and just act to make the toothbrush head bulky in the mouth and uncomfortable to use. I really like that there are still products available that don't include these extraneous features.

      I have been really impressed with this pack of toothbrushes. For the price i really wasn't expecting a lot but instead i have found a great quality product that really provides a good clean for my teeth and something i will be sure to buy again. It is great to find a brand that seems to understand that not everyone wants to pay an extortionate price for gaudy designs and unnecessary features. All i ever want from a toothbrush is something that does the job and this is what this product really does deliver. I couldn't be happier!


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