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Nicorette Freshmint

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/ Type: Giving Up Smoking Aids / Type: Gum

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    7 Reviews
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      11.02.2012 22:11
      Very helpful



      Chewing gum helping me to avoid cigarettes.

      I gave up smoking last year and I used several aids to help me including an inhalator, patches and this Nicorette gum. When I first purchased the gum I bought the smallest packet on the Boots website. 105 pieces for around £12.50 (now £12.99) and I was not worried about not using them all up as I had already tried about 5 or 6 pieces that I received from my sister to see if I wanted to use these in the future.

      When tackling giving up smoking the last and final time I did it (with success!) I decided that I would cut down gradually and I used the inhalator and gum to help with this. I then switched to the patches when I was ready to try and stop completely.

      The gum is nothing special to look at. Each piece is similar in appearance to any other gum and it has a sugar free coating, like many other gums. The difference with this gum is that it has 2mg of nicotine contained within. This gives the gum a rather fierce almost foul taste which increases the longer you chew the gum for. The gum has a minty taste to it but this is soon overpowered by the taste of stale tobacco and cigarettes. The recommended way to use this gum is to chew it for a few moments and then once it tastes very strong you can simply place the gum in the side of your cheek where the nicotine will be released. The flavour will get lighter and then this can be chewed for up to 30 minutes before the nicotine will have been completely released.

      I never used the stronger ones available and was using the 2mg ones from the beginning. I found these to be very strong and I only used these when the Nicorette inhalator was not doing enough for my cravings. I found the flavouring on this gum to be quite overpowering but it did help with my cravings and actively helped me to cut down the amount of cigarettes that I smoked.

      Apparently an average smoker will use from 8 to 12 pieces of this a day but I probably used just 2 or 3 most days, sometimes less because I was using the inhalator too. This meant that the price of these was not restrictive, particularly not compared to buying cigarettes and smoking 15 a day still.

      I did find that this gum helped with my cravings probably just because it tasted so foul and stopped me from wanting anything let alone a cigarette. The gum kept the strong flavour for quite a while so my mouth was kept busy chewing for ages. When I had to hold the gum in my cheek I found that this was a little uncomfortable at times. I would definitely recommend this gum for people wanting to give up smoking but do not expect this to be a pleasant tasting gum!


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        21.09.2011 20:25
        Very helpful



        I would recommend this product.

        I have tried many a times to give up smoking and have tried many different aids; seen a health promoter, used patches, used various types of gum and it's Nicrorette Freshmint Gum which seems to have helped me. I stopped smoking about four years ago and I have relapsed a few times during this time, but the last time I smoked must have been about 2 and half years ago. I do believe I would still be a regular smoking now if I had not found this form of nicotine replacement.

        They taste good in my view and certainly rid you of the need or urges to smoke, as it provides you with the amount of nicotine you require. I have had no nasty side effects from using Nicorette Freshmint Gum and have been on and off them for about 4 years, but the information leaflets states there can be many side effects from using the gum (please read carefully before taking). The cheapest I have bought them for is £8.99 (for 108 pieces) but price does certainly vary according to were I purchase them from I have paid £14.99 (for 108 pieces) for them on occasions. I get through about 2 boxes a week which proves to be little expensive.

        My only problem now is that I'm completely addicted to Nicorette Gum and haven't managed in 4 years to reduced my take or get of them but I guess it's better than smoking in my view.
        Conclusively this product does what it says and is a great nicotine replacement, but is just as addictive but far more convenient than smoking and is rather pricey. Just be wiser than I and know when to reduce and eventually stop using them.


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        24.04.2011 22:57
        Very helpful




        I have been smoking for around 12 years up until two weeks ago. I have tried stopping smoking in the past and never succeeded. Personally this time i'm giving up for myself with no pressure from family and friends which drove me right back to smoking last time. My main reason for stopping now is my health and the price of cigarettes.
        I have quit for just over a week now with the help of a book called allen carr giving up smoking the easy way, i recommend this book its like a bible to me now however as he wishes people to go cold turkey this part did not work for me. After a visit to the chemist i refused the patches and the pharmacist recommended the nicorrette gum as a way to stop the cravings and nasty withdrawals.

        1 packet of nicorrette gum costs £6.34 from our small local chemist in our village however the price differs depending on where you go. As well as the chemist selling the gum most supermarkets do too including asda and tescos.
        The nicorrett gum pack contains 30 pieces of gum. There are instructions in the packet , these must be read before starting the gum, very clear and easy to follow.

        Nicorrett gum comes in a choice of two flavours fruit or mint, i am using the mint because its the only one our chemist stocks but i like it so suits me. It also comes in two strengths 2mg for people who smoke from 10 -15 cigs a day and 4mg for people who smoke over 20 a day.
        I did smoke over 20 a day but choose the 2mg mainly because the gum still contains nicotine the main drug that is addictive in cigs so i need to give it up not still be putting the drug in my mouth hence my theory i should use the lower strength 2mg gum.

        The gum is in a blister packet. Each piece of gum is square and white, easy to pop out the blister too. When i first popped a piece in my mouth the shell on the outside has a sugar free coating that is crunchy but when chewed for a few seconds it melts and tastes like mint. I was surprised how minty the gum is and i can not taste the nicotine. The only time i taste the nicotine is if i chew the gum like i would with normal gum a build up of saliva gathers and when swallowed the nicotine burns my mouth however like i said only if i forget and miss use the gum does this happen.

        Nicorrett gum takes a bit of getting used too because the way to chew is strange, you have to chew only for a few seconds and then rest the gum in between the cheek and actual gum for a rest at this point the gum still works by allowing the gum to absorb into the lining of the mouth. Basically when chewed to start with this gives a small nicotine rush fighting the cravings then when rested against the cheek it slowly releases more nicotine into the body.
        I have not had any side effects from using the gum.

        I really think the gum is helping me with the big hard nasty cravings i have been having. It also gives me more chance to succeed this time for good along with sheer determination on my behalf too.
        I do reach for a piece of gum first thing in the morning after my coffee as this is when i would normally smoke i continue to use the gum through out the day when needed. The instructions stated no more than 15 pieces of gum in one day and i used around 10. The gum lasts for around 40 minutes before loosing the taste and nicotine.

        The gum is expensive to buy especially if like me your on a low income but if you go to the doctors they can give a prescription for the gum providing you don't pay for your prescriptions that is. I have not had time to do this although for me i am happy to pay for the gum because normally i would have spent £6.20 on 20 cigarettes so one packet of gum lasts two days that's a savings anyways. The way i see it is if you smoke and can find the £6 odd for cigs you budget this anyways so you could swap the cig money for gum money.

        I am already seeing the benefits of stopping witch is a big thing for me. I will continue to use the gum for another few weeks until i feel better then ill come off that too saving even more money.

        I highly recommend nicorrett gum , i couldn't have got this far without it.

        P.s proud now to say I AM A NON SMOKER.


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          13.09.2010 17:53
          Very helpful



          A good effective side in stopping smoking

          Well I still trying to give up smoking for good and this time I have armed myself with an arsenal of wonder products which along with the patches I am convinced that this time I will be successful.

          I decided on the nicorette freshmint chewing gum as I remember both my aunt and my father using it when I was younger and both of them gave up smoking successfully. I wasn't expecting the chewing gum to make me miraculously stop smoking and cure all my cravings it was bought as something to help give me a little extra support which I feel it does fantastically.

          Nicorette is a brand that is synonymous with stop smoking aides and is readily available in most pharmacies and health food stores and can also be purchased in most supermarkets. I bought my nicorette fresh mint gum in the local pharmacy and I paid £5.50 for a pack that contained 30 pieces.
          The pieces of gum are coated with a sugar free coating and it looks pretty much like normal gum. However you could never be fooled into thinking it was normal chewing gum thanks to the taste which is pretty disgusting.

          When you first start to chew the gum it actually starts off tasting not too bad and quite minty but within a few chews that nice fresh feeling is gone to be replaced by a strong taste of what I imagine chewing wet cigarettes would taste like.
          Nicorette tells you in the instructions to follow their chewing technique which involves chewing for a couple of minutes until the taste becomes strong and then placing the gum between your gum and cheek to release the nicotine into your system. When the flavor has dissipated a little you then continue chewing for about half an hour until all the nicotine is gone.

          The feeling of holding the chewing gum between your gum and cheek is pretty repulsive and it actually stings my mouth and I can only imagine what the 4mg is like.
          The pack states that the average smoker will chew between 8 and 12 pieces a day which at £5.50 for a pack of only 30 can work out expensive but I find I use a lot less than that. As I am also on the patches I try and minimize the amount of gum I use a day and really only have a piece when I have a really bad craving.

          I do find that the gum helps with my cravings and afterwards I always feel much better and more content but it certainly isn't a pleasant way of controlling the cravings I have.
          Although the pack states that the nicotine will be out of the gum after about 30 minutes in reality I find that the flavor is gone within about 10 minutes but even that 10 is enough to help.
          I definitely recommend nicorette gum to those smokers out there who are trying to give up. It won't stop you smoking but it will definitely help with your cravings and even though it is repulsive I find it to be much better and more effective than the inhaler.


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            13.09.2010 14:46
            Very helpful



            An ok method of helping with cravings

            I've smoked for over 20 years and until recently had very little in the way of side effects from smoking. Recently I've developed a smoker's cough in the mornings, this is partly because I'm now on medication which dries out the mouth and throat to such an extent that any mucous in the chest also dries out and that makes it difficult to dislodge from the chest and leads to the coughing. Naturally I'm not enjoying having a smoker's cough every morning and have resolved to start working on cutting down my cigarette intake with a view to quitting completely. I intend to use several methods as I go along so I don't leave any angle uncovered and one of the methods I'm using right now is Nicorette Freshmint gum.

            The Nicorette gum I have is the 2mg of nicotine version because I've always smoked fewer than 20 cigarettes a day. You can buy a stronger one if you smoke more than that and you can also buy an unflavoured version too which is revolting! I buy mine from various places and check online for the best deal before I buy but a pack of 30 pieces will set you back around £5 and if you use it all day long and have the recommended 8 or 12 pieces a day it will only last you a couple of days. It sounds expensive but given that cigarettes are over £5 for 20 now it isn't actually any more expensive than smoking. You should not have any more than 15 pieces a day, if you need more than that you probably need a higher strength.

            The gum comes in square pieces in a foil pack and the instructions are to chew it until the taste gets strong then wedge it in your cheek while the nicotine absorbs into the blood from there before chewing again once the taste has gone. The freshmint flavour of this is very nice and the crispy shell on the chewing gum is really minty which makes you think it's going to be like normal chewing gum, it's not! Once that lovely mint flavour has gone this tastes as nasty as all nicotine gum products and does taste like someone has emptied an ashtray into your mouth, not pleasant but it's what I've come to expect from nicotine gum.

            Another possible side effect from this is indigestion, the nasty taste often gives me indigestion. It can also make your mouth a bit sore too. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients obviously don't use this and it has artificial sweeteners, E numbers and plenty of other bits that aren't great for you so an allergic reaction is a possibility.

            The gum is designed for adults and children over 12, well I suppose there are some 12 year olds who smoke but probably not as many nowadays as there was in my youth. It also recommends using the gum along with a support program which you can register for at your doctors.

            So far I've managed to cut down to about 4 cigarettes a day and if I get an overwhelming urge to smoke more I pop a piece of gum in and chew it until it tastes vile! It does help a bit with cravings but not as much as I'd hoped it would, I find that I still feel like I could remove the gum and go and light up but that's where the willpower comes in. For every method of smoking cessation including nicotine replacement, hypnosis or cold turkey you will need to want to stop and if you don't they just don't work. So although it is slightly helpful it isn't as effective at removing cravings as we're led to believe.

            One bonus of using chewing gum is you can't eat anything to replace cigarettes as the gum has to remain in your mouth but the downside is the awful taste and the side effects from the gum. As I'm in the cutting down part of giving up I'm not as desperate for a ciggie as someone who has completely stopped so I find the gum helpful at this point but once I reach the stage where I'm not smoking anything I suspect I'll change my method, I'm not sure what to yet but I don't think the gum will suffice for me at that point.

            Overall it's not an horrendous price but it would encourage us smokers to quit if it worked out cheaper than cigarettes and we could see a financial change right from the start. It tastes nice until you're through the minty shell then tastes awful and does have it's own side effects, although they are obviously alot better for you than actual cigarettes. It helps a bit but not as much as I'd hoped and I think it's more use during the cutting down stage than the stopping stage. A moderate 3 stars from me but at least it helps me a bit.


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              03.08.2010 14:25
              Very helpful



              Definitely worth a try when attempting giving up smoking. Not a bad product

              Nicorette Freshmint is not a bad product to help reduce the need for smoking. As with all addictions there is no quick fix solution, you need will power to see it through to the end. I have to confess I am still a smoker but I have used this product in the past. Once when I tried to actually give up smoking and I still use this product from time to time now when I know that I won't be able to smoke for a long period of time. For example flights and especially long haul flights.

              The gum itself does not actually taste that bad, it starts off minty but soon begins to make your mouth and throat burn a bit. As it states in the enclosed information leaflet you should chew it for a short while, being minutes or seconds and then hold it at the side of your mouth whilst the nicotine is being released. When the taste begins to disappear chew again as before then hold at the side of your mouth again. The gum lasts quite a long time because you are not constantly chewing and for the price you pay, usually about £7 - £8 for 30 pieces, it does have value for money.

              I did also try the lozenges but didn't get on so well with those. The flavour isn't so intense and it doesn't keep you as occupied as chewing. All in all I would recommend the gum as an aid in giving up smoking.


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              01.07.2010 21:06



              Don't buy it

              ** My Experience **

              I have been a heavy smoker for over 10 years and I did not find this product helped me to give up smoking in the slightest. In fact, one taste of this gum would drive you back to smoking. The price is okay compared to other non smoking products so that is one positive however, the negatives far out way this one positive.

              The product is chewed for a certain number of seconds and then you hold the gum against your cheek which is meant to release the nicotine. It just gave my cheek a really burning sensation like it was on fire! The taste is also repulsive and to be honest, much worse than the taste of cigarettes.

              ** Packaging **

              The product comes in a white cuboid shaped box which has a large green leaf shape on the front, detailing the brand name and the name of the product. There are various other bits of information on the packet such as how many pieces of gum in the packet, ingredients, how to use the product, etc. and overall, I think that it is very informative for the consumer. The gum itself comes in wrapped in silver foil compartments (similar to how pills are packaged) and looks like regular chewing gum.

              ** Product Information **

              Nicorette Gum is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and is used to help relieve withdrawal symptoms and cravings for nicotine, when trying to stop smoking. When trying to stop smoking, the body misses the nicotine that it usually receives and this may cause unpleasant feelings and strong cravings to smoke.

              When you chew Nicorette Gum, nicotine is released and is passed through the lining of the mouth, into the body. The nicotine released from the gum is meant to help stop the craving to smoke.

              If you smoke 20 or fewer cigarettes a day, this product may help relieve your cravings, but if you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day, 4mg nicotine gum may be more appropriate.

              ** How to Use **

              The number of pieces of gum you will need to use each day will depend upon your nicotine addiction. Most people use between 8 and 12 pieces a day but you should not use more than 15 pieces in one day.

              It is recommended that you use only one piece of gum at a time, when you feel the urge to smoke. You must chew the gum as detailed in the instrunctions, whereby you chew for a short length of time and then hold the gum against the side of your cheek.

              ** Cautions **

              Do not use Nicorette Gum if you are allergic to nicotine or any of the other ingredients.

              You should consult your doctor, nurse or pharmacist before using Nicorette Gum if:

              You are pregnant or breast-feeding
              You have heart disease or have suffered a stroke
              You have high blood pressure
              You have a stomach ulcer or inflammation of the oesophagus
              You have serious liver or kidney disease
              You have an overactive thyroid gland or have a phaeochromocytoma
              You have diabetes
              You are taking any other medicines such as theophylline, clozapine or ropinirole
              You have been told you have an intolerance to certain sugars

              ** Age Restriction **

              You must be at least 18 to buy this product.

              ** Price **

              This product is available to buy at a range of retailers. Here is a small list of retailers who stock the gum:

              Boots 30 pieces - £5.99
              Boots 210 pieces - £24.99
              Amazon 210 pieces - £23.24
              Chemist Direct 30 pieces - £4.99
              Superdrug 105 pieces - £13.99

              ** My Opinion **

              In my opinion, this product would not help anyone give up smoking, in fact it would make them even more determined to buy that packet of cigarettes rather than this pain inducing, revolting product.


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          • Product Details

            Help overcome the urge to smoke / Nicorette 4mg Gum is for the relief and/or prevent of nicotine withdrawal symptoms including cravings experienced when trying to stop smoking or cutting down on cigarettes / It provides a safer alternative to smoking for both the individual and those around them. Ideally you should aim to stop smoking / Suitable for adults and children 12 years and over / Requires willpower.

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