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Allen & Page Quiet Cubes

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Brand: Allen and Page / Type: Horse Feed

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2011 13:00
      Very helpful



      A decent feed for those at rest or in light work

      I've mentioned in several reviews that apart from my own horses I also co-own two ponies with my cousin who are generally used by her daughter and got private riding lessons. Because they are generally good doers and live outside all year round their diets are pretty basic but even though they don't need anything tailored they still require a little something as a maintenance diet to ensure they get everything they need.

      There are plenty of products on the market for horses who are in light work which are gently ridden, basically nothing really strenuous and the ponies fall into this category. They have tried several feeds but the one that I have preferred out of all of the feeds is Allen & Page Quiet Cubes.

      The Quiet Cubes are made for horses and ponies that are at rest, working lightly or ridden occasion but like my ponies they need a maintenance diet. The Quiet Cubes provide a low starch and low energy feed which makes them ideal for horses and ponies which are not particularly active compared to other horses. The Quiet Cubes are also suitable for those horses that may heat up on low energy mixes so they can be quite versatile.

      Allen & Page colour code all of their feed bags which make them easy to spot in a feed warehouse. For the Quiet Cubes the colour of the bag is green and features a an image of a horse and rider together with the Allen & Page logo. The product name is clearly printed on the top of the bag in large lettering - again easy to spot in a feed warehouse. On the back of the reinforced paper bag are the feeding instructions, ingredients and contact information.

      The Quiet Cubes are exactly what they say they are - little cubes! To look at the cubes are nothing special and they are basically cubes of dried grass which have been tightly packed together into a little cube. The cubes are dark green in colour and have a scent of mint which is due to Allen & Page adding real mint into the Quiet Cubes which makes them palatable to horses and ponies. The aroma when you open the bag is a big waft of mint which personally I really like and I can see why the ponies love them! The cubes are hard and do crunch when the ponies eat them so unless heavily soaked they may not be suitable for older horses.

      Feeding the Quiet Cubes is pretty simple you just need to know the weight of your horse or pony before you start feeding and if you are just starting to feed the Quiet Cubes and are changing over from another feed then it is best to introduce the Quiet Cubes gradually. On the back of the bag there is the feeding guide as to how much you should feed in line with your horse's weight. For my ponies they get fed the Quiet Cubes together with Dengie Hi Fi Lite and a basic general purpose supplement and they are more than happy with this. The Quiet Cubes do need to be mixed with a little water before feeding though.

      The ponies had the Quiet Cubes all spring and summer last year and I have just purchased another bag for this year as the grass has already started to come through in their fields so they don't need their current feed. I don't buy the Quiet Cubes for any other reason that they like them. The ponies don't work enough to warrant a working cube or mix and they are more than happy to have these. The mint makes them really palatable and interesting to the ponies and they have no problems eating them but then again they are not fussy.

      The ponies don't require any extra weight gain and the condition of their coats is really good and this feed just simply tops up their vitamin and mineral requirements, it doesn't have any added oils for their coats and skin it simply is a basic cubed feed, there is certainly nothing special about it compared to other mixes but it does the job for my ponies as they don't need anything extra. They eat the Quiet Cubes with no problem and I presume they find them enjoyable. I would definitely recommend them to horses and ponies in rest or light work but even for those that may be in a lot more work but just need a token feed as a reward during the summer months if they have weight issues.

      Useful Info

      Available in 20kg bags from all Allen & Page stockists. Expect to pay around £8.50 per bag although prices may vary depending on where you purchase it.


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