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Beaphar Tooth Gel

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Manufacturer: Beaphar / Type: Cleaning Products

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2013 20:48
      Very helpful



      A decent toothpaste for any dog or cat!

      As a new mummy way back to my lovely now one year old half ragdoll cat Myrtle I went out and spent a small fortune on things for her, a lot that I quickly found were silly buys, some things that I have ended up seeing the value of and using often.

      I remember showing this happily to my parents and my Stepdad walking away saying Bonkers and making up beat box noises to make his point and my mum rolling her eyes about in her head muttering something about some people having more money than sense. However to me it seemed right that Myrtle should have her own toothpaste and for me to give her toothy pegs a wash from time to time and anyway this gets a thumbs up from Vets too and I paid about £3.50 for a huge tube in my local Pets At Home store which again, I thought was going to be great value if we used it and saw the benefits of it.

      This came in an oblong box and in appearance and information wise it is the same as the plastic squeezy tube. On the front of the tube there is a photograph shown of a dog and a cat and we are clearly told that it is Indeed Beaphar Tooth Gel an there is a little diagram of this being applied to an animal's tooth and we are told that no brush is required then on the back of the tube other information listed includes being told a little bit about the product, how to use it, the weight is stated which is 100g and contact details for the manufacturer are clearly given. The tube has a large nozzle to the bottom of it and a small easy to twist on/off cap to the bottom of that and like I have already mentioned this comes in a squeezy to tube, so easy to use it really is.

      Using It:
      The gel is white in colour and runny and has no smell at all to me. I simply open up Myrtles mouth and direct a very thin line of the gel against her teeth, which isn't the easiest of tasks with a cat getting cross and too much coming out as you only need a little then it's up to your pet to lick about in their mouths and wiping their teeth with it with their tongue!

      You can use this daily should you want to however I use this on her a couple of times a week as it is meant to strengthen teeth and keep plaque, tartar and general build up at bay plus her breath fresher.

      I don't know if it's down to us using this toothpaste/gel or the fact that my girl is still very young but she has beautiful white, pin and razor sharp teeth. She wakes me up every morning with face full on mine and staring at me to get up and feed her and her breath never smells horrible and her teeth look impeccable to me so I am happy to buy this however a little of it goes a very long way indeed and a tube like this even used daily would last us over a year so value....yes I guess it is!

      Available in all good pet shops and it's easy to pick up online too.


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