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Dengie Hi-Fi Lite

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Brand: Dengie / Type: Horse Feed

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2011 18:34
      Very helpful



      A low sugar fibre feed

      My two ponies are only lightly ridden a few times a week and never do anything too strenuous other than jump a few very low jumps now and again but they still require a decent maintenance diet to keep them ticking over. During the summer their diet changes and they have different feeds due to the increase of grass as they live out all year round and being typical ponies they can get overweight far too easily and quickly if we are not careful.

      One company I am loyal to is Dengie and all of my horses and the two ponies are fed on Dengie products as apart from making great quality feed they have a wide choice which suit all of mine. In the summer, the ponies are fed Dengie's Hi Fi Lite as it is ideal for horses and ponies who are overweight and prone to laminitis.

      Dengie create a wide range of fibre feeds and to make it easy they colour code all of their feed bags. The Hi Fi Lite version comes in a bright blue polythene bag which features an image of a horse together with the green Dengie logo on the front. On the back of the bag there are feeding instructions as well as the ingredients and contact information. The fibre feed is tightly packed into the bag and is incredibly compact in shape.

      Hi Fi Lite is made from alfalfa which is dried at incredibly high temperatures which locks in the natural goodness. The dried alfalfa is then blended with high quality straw which ensures they get a high fibre ration. The alfalfa in Hi-Fi Lite is dried at a very high temperature which reduces mould. Extraction processes help to reduce the dust content to promote respiratory health.

      Alfalfa is an excellent source of natural vitamins and minerals. When you open the bag of Hi Fi Lite the alfalfa is a golden colour and basically looks like little pieces of chopped up straw and has a mild aroma to it. The Hi Fi Lite is classed as a short 'chop' (small pieces) and it takes a horse or pony longer to chew and therefore it keeps them satisfied for longer.

      Because Hi Fi Lite is low in sugar it can be used as a replacement for hay for those horses and ponies who are prone to getting overweight and the Hi Fi Lite can be fed on a weight for weight basis. My ponies are on restricted grazing in the summer as they can pile on the pounds and the Hi Fi Lite is ideal as it ensures that they have enough fibre to maintain a proper gut function.

      To feed Hi Fi Lite is pretty simple you just need to know how much your horse or pony weighs before you start to feed. Once you know this you can feed the correct amount accordingly. For those horses that are overweight or suffer from laminitis it can be fed as a sole bucket feed but it can be fed alongside a broad spectrum supplement or feed balancer. For my two ponies they get this together with quiet cubes (see previous review) and garlic in the summer and it does the job for them.

      Dengie Hi Fi Lite doesn't promote condition or anything else like that. Its sole job really is to provide fibre for your horse or pony's diet and for my two it does the job well. It provides them with a token feed on a daily basis which provides them with all the goodness that a field can't without putting on the extra pounds. They also get excited that they are getting a dinner everyday although there summer feeds are basically made up of dried grass but they seem to enjoy them!

      I also feed Hi Fi Lite to one of my horses in the summer as he can be prone to weight gain and by cutting down the amount of hay he has in the stable at night he has a bucket of the Hi Fi Lite instead and it does keep him occupied and he doesn't put any extra weight on especially during the summer when the grass is quite long in his paddock which has rested all winter. He seems to be more than happy eating it instead of as much hay and it has even made him loose a little extra weight too which was needed after having a lot of last summer off work.

      Now Dengie Hi Fi Lite is not all singing and dancing compared to other fibre feeds on the market but it certainly does the job for my ponies (and horse) and it manages to keep them occupied without added the weight on in the summer. Definitely a recommendation from me for those who own horses and ponies which are overweight or suffering with laminitis.

      Useful Info

      Dengie Hi Fi Lite is available from all Dengie stockists and costs around £9 for a 20kg bag.


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