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Derby House Apple Medium Combo Rug

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Brand: Derby House / Type: Horse Rug

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    1 Review
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      15.03.2011 17:39
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      A lovely medium weight rug for turnout use

      Since acquiring a new horse who after much debate my cousin and I have decided to keep but put out on loan in the summer she has had to have a few new items added to her rather thin wardrobe. Due to not knowing what we were going to be doing we didn't want to spend a lot of money on rugs for her.

      One of my favourite equestrian retailers is Derby House and I have been purchasing from them for years. They always have great sales and this year they had a big rug sale where we managed to pick up several rugs for her which were greatly reduced in price. One rug she has started to wear since the weather has got slightly warmer is the Derby House Apple Medium Combo which we purchased at the beginning of the year for her.

      As you can see from the photo the rug has a print of green apples with one line of apples being cut in half. Personally I wouldn't have chosen this rug at the full price and we only bought it due to the price and the fact that is a medium weight rug which is what we needed - we just didn't want to spend a lot of money. The apple pattern is simply a bit of fun but like most turnout rugs it will soon be covered in mud!

      The rug is a turnout rug which is obviously for use in the field. It is classed as medium weight as it has 300 grams of warm polyfill, basically higher the polyfill means the warmer the rug and therefore is rug is classed as a medium weight, ideal for spring time as it keeps the horse warm without them overheating. The apple printed shell of the rug is a very durable and tough 900 denier outer which is both waterproof and breathable - ideal if the horse does get a little warm as it can be quite warm in the sun without any wind at this time of year. As you can see from the photo the rug does have a neck combo (cannot be removed) which is exactly the same material and thickness as the main part of the rug.

      On the inside of the rug there us a black cotton lining through the middle and nylon lining on the chest, tail and neck which helps prevent rubbing. However, even though this nylon lining is there do expect some rubbing as if a horse is wearing the rug for quite a lot of hours then rubbing is naturally going to happen. The cotton lining does however keep the coat nice and smooth and does give a glossy shine to the coat.

      The rug is fastened at the front by a double clip and buckle fastenings which are black in colour and are reinforced so incredibly strong, it really does take a lot of force for these to come away from the rug. The neck part of the rug is fastened by reinforced double buckles which ensure that the neck stays together and doesn't come loose. The rug features elasticated surcingles which cross under the horse's belly, these help keep the rug secure on the horse and in place. They are adjustable but cannot be removed from the rug. At the back of the rug there are removable leg straps which cross between the horse's legs, again these help to keep the rug secure and in place but they can be removed and replaced with a simple fillet string should you wish to remove them.

      What I really like about this rug is the large tail flap at the back of the rug which helps protect the horse from the elements when outside. It is a decent size and helps keep the horse comfortable should there be heavy rain or high winds. At the front of the rug there are shoulder gussets which allow the horse unrestricted movement in the field. If you have the correct size of rug on your horse then these should align with your horse's shoulder.

      My mare has been wearing this rug for a few weeks now as she was starting to get a bit too warm in her heavyweight combo rug. I found that the sizing of this rug was just right on her and it fits her perfectly. The neck comes to just before her ears and the tail flap sits just on the top of her tail. I found the fastenings are all easy to adjust should they need to be and the fasten securely. The weather has been quite nice for the past 10 days or so, so this rug hasn't really been put to the test under torrential rain but the rain we have had so far hasn't penetrated this rug and she has been kept warm and dry.

      I haven't had much to do with Derby House rugs in the past as I favour Weatherbeeta for my other horses but this rug has certainly exceeded my expectations. At the end of the day it keeps her warm and dry which is exactly what I/ you need in a turnout rug. Okay, I'm not a huge fan of the pattern but it is certainly a bit more colourful than your average turnout! If this rug hadn't of been in the sale I doubt I would have purchased it as I would of probably gone for a Weatherbeeta rug instead but due to its reasonable sale price it was hard not to buy it. Definitely a recommendation from me!

      Useful Info

      Availability: Derby House - in store and online
      Price: Was £74.54 now £37.27
      Sizes: 4ft to 7ft - sizes may be limited due to sale
      Colour: Apple print only
      Product Code: 402-0182


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