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Derby House Pegasus Print Turnout

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Brand: Derby House / Type: Horse Rug

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2011 11:55
      Very helpful



      A cute rug which does its job

      I've mentioned in a previous review that my cousin and I own two ex-riding school ponies who are in their teens. They live out all year round as it seems to suit them better than being stabled. They are both awful when it comes to keeping their rugs in one piece as they have a tendency to rip them a lot which means replacing them quite often. Fortunately with new pony ranges charging less than standard rugs it is now slightly cheaper to replace them - even cheaper if we can get them second hand!

      Having recently been impressed with Derby House's own range of rugs we had a look to see if they had anything suitable for the ponies in their sale. After having a look on their website we came across the Pegasus Print rug which although was a rug we wouldn't of picked simply due to the bright, colourful print it was reduced and came in the sizes we needed and it would replace their current rugs which had been repaired once too often!

      The Pegasus Print is from Derby House's own collection and is a turnout rug so it is only suitable for use in a field. As you can see from the picture the rug is white and features images of a unicorn all over the rug in bold, primary colours which certainly make the rug standard out compared to others!

      As I said this rug is for outdoor use only and has a 600 denier waterproof and breathable outer. Basically higher the denier then tougher the rug so this is pretty durable for use out in the field especially fields which are lined with bramble hedges! This rug is classed as a sheet and it has absolutely no fill to it whatsoever so not recommended if you are wanting a thick, warm rug. I personally use these rugs on the ponies during the spring months which just keeps them dry and comfortable without them overheating and sweating.

      The rug has a nylon lining throughout which helps keep their coat clean and smooth although it may cause slight rubbing on the shoulders as most rugs do. There is a fleece wither pad at the top of the rug which rests at the end of the mane and does reduce rubbing. In order to reduce any rubbing on the shoulder area then you can use a chest protector which can protect the coat from the rug itself. At the back of the rug there is a small tail flap which helps protect the horse or pony from the elements. There is a large enough shoulder gusset at the front of the rug which allows the horse to move about freely.

      The rug is fastened at the front by double reinforced buckles which are adjustable, they are further secured by touch tape fastenings which is effectively velcro. To help keep the rug secure there are two adjustable surcingles which cross under the horse's belly, it is important that these are not too tight or too loose in order to keep the horse comfortable and accident free. At the back of the rug there are adjustable and removable leg straps which cross in between the horse's back legs. Again it is vital that these are not too loose or too tight. All fastenings colour co-ordinate with the rug which is nice.

      Our two have worn this rug a couple of times as we have had a few warm days and they can overheat easily. I found that the fastenings are easy to adjust which is great when you are trying to change a rug on a pony who is insisting on walking whilst you sort the rug out in the field! The rug fits the ponies well enough as it can although on the one it gapes a little at the front and is a bit big in the chest but he is quite a narrow, slim pony whereas the other is a bit more chunky and it fits him far better. The rug seems quite deep on them and the front of the rug seems a little long but it doesn't affect how they walk in it.

      Overall, I really cant fault the rug as all rugs fit differently on horses and ponies and for the price paid I cant complain. It keeps the two ponies dry and warm which is what I wanted it to do. I just would have liked the smaller sizes of the rugs not to swamp the ponies so much as even though in length its fine, the depth seems a little too long. For that reason alone I can only award the rug 4 stars. As much as I don't really like the Pegasus print pattern it is quite sweet and suits the ponies but I doubt very much I'd put one of my big horses in the rug! I'd recommend this rug simply due to the price and because it is a sheet with no fill and it does the job.

      Useful Info

      Availability: Derby House - online or in store
      Sizes: 3'9" to 7'3"
      Colour: Pegasus print with red binding
      Price: Was £40.84 now £27.99
      Product code: 401-0066


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