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Derby House Standard Stable Rug

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Brand: Derby House / Type: Stable Rug

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    1 Review
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      19.03.2011 19:29
      Very helpful



      A great basic stable rug

      ** Please note the picture uploaded is incorrect for some reason. The rug for this review doesn't have the attached neck **

      With having a new horse literally left on our doorstep it has been quite costly the last few months in order to buy her new tack and equipment. Unfortunately because she is smaller than my horses I haven't been able to donate any of my stuff and therefore we have had to buy a few new rugs for her which are essentials if you own a horse.

      Fortunately one of my favourite Equestrian retailers has had a huge rug sale on for the past few months and we have been able to snap up a few bargains without breaking the bank. Fortunately as my cousin and I go halves we haven't spent as much as we would have done should everything be full price. Now the warmer months are approaching her stable rug has become far too warm for her and she has become quite sweaty. Fortunately we bought her a standard stable rug in the sale which has come in very useful.

      The stable rug is by Derby House and is classed as the "standard stable rug". It is for indoor use only and is in a standard shape as it doesn't feature an attached neck. We didn't want to buy another rug with an attached neck as we don't want her overheating during the night and the standard shape allows air to flow a lot more easily. Our main stable block is indoors so we don't have to worry about drafts or heavy winds.

      The rug is classed as a medium weight rug and has 200 grams of warm filling which although keeps her warm during the night the rug isn't too thick for her to overheat. The outer shell of the rug is a 420 denier channel quilted fabric which is just like a soft, thick sleeping bag. Even though it is made of quite a high denier the outer fabric is incredibly smooth and soft it can tear easily but as the horse is in the stable there shouldn't be anything sharp enough to tear the rug.

      The rug is fastened at the front by double buckles which are adjustable and reinforced so they are incredibly strong and securely fastened onto the rug. There are elasticated cross surcingles which cross under the horse's belly and fasten on the one side, these are adjustable but not removable. The surcingles help keep the rug in place on the horse, they shouldn't be left too loose as they can cause an accident but they shouldn't be too tight either as this will be uncomfortable to the horse. There is a fillet string at the back of the rug which simply goes under the horse's tail to help keep the rug in place (personally I don't see any point in these), it is removable and adjustable. All fastenings are black to colour co-ordinate with the rug.

      The rug features a soft black cotton lining which helps keep the coat soft and shiny but it doesn't prevent any rubbing especially of the shoulder areas of the horse but there is a nylon lined chest area on the rug which is meant to reduce rubbing. There is a white wither pad situated at the top of the rug which sits just on the withers of the horse, this helps prevent the rubbing of the coat and the mane. There is a large tail flap at the back of the rug. A tail flap is meant to help protect the horse from the elements so for me this is surplus to requirements as my stables are pretty much draft free and they are indoors. The rug does feature a shoulder gusset for freedom of movement which is nice as it makes the horse a bit more comfortable if they are moving around especially in a small space such as the stable.

      The main reason for purchasing this rug was the price as it was reduced in the sale. She did require a standard shaped stable rug but we were just going to make do with a bigger rug in order to keep the costs down but this rug was certainly a bargain and I am really pleased with it. Derby House rugs seem to fit our new horse really well, they fit her perfectly in the chest and the size guide is true to its word. The rug even though a medium weight is light enough to carry and slim enough to pack away easily in a rug bag. The fastenings can all be adjusted easily in order to get them at the right length for the horse.

      I really can't complain about this rug, it is well made, the fastenings are all well secured onto the rug and it is a great price. Mainly it keeps her warm, it fits her really well and she certainly seems comfortable wearing it and she isn't overheating and becoming sweaty which is exactly what we needed. If you are wanting a decently priced stable rug then I can certainly recommend it.

      Useful Info

      Availability: Derby House - online or in store
      Colour: Grape Wine (see picture)
      Size Guide: up to 7ft 3 - sizes limited due to being a sale item
      Price: Was £44.99 now £22.50


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