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Dodson & Horrell KwikBeet

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Brand: Dodson & Horrell / Type: Horse Feed

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2011 18:34
      Very helpful



      A great fibre feed for horses who need help with gaining weight

      Now the spring months are approaching as well as summer it means for all those horse and pony owners (not forgetting donkeys of course) that grass is starting to come through our mud battered fields. Most horses can cope during the winter months on a decent diet but my one horse isn't like most. He has various issues and problems and winter time can be a hard slog for him. He doesn't carry his weight well and generally drops weight and condition during the winter.

      In order for me to keep his weight and condition as best as it can he has quite an intense winter diet but to help him through I use sugar beet which has been widely used for years and years as another source of fibre but one that is known to help horses gain weight. Last year I wanted to save a bit of time around the yard and I opted to buy a bag of KwikBeet by Dodson & Horrell.

      I'm a loyal customer of Dodson & Horrell feeds so I knew this would be a good quality sugar beet. KwikBeet is basically a sugar beet which can soak in a quick time rather than other sugar beets which take several hours and some recommend you soak it over night. KwikBeet is a highly digestable fibre which helps increase water intake. Even though my horse doesn't need any extra water the extra fibre helps him bulk up during the winter months.

      KwikBeet comes in a red/ grey reinforced paper bag which features a picture of two horses and their riders. The product name is at the top of the bag together with the Dodson & Horrell logo. On the back of the bag there is an ingredients list together with feeding guidelines and contact information for Dodson & Horrell. The bag is easy to open at the top but it doesn't re-seal.

      When you open the bag the KwikBeet literally looks like brown branflakes! KwikBeet is flaked and the flakes are all in a variety of sizes and are thin just like branflakes!It certainly isn't interesting to look at and it doesn't really have an aroma to it which is hardly a problem as it gets mixed in with other feeds at my yard so the horses don't notice it really.

      KwikBeet needs to be soaked and cannot be fed dry under any circumstances. It takes just 10 minutes to soak in a bucket full of water even though I tend to leave mine longer may be 30 minutes until I am ready to use it. The KwikBeet goes from flakes to smaller brown fluffy little flakes which all clump together when wet. They literally absorb all the water and puff out. Dodson & Horrell recommend that you feed 100g of dry KwikBeet (before being soaked) to every 100kg of bodyweight so it is important that you know how much your horse or pony weighs before feeding.

      Apart from helping horses and ponies with weight gain issues it can also be fed to those who have difficulty chewing hay or haylage and the the KwikBeet can act as a partial forage replacer as it is easier to chew. It also provides slow releasing energy which comes from the digestable fibre. It is also low in sugar and comes from unmolassed sugar beet and therefore makes it suitable for horses with a molasses intolerance. Because it is low in sugar it is also suitable for horses and pony's who suffer with laminitis.

      My horse has been fed sugar beet for a number of years and only started to be fed this last year and is still currently being fed on it as apart from the quick soaking time which is great especially if you are short on time but because the flakes end up quite small it mixes in well with the rest of his feed and he is able to eat it easier. I think because it doesn't have an aroma to it he doesn't mind eating it as he can be quite fussy when it comes to his feeds but since the day I started feeding him on it he was more than happy to finish it all off.

      His weight gain has definitely improved and he isn't looking as skinny as he did the previous winter which is a big achievement for him and his coat is looking nice and healthy. I think with the KwikBeet and a combination of his other feeds have all helped him keep the weight he had in the summer. It is so nice to see that he doesn't look as bad as he did previously and he certainly seems a lot happier which more weight as he is a big horse and his joints need to be supported. I would definitely recommend feeding KwikBeet and I doubt I'd change to a different one this coming winter.

      ~ Useful Info ~

      For a 20kg bag expect to pay from £9 - £12 depending on the stockist.
      KwikBeet is available from all Dodson & Horrell stockists (feed merchants, pet stores and online).


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