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Dodson & Horrell Pasture Mix

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Brand: Dodson & Horrell / Type: Horse Feed

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2011 20:18
      Very helpful



      A decent all round coarse mix

      I've said in previous reviews that my cousin and I co-own two ex-riding school ponies. My cousin's daughter regularly rides them and they do a few private riding lessons on the weekends. They are quite hardy ponies and as a result they live out all year round but they do require a proper diet in order to keep their health and condition in top form.

      During the winter months they are fed a completely different diet to what they get in the summer. Currently they are fed on Dodson & Horrell's Pasture Mix and I have been using this mix for 12 years. Pasture Mix is Dodson & Horrell's best selling mix and 70 years on it is the nation's favourite coarse mix. Now I don't feed it to any of my horses currently but it suits the ponies needs.

      Dodson & Horrell's Pasture Mix is an incredibly versatile product which can be fed to horses and ponies in light to medium work but also for those in medium to hard work should your horse not require anything else. Pasture Mix is a flaked cereal muesli mix and once you open the bag you can see the different ingredients quite clearly. It is a dry mix so nothing sticks together and you can easily scoop it out the bag or feed bin. The flakes of cereal are no bigger than a 5p piece which also makes it easy for a veteran to eat. The coarse mix comprises of a mixture of micronised cereals and grass fibre pellets, blended with a unique syrup.

      Dodson & Horrell colour code their feed bags like most feed producers do as it makes it a lot easier for us consumers to find the bags of feed. Pasture Mix comes in a brightly coloured green and yellow reinforced paper bag. There is an image of two horses being ridden together with the D&H logo at the top. On the back of the bag there is all the usual information such as feeding instructions and ingredients. Packaging has recently changed so some feed merchants or websites may still sell the feed in the old style packaging.

      When you open a bag of Pasture Mix you are instantly hit with a herbal aroma with hints of mint. I have never got bored of this smell as weird as it sounds it really I a nice smell especially for a horse feed! The mix contains added carrot, mint and garlic all of which help tempt fussy feeders which I don't have to worry about as the ponies will happily eat anything given to them! Garlic and mint, which are renowned for their respiratory and digestive properties. The mix doesn't contain any added oats which also makes it suitable for those horses which can be excitable and oats tend to fuel a hot headed horse. The mix promotes condition and calmness without any fizz but keeps your horse's natural 'sparkle'.

      The Pasture Mix can be fed along side your horse or pony's normal fibre feed and it does need to be fed to meet your horse or pony's requirements in order they get the optimum vitamin and mineral requirements. Dodson & Horrell recommend that you feed 600g of the mix per 100kg of the horse or pony's bodyweight. The ponies are fed Pasture Mix alongside Dengie Hi Fi and have the feed soaked before it is fed to them.

      Now I feed Pasture Mix to the ponies as they are only really in light work but they still need a little something throughout the winter as they are still being worked. The mix provides them with all the vitamins and minerals they require and it is highly palatable and they sem to really enjoy it as they never leave the feed buckets with anything left in! The mix of a coarse muesli really does provide a good varied texture which they also really like.

      I can't really complain about the mix at all. It has a wonderful herbal aroma which the ponies seem to love and the variety of mixed herbs again makes the mix more interesting to them and makes it highly palatable. Both ponies do well on this feed through the winter they don't lose any weight and their coats although quite hairy have a nice shine to them and they look healthy. For ponies who are generally good doers I don't need a specialist mix for them and this does just the job perfectly.

      Therefore, I'd definitely recommend this feed to anyone who has a horse or pony in light to medium work who doesn't need any extra energy but still needs something to top up the vitamins and minerals. I really can see why this is the nation's favourite coarse mix.

      Useful Info

      Expect to pay around £10 - £11 for a 20kg bag. It is available from all Dodson & Horrell retailers both in store and online.


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