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IV Horse Multi Wash

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Brand: IV Horse / Type: Horse Wash

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2011 15:19
      Very helpful
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      A great all round product

      Now that I've ended up taking on a new horse my cousin and I have had to donate some of our spare items such as buckets, grooming equipment to her. She didn't come with a lot and what she did come with was mostly useless. We didn't want to go to the expense of buying all new equipment for her especially when we had spares - they just needed a little sprucing up!

      The general rule is that for each horse you have separate grooming equipment just the same as women shouldn't really share make up. But as I didn't want to go and purchase new brushes for her (we are not sure how long she will be staying) I decided to wash them! I use an all round cleaning product to use on brushes, buckets, tools and it is even effective on horses! I tend to use it when I do a bring spring clean but this would be the perfect product to use in this instance.

      The product in question is called IV Horse Multi Wash and is produced by a company called IV Horse which is pronounced 'Four' or 'For' Horse and produces a wide range of products for both the rider and equine. Many of their products are unique to the company. Their products have been designed to be ergonomic and easy to use as well as using the latest technology. They use the finest ingredients to hand but their prices stay affordable for everyone.

      Basically the multi wash is a biocidal cleanser which contains the natural properties of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is known for its antiseptic, antifungal and antiviral properties making it ideal for use around horses. It is incredibly fast acting and is great for all sorts of uses whether it's cleaning buckets or even cleaning minor cuts on a horse's leg. It really is incredibly useful to have in your equipment as it will no doubt something you will use on a regular basis.

      The multi wash comes in a semi clear rectangular bottle (shaped the same as hibiscrub) with a white screw on top. Even though the bottle is semi clear you can easily see the bright orange liquid inside. On the front there is a simple white label with the IV Horse logo together with the product name in a green font. On the back there are instructions and ingredients etc.

      As I said above the liquid is bright orange in colour so it certainly stands out on the shelf! It has a decent consistency which even though it isn't as runny as water it isn't thick either; it has a similar consistency as cream so just a little thicker than water. It pours far too easily out of the bottle so you do have to be careful when using it as you can waste it easily.

      The aroma is exactly what you expect! A strong note of tea tree oil hits you as soon as you take the top off! Fortunately I love the smell of tea tree oil. I find it incredibly refreshing and uplifting so I am more than happy to smell this all day long! The scent is quite strong although it does become a lot softer once it has been diluted with water but it is still very noticeable.

      The multi wash is easy to use as you simply use it in water either hot or cold it doesn't really matter. If you pour it under running water you will get a large amount of white frothy bubbles which tend to last quite a while! I tend to put it in the water after I've turned off the tap as even though you still get bubbles this way you don't get as much.

      To clean buckets you just simply need to fill the bucket up and wash with a bucket brush and give it a good scrub. For using on a horse you only need to dilute a very small amount and you tend to use it with a lot of water and just gently wipe or sponge the effected area. For brushes you just simply need to fill a bucket of warm water add the multi wash and put the brushes in the bucket. I tend to let them soak for a while then give them a good scrub with a clean hard bristled brush.

      I really like using the multi wash as I find it such a useful product to have. My brushes come up incredibly clean and I know that they are clean enough to use on another horse. The same applies to my spare water buckets. They have been stored for a while and I don't know what has been on them or even in them! We have a wide variety of wild life that can access my storage barn due to our cat flap (we have ferrell cats!) so I want to make sure they are clean not just for my own horses but for the new addition as I would hate for her to catch something.

      I've even used the multi wash on my horse who suffers with mud fever as I bring him in on an evening and wash his legs off with it using a mild solution. Within a few days his legs are looking a lot more clean and soothed and not as puffy as they can look.

      IV Horse Multi Wash has a recommended retail price of £6.50 for a 500ml bottle but I have seen it online for as much as £10.50 for the same amount. I bought mine online and but it is available at IV Horse stockists.

      Without doubt this is definitely a useful item for any horse owner - I even use it on my dogs! It is incredibly versatile and doesn't have a silly price tag. It will be an item that you will constantly use as it is just so help. A recommendation from me.


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