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IV Horse Tea Tree Shampoo

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Brand: IV Horse / Type: Horse Shampoo

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    1 Review
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      09.03.2011 15:56
      Very helpful
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      A great medicated shampoo

      With having a new horse on our yard who came with limited tack and equipment I have added a few new things in order she can have her own stuff. Fortunately she only needs the basics which is great and saves the pennies especially as we are undecided whether she will be staying at our yard.

      One product that was needed straight away was a decent shampoo in order to get her and her coat clean. I wanted an antibacterial shampoo in order to give her coat a detox as when she came she was a tad scruffy and looked a bit unkept. I opted for the IV Horse Tea Tree shampoo as apart from the fact it was reasonably priced, I have used several IV Horse products and I think they were are great.

      The tea tree shampoo is medicated and contains not just tea tree but also chamomile. It is yellow in colour rather than green as you would expect and has quite a thick consistency which although easily poured out of the bottle you don't get too much so you very rarely waste any which can be a problem with some shampoos and you end up buying more shampoo and spending more than you actually need to. The shampoo has been designed for all coat colours.

      Like all IV Horse products the packaging is pretty simple and the tea tree shampoo comes in a semi-transparent 500ml bottle which allows you to see the colour of the shampoo as well as how much or how little you have left. The product name is clearly printed on the front on the white label together with the IV Horse logo and of course the colour scheme is green and white as all IV Horse products use this colour theme. On the back of the bottle is the usage instructions as you would expect.

      Using the shampoo is as you would expect...incredibly simple! You can either pour the shampoo into a bucket of warm water and just simply mix with your hand or pour under running water in order for bubbles to appear and for the shampoo to mix well with the water. Or you can apply directly to a wet coat/ mane or tail and rub in until a lather appears. The shampoo does create a large amount of white frothy bubbles so you do only need to use a small amount per bucket of water as over using the shampoo means you just get too many bubbles!

      The aroma of the shampoo is lovely and has a very strong tea tree fragrance which I love. It isn't too overwhelming but it is definitely very distinct and does linger around especially on the horse's coat once you have finished which is nice! As for chamomile this does take a back seat as tea tree is a stronger aroma but this is hardly a problem.

      I've been using this shampoo on her coat, mane and tail for around two months now in order to get it back to a lovely condition. Fortunately because she is stabled I can bath her without worrying about her getting chills in a field. Her mane and tail are definitely a lot easier to groom now they are being properly looked after and as for her coat the scurf has completely been eradicated which is obviously great and instead of looking a bit wiry and rough to the touch her coat has become a lot softer and smoother and you can finally see a slight shine to her coat.

      Even though it will take a good few more months for her coat to completely be revamped and looked after there has definitely been a great improvement and the one thing I hated was the scurf as it gets in the rugs and her brushes and now I can groom her and not get covered in white scurf which isn't particularly nice! I'm pleased her coat is going through its detox and her skin is also benefiting from the medicated tea tree.

      I cannot recommend this shampoo highly enough as it really does work and I am pleased with the results so far as my horse is certainly looking a lot better and she now looks owned! Also the shampoo doesn't break the bank either and costs around £6.20 for a 500ml bottle which is a suitable price compared to other products on the market. You can purchase the IV Horse Tea Tree Shampoo from all IV Horse retailers and online.


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