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Polyjumps Multi Jump

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Brand: Polyjumps / Type: Showjumping Equipment

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2011 12:26
      Very helpful
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      A great jumping block

      When it comes to exercising my horses I like to do various things with them instead of constantly working in the arena doing flatwork. I try and mix their routine with dressage, jumping and hacking out on the roads to keep their attention and focus. When it comes to jumping this is a discipline that I don't really enjoy, I used to showjump when I was younger but now I prefer staying on the flat ground! However, my horses enjoy it and it keeps them fit.

      A few years ago I invested in a variety of jumps from a company called Polyjumps who are a leading manufacturer nationwide. They supply a wide variety of jumps, fillers, poles just to name a few. They even sponsor some of the country's leading riders. A product I use on a weekly basis are the Multiblocks by Polyjumps. I have had mine for around 7 years now and they are still in perfect working order.

      Multiblocks are an incredibly popular choice with a lot of people as they are incredibly multifunctional as they offer numerous heights and jump combinations so there really is something for everyone. The top height that can be obtained is 3 feet when using a standard 4" pole. This is certainly a decent height to be able to jump at without having to use extra equipment or even different blocks.

      Multiblocks are made from a hard, moulded plastic (unsure of the actual type!) but they are hollow inside which makes them light and easy to manoeuvre around a ménage/ arena. They don't have any sharp edges either as all the sides and corners have been rounded off which won't cause injury to either human or horse. They do have slight grooves in the sides which act as handles so they are quite easy to pick up and carry around. They are triangular in shape albeit not completely perfect! On the one side there are 5 pole positions and on the other side there are 3 jump positions. The side with the 3 positions is completely upright whereas the other side with 5 jump positions is more angled and it is with this combination you can create a wide variety of spreads and jumps.

      Multiblocks are Polyjumps best selling block and it is easy to see why. They are great as a training aid, great for grid work as well as a valuble aid for free schooling and lunging. Because of their height it makes it easy to lunge as the lunge line is higher than the block itself - well it is on my horses anyway due to their height. Should you not want to jump on the inside of the blocks there are also two pole positions which make these blocks ideal for using elevated trotting poles which encourage the horse to pick up their legs properly.

      As I've said I've had mine for around 7 years and they have lasted incredibly well but then they do seem to be quite indestructible. They are obviously waterproof and manage to withstand all weather conditions which is great. The colour of the blocks hasn't faded either no matter how much sun they seem to stand in. I find them as an incredibly useful piece of equipment which helps keep my horses entertained and fit.

      I'm not the strongest person in the world and I find them easy to move around. Because they are quite light I find them easy to move around and put them into any position I like. The jump positions are slightly curved at the end which makes the pole stay in easily although should your horse mis-judge the jump or you come in at a wrong angle and the horse then hits the jump you may find yourself having to get off and re-positioning both the pole and multiblock as due to the lightness they will fall over if hit with force.

      Overall, I think these were a great investment and I know that they will last me a really long time which is great. They are versatile and easy to move into whatever position you want. Okay, so they are not the strongest jump block in the world if knocked but that is only due to how you bring the horse into the jump. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who enjoys jumping and wants a versatile jumping block which will provide them with quite a few jumping combinations at a decent height.

      Useful Info

      Availability: Any Polyjumps supplier - in store or online
      Colours: Wide variety of bright bold colours
      Size: 840 mm x 610 mm x 305 mm
      Price: Around £44 per block - sold as singles but can be purchased in packs of 4


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