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Weatherbeeta Jasper Wave Quilt Stable Rug

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Brand: Weatherbeeta / Type: Equestrian - Rug

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    1 Review
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      09.11.2010 19:55
      Very helpful



      A great priced stable rug

      With having three horses I have amassed a large collection of rugs even though they are of a similar size certain rugs fit better than others so I can't just use all my rugs on all three of my boys. When it comes to the winter they all live in their stable during the night, they come in at around 6pm and are given a good groom, rugged up and left for the night. I need to make sure that their rugs will keep them warm as due to their breeds they don't seem to be the hardiest of creatures and seem to need that little bit extra to keep them comfortable.

      My one horse can get quite hot when he has too many layers on but as he is clipped out during the winter he needs to keep covered so he doesn't get cold due to having no fur coat to keep him warm. I've managed to get round this by using a very thin combo under rug which has an attached neck and then on top he has a heavyweight stable rug which just provides that extra warmth without him over heating.

      The one rug I use is the Jasper Wave Quilted stable rug as it is a good heavyweight rug. It is made by Weatherbeeta (my preferred brand of horse rugs) and in my opinion is one of the best stable rugs I currently own as it is nice and deep on the horse providing that extra warmth. The outer shell of this rug is made from a 420 denier (higher the denier tougher the rug) quilted polyester material which has a nice shine to it but is also very durable, it comes complete with colour contrast stitching to give the quilted aspect of the rug a bit more detail. The rug is classed as a heavyweight and comes with a rather large 300g of polyfill, more polyfill means warmer the rug and has a nice nylon lining which helps keep the coat clean, soft and shiny. The rug reminds me of a very thick sleeping bag as it has a similar padded feel to it. Where the rug sits on the withers of the horse (base of the neck) there is a faux sheep skin section which helps prevent rubbing to the fur and mane. The rug comes complete with a tail flap which is the same colour and fabric of the rug, it just helps keep the heat in and if there is a draft in the stable helps protect the horse from this as a drafty stable can be quite uncomfortable for the horse.

      The rug is fastened at the front by two adjustable buckles and is further secured by two cross surcingles (these cross under the horse's belly). The surcingles are adjustable and help keep the rug in place on the horse, basically they prevent the rug from slipping to one side. The rug comes complete with a fillet string which is removable at the back of the rug and goes under the tail, this is another item which helps keep the rug in place. However, personally I find the fillet string a bit useless as with a big rug the weight of the rug is too much for the thin, flimsy fillet string! All fastenings are colour co-ordinated with the rug which is a nice touch.

      This rug really does suit my one horse as it is breathable it doesn't let him over heat even with a very thin rug underneath. It fits him well as it is nice and deep on him without being too large. I tend to remove the fillet string on my stable rugs as I don't see the use for it as my horses move in their stable far less so the rugs never slip over to one side and they pretty much stay even on my horses back. All the fastenings (front buckles and surcingles) are easily adjustable and even after the rug has been used for several months/ years and has been washed the fastenings don't rust and remain easy to adjust as there is nothing worse than struggling to adjust a surcingle when it is gone rusty.

      The Weatherbeeta Jasper Wave Quilt Stable Rug is available from all good Weatherbeeta stockists both online and in store. Expect to pay around £48 to £51 which is quite a good price for a heavyweight stable rug. It comes in navy and silver or blackberry and ivory. Sizes do vary depending on colour, currently the navy/ silver is available from 4'0 to 7'3 and the blackberry/ivory option is available in sizes 5'0 to 7'0. The rug is machine washable should you have a washing machine big enough to put this rug in! Otherwise it does need to be taken to professional rug cleaners.

      This rug has been great for my one horse who can overheat with too many layers. I'm now onto my second rug as my other is being used on my other horse due to a ripped stable rug. I've had my first for about 2 years and it is still fully padded and in great condition. The standard of the rug is great, the quilt detail is a nice touch to what would be otherwise a standard looking stable rug which are quite plain and boring! My horse doesn't overheat which was my main reason for wanting this rug and it hasn't let me down so far. I don't have any negative points about this rug whatsoever and would definitely recommend this to any horse owner.


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