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WeatherBeeta Liner 100G

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Brand: Weatherbeeta / Type: Equestrian - rug

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2010 17:08
      Very helpful
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      A great rug for extra protection

      My horses have a wide range of rugs for any time of the year but during the winter they go through a lot of rugs both out in the field and in the stable. I do spoil my horses more than I need to but I want them to be as warm and comfortable as possible. During this horrible freezing weather we are currently experiencing my horses seem to spend a lot of time standing still at their gate in the field so they are spending a lot of time in their stable. I do like my horses to spend quite a lot of the day out in the field but if they are standing still looking miserable I'd rather have them in, warm, dry and eating.

      Because of the freezing weather we are having my horses have needed an extra layer when they are in the stables just to keep them warm. But what I don't want to do is overheat them as horses cannot stand being overheated and they become quite uncomfortable especially in rugs which are not breathable.

      One rug which I have started to use on my one horse (he can get overheated easily) is the Weatherbeeta Liner. The rug, made by Weatherbeeta, is designed as a thin layer for use under stable rugs to give extra warmth and protection. It can also be used under turnout rugs if there isn't anything else available.

      The Liner's outer shell is made of a 210 denier outer fabric and the rug has a 100g of polyfill - this is the thinnest rug Weatherbeeta make. Generally higher the denier and polyfill then tougher and heavier the rug. This is an incredibly lightweight rug which features channel style quilting. This really is a no frills rug but does a perfect job of keeping the horse warm.

      The rug is fastened by two straps with buckles which are adjustable and are black in colour. The rug features a decent sized tail flap at the back of the rug (same material and colour as the actual rug). The rug has a fillet string which is at the back of the rug and goes under the horse's tail. This is meant to help keep the rug in place - this is adjustable and also removable. Like I said this rug is no frills and unlike most rugs it doesn't feature surcingles (cross under the horse's belly and keep the rug securely in place) but as it is a liner then there will normally be a heavier rug on top which will keep the liner in place. At the top of the rug (where it lies on the horse's neck) there is a faux sheepskin piece embroidered onto the rug - this helps to reduce rubbing on the mane.

      The Weatherbeeta Liner is not available in the UK. I bought mine on EBay off an American seller as they are only available in the USA. However, Weatherbeeta do a Tristar Liner which is exactly the same it is meant to be used under the Tristar turnout rug (but can be used on it's own) and costs around £34.00. The Weatherbeeta Liner comes in sizes 5'0 to 7'3 and comes in black (US version) or crimson and grey (UK version).

      Overall, this liner fits my horse really well and as he is clipped it keeps him that extra bit warm which just takes the chill off him. The rug is also easily washed and can be put in a larger washing machine and put on a normal wash. It wears well and mine still is in great condition and so it should as it only goes under another stable rug! It is a real shame it isn't available in the UK and I don't know why it is only made for the US/ Canada market as it would be so useful over here but at least there is an alternative! Overall, a definite recommendation to those who have stabled horse's which are may be clipped, old or just feel the cold more than others - this provides a nice thin but warm layer without the worry of them overheating.


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