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Draper 68830 230-Volt Glue Gun Kit

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Brand: Draper / Type: Glue gun

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2012 23:18
      Very helpful



      You may get in a sticky situation if you're trigger happy

      I see myself as a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none sort of person, enjoying the odd dabble into a bit of DIY and the like. So, to make sure I am fully prepared for any little job that is thrown my way I like to have a tool just to do that job.
      One little tool I have comes in very handy when I have to glue something together and haven't got the time that your standard glue in a tube takes to dry enough to bond the things I am gluing. Hence the remarkable little tool that is the Draper Glue Heat gun with solid glue sticks.

      What is a glue gun..?
      A glue gun is shaped a bit like a gun, sort of, although it isn't a real gun so there's no need to worry about it accidentally firing bullets. A glue gun simply 'pumps' out hot glue so that you can stick things together. And, as the glue sets, or goes off, it goes hard when it cools down.

      And this particular glue gun from draper is no different in the basics of any standard glue gun.
      It's shaped like a gun, with the main body being made of a strong blue plastic whilst the trigger and the nozzles are orange. It's not heavy, being just over 225grams, so there's no real trouble with holding it for a while whilst doing what you have to do.
      And as there is about 2 metres of mains cable there's no need to be to close to an electrical socket, which is nice.
      At the top rear, where the glue sticks are pushed into, there is a lovely little clear plastic 'window' where you can keep an eye on the glue stick as it melts away when the gun is being used.
      The handle is pretty comfortable so you can keep a good grip on it whilst pulling at the trigger to get the heated glue to squeeze out.
      The trigger itself is pretty big, compared to the gun itself, but it does take a bit of effort to actually squeeze the thing as it is fairly stiff indeed. I though this was just because it was new but after many many times gluing different things with it the trigger is still as stiff as ever. So if you've any difficulties squeezing things with your hands then you may just struggle using this device.

      But once the trigger is pulled, forcing the heated glue to gentle squeeze out of the little nozzle, it is a simple, smooth process as the glue squeezes out steadily without any danger of the odd 'splodge', which is great as the glue is very hot and will burn you if it 'splats' onto your skin.

      There is a little 'frame support' at the front of the gun, which folds back into the gun, which helps to keep the nozzle off any surfaces when it is hot, thus protecting what ever it is sat on. This 'support' may look flimsy but it actually does a good job keeping the hot end of the gun off your precious Chippendale DVD shelf.

      It does have a bit of negativity to it, although not enough to put you off it. For example, it does take quite a while to get to the right heat setting, sometimes seeming to wait an age before the glue begins to melt enough to get through the nozzle.
      And as there is no actual indication that the required heat has been reached, with there being no little light or anything.
      So it is a bit of trial and error as to when you can start using it, but once you've started using it you soon figure out how long you have to wait for it to heat up.

      Is there anything else then..?
      Yes there is.
      Apart from the gun itself it also comes with a few glue sticks, a couple of nozzles and a carry case, although the carry case is a bit redundant when there is a glue stick sticking out of the rear of the gun as it won't fit into the case properly.

      What about the cost..?
      The price of this almost funny looking yet very useful glue gun, with the glue sticks, nozzles and case, is around the £20.00 mark, with spare glue sticks being available for a few quid for packs of five, ten, twenty or more from several 'hobby' shops.

      In all, if you need to stick things together, such as paper, card, plastics, certain wood and other items then this is well worth looking at as it does a far better job than the glue you get in those 'squeezy' tubes.
      Although don't expect it to bond the body work of your car together to get it through its next MOT as it may let you down a bit in that area.


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