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Manufacturer: Dremel / Product Type: Accessories

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2012 00:03
      Very helpful



      It's easy to use and even easier to get the hang of... what more do you want..?

      I'm a bit of a DIYer, trying my hand at many things, (easy now ladies), so I like to have a selection of tools for all different jobs, such as sanders, drills, saws and many more.
      But when it comes down to the jobs that need a more, shall we say, delicate, nay, intricate jobs a different sort of tool is required, and it is here where a certain little tool that I have had the pleasure of using for a while now, comes into its own.

      This particular tool I am going to tell you about is called a Hobby tool and comes from the Dremel Hobby 300 series, and it is indeed a lovely little tool which all good 'hobbyist', or even DIYers, should have in their cupboards.

      What is this Dremel Hobby tool then..?
      Simply put it is a small hand held tool that has many little attachments that slot into the end of it so that you can do many little 'hobby' jobs that need that delicate touch.
      With this little hand held tool you can do a lot of things, such as polishing, drilling, sanding, grinding and engraving, plus, with the may little templates, there's a lot of help to get you engraving in style.
      It has a 125watt motor which gives enough power to do the job without vibrating your hand enough to make that delicate job look like it's been done by a monkey, although if I owned a monkey I would definitely let it have a go with this as it is so simple to use.
      It weighs almost next to nothing, coming in at about 20 ounces, which is east to hold comfortably in one hand without feeling the need to put it down.

      There are several pieces that come with the main unit itself, such as an array of 'tools' for such jobs as sanding, grinding. Polishing and engraving. There's also a few templates to give you a start on the engraving road and a little spanner/wrench for unscrewing the head to change the tools.
      It all comes in a rather fetching and quite sturdy little case to keep everything together in.

      What does it look like..?
      It's basically a black plastic body with a few dashes of blue on it, the blue being the on/off switch, which is located at your thumbs position making it easy to switch on and off whilst holding it on one hand, and the 'attachment' lock, which is located at the end of the unit, just above the attachments themselves.
      There are three air vents which are positioned in such places that when you're holding it properly your hand doesn't cover them, keeping the internal components nice and cool as it does its job.
      The mains lead is a almost 2 metres long so there's no hassles in being stuck near a plug socket to use this.

      How do you use it then..?
      This is where it may look complicated but, once you get the hang of swapping the attachments and the speed selection, it's as easy as writing a letter, almost.

      To change the attachments you first press the 'shaft locking button', which is on the top near the end of the unit, then slowly turn the head by hand until it clicks into place.
      Then loosen the 'collet' with the little wrench provided and pull out the tool you no longer need to use.
      Slot in the new tool you now want and tighten up the collet, finishing it with the wrench to make it lock properly.
      That's it, your done and ready to get going with the new tool.

      For the record the wrench can be stored on the device itself so it's always there when you need it, and it has a lovely little 'hook' on the end for hanging up if you want to

      Is it noisy..?
      In a word, No. in fact, for the power it gives you it is pretty quiet, and doesn't vibrate too much in my hand when it is spinning, which is a bonus indeed as it really helps when doing intricate work such as engraving and the like.

      My Opinion...

      I can safely say that this is one of the most useful little tools that I have used when it comes to, well, shall we say, more delicate work.
      Talking about the speeds, you can select from the slower 5000 rpms to a gut busting 35000 rpms, with each speed setting being capable of doing exactly what it is designed to do.
      Such as the slower speeds for softer materials such as plastics and softwood, with the higher speeds for cutting tougher materials such as hard wood and metals.

      It feels nice and sturdy in my hand without feeling too big and uncomfortable, which helps when I'm doing those 'more detailed' little jobs, such as engraving and fine sanding. But that's not all this one can do as it's a bit of an all rounder, lending a hand in everything from sharpening 'blades' of every kind to etching your name on a sheet of glass, or maybe trying your hand at polishing those fine 'delicates' that are lying around you house. This stool has an attachment for many jobs that will please even the most 'stubborn' person amongst us.
      But what I really like to do with it is etch a few security details onto certain items in my house so that if they get, well, taken by certain less intelligent people after a quick buck, then they can be easily identified if the police recover them.

      So what would you expect to pay for such a useful little hand held sander/polisher/driller and more? £50.00? £60.00? Maybe even £70.00 considering the attachments you get with it....
      No, in fact the price for this all rounder is a less than that. It is selling for a cracking low price of around £40.00, which, for what you get with it and the jobs you can do with it, is great value for money in any bodies books.
      And, to top it all, in a good way, it all comes in a lovely grey sturdy plastic carrying case which fits everything into it, apart from that glass vase your working on.


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