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Jamaica Multiplex (New York, USA)

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Address: 15902 Jamaica Ave., Jamaica, NY 11432, nr. Parsons Blvd.

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2012 13:18
      Very helpful



      Cinema Experience Worth The Money.

      When I was living in New York it was so difficult to find a cinema that was nice and not to expensive but when I found the Jamaica Multiplex I was happy and it eventually ended up being the only cinema I visited regularly.

      Jamaica Multiplex cinema is located and the end of Jamaica Avenue which is a small shopping high-street. For those who visit or live in New York outside of queens it's still easy to access as the train stops right next to the cinema.
      I think the location of the cinema is good because it is located next to the gym because you can have a work out at the gym then go watch a movie. The cinema is also next to Applebee's restaurant so you can treat yourself to a meal the a movie. There is shopping around there so you can make a day of it then finish with a movie. I tend to go to the gym then cool off with a movie most times.
      ---------Cinema & Service-------------
      Jamaica Multiplex is a very nice cinema and although it looks from the outside when you go inside it's quite big. The theatres are all different sizes some with loads of seats and some smaller ones. When you walk through the door you go up escalators then into the cinema and for families with small children there are lifts which is convenient. The lifts also take you to the car park which is located underground of the cinema.
      What I liked about the standard of the cinema is that is it was always clean and the seats and whole environment was comfy. In the cinema there is a small area of games and a photo booth and seats for people to sit down while they wait for there movie. The seats in the theatres had where comfy leather chairs and they had quite a bit of leg room in front of each row. The atmosphere was mostly calm and relaxing but at times when popular movies came out the place did get quite loud but everything was still in order as usual.
      The service in the cinema is very good because they always had someone on the till and concessions. I hate when I go to a full cinema and there is only one or two people on the till when there is about 5 or 6 tills because the wait is ridiculous. With this cinema you never have this problem because they always put enough people on the till so you never have to wait forever.
      The staff are very friendly and do their best to make you feel welcome in the cinema. I usually order a pizza and as it takes a while to cook they always cook it and keep it warm for me and I can come back whenever I want with no wait as they always kept an eye out.
      The cinema itself has a moving logo outside that shows all the latest release and specials that are happening in the cinema so you don't even have to go inside to see what's on or if they have any specials which is another bonus.

      ------------Ticket Prices & Food--------------
      The ticket prices for this cinema where cheap ranging from 7-10$ (£5-8) for kids under 18 depending on the time of day you go and 8-14$(£6-11) for adults which also depends on the time of day you go. For cinemas in New York this was the cheapest rate going to watch a movie at a good standard.
      The food that they served in this cinema is a decent variety as they sell hotdogs, pizza, sweets, chocolate, popcorn, pretzels, nachos, ice cream and a few more small items. One things that was a dissapointment is that they don't have the famous pick n mix that british cinema goers love. To be fair even some of the cinemas that I went in Manhattan didn't even have pick n mix. The cinema has two concession stands one on either side of the cinema which was good because when lines got long it didn't feel like you was boxed in a huge crowd because the food counters where so far apart.
      The food prices where average ranging from 2-6$ dollars per item which is OK prices but by the time I used to buy everything that I wanted it used to add up. They have a special for kids what is called a 1-2-3 go box which was 7$. The 1-2-3 go box contained a drink, popcorn and a pack of sweets and is definitely worth the price. It comes it a little hand held packet like a happy meal and will keep your kids happy. There was a few times where I brought myself a 1-2-3 go box just because of it's good value even though I am far from a kid lol.
      --------Things they could add----------
      It would be good if they added another lift because if it's occupied or broken and you have kids pushchairs and are in a hurry to watch your movie you will struggle to get up the stairs or have to wait long for the lift. Thats is only the negative thing I have to say about this cinema really.

      -------------Overall Opinion--------------
      Overall I think the cinema is good for everyone as it's good to chill and watch a movie on your own, with friends or family. It's easy to access and has comfy seats and a big screen size. The have lots of food and most of all one of my favourite foods pizza which is a bonus for me. I have never had a problem with the service and have never had a bad time when I have visited there.


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