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Lido Martianez (Tenerife)

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Natural swimming pools in Tenerife.

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    1 Review
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      03.12.2009 19:11
      Very helpful



      If you are nearby visit!

      At the Lido there are 7 main pools each in the shape of one of the Canary Islands. The pools are salt water and the water comes from the nearby sea. The Lido also has lots of sunbeds if you are planning to get a tan, and some expensive bars to buy food and drink!

      The pools vary in size but I only went in 2 of them. The water is quite salty as it is seawater and is also very cold when you first get in - so cold I was reluctant to get in! The first pool I went in was the biggest and is meant to be shaped like Tenerife from above. This pool is the largest swimming pool I have ever seen and is truly massive! Inside the pool there were even little caves and islands. The islands you could actually go on and they were very interesting but the only way to get to them was to swim there! The pool was great fun to swim in and you were allowed to use rubber rings and lilos which made it even more fun!

      Eventually I decided to check out another pool which was a little different to the others and there was water coming in from a kind of water fountain. Going underneath the water fountain in a rubber ring or lilo sent you flying down the pool and was brilliant fun and I think the best part of the day. There was a bit of a current in this pool though so some young children may struggle a little to swim in it but with some help would manage. One bad thing about this pool was when I went in there was something horrible in one part - like some manky seaweed or something which I avoided but I guess it must have come from the sea.

      However I think the great thing about the Lido is the variety of pools so everyone can have fun and enjoy themselves. There were deep pools and shallow ones, children's pools with little structures in them or nearby like a red octopus on the land which little children could climb through and you could see from quite far away! If swimming is not your thing you can relax on one of the sunbeds (which are free with adult tickets) On one side of the Lido there is a bit where the huge waves crash over the side which was also good fun but did make you get wet!

      The food and drink we bought from the bar was quite nice. We just had some sort of toasty things which tasted really nice. Also I has some drinks called Schweppes Spirit Naranja (A fizzy orange drink) which is delicious but I can`t seem to find any information on the internet about it! The Spirit Naranja in a reasonably sized bottle/ cup costs about 2.50 euros which is quite expensive really so I would bring in some food from one of the local supermarkets or shops!

      Overall I had a really good time at the Lido and think most people would enjoy themselves there too. I would recommend it to everyone as everyone can enjoy it. The Lido was quite cheap but I would not want to pay to go in there for an hour or something especially when most hotels have a pool! I think it was about 14 euros for four of us. I think it is open most of the time but it is definitely busier on the weekends.

      I think the Martinez Lido is well worth visiting if in Puerto de La Cruz and would recommend it even if you are not staying in the North as it is a fun day out!

      Thanks for reading!

      This review may appear on other sites under the names ns1209 and mariofan123.


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