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Lonsdale Park (Carlisle, England)

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Address: Lonsdale Park, Cumwhinton, Carlisle, CA4 0AY

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    1 Review
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      15.08.2012 10:27
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      Fishing trip


      I'm writing about the fishing trip I have just been on. Lonsdale parks is situated in carlisle. And the scenery driving to this place was absoluly beautiful. I know most people don't go fishing but there are people that do, and I would like to write about the place and also my experience. Just because it is fishing it doesnt mean the place is there just for fishing, its a place where you can relax, along side the beautiful filled lakes, surround by tree's and cottages and lodges. There is also a on site cafe and bait shop, and this place is only there for residents who have booked so its safe. Let me break this review down.


      There is a choice of the kind o accomodation you would like to stay on your trip, Lakeside cottages, Lakeside lodges, and the cararvans, so there is accomodation to suit everyone and every budget. For all accomodation, you have your own private peg for fishing for you stay, which is ideal if you want to not go far one day.

      We stayed in the cottages which overlooked lonsdale lake, it was a lovely scene, and even more beautiful early morning. I have to admit the accomation was absolutly lovely, cosy and clean. The accomodation, was big enough for us with plenty of extra room. All rooms was big enough and not small in anyway. The front of the cottage had room for 2 cars, which was a good thing for us, so we had our very own drive, you do have to pay for your electric but in saying that we put £9 in the metre and it lasted us all week and with spare at the end of the week. The bedroom upstairs had a on suite toilet and sink, double and singel bed, and downstairs was a single toilet and shower. Our bedroom we stayed in was a lovely 4 poster bed, wordrobe, a large chest of drawers, and a side cabinet. Another bedroom with bunk beds which we obviously didnt use. The kitchen, dining room, and living area was all open plan, it was simply lovely. And i for one enjoyed my stay there, and certainly would enjoy staying there again. It is a self catering holiday, but other than that there is everything there you need for cooking and chilling, although the freezer was a llittle small and wouldnt fit much in.



      This lake was the biggest lake there, with cottages overlooking it, private peg right outside the back door. You can see this lake from the sofa in the living area, its a beautiful scene especially early morning and late in the evening. The lake is full with fish ranging from 1lb - 30lb+ so there is something in there for everyone. I have to admit i didnt catch anything big in there but I havent been fishing that long but the neighbours either side pulled and 25lb carp out of there so its the method of fishing you tend to use. The lake is surrounded by tree's, bushes and alot of wildlife which is simply beautiful. The lake is 4 1/2 acre in water and is lined with reeds and lillies in some parts of the lake, I have to admit it is the most popular lake there.

      DEER LAKE.

      This is a smaller lake to the lonsdale lake at only 1.5 acres, sheltered with tree's, reeds and lillies. We did fish on this lake on the second day but unfortunatly the fish couldnt of been hungry as we didnt catch anything on that day, although when we went back a few days later the fish was swimming around on the top of the water and flipping. So there was fish in there just getting to catch them, but all in all it was a peaceful day. The wildlife there was amazing, big dragonflies flying across the water, birds chirping, and bee's buzzing. There were alot of birds there, green tits, blue tits, wrens, robins, and more...

      REED MERE.

      I have to admit this was my favourite lake out of them all, we came here twice, its lovely and big with 2 1/2 acres of water, filled with reeds around the outside of the water edges, which we notcied thats where all the big fish were hiding, mostly carp. This lake was very quiet, with not many people fishing on it. There were many fish in here and the wildlife again was beautiful. There was a chance of catching catfish and eels in this lake, but never experienced it whilst I was fishing there.

      Now this is the lake which is surrounded with reeds, tree's and lilly pads, I cant say i enjoyed this lake as i had to many problems casting out without getting tied up in tree's and loosing hooks and floats. But the surroundings and the lake itself was beautiful. This is a 2 acre water filled pond, filled with mostly roach and perch and the occasional carp. This lake is ideal for the people that are staying in the archers caravans as its close by.


      Now then this is a small pool surrounding it with trees and bushes and is only normally fished by children and inexperienced fishers. It is only a 1/4 in size and 3 foot deep, holding small carp, gudgeon and tench. I did try this for about an hour and although the fish was flipping about in the water i didnt catch anything. but that is down the angler not the pools.


      On site as you come in to the site there is a bait shop and cafe, I cannot say I used the cafe only to get a drink from the fridge, and the bait shop is the same as any other bait shop, i actually thought it would be expensive but I can honestly say it wasnt, you can only use there bait to use to fish as like they said they know what we are using and know that the bait is safe to use. All the staff there was very helpful, and would give us the best bait to use while we are here, and also what method to use. They had a wide selection of bait, and gear and although it was a small shop it was packed with stuff. There is also a laundry and toilet next to the bait shop if you ever need it.


      There are fishing buggies there that you can use to transport you and your gear around the lakes, the prices for these are £65 per week, we never got one of these as we were alright carrying our stuff with us. Also there are trollies also rented to you for £10 a week or £2 a day, we did use one of these one day and was brilliant for transporting our gear back to the cottage.


      There is a code on a iron gate in and out the property for safty, there is shops close by and also pubs and resturants too. I do recommend that if you like indian to have a night out at the Dhaka Tandoori, they do beautiful food there and the staff there are lovely.


      This does depend on when you book, we booked or the beginning of August, and paid around £400 for 2 people. Obviously then you need bait money on top of that but if your just going for a break then you wont need, extra money unless you plan on going out.


      This place is really beautiful and I will be going again hopefully next year, the whole place as a electric fence around it so be careful of children and touching it. There is farmland close by as you can hear the animals, there is a train that passes every so often, but thats about all the noise you will hear whilst your there. Like I have mentioned in my review it is isnt all about fishing you can just come here for a short break and just realax, its peaceful and very quiet. I hope I have covered everything and this will give you something to think about whether your a fisher or not.

      Thank you for reading, I hope you find it an interesting read


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