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Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

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5 Reviews

498 Red Apple Court / Central Valley / NY 10917 / Tel: (845) 928-4000.

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    5 Reviews
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      23.05.2010 15:44
      Very helpful



      Shopping Heaven and Bargains Galore

      I visited Woodbury Common Outlets as part of a major shopping trip to New York in February 2007. The excursion was booked through Grayline Tours and cost around $45 dollars return.

      The scenery on the way to the outlets was very picturesque. As it had recently been snowing in NYC at that time, a large stretch of rock face on route to our destination was snow covered and looked very festive indeed, almost like snow covered mountains.

      I was surprised that the outlets were rather far out from Manhattan itself and it took approximately an hour to get there. The shops are spread around a little mock village, which was very charming and pretty in my view. Boasting 220 stores, there is certainly something for everyone at Woodbury Common. Featuring outlets from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Tommy Hilfiger and Juicy Couture to name but a few, there are many bargains to be had throughout this mini shopping village.

      Given that the exchange rate between sterling and the dollar was so good at that time, I managed to pick up a Ralph Lauren hooded top for £10, a pair of Levis jeans for £14 and an FCUK top for £6! Those were just a few of my bargains that I found that day and I was chuffed with what I got for the small price that I paid.

      There are also many places to go for a bite to eat in Woodbury Common. It is home to a McDonalds, Starbucks and various other grills, restaurants and pizzerias - so there is a wide choice of cuisine available to suit every appetite under the sun and give you that much needed opportunity to re-fuel and relax for a little bit before the bargain hunting resumes!

      However, if you are too entranced by the bargains on offer to take time out like I was, then there are several vending machines offering drinks and snacks positioned all over the outlets to ensure that you do not go hungry.

      Are you visiting New York in the future? If so, I would highly recommend a trip to Woodbury Common. Not only is it great for shopping, but it also gives you the opportunity to see and explore outwith New York City itself. I found it to be a fantastic way to spend a day and the fact that there are so many stores there means that you are literally free to shop until you drop.

      I only wish that such amazing bargain filled shopping havens existed in the UK and if I have the opportunity to return to New York in the future, this is one place that I will definitely visit again.


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        18.01.2010 16:44
        Very helpful



        A must on any trip to the Big Apple

        I have been to NYC 3 times now, twice leisure and once on business. Each time I have pre-booked my trip out to Woodbury Common as it is quite simply the best designer outlet village in the world. A trip to NYC is not complete for me without a trip to Woodbury. I feel that I have single-handedly boosted the US economy with the amount I have spent there! I purposely do not really buy clothes over here and instead pretty much replace my wardrobe whenever I am over there. Last time I was on business and so was allowed to bring back 3 suitcases as my company had paid for me to fly first class.

        Woodbury common itself is actually in New Jersey, about 40/50 minutes drive outside of NYC. The outlet centre is similar in style to Cheshire Oaks and Kildare outlet village in Ireland - only difference being that Woodbury absolutely dwarfs these centres as it has 220 stores. It is actually a very picturesque setting and I personally really enjoy the coach journey out there, taking in a little bit of the Garden State. All of the usual suspects are there that you would find in most outlet villages, Ralph Lauren, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Calvin Klein. There are also some stores that I have not seen elsewhere such as Sachs Fifth Avenue and Barneys.
        One thing that makes Woodbury even more of a bargain in recent times is the favourable GBP/USD exchange rate which is currently sitting around the £1:$1.6 mark. The times I have been it has been nearer £1:$2 and so I have picked up some real bargains.

        *My Tips*
        1. Set aside a day as it will definitely take you this long. Book in advance through this website: http://www.grayline.com/Grayline/destinations/us/newyork.go
        I have been able to get 2-for-1 deals a couple of times which is pretty good as the standard ticket is about $40. Included in this is a voucher booklet which gives money off in a lot of stores when you spend over a certain amount. I have always used at least 2/3 vouchers in this booklet and a typical example was 20% off in Ralph Lauren from my entire purchase when I spent over $150.
        2. The bus goes from the Port Authority on 42nd and 8th. I would recommend you get there early as the buses tend to fill up, especially in peak season. I have not got a bus later than 9am and even then it is starting to get busy. The buses run about one an hour (check the website) and take around 40 minutes to get out to Woodbury.
        3. Wear comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet all day...if you are taking it seriously like I do.
        4. Take an empty suitcase with you. This may seem like a bit of a chore, but trust me as those bags start to tear your hands up and wear your arms out, you will thank me in the long run. There are also lockers available for you to stash your purchases. The suitcase will be useful both at the common and also on the return trip from the Port Authority back to your hotel when you get back into NYC.
        5. Sign up to the VIP club via the website at the bottom of this review. They will send you printable vouchers which you can then take with you for even more savings.
        6. Check the times for the return buses and plan which one you want to get. Then get in line early for it as I have been stuck in queues for up to 90 minutes trying to get on a bus back to the city. The open air in New Jersey in December and February can be unforgiving!
        7. For even better bargains, check for the website for any sale events that are on. I managed to be in NYC on Presidents Weekend (Mid Feb) and more or less everything had extra money off. The best day of the year for sales is Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, but apparently the place is "bedlam" on that day.

        There are good facilities at Woodbury, toilets, atm's, a reception centre for you to ask any questions you might have. There is also a food court, and although it is mostly fast food outlets, there should be something to cater for all tastes with Italian, Chinese, Mexican and the trusty golden arches of McDonalds.

        My best bargains at Woodbury to give you some examples:

        True Religion jeans for £45 (They are £220 here)
        Uggs for £75 (they are about £200+ here)
        Ralph Lauren Jumpers for £30 (They are around £80-100 here)
        Timberland Boots for £25 (They are at least £100 here)
        Guess handbags for £20-30 (They are at least £100 here)

        I could list the stores, but that would be a bit dull to go through, so here is the website:


        Overall, as I said before a trip to New York would not be complete without a visit to Woodbury Common. There are so many bargains to be had that you will essentially have all of your shopping done in a day giving you the rest of your holiday to focus on the many and varied tourist attractions that the Big Apple has to offer.


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        01.06.2009 16:06
        Very helpful



        Just go if you are in NYC!!!

        OMG this place is amazing!

        When I went to NYC in march 2009 the first place I wanted to visit was woodbury common.

        We booked our trip to woodbury common with gray line tours! It cost $40 from the bus terminal. It was about a 45 min drive but well worth it! I loved sight seeing on the drive!

        When we got to woodbury common I was surprised as all the shops looked like little houses!! It was fab!

        They gave us a voucher book which has discounts for most of the shops there. Which was great!

        I made my way to DKNY first as that is my all time fave shop! I got 2 pairs of jeans, 5 tops, a cardi and a jumper for just over $175!! That's crazy!

        Next stop was guess, I managed to get my boyfriends sister a outfit for just $25! Bargin..

        Then it was DKNY accessories!!! I brought a bag and a purse for $60!! Everything in the shop was half price! I loved it!

        We then went to Juicy, I didn't really go much on this shop even though it was massive it was quite cluttered so I didn't really spend much time in there!

        Next was UGG! My cousin got a paid of UGG boots for $100!! Much better than the £120 they are over in here in the UK!

        Next big spend was in Ralph Lauren! I got 5 t-shirts for my boyfriend all just $10 each! I got my self 5 too again at $10 each! I brought 3 cable jumpers for $20 each over here the exact same ones in choice are £145!!! My best friend has just had a baby so in baby Ralph I got him a whole outfit, Cord bottoms a shirt and a jumper for $35!! Plus another 5 baby tops for friends and family's babies!!

        All in all I totally loved woodbury common and you can go there for a day and get a whole new wardrobe for a LOT less than over here in the UK!!


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          22.04.2008 15:07
          Very helpful



          Great day out for those who love to shop.

          I have always wanted to go to New York Manhattan, and my chance finally came in 2007. I was ecstatic as I love to shop. All the designers shops what more could a girl want, I found myself counting down the days on the fridge's calendar from the day it was booked.

          I only had a week in New York so I had to plan my days to be sure I got to see everything I wanted to. I researched the city through travel magazines and the internet and made a list of all the sights and places I wanted to go.

          After the tourist places like statue of liberty, wall street, Broadway shows, ground zero, Staten island, Coney island, central park and the legendary 5th avenue. We were at a loose end, yes I could have quite happily visit many of these place more then once but I wanted to see everything I could in the little time I had.

          On day five we walked through the hotel reception and found a leaflet display, One in which stood out was the Woodbury common premium outlets, this was one place I had to go I told my husband. We planned the visit for day six the day before we were due to leave.


          The Woodbury Outlet Village is located on route 32 in the Central Valley of New York. Its is roughly One hour north of New York City.

          Woodbury is colonial-style village, and offers the world's biggest selection of designer brands, with around 220 shops offering the world's most desired brands like Banana Republic, Calvin Klein, Coach, Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Max Mara, Nautica, DKNY jeans, Guess and many more.

          I did find that shops like, miss sixty, diesel, very expensive, you are more that likely going to get these at a better price in the UK.

          This is truly every shopaholics dream, and you can very easy get carried away, at the time we got 1.8 dollars to the pound so we were paying nearly half the price. Plus what ever discounts the stores are offering.

          I have to stress that you don't buy to much as you have to think about your luggage allowances if you are flying home, we had to buy two extra cases and pay excess baggage fees or 150 dollars per case, so maybe we didn't get the deals we thought.


          When we visited Woodbury outlet we traveled the hour's journey by coach, the grey line Port Authority which is located in New York City, 42nd Street & Eighth Avenue. We found this very easily by foot but if you are unsure you can take a yellow taxi.

          This trip cost 32.00 dollars each, this was for transport to and from Woodbury and a shopping package for when we got to Woodbury, within the package we got a Woodbury leather shopping bag and 100's dollars worth of discount vouchers, to be used in participating stores. There was 15.00 dollars to spend free at Ralph Lauren, and thing like spend 100.00 get 25% off, so we certainly saved money with these, all for the small price of 32.00 bucks.

          You could also hire a car very cheaply, to go to Woodbury this is good for boot space, but you would need to be very confident in driving it the city and its outskirts.

          If you are feeling very extravagant then the alternative options are traveling in a limousine or even a helicopter, but I am confident these will cost a small fortune a lot more then the 32.00 dollars we paid.


          Monday - Sunday 10.00am - 9.00pm

          Woodbury is open 364 days of the year, but is closed Christmas day. Public holidays and remembrance days may vary with opening times.

          So if you are in to designer brands this is the place to go, I managed to get a whole new wardrobe for just under 1000.00 dollars which at the time was a little over 500.00 pounds, oh plus the 300.00 dollar excess baggage fee.

          We brought so much and didn't think how we were going to get it back to the hotel, I can be very impulsive and think later. There was no problem we just put all of our shopping in the hold under the coach. We just made sure one of us was off the bus first to ensure nobody pinched it, we also tipped the driver 10.00 dollars because he was so nice about it

          All in all this was a lovely day and a great way to end the New York holiday, I was just glad I did it at the end of the break because I could have easily spent a lot more.

          We arrived at 10.00am in the morning walked around the complex to scan all the shops, at dinner time we sat and had a lovely meal at one of the many restaurants, this was a little bit pricey and you do need to tip the waiters, but I am sure I could have grabbed a cheap burger in one of the shops or restaurants, to save the pennies.

          The grey line coach runs every hour, so you can leave anytime you want to and these run until 9.00pm when the complex shuts, we left a 7.00pm and the place was still bouncing so you will need a whole day to visit the complex.


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            17.10.2006 21:42
            Very helpful



            If you are planning a visit to New York to shop, go here it will get you a lot more for your money.

            What do you love most about New York? Is it the fabulous architecture, the hustle of the busy city, the bright lights of times square of just the amazing sights??

            Well after visiting Woodbury Common you may not select any of the above but simply state SHOPPING!!!!!

            On my second visit to New York we had decided to make the trip to Woodbury Common as we had heard this mentioned so many times before on our last trip but never had the money to make the trip over there.

            **What is Woodbury Common?**

            It is a member of the Chelsea Premium Outlets group and is a much larger version of our McArthur Glen Outlets, so if any of you have read my previous review on Cheshire Oaks you will know that I was in heaven when I read up on Woodbury Common.

            Claiming to have over 220 branded stores the thought of it was getting my credit card crumbling with fear!

            **Where is Woodbury Common?**

            As a visitor to New York I recommend you book a ticket with Grayline Tours you will see these dotted about throughout the streets of New York wearing red bibs with Gray line tours on they tend to ask you "Do you like shopping?" if this gets asked your on to the right people!!

            A ticket cost us $37.00 dollars and this got us the coach trip from the Port Authority which is located just off Times Square on 42nd Street Avenue direct to the Outlet which is a 45 minute journey there and back and a discount booklet at the Information Desk when we presented our receipt fantastic if you ask me I love bargains!!

            If you are brave enough to hire a car though Woodbury Common is located on Route 32 in Central Valley just 1 hour from New York City, for directions I recommend using Mapquest.

            I do recommend the coach for a relaxing journey but a car for the boot space that you will need.
            If you do want the trip on the coach pre-book at www.keithprowsetickets.com

            **The Shops**

            There are so many shops it is unbelievable so I will list the ones I managed to visit:-

            Adidas, Aeropostale, Anne Klein, Ashworth - Callaway Golf
            Banana Republic, Barneys New York Outlet, Benetton, Burberry
            Calvin Klein, Caroline Herrera, Chanel, Claiborne Menswear
            Diesel, DKNY, Dolce and Gabbana, Donna Karan
            Escada, Esprit
            Fendi, French Connection
            Gap, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Guess
            Hugo Boss
            Juicy Couture
            Lacoste, Levi's Outlet, Liz Claiborne
            Miss Sixty
            Off 5th Saks Avenue
            Polo Jeans Co, Polo Ralph Lauren, Puma
            Tommy Hilfieger
            ValentinO, Versace
            Yves Saint Laurent

            There really are some amazing stores where everything is outlet price with discounts ranging from 35-75% of that price so you can snap up designer products for a fraction of the original retail price.

            **What did I buy?**
            I invested in 2 Tommy Hilfieger Sweaters with Anghora wool in the material for less that £15.00 each and it is very rare that you can find designer items as cheap as that in the UK.

            The Gap outlet was amazing I managed to buy my Niece a gorgeous pink sparkly dress for just £4.00 which is not available in the shops over here.

            I spent $70.00 in Polo Ralph Lauren Store and could of got so much more, in that I got a sweatshirt for my boyfriend a t-shirt, I got a Polo Shirt and a plain logo t-shirt for myself a real bargain!

            I got my boyfriend a Hugo Boss sleepset which was a t-shirt and boxers for just under $5.00!

            I was trying to stick to my budget and as I had finished most of my Christmas Shopping didn't need to buy all that much.

            The Levi's Outlet I spend $25.00 and came out with two pairs of Levi Jeans which were slight seconds but a bargain all the same.

            If you want bargains for designer wear I do recommend a visit, but plan a whole day into your itinerary as there is so much to actually see and do there and a whole host of places to eat.

            **Other Locations**
            There are Chelsea Premium Outlets located all over the United States and they include:-

            New York
            North Carolina
            New Jersey

            **Opening Hours**
            Opening hours can vary during holiday periods so it is always worthwhile checking general opening hours are 9am-9pm and believe me the time flys!!

            There are plenty of places to eat at Woodbury Common I opted for China Taste where I got a value meal for just under $10.00 this got me Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried rice and a large spring roll and soft drink, fantastic value for money and the food is pretty much cooked fresh. It is a small cafe area that has a fast food style order to it but the food is fantastic and you get so much it is difficult to finish!
            There is always a starbucks and McDonalds if you feel that you need to refuel!

            **Additional Services**
            There are plenty of toilets located around the shopping areas as well as Cash Machines.
            If you plan on taking Children there is a facility to hire a stroller for the day which saves space in the car/coach.
            There is also an onsite playground for when the children get fed up.
            Wheelchairs are also available for hire should they be required.


            Woodbury Common is a must for shopper holics and cannot recommend it enough, a whole day of shopping and I came back with so many bargains, yet New York itself I saw hardly anything as low in price even at the sale in Macy's.

            The queues are organised and there is hardly any waiting time as there are so many tills operating you whizz through.
            There are a great deal of bargains and is by far one of the best places that I have ever been too.

            Buses run frequently form the Port Authority to Woodbury Common so you never need worry about missing the bus home.

            A must to do in New York!!! Something for all ages


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