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Adventureland Indoor Play Centre (Merthyr Tydfil)

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2 Reviews

Address: UNIT 5 Viaduct House / Merthyr Industrial Park / Pentrebach CF48 4DR / Wales / Tel: 01443 692001

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    2 Reviews
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      31.10.2010 20:32
      Very helpful



      A fun place.

      My kids love Adventureland and having recently been to a party there I thought I would review it now whilst it's still fresh in mind.

      It's situated on an industrial estate in Pentrebach Merthyr Tydfil, and it's quite out of the way, unless you know about it, you wouldn't really know it was there!

      From the outside it doesn't really look much but once you go in through the doors, you are met with a bright fun looking place. There's a sofa in the corner and a few tables and chairs dotted around the front by the shop bit, where you can buy slushes, pop, crisps, sweets and even hot and cold food and a cuppa!
      I usually buy a toasted sandwich and a cuppa and settle down with a magazine whilst the kids are let loose to run riot!

      There's soft play areas for little ones and slides and climbing frames etc for the bigger kids (me included!). Like most of these indoor play areas the slide goes straight into a big ball pit and the kids love it!

      There's a place upstairs (made to look like a castle) where the children can sit to eat, I think this is mainly reserved for parties though.

      It's a nice place although a bit chaotic but thats part of the fun in places like this anyway!
      It's a nice clean place with a friendly atmosphere.

      Prices ~
      Under 1 year ~ Free
      Under 3 years ~ £1
      3 - 12 Years ~ £3
      Family ticket (2 adults, 3 children) £9

      For more info on food prices or party booking check ~


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        07.05.2010 04:08
        Very helpful



        BEDLAM BUT FUN!!

        Adventureland is a indoor soft play centre. Situated in Merthyr Tydfil, on an industrial estate. Adventureland is very decieving from the outside. It looks quite small, with a tiny entrance which leads to a cold and unimpressive welcome. However, as soon as you open the door at the end of the corridor, you will be shocked at the vast amount of floor space which awaits you.

        Adventureland has been a popular choice of an afternoon out in Merthyr Tydfil for over a decade. It's popularity declined a couple of years back with the opening of a rival indoor play centre. But adventureland held it's own and eventually clawed back it's popularity which rose dramatically when the rival play centre closed down.

        It is safe to say, that adventureland has improved greatly over the last 18 months. It has new owners, they have really turned the place around offering the introduction of new apparatus. The decor has also had a facelift and this has dramatically improved the appeal of the place. There are leather tub chairs and setee's placed throughout the area, which not only offers comfortable seating for adults but also helps to make the play centre appear proffesional and well designed.

        The play apparatus for the children is very impressive. Many new items such as a new bouncy castle have been incorporated into an already extensive amount of equipment.

        Great consideration has been taken in ensuring that all children's age groups have been catered for. This is evident when viewing the very popular toddler area, where every effort has been taken to provide soft and stimulating features for the smaller child. This includes a small inflatable slide which is accessed by soft steps. This is great for encouraging small childrens large motor movements. There is also a wonderful toddler ball pool, which is filled with brightly coloured soft plastic balls. I often find myself smiling at the faces of pure joy mixed with a small element of bewilderment of these toddlers when being placed in this ball pool.

        The older children have great big frameworks on which to play. This also includes one large red enclosed flume like slide. This is rather popular with the more adventurous, thrill seeking child. Throughout these large frameworks are various sections which will catch the child's attention and promote balancing, climbing and hand eye co ordination skills. All the equipment is brightly coloured and eyecatching.

        There has been a vast improvement in the quality of the equipment over the last year. Quite a lot of the equipment began to look out dated and indeed rather shabby. There was a distinct lack of items such as bikes and prams. The whole area began to loose it's appeal with me as I felt it was quite grubby and cold and damp. However since it's revamp it really has improved greatly. It is now much more attractive and I am really impressed with it's continuing commitment in striving to constantly improve.

        Apart from the leather furniture, there is also a rather large cafe seating area. This comprises of a number of small bistro tables and chairs. Even with all this seating, the play centre still has trouble accomodating the amount of people who use the facility during school holidays. It does become crazily busy, particularly on rainy days.

        Based along the back wall of the playcentre is a large shop counter. This is where beverages such as tea and coffee can be ordered. There is also a basic supply of sweets, chocolate bars and crisps. The prices for these goods I would say are very reasonable. They do not exploit there monopolising position in providing beverages. I can also state that the staff here make a really good cup of tea. It is not at all sophisticated. There is no fine bone china or crust removed sarnies. However the large bright coloured mugs used are adequate enough and offer a homely down to earth element which I love.

        On the tables in the cafe area, there are small menus. These menus compise of the food you would expect in this kind of establishment. There are chips and nuggets, fish fingers, sausage and burgers. Also there are a choice of jacket potatoes. It is worth noting, that while the food is freshly made to order and therefore piping hot. The quality is not the best. I have eaten here in the past and was far from impressed with the cheapness of the food. Also on busy periods, you will expect to wait a very long period of time before your food arrives. Due to the high volume of custom.

        I must point out though that although the food is not fantastic. The children seem to love it. I find that having a meal here makes the outing seem more of a treat. Also the food is very reasonable and certainly on a par with fast food restaraunts. Children's meals which include a drink will set you back about three pounds.

        Apart from everyday opening. There are also extra activities that are available for certain groups. There is a very popular mother and toddler group which allows parents to meet for a coffee while the children play and interact with one another. There is also a new art club which takes place a couple of mornings. Where the children are invited to take part in craft activities. The cost of these activities are very reasonable and provide excellent value for money. I have attended mother and toddler groups here in the past and there is alot of activities to occupy and stimulate the children.

        Apart from the toddler groups there are two birthday party options to chose from. Firstly you can pay £6.50 per guest and this allows your child to have full access of the facilities for their party. This includes party games, a seperate room for eating, a choice per child from the children's menu and a booty bag. I have used this party plan on more than one occasion and I have always been pleased with the service. All the hassle is taken out of your hands and apart from greeting guests all the hard work is carried out by the very competent staff. Who work really hard in order to ensure all children are well entertained.

        The other party option, is a fairly new concept within this play centre. Basically you can have sole exclusive hire of the entire play centre for two hours. This means that you can invite atleast 50 guests. You have to supply the buffet type food and there are two members of staff to assist. All this is offered for £90. I think this is exceptional value. The only drawback is that this option is only available from 7 till 9 in the evening. I find this to be quite late for young children. However as a treat, I think this party option is excellent.

        If there are any negative comments regarding adventureland I would have to pass remark on the toilet facilities. They do need updating and are quite shabby. This is a shame as it really lets the ambience of the environment down. Also on busy periods the toilets do become a bit untidy. This is also the case regarding the table area in the cafe. I do think more staff should be availabe in order to ensure areas are kept clean and tidy.

        All in all though I would say that this indoor play area, offers a fun packed few hours. My children love it and I find it allows them to let off energy and have good exercise. I personally love to find a quiet corner of a sofa. Take my book and allow them to play to their hearts content.

        The price of admission for adults who accompany children is free.
        children 0-3 £1
        chilldren 3 upwards £3


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