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Bamboo Hair and Beauty (Brighton)

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8 Richmond Parade / Brighton BN2 9PH / East Sussex

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2011 00:15
      Very helpful



      Worth trying.

      My sister is getting married next year and I am one of her bridesmaids. We had a small misunderstanding about what dress I would be wearing and I was under the mistaken impression that I would be wearing a backless dress. As far as I'm concerned she can put me in a bikini and I would endure the embarrassment if it made her big day perfect for her so I didn't mention all of my anxieties about my back. Not only would I have to make sure that it was toned, I also needed to make sure that the skin was clear and beautiful. So, I found Bamboo, a hair and beauty salon in Brighton that offers a back polish for the reasonable (compared to other places in Brighton) price of £45 plus 15% student discount.

      Booking an appointment at Bamboo proved to be difficult. I kept calling and getting the answer machine. Eventually I left a message (which I try to avoid doing) and then another message and finally I got fed up of no one getting back to me and stopped in on my way home from work. The woman recognised my name and told me that she had responded to my messages but I'm not sure if this is true or not. She said that she left a message for me and unless she got the wrong number I can't understand how this could be true. I managed to get an appointment for the following week but only because I could be so flexible. Bamboo is a small salon and I think they tend to be very busy so booking ahead is essential.

      When I arrived for my appointment I was greeted by a pleasant, friendly woman who offered me a seat while I waited and got me a glass of water. I was immediately made to feel welcome and at ease, which I think is always really important at beauty salons. I think that other than perhaps your doctor, the most intimate professional relationship you're likely to have is with your beautician, after all when you have massages you take your clothes off, Hollywood and Brazilian waxes they're touching in places you wouldn't usually expect a stranger to. Therefore it's really important for me to feel comfortable with the beautician.

      The room that I had the massage in was very nice. It was small, which I like. I can't stand feeling too exposed in these rooms and it had a really personal feel to it. The temperature in the room was perfect and the whole thing seemed to have comfort in mind. The beautician even made sure to check with me that the room was at the right temperature before the treatment began, which I thought was nice and considerate.

      I wasn't quite sure what a back polish included but before she started the beautician explained to me that it would be a back scrub and then a massage. The treatment involved her putting the back scrub on me, massaging it in for a couple of minutes and then washing it off. Following this there was a back, neck and shoulder massage. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed with the back polish. If I had known it was just a back scrub I would have asked a friend to do it for me. Following the treatment my back felt slightly smoother and I think that with continued use of this treatment it would have certainly looked a lot clearer but not any more so than when I use one of those back scrubber things in the shower. It's certainly not worth paying for. I had assumed that the back massage would be part of the polish, perhaps using some kind of body lotion to give my back a polished look. It wasn't. She just used the usual massage oils. The massage was very good. She really worked out the knots. I can't stand massages that are too gentle, it feels good at the time but is ultimately useless and she wasn't too gentle but she also wasn't really rough. I felt that she managed to work out the knots while still making me feel relaxed. It was an enjoyable experience and I left feeling very relaxed but I was disappointed with the back polish.

      I'm going to give Bamboo 3 stars. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and the massage was lovely but I felt that the back polish was a let down. The reason why I decided not to try Bamboo again was just that it was so difficult to make an appointment with them. I was planning on booking myself in for other treatments but I just don't have time to keep calling when there are other salons close by that are easier to book with.


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