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  • Cool Bond spoof
  • Bit long
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    53 Reviews
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      30.03.2016 19:20


      • "Cool Bond spoof"


      • "Bit long"

      Kingsmen - A film I saw here!

      Star – Colin Firth
      Genre – Action
      Run Time – 129 minutes
      Certificate – 18
      Country – U.K
      Awards – 6 Wins & 19 Nominations
      Amazon – £5.00 DVD (Blue Ray £9.99)
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      So in 2015 we had to rather enjoyable 007 spoofs, Kingsman: The secret Service and ‘Spy’. Spy was very funny and didn’t go too over the top with the Bond spoof whereas that is exactly where Kingsman is going at full speed.

      The star of this one, Colin Firth, based his performance on David Niven's Bond from the 1967 comedy Casino Royale, and his performance is terrific fun. The original Casino Royale was the original Bond spoof. There have been many spy spoofs since, Spies Like Us good fun, Spy with Eddie Murphy and Owen Wilson not so good.

      It’s from director/writer team Mathew Vaughan and Jane Goldman (Mrs Jonathan Ross), the busty dyed redhead of The Woman in Black, Kickass and the later XMen movie screenplays. Vaughan is more behind the lens with Kickass and Xmen and bought us the rather enjoyable Layer Cake, which introduced us to Daniel Craig and Layer Cake introduced him as the next 007, so your reviewer coming full circle with his opening two paragraphs. We are also introduced to a young star here in Taron Egerton, who, for unknown reasons, doesn’t get his name on the DVD cover but steels the movie.


      • Taron Egerton as Gary "Eggsy" Unwin.
      • Colin Firth as Harry Hart / Galahad
      • Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine
      • Mark Strong as Merlin
      • Michael Caine as Chester King / Arthur
      • Sophie Cookson as Roxanne "Roxy" Morton
      • Sofia Boutella as Gazelle
      • Samantha Womack as Michelle Unwin, Eggsy's mother
      • Geoff Bell as Dean
      • Edward Holcroft as Charlie Hesketh,
      • Mark Hamill as James Arnold
      • Jack Davenport as Lancelot
      • Tom Prior as Hugo, a Kingsman candidate
      • Jack Cutmore-Scott as Rufus Saville, a Kingsman candidate
      • Lily Travers as Lady Sophie


      Professor James Arnold (Mark Hamill) is in demand, an assortment of special agents from around the world sent to ‘collect him’ from his mountain location in the Swiss Alps. His work is of great interest to many powerful people. Eventually Agent Gazzelle (Sofia Boutella) wins out with her razor sharp weaponry for her sinister boss and internet billionaire Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson).

      Back in London an extremely covert group of agents known as The Kingsman, a modern day Knights of the Round Table organization headed by Chester King / Arthur (Michael Caine) needs to recruit and train a new agent after the death of one of their own, Lancelot (Jack Davenport), sliced in half trying to procure the professor. They see themselves as the last resort to protect Britain, so secretive that even MI5&MI6 don’t know about them, funded by Britain’s most noblest of families.

      In a council estate in East London we meet baseball capped ‘chav’ Gary "Eggsy" Unwin (Taron Egerton), the son of a Kingsman, but his dad lost in action when he was small. When visited by a senior Kingsman just after dad died, mother (Samantha Womack) and son were given a medal with a number on the back of it, one they can call whenever they need a favor, as long as they quote the secret codeword on the phone. Well Eggsy may need that favor as he just got locked up for joyriding in the local thug’s car and ramraiding a police car in the process. That local thug’s best mate is mom’s violent boyfriend Dean (Geoff Bell).

      Eggsy knows the codeword and rings the number on the back of the medal he proudly wears around his neck. A smartly dressed man Harry Hart (Colin Firth) springs Eggsy from jail and the two share a beer to commemorate his father’s bravery. He saved Harts life and many more Kingsman in Afghanistan and the favor is returned now. Whilst drinking in Eggsy’s local, in comes Dean and his mob, ready to give Eggsy a hiding for stealing the car. The Kingsman steps in and kicks their butts. Eggsy is impressed at what his dad must have been.

      Later that week Hart has a gut feeling for Eggsy and decides to invite him to the Kingsman training program at a big house in the country. There he meets the other trainees, all from good schools and ready to tease him about his chaviness. The training is super tough and one will be chosen, Kingsman Merlin (Mark Strong) the one who will decide.

      Meanwhile megalomaniac Valentine plans to give away free simcards to the whole world that will give them free calls and internet forever so everybody in his hue. Not surprisingly pretty much everyone takes up the offer. But the Kingsman know he has an ulterior motive and soon on the case. Valentine is none the wiser about the Kingsman yet and so both Hart and Valentine decide to get to know each other. Meanwhile it’s down to Roxanne "Roxy" Morton (Sophie Cookson) who will be the next Kinsman to help take down Valentine as his plan falls into place.


      I have to say I really enjoyed this. The trailer looked poor and so I left it for a bit but it was genially funny and Colin Firth the best fun sending up his upper class and the 007 spy genre. It’s more comic book styling from Mathew Vaughan and a solid fun script from Goldberg. Samuel L Jackson really hams it up for effect as the villain and not a bad turn by young Welsh actor Taron Egerton playing the East London chav. In some ways there are echoes of the equally fun Kick Ass here but that’s no bad thing. The comic book style appeals to a world-wide audience and the big studios under pressure to make big bucks on these special affects action movies. For its mid budget $81 million dollars this did a decent $414 million back. The studio will be very pleased with that number.

      The violence is comical so it ok for the family to watch together and plenty of cheeky jokes for mum and dad, as there are puerile moments for young teenagers. It’s Just a good fun spoof to counter the absurd hype for the Daniel Craig movies that are becoming a parody of the Bond genre and so fully deserving of this send up. I really enjoyed the church massacre seen here and the homage to Bond and spy genre moments of the past. There are quite a few good set pieces as the clichés are sent up one by one. It’s surprisingly good fun and one to watch. It’s a bit long at two hours and no need for that so maybe a tea break at half time folks.


      Imdb.com – 7.8/10.0 (386,324votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 74%critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – 59%critic’s approval


      ===Special Features===

      -Novel to the Screen: The Education of a Super Spy-

      Cast & Crew talk up the movie and backslapping all around and well deserved.


      Sun Online –‘The real plaudits, however, go to Vaughn. From Layer Cake, to Kick-Ass, to this, he consistently delivers dynamic, stylish, in-your-face cinema. Bloody brilliant. More badass than Bond’.

      The Mail –‘Kingsman: The Secret Service delivers a raucous collision of comic book action and British espionage tropes’.

      What Culture –‘Kick-Ass with spies, literally’.

      GQ Magazine –‘Once the machine fully kicks into gear, the final third is a rebellious, freewheeling delight’.

      The Telegraph –‘Kingsman: The Secret Service may lack the sophistication of its peers, but damned if it doesn't know how to have a good time’.

      Scotsman –‘The film uses its preposterous plot to wink at the preposterous nature of the genre, but also to turn it into compelling spectacle in an age in which endless city-leveling destruction has robbed action cinema of genuine craziness’.



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      09.09.2013 19:44
      Very helpful



      Great value for any cinema fan, best cinema i have been to in London.

      I regularly visit the cinema and the cinema i am reviewing is the Cine world Cinema at West India Quay in London.

      I have been to many cinemas in London from the Odeon at Leicester Square to Vue at Islington. I haven't been very impressed by these cinemas due to the price and at how busy they are. Fed up with these cinemas i decided to try out Cineworld.

      West India Quay Cineworld

      Location: Herstmere Road, West India Quay, London E14 4AL
      Nearest tube station: West India Quay

      The Cinema is located in a big modern skyscraper building and has typical decor of any Cineworld Cinema. The cinema has ten screens across two floors. . The views from the cinema are beautiful and through the glass you can see Canary Wharf. The surrounding area is great and lively restaurants and pubs can be found within a 2 minute walk from the cinema.

      The prices are very reasonable for watching a film in London. Most films are priced at around the 6-8 pound range and theirs discounts for families and students. I book my tickets on the internet and you receive an extra 10% discount and pay no booking fees, unlike Odeon and Vue which charge booking fees. Ordering tickets is extremely easy, they send you a booking reference which you take to the cinema to collect your tickets.

      The seats in the cinema are very comfortable and there is plenty of leg room. The screens are big and the sound quality is very good. The cinema is very clean and tidy and the staff are very friendly and polite. For a London cinema it is very quiet it must be said. The last time i visited was to watch About Time on a Wednesday and there was only around 20 people watching the film which was very pleasant.

      The only downside i'd say is that food and drink is very expensive likewise of any cinema. The food and drink is very overpriced. Cineworld also state that hot food cannot be taken into the cinema e.g. McDonald's and i have read other reviews stating that they are fussy with people taking in their own shop bought sweets and drinks. I have had no problem however but i think it cares to be discreet.

      Cine world also offer an unlimited cinema card which is worth considering for any film fanatic. The card costs £15.90 a month. The card entitles unlimited access to watch films at CineWorld cinema and 10 % discount on food and drink in the cinema. This is very generous and i know a lot of my friends have bought this card.

      I have been very impressed with Cine World cinemas and if you live in London i would advise you to go to the West India Quay CineWorld.


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        06.02.2011 23:37
        Very helpful



        A bargain for what is essentially a well-used pleasant if slightly soulless cinematic experience.

        Edinburgh's Cineworld is a multiplex cinema located in a large complex at Fountainbridge, a venue as lacking in personality as the chain restaurants, bars and bingo hall that surrounds it. It's all very cold and commercial, aimed largely at drawing in the masses to big cinematic releases.
        As you've probably guessed it's not my favourite cinema in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is lucky as it has a nice variety of venues to watch your films in and there are at least two which are better than Cineworld. There is the classy Filmhouse, which largely shows art house films and the cosy Cameo which shows a comfortable mix of mainstream, foreign and art house releases. I can say that nothing really beats sinking into the amazing Cameo seats and watching a film in a cinema which you could imagine your granny going to when she was a little girl. It is typically retro, decked out like an old theatre with busts and columns and has a nice little bar where you can get icecream and drinks.
        However, I cannot afford to pay single admission fees to see films on a regular basis, particularly at £7.00 per adult ticket and the Cameo and the Filmhouse don't show a lot of mainstream releases that I would like to see. Instead I have ended up traipsing somewhere over a mile to go to my 'local' Cineworld (This is a 40 minute walk as I am too cheap for Edinburgh buses and like to justify the 2 hours or so plonked on my bum by exercising my legs). So why would I travel a whole 40 minutes to see a film when I've got a Vue cinema just 10 minutes up the road? Why would I go to another soul-less location when I could opt for the beauty that is the Cameo?

        *~UNLIMITED ACCESS (almost)~*

        The reason I go to Cineworld is because of the Unlimited card. It costs £13.50 a month. This probably seems like quite a lot to pay for the cinema and you are contracted to pay this for a year. You really need to make sure you have a steady income and are willing to commit yourself to the deal. On the other hand, if you are a big film fan like me then what you pay is well worth it. Even a student ticket at Cineworld seemed steep to me (£5.10) but now I am a graduate I'd be paying £7.90 per film! So just by seeing 2 films a month you're saving money. I must admit that if you were only to pay to see one film, Cineworld has some of the highest prices amongst the cinema chains out there so if you only go to the cinema occasionally I'd recommend the Odeon, Vue or elsewhere. Before I got my Unlimited Card I sometimes got dragged to Cineworld because my friends had the card, which I resented slightly because I could to see the same film for less elsewhere. However, just see what peer pressure does! My friends really wanted me to be able to go to the cinema with them more often and they convinced me quite easily that an Unlimited Card was the way to go.

        The cinema for me is an immensely enjoyable experience. I have always been a huge fan of film but before I got my Unlimited card had to be highly selective about what I spent my money on. I didn't want to see a stinker after paying £5.10. However, now I can see whatever I want to see which is lovely, although I won't see anything I am sure will be crap (Films like Epic Movie and Vampires Suck were avoided). Nevertheless, the card has meant that I've seen gems of films that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise - films like 500 Days of Summer, Morning Glory and A Single Man.
        The card has also made nights out with my friends more affordable as it encourages us to use the cinema. We don't spend too much time wasting our money in bars. In fact, the most we'll have to spend outside the £13.50 is £1.50 for 3D films (80p extra for 3D glasses) and any drinks/sweets we decide to sneak in. For a while the extra cost for 3D films really bothered me. I mean how can you be allowed to see as many films as you want and then spend £1.50 on 3D?! I could quite easily see 18 or more films that are at the Fountainpark cinema right now in the space of a couple of weeks and only have to pay my £13.50. In fact there have been weeks where we've ended up seeing double features (this works really well if you time it perfectly) although I've drawn the line at triple features (there's only so much time you can spend in front of a big screen). So in that way the extra cost doesn't seem to make sense but I suppose they have to do that because 3D cinema is expensive. However, I think any adult who spends £10.80 for a 3D film with glasses at that cinema is a bit of a dupe. I don't even earn that much in an hour of my current job!
        Anyhow, I'm just glad I don't have to spend ridiculous amounts like this. With my Unlimited Card the cinema has become a thoroughly enjoyable experience - not a perfect one but enjoyable all the same...


        So you've got your Unlimited Card or cash and you get to the queue at the front desk. The one thing I like about the Fountainpark cinema is that the staff are all really friendly. It seems like most of them are students and for some reason I find that student employees are often the friendliest (maybe I am wrong but that's just what experience tells me). They are smiley and say hello and are pretty courteous. For example, the other night I went in with a plastic bag which had my work uniform in it. They said I couldn't go in with it. This was a bit of an inconvenience I'll admit and a bit humorous as my handbag was the onee thing they probably would have wanted to confiscate considering it had a bottle of Irn Bru and 2 bags of sweets in it). So I gave it over to them to put in their back room and was given a ticket. Now because we were doing a late double feature we didn't come out of our showing until the back of one. When I got out I couldn't find anyone to get my bag so I went back into the screening room. In the screening I found myself a lovely young chap who very kindly offered to get my bag for me, with no grumbles. I thought it was very nice of him considering he had a whole cinema to de-litter. It seems like most of the cinema staff there are as courteous as he is.

        *~Ohhhhhh LEGROOM~*

        The cinema itself is a positive experience. They have a good amount of legroom especially if you sit yourself in first row of the second section where the barrier is (you can also put your feet up). The seats are comfortable enough. I think it would be nice if you had the option to have more comfortable seats. This is an advantage of the Vue - you have the option to sit in VIP seats. I've done this once and it was pleasant enough if a little overrated. You also don't have any under 18s in the auditorium to bother you if you opt for Gold Class. I guess this is something that could bother you on cinema outings. I suppose I'm just lucky but I've hardly ever had any real issue with children at the cinema (theatres seem to be worse offenders). We often go to the cinema later on at night or during school hours so this probably helps.
        So even without VIP seats or other privileges, I would say that my cinema experience tends to be a pleasant one, unmarred by cramped legs and obnoxious young ones.

        *~CAN THEY DO NO WRONG?~*

        As much as I enjoy Cineworld, it is not without its faults. For a start, it tends to ignore more obscure and/or independent films. If they believe that a film is not big enough and therefore not commercially viable then they sometimes have the tendency not to show it. This happened when 'Easy Virtue' came out. I ended up going to the Filmhouse to see it and I'm glad I did. It was a charmer of a film starring Jessica Biel, Ben Barnes and the delightful Colin Firth. It would be nice if Cineworld could acknowledge films like this a little more.
        Another annoyance is that if you do decide to buy the food it is vile and overpriced. I have never been one for popcorn so I couldn't tell you how good it is. However, I have tried the hotdogs and nachos and was far from pleased. The hotdog just tastes cheap. The nachos taste both cheap and nasty. The cheese sauce tastes like feet and the nachos themselves are like cheap Doritos. Now nachos are not a difficult thing to do well so I struggle to understand how they can allow them to be that AWFUL. I would love to speak to Mr or Mrs Cineworld themselves and ask why they think it's ok for something to taste so bad and expect profitable sales. Sometimes I am in the mood for overpriced cinema food - but I draw the line at buying overpriced crap!
        The last gripe I have with the cinema is that Unlimited customers cannot prebook. I really believe we should be allowed to do this. If we did this then it'd just mean that our tickets were a different colour or something and we could show our card quickly to prove we had Unlimited Cards. If the staff did their job then no one would be able to abuse this system.


        What Cineworld have done is that they've taken a film lover and turned them into a film fanatic. We have no TV license and consequently have no television programmes broadcast into our flat and so Cineworld provides my flatmates and I with a collective viewing experience that goes beyond DVDs and BBC Iplayer. This is great as I love film. I have a subscription to Empire magazine (courtesy of Clubcard Rewards - thank you Tesco), I have both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB bookmarked on Firefox and I'm always on the look out for new films. I can therefore say that £13.50 a month is, to me, a bargain for what is essentially a well-used pleasant if slightly soulless cinematic experience.

        *~Thank you for reading my review :-) x~*

        *~Also published on Ciao under username Renza - February 2011~*


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          29.11.2010 17:14
          Very helpful



          Love the films, hate everything else about the cineworld experience.

          Cineworld is pretty much the only cinema I use. I have used the one located in Milton Keynes and the one in Bedford. They are my regular cinema's. I have quite a few complaints about this place.. The only good thing is the actual film everything else is pretty much terrible. Allow me to go into detail on a normal visit to Cineworld:

          Enter Cineworld and start queing for a ticket (another alternative is to call up and pre book tickets then pay via the machine in the cinema. This process normally takes a while as it is all voice recognition and it doesn't always hear what you say. Needless to say it can get quite frustrating. Also loads of people abuse this service and order student tickets as there is no way for them to check wether you are a student or not over the phone and more often than not they dont even check at the cinema). Ok so once you have queued to get your ticket or paid at the machine the next step is to start queing for snacks.. This bit frustrates me to high heaven, It seems to take the staff absolutely ages to get through the queue and you are normally greeted in a dull manner as if you are a hassle to them. The snack & drink prices are also somewhat extortionate in my eyes.

          Lastly when actually watching the film you some times get idiots being noisey and ruining your film enjoyment. Cineworld never have staff checking this. The only time they actually do anything is if you go and find a staff member... which means leaving your seat and missing the film. This has happened about 3 times out of the 5 times I've visited in the last few months. Not me personally getting a security guard but some one else has cus there has been idiots ruining the film for people. It was some what of a relief that some one did this. The security normally just stand there for about 10 minutes then go again... I think they should enforce stricter punishment and evict the offending individuals who have no respect for other viewers.

          The other gripe I have is that the seating isnt very well spaced out at all. I'm around 6'3 and start getting severly uncomfortable about half way through the film due to not being able to stretch out. Toilets are also a bit annoying in that they are situated right at the entrance of the cinema so if you need to pee half way through a film your probably going to miss around 10 minutes of it. It can't be helped sometimes. When I saw Lord of the Rings which is like 3 hours long we all had big drinks and sure enough half way through everyone needed to pee which meant missing some of the film.

          Overall Cineworld is not a great experience how ever the films are good - especially the 3d ones! I go to Cineworld simply because there isn't a closer alternative near me. The experience is just about bareable. The Cinema screen and film isn't the issue, its just pretty much everything else. Hate Cineworld with a passion but not really anywhere else close by to go and watch a film.


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          18.08.2010 14:28



          A review of the Enfield branch

          The Enfield Cineworld branch has the most consistently appalling customer service of any place I've ever been.

          The queues are frequently enormous, which is to be expected at peak times, but the cinema does not bother to increase the number of staff on the ticket desks to help with this. Another reviewer has complained that the staff aren't overly friendly, just focussed on selling tickets as quickly as possible. I have never noticed the ticket desk staff being in a hurry to do anything. They lounge around chatting while the queues are out the door. They have never smiled at me, and only occasionally look me in the eye.

          I went to see a film yesterday scheduled to start at 8.20pm which eventually started at 9.15pm. According to staff this was partly due to a problem with the projector, and partly due to the fact that the film shown before ours was new, so the staff didn't know how long it was going to be and so it didn't finish until 8.35. Don't know about you but that's the biggest load of rubbish I've ever heard. This information was passed to us by an employee who wandered into the screen at about 9pm, leaned on the railings at the front and sighed "well, I spose you all wanna know why the films delayed......" This is a good example of their general attitude.

          Apart from this the cinema is much like any other, with nothing to particularly recommend it with the exception of their Unlimited card - for £13.50/month you can see as many films as you want. This is the cinema's only saving grace and the only reason I still go. I'm a big fan of cinema so I take a deep breath and subject myself to this branch once a week. If you love films the Unlimited card a great deal - just don't expect a relaxing and pleasant evening if you go to Enfield. You have to be a serious film fan to put up with that place.


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          10.06.2010 23:05
          Very helpful



          A superb cinema

          Before having my daughter, and a subsequent lack of a social life, I adored going to the cinema, and found it a fantastic release and somewhere to totally lose myself for a couple of hours.

          Although I love small independent cinemas, they are few and far between these days, and while I hate to admit it they are usually a bit decrepit and have the disadvantage of sporting tiny theatres and screens. While this lends to the atmosphere, there are times when only a multiplex will do and a giant screen wins out.

          With this in mind I nearly always chose to frequent my local Cineworld which is based in Crawley, West Sussex.

          As I have not been for some time, I cannot remember exactly how many screens this complex has, but there are loads and it is a large, well laid out cinema. As well as having multiple screens, there is a well stocked snack area, churning out the usual popcorn, drinks, sweets and ice creams.

          Everyone always says that cinema food is overpriced, and of course that's true, but I can't resist it and always look forward to scoffing a large tub of popcorn and slurping an enormous bucket of Coke. Maybe I'm being too frivolous but to me it's all part of the cinema experience, which is a rare treat, so why not enjoy it in its entirety?

          Cineworld Crawley has massive screens in its main theatres but even the smaller ones are pretty substantial. The seats, while standard, are comfortable and there is plenty of legroom. There is a bar upstairs and a lift, as well as plenty of free parking directly outside.

          Ticket prices are fairly average, with a peak adult one costing £7.10, and the child equivalent priced at £5.70. This price also applies to seniors and students.

          My daughter is far too young at the moment, but when she has more of an appreciation I look forward to taking her to the 'Movies for Juniors' slots on Saturday mornings, as children are just £1.00. The cinema also shows a lot of Bollywood films, which are always well suscribed.

          I really can't knock Cineworld at all. Yes it gets very busy, yes it is slightly impersonal, but it has the advantage of offering a great service, friendly staff and decent, modern and clean facilities.

          Suits me, not that I get much of a chance these days!


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          16.05.2010 11:11
          Very helpful



          I will definatly go again

          As an avid movie viewer there can be no better experience than settling down to watch a long anticipated film on the big screen.
          But when you have a number of phobias as I do such as crowds of people and claustraphobia oh and theres also the fear of not being able to get out of the place then you wonder is it really worth the stress of going and you may as well wait for the film to be released onto dvd.
          My local cinema is a brand spanking new odeon which you have to travel up two lots of moving stairs so the chances of not getting a panic attack are very slim hence my cinema visits recently have been very few and far between.

          When I was given some vouchers for cineworld I booked online for the Chester cinema which is a ten mile drive.
          OK the cinema is not the most modern looking and could maybe do with a bit of a spruce up but it was clean and tidy.
          The staff were pretty helpful when I couldnt print my tickets and was able to get the problem sorted out by the ticket staff.
          There was the usual sweet and drink stall which we never use as they are always over priced and there were signs in the cinema stating you were not to consume your own food on the premises.
          The sound and picture quality were good and another point I thought was good was it was not hot and stuffy and I would definatly recomend visiting cineworld.
          You can book your tickets online but there is a small charge for this however if you are going to see a newly released movie and are travelling a distance then this is worth while doing.
          On the whole I would definatly visit cineworld again, its how cinemas should be.


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          27.03.2010 23:11
          Very helpful



          Worth the trip, especially on a Tuesday!

          I am a huge film fan and have been going to the cinema for years now, I enjoy the whole experience and I have to admit the main thing I enjoy is when the cinema is not packed, which luckily is what I get from my local Cineworld. I can accept that this is not the case for many of the cinema's so will review the cinema as a whole.

          Cineworld offer your standard cinema seat, they are normally well kept by their staff and I have never noticed any rubbish on the floor or a problem with my seat. They also keep up to date with all the other cinemas on their release dates and removal of films. The pricing from Cineworld is also pretty much your standard.

          One of the main things I like about Cineworld is that they offer you a discount on a Tuesday evening and a weekday if you attend during the day. I work full time and have used the 'Bargain Tuesday' several times now, where tickets are reduced to nearly half price at £4.20.

          The cinema also offers your normal refreshments such as popcorn, drinks and sweets and they are to the normal standard. As always in the cinema though they are very pricey.

          The cinema is very standard and doesn't have some of the glam features such as a gallery for 'posh' viewing but does show 3d showings on release.

          Overall I would recommend Cineworld cinemas as they do the job which you are expecting, even better if you visit on a Tuesday.

          4/5 for an ok cinema.


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          27.03.2010 00:35
          Very helpful



          Overall a fantastic chain cinema and definitely one of my favourites

          I'm a massive film fan and enjoy seeing new releases at the cinema with my boyfriend or friends. My local cinema is a 13 screen Cineworld and I usually visit it a few times a month. Cineworld cinemas are a chain company that have theatres right around the UK and are also the second largest cinema chain.

          I'm lucky in that the Cineworld by me is such a large complex, not all of them are, with some having around four screens. Having such a large cinema means that it shows a wide range of films which are played frequently throughout the day, so you can pretty much turn up anytime you want and pick a film you'd like and go straight in! I don't actually do this, but you could easily do it if you suddenly decided you fancied a film.

          Prices for all cinemas tend to be based on the region they are based in. For example, London prices tend to be much higher than those in a small town, as there is less demand. I live in an average sized city and I feel that I pay a very fair price. As a student when I visited the two tiems this week I paid £4.70 on each occassion, though on the website for my local it actually says £5, so I'm unsure whether this has changed in the past few days. This is the same price for both children and seniors as well. Adults can expect to pay between £6.20 and £7.10 according to the website, dependent on the time that you visit. You can expect to pay aropund an extra £2 if tou wish to watch a 3d film, with 3d glasses costing an extra 80p on top of this.

          Cineworld also offers an Unlimited Card, which allows you to watch as many films as you like each month for a set price. It costs from £13.50 per month (it costs more if tyou want to be able to view films at specific cinemas in London, so totals at either £168 or £192 per year. This may sound like a lot, but if you are seeing several films a month then I think it's a pretty good deal! For example if as an adult you watch four films each month, that's going to cost you £28; so you are definitely getting a good deal! When I eventuall;y get into full time work, I'll probably go for this opition, but presently as a student I wouldn't want the responsibility of paying it each month. There also isn;t a Cineworld local to me in Bristol like there is at home in Newport.

          Cineworld also takes part in Orange Wednesdays. This deal allows you to get two cinema tickets for the price of one (which is an absolute bargain!). To take part in the offer you need an orange phone and text 'FILM' to '241'. You will be sent a code, which must be read out at the ticket booth to claim your free ticket. Just so you know, if you don't have an orange phone, just get a friend to get the details and forward the text to you. As long as they have the code, that's all that matters.

          For me, the prices also compare very well with other cinemas. My local in Bristol charges £5.70 I believe for a student ticket, and far more for a regular adult one. I have been to cheaper cinemas, where prices for a student ticket have been about £3.70, but they are very small, show hardly any of the released films and offer very little in terms of snacks. You do pay for what you get.

          Like almost all cinemas, Cineworld takes part in the snack 'bar'. My local Cineworld offers a vast array of pic'n'mix, Ben and Jerry's icecream, other icecreams such as Cornettos and Magnums, the usual sweet and salted popcorn, toffee popcorn, bags of chocolate, bags of sweets, hot dogs, cold drinks, hot drinks and slush drinks. They are pretty steep with their prices mind! My friend paid £7.20 for a hot dog and drink this week, and I paid £2.50 for about 500ml of fanta. You aren';t supposed to take your own stuff in, but I usually put a drink in my bag!

          Our Cineworld also has a bar upstairs where you can relax and have a drink before or after the film (dependent on the time that you go). I've never taken advantage of this before, but it's a pretty nice idea and probably good if you are out on a date, as you can't really talk at a cinema otherwise.

          I've always found the screening rooms to be very clean. After each showing cleaners always go into each screen and remove all the rubbish. The seats are comfortable, even for films which run well into a few hours. They are spaced at a good distance apart from each other, so if you are sat by a stranger, you don't feel like you are invading theit personal space, or them yours. There is ample leg room as well. There are a variety of different sized screens; the biggest films tend to take pride of place in the largest screens, whilst less popular, or films nearing the end of their showing date tend to be shown in the smaller screens. The quality of the picture on the screen has always been excellent, as has the sound.

          Only once have I not been able to see a film I've wanted to see due to tickets being sold out. If you are worried about this happening, you can book tickets online for almost all showings. I've done this a couple of times, but everytime I've done it, I really needn't have worried, as there have always been quite a few seats empty. There is a booking fee for each ticket you book online, which I believe to be 60p. You can collect your tickets at the cinema, either at the ticket booth or at self-service collection machines. Make sure you take a print out of the details of your booking though. We had to use the ticket booth one time, due to the machine not working, and we would not have gotten our tickets had we not had the printout to hand.

          My local Cineworld has a fantastic parking area. It is very large and accommodates everyone. You may have to park a little way away from the cinema, but it's still only a minute or two to walk to the cinema itself. It is also well lit, which always puts my mind at rest.

          I'd definitely highly recommend this cinema and it is certainly one of my favourites.


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            15.02.2010 02:51
            Very helpful




            We usually visit the cinama 2 or 3 times a month and depending on what's on and what start times are helps us decide whether we use Showcase cinema at Teesside park or Cineworld in Middlesbrough.

            On arriving at the cinema the first thing i found was if it's a busy night you might have to queue outside on the street as the foyer is not that large and the queue is designed to go out the door not kept inside to use the available space, once inside the small foyer area most of the space is taken up by the zigzag queue fencing leading to several ticket desks, on the other side is a rather expensive Ben & Jerrys ice-cream stall, there is no seating in this area and you cant go beyond here without your ticket.

            Once you have your ticket and move on you come to the very expensive snacks/sweets kiosk, 4 screens and some toilets on the ground floor, go up the escalator one flight and you come to the bar which i think looks very sparse and not very relaxed for some reason, up the escalator again to the top floor and you have yet more screens and toilets, each screening room is quite small but the screen is a good size, the seating is well set out with a big forward slope so no big heads in front get in your way, there is plenty of leg room and the seats are roomy enough bit could do with a bit more padding.

            On a whole the building is quite clean and tidy and in good condition, the toilets always seem to be very clean, the staff are courteous and usually have a smile for you and security staff are visible although i have never seen any trouble here.

            The Good
            Always a good choice of films showing
            Good size screens
            Roomy seating/ lots of leg room
            Clean and tidy
            Good/safe atmosphere

            The Bad
            Very expensive snacks and sweets
            You might have to queue outside
            No seating in main foyer
            Seats a bit hard
            Can be a bit chilly in cinema

            A Bit More Info
            Adult (after 5pm all week) £6.90
            Adult (before 5pm all week) £5.90
            Child (14 & Under) £5.30
            Senior/Student £5.30
            Family (after 5pm all week) £21.40
            Family (before 5pm all week) £19.40
            Movies for Juniors (Sat am) £1.00
            Early Bird (before 12 noon) £4.80
            Weekend prices apply to Bank Holidays
            Adult - additional £1.90 for 3D films
            Child/Student/Senior/Unlimited - an additional £1.30 for 3D films
            Family Ticket - an additional £5.00 per family ticket for 3D films
            3D Glasses 80p per pair

            As part of a large chain of cinema's all are designed pretty much the same with varying amounts of screens depending on the size and location of the building, they is also a list of features/facilities available at some Cineworld and not others so it's best to check the website to find out if your local has any of the following features: 3D, Advanced screenings, Audio description, Bar, Deluxe, Digital, Disabled access/parking, Guide dogs allowed, Subtitles, Venue hire and VIP facilities.

            I know lots of people feel like it's cheating in some way to take your own sweets to the cinema but for me it's take my own or do without, there is no way on earth i am paying over £2 for a 500ml bottle of Coke that is 50p in HomeBargains! Or £3 for a £1.50 bag of sweets, Take Your Own Sweets/Drink!


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              13.02.2010 13:37
              Very helpful



              An okay cinema, but I'll be sticking to cheaper ones - it's the same movie!

              I don't go to the cinema very often, but when I do Cineworld is one of my choices - it's not the closest cinema, but it's not too far away either.

              The cinema itself inside is nice - the seats are large and comfortable, and it is particularly spacious - you don't feel like they have crammed as many people as possible in, I find. Our local Cineworld has different sized rooms for different screens - some being really rather small (which does feel a bit crowded - the back seats being about six rows back!), but others are really big. The seats are positioned well though, in a way which means you can see pretty much regardless of who is sat in front of you, so don't worry if you're really tall!

              Outside the doors into the screenings, there is a little area where you can sit and wait - this has sofas, chairs, etc, and also a television (showing film trailers) - this area is a little boring, but comfortable and better than standing around waiting for your film to come on.

              I find that the tickets here are considerably more expensive that other cinemas I have visited:
              Adult £7.10
              Child (14 & Under)/Student/Senior £5.40
              I believe that before 1pm, movies do cost slightly less - but I for one can't be doing with getting up early on a weekend just to see a movie, that's no treat to me!

              As well as the already rather expensive costs, if your movie is 3D - expect more! On top of your ticket price, for a 3D movie it is an extra:
              Adult £1.90
              Child/Student/Senior £1.30

              Plus £0.80 for 3D glasses if you do not already own a pair of these (although they are happy for you to reuse them for more movies).

              As all cinemas, and to accompany any good movie - you can purchase food and drinks here also. They have a no food and drink policy, unless you purchase it there - but let's admit they're not going to check your bags! Don't try to walk in with your own bag of popcorn and bottle of Cola though - it's not going to work, and they will stop you. These include the obvious fizzy drinks, as well as Fanta Ice at ours - then to eat popcorn, Ben and Jerry's icecream, etc etc. Although I don't know the extra prices of these, I do know that you're going to pay about £5 for popcorn and not much less for a drink - so either go hungry/thirsty or be a bit naughty and try to take in your own things!

              After all that food and drink you might be needing one of those awkward toilet trips in the middle of the movie. Because of how the seats are set out, this isn't too awkward, and unless there is an incredibly tall person, you can usually scoot past everyone without anyone needing to stand up. When you're out of the screen, it's time to find a toilet - depending which one you're in, the nearest toilet is often on a different level! This means you end up having to go up some stairs, along to the toilets and back down - why can't they simply have toilets outside where most of the screens are? By the time you get back, you might have missed the best part of the movie!

              If you visit the cinema regularly - you might be interested in the Unlimited Card.
              "What do I get with my Unlimited Card?
              Not only can you watch loads of great films for a great price, you will also receive a fortnightly email newsletter including details of exciting film releases, screenings and offers. And if that wasn't enough you will also receive:
              Preferential invitations and discounted tickets to Cineworld Exclusive Advance Screenings, festivals and events.
              Exclusive competitions
              Exclusive cinema food and drink offers "

              This costs £162 a year, excluding London West End cinemas - if you want to use it at these too, it will cost you £198. £162 per year works out at £13.50 per month - so it really does just depend on how much you visit the cinema. I, personally, can't guarantee that there will be two or three films I want to see every month (or even have time to see!) - so for me it would be much better to be able to get a monthly pass - however this isn't possible. I guess you can join for a month, then cancel it - but this is a lot of hassle.

              Overall, Cineworld is a nice cinema, the movies are enjoyable, if you buy the food it is nice, the seats are comfy, it is spacious - but it's so expensive compared to other cinemas! I'll be sticking to the cheaper, and closer cinema - it's much better for me! It's the same movie at the end of it all!


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                10.01.2010 16:41
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                All cinemas are pretty much the same but cineworld has the unlimited card so it wins my vote

                Cineworld cinemas is the main cinema that I tend to go to, I do have quite a few options available to me as there is an Empire and an Odeon all with in the same driving distance.

                The main advantage that drew me originally away from its competitors and toward Cineworld was that it offered the Unlimited Card and i was and still am not aware of any other cinema chain offering a similar alternative.

                I have already reviewed the Cineworld Unlimited Card so i wont go in to detail on it here but now that i have it i am stuck to Cineworld so i tend to know the chain quite well.

                The Cinema always seems clean and tidy and there always seems to be enough staff to help out. The staff them selves always seem quite approachable and reasonable too.

                The variety of food they offer is ok pretty much the same as any other cinema and it is also quite pricey but where isn't these days.

                Plenty of screens available which means quite a wide range of films and lots of show times too, the cinema also seems to be open until around 12 7 days a week which i think is good for those boring Sunday nights when everywhere else is closed.

                All in all I do see Cineworld as a good place to go, I have had no problems since i started going there :)


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                  17.12.2009 21:40
                  Very helpful



                  Superb chain

                  I have just reviewed Cineworld's Unlimited Pass, so I will only mention that in passing here, simply to say that it is probably the main attraction of Cineworld and makes them far and away the best cinema chain out there for your money if you're a huge film buff like me.

                  The chains have a very warm and inviting look, with plenty of bright signs, and generally they also have some video walls in the lobby that detail the newest releases, as well as a classic-style LED readout of the films they are showing. What undoubtedly allures me most to them, aside from the Pass, is that they tend to show more artistic films than the likes of Odeon, and don't just rush them in and out of their cinemas in 3 days. Cineworld do away with the stereotype that you have to live in London to see the "artistic films", and although that is the best place to live for limited releases, Cineworld are a lot more considerate to these types of films than Odeon.

                  The screens are also very well designed, and evoke a far more classic feeling than Odeon, for the screens have baroque looking red seats, and the screen presentation and audio quality are exactly as you would expect from any cinema. In all there isn't really anything to complain about, except that once an inconsiderate staff member held open the door of a screen I was waiting outside of to clean it, and as the previous screening of the film was playing, she basically spoiled the ending for me. Still, this isn't really a complaint of Cineworld but just a minor niggle.

                  The atmosphere is also a lot more relaxed, as they rip your ticket in the lobby and then let you go off to find your screen, whereas my local Odeon has people stationed at every door to police them, which is a bit more imposing, even if I understand their reasons given that it is SO easy to sneak into a film at Cineworld, especially if you've already bought a ticket for one film.


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                  30.11.2009 09:55
                  Very helpful



                  I enjoyed my evening, and love the cinema, but it is so expensive these days!

                  My husband and I don't go to the cinema a lot, as we are trying to save money, but it is something I really enjoy doing, so on my birthday this year we decided to visit the Cineworld cinema in Boldon. I really wanted to see the new 'A Christmas Carol' in 3D film. My husband didn't particularly want to, but it was my birthday after all! When we approached the desk to buy the tickets we hadn't actually looked at the price of them. I assumed that they would be about £5.50 each. First of all we were asked if had brought 3D glasses with us, which we hadn't, as we had never before been to an ordinary cinema to watch a 3D film. I assumed we would borrow them and give them back at the end of the film. We were told that we would have to buy them, and did we want some? Well, watching a 3D film is a little pointless if you don't have them on! So, we said yes, we'd buy them, which would cost 80p per pair, so £1.60 for both of us. Then we were told the price for the film - £17 for the 2 of us! I was really quite shocked, and knew my husband would be horrified! But we paid. As we were starting to walk away the guy serving us, who was quite young, and gave off the impression of being really quite bored and not brilliant at customer service, said 'Oh, yeah, you need the glasses.' He handed us 2 pairs then informed us that he hadn't added the price onto what he had already charged us, so we owed another £1.60! So altogether, the cost of getting into the film we wanted to see, with the equipment we needed, was £18.60. That is a lot of money just to watch a film! I always think it's quite expensive to rent a film at Blockbusters these days, as it's about £3.75 for a new release, but at least there it's the same price no matter how many people are watching it, and it's nothing compared to what it was at this cinema! As we left the sales area my overall thought was that I was not surprised so many people turn to illegally downloading films these days, as a lot of people simply will not be able to afford to see films at those prices. I later looked at where the prices of tickets were listed and saw that an ordinary, 2D film costs, at the weekend, which is when the majority of people can visit the cinema, £6.60 per adult, but for a 3D film an extra £1.90 is added. And then of course the glasses on top of that! For children the cost is less, but even so, for a family of 2 adults and 2 children to watch a 3D film at the weekend, the cost will be close to £30! When I was younger my family of 2 adults and 2 children used to go to the cinema about once a month, but I bet it is a much rarer treat for most families these days.

                  As for the actual cinema, we weren't greatly impressed. The Boldon one is quite large, but a little oddly set out. By the sales area there is a desk with an attendant who checks your tickets before you are allowed to go through. But, if you turn away from that area you can walk through the pick and mix sweets area to get to where the screens are without having to show your tickets! So the guy at the desk seemed a little pointless! Strangely (I don't think!), no one was buying pick and mix - because everyone leaving the ticket area had no money left! The screens are split between 2 sides of the cinema, with another counter area in the middle selling drinks, popcorn, and bagged sweets, all at astronomical prices. Honestly, it's no wonder people smuggle in snacks in handbags and under their coats as cinemas just price themselves out of the market!

                  Our film was on in Screen 4, so we turned left and headed to the screens on that side of the cinema. There was noone at the entrance of the screens area to look at tickets, so theoretically we could have walked through the sweets area and gone to see a film without buying tickets, and at those prices I really couldn't blame anyone who had the bare faced cheek to do so! There are no signs above the doors telling you what film was showing in that screen. Obviously it tells you on the ticket, but I always like to check with signs above the doors! Also, as there had been no staff to stop you on your way to the screens, there was no way of checking whether you could go into the room and wait or not. We had to actually open the door and check to see if there was a film still showing on the screen, which there was.

                  We went and waited for a few minutes in the bar area upstairs. It was quite nice up there, and quite a few people had drinks, but they must have been richer than us as we begrudged giving the cinema any more of our cash!

                  When we went back downstairs to Screen 4 there was, again, no one checking tickets, though this time we did walk past the guy on the desk who did so, but he is a long way from the screens, and we could have walked through the shop and not been seen. At the door of our screen there was a barrier across the door this time that said 'Cleaning in Progress.' Once the staff had come back out we headed in. The seats were fairly roomy, and gave you plenty of leg room. Also, they were positioned in a way that meant unless you had an extraordinarily tall person in front of you your view was not hindered in any way. I had a fairly tall guy in the seat in front of me and I could see perfectly.

                  Overall, for the price we paid, I expected the cinema to be absolutely spectacular, but it wasn't any different to any other large cinema. The floor was quite messy both downstairs and in the bar area, and the stairs leading to the bar were downright dangerous with the amount of what looked like dropped and squashed popcorn on them. The guy checking the tickets seemed a little redundant as you could easily bypass him, and I would have liked someone positioned nearer the screens who would tell you if your screen was ready for people to wait in yet.

                  The film was excellent, but would, of course, have been the same in any cinema we had gone to, and, as money is tight our lasting impression of our evening out was of how expensive it was!


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                    04.11.2009 17:19
                    Very helpful



                    Very Good All Round

                    Cineworld is my preferred choice of cinema, mainly due to my unlimited card but it's also got an awful lot of useful features and they try to combine the internet site and their cinema to make the experience as easy and hassle free as possible.

                    Before I had an unlimited cars and I used to pay each visit they used to go out of their way to keeps costs down which I found one major benefit. They partake in Orange Wednesdays, but at my local cinema in Bexleyheath, they also used to do a discount on a Tuesday where you could watch a film for about £4. I'm not sure if this is nationwide but it's a perfect example of how they try to keep their costs down for you.

                    Another benefit is booking is easy. I lost count of the number of times that I used to book in the morning in the day over the internet and then go along in the evening. Collecting the tickets is easy and you can either go to the box office, or insert the debit card that you paid with into the ticket machine and obtain them that way which reduces the queues.

                    Also, on the back of virtually every ticket I've ever had, there have been deals to get cheap food with the likes of Pizza Express and La Tasca. These are handy to save and use for the next night out meaning you can eat and see a film for a pretty good price.

                    The other main benefit is the waiting around times. When a film is due to start after another finishes, they really rush around and clean the screening room perfectly in a really quick time so that you're not waiting around outside with a bag of food in your hand, a drink in the other freezing it numb and an unhappy confused look on your face. This is one of my main bug bites and it's nice to see that they keep loitering around to a minimum.

                    And when you're in there, the screening is clean, has really comfortable chairs and plenty of leg room as well as a place to store your stuff. I really do feel when I've come out of there that they've really looked after you and tried their hardest to show you a good time.

                    I can't really fault it aside from one major thing. This is the price of consumables. Soft drinks, and especially the pick n' mix cost a fortune and although I appreciate this is where they make the main majority of their income, I do think it is substantially more expensive than other cinemas.

                    But overall though it's good and the one point aside, I think it's worth it every once in a while and probably the best cinema out there.


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