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Cineworld (Shrewsbury)

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Old Potts Way, Shrewsbury, SY3 7ET

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    1 Review
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      09.10.2011 13:05
      Very helpful



      A great outing!

      Cineworld is a national cinema chain. There are currently just under 80 Cineworld cinemas in the United Kingdom.

      In the past, I have visited Cineworld lots of times. Located in the Shropshire town of Shrewsbury is about a two minute drive from the high street. It is located next door to Asda as well as a few other places.

      ~ * WELCOME * ~

      The entrance to the cinema is very attractive - I remember when the cinema was new (around ten years ago). They have a lovely bright purple carpet - the same one since it first opened, although it has worn quite a bit. There is a large open space here which means that when it is busy, there is still plenty of room.

      ~ * CHOICE OF FILMS * ~

      There are usually around at least 10 movies available to choose from. There are different movies to suit all tastes whether it is a romantic comedy you are after, or a sci-fi film or action movie. There is something for all including children. There are also some 3D movies available as well as the same movies in 2D which is good if you do not want to watch a 3D movie.

      You can buy 3D glasses from the cinema (you won't be able to see a 3D movie without the glasses - it will just be all fuzzy and make you feel sick) when you buy your ticket. They cost 80p although you can use them over and over again and so I would say they are good value for money.

      ~ * TICKETS * ~

      You can buy your tickets either to the right of this 'large space' (you can also get film and ticket information here), or you can buy them from the large food and drinks counter when you buy your drinks.

      ~ * BEN AND JERRY'S * ~

      There is also a Ben and Jerry's ice cream counter which I think is great. Although, I have used this counter to get ice cream in the past, I don't always get it because it is very expensive - it can cost over £5 for just 3 scoops - which is ironic when you see big signs outside the ASDA next door selling a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's for just £1.98.

      ~ * STAFF * ~

      The staff are usually students and young people. Whilst they are nice, you can tell that they are just there to do their job as they don't really 'go over the top' to make you feel welcome which is a bit of shame.

      I remember a few years back, my friend and I went to the cinema and we were waiting by the ice cream counter. We were waiting for around 5- 10 minutes and the girl behind the counter (we could see her, because the door to the back room was open) was just squashing and jumping on cardboard boxes, but could very clearly see us waiting because she was watching us and you could tell that she was really annoyed as a queue was now forming. When she eventually came out 'huffing' and 'puffing', she flung the 'glass cover' to the ice cream up which made a loud bang and then shouted at us what did we want, whilst giving us and everyone else in the queue evils at the same time. I guess that kind of put me off going to the ice cream counter, because she made us feel as though we were a nuisance. I get my own back though because I end up saving an extra £5 when I go to the cinema.


      Finding your way is around is fairly easy. Once you have bought your ticket, you have to go past the 'person on the door' who will 'rip your ticket in half' (presumably so that you cannot use it again once you have seen the film). They will then tell you which srceen to go to. I think that there are around 11 or 12 screens in this cinema.

      You will then enter the long dark corridor (they have lighting, but it is still quite dark) where the screens are located - on left and right sides of the corridor. The screens are labelled very clearly.

      ~ * THE SCREENS * ~

      Each screen room (cinema) is different - some are quite big with raised seats (seating hundreds I guess), whereas there are also some smaller ones seating around a 100 (just another guess). The smaller screen rooms are much more intimate than the bigger ones which I find because there are so many people in front of you, behind you and to the sides, it is hard to concentrate. In the larger rooms with the raised seats, I like that they have seats of threes and fours on the sides as it means that if you are in a group of three or four, you can sit together which is nice.

      The screens are massive and so you can see what is going on very clearly. The sound is always good - loud enough so everyone can hear, yet not too loud.

      The seats are very comfy - proper cinema seats as I would call them. They are very cushiony yet quite 'hard' (but not too hard) at the same time. They also have great armrests and a big drinks holder to hold your drinks.

      ~ * Prices * ~

      Adult (after 5pm Mon, Wed-Fri, all day Sat-Sun) £8.00
      Adult (before 5pm Mon, Wed-Fri) £6.70
      Child(14 & Under)/Senior (Mon, Wed-Sun) £6.00
      Student (Mon, Wed-Sun) £6.40
      Bargain Tuesday £5.20
      Movies for Juniors (Sat am) £1.00
      Weekend prices apply to Bank Holidays
      Adult - additional £2.10 for 3D films
      Child/Student/Senior/Unlimited - an additional £1.50 for 3D films
      3D Glasses 80p per pair

      ~ * Paying * ~

      You can either pay by cash or by card, either Mastercard, Maestro or Visa.

      ~ * Discounts * ~

      Cineworld do do concessions for children, students and senior people. This is good because you get a couple of pounds off. When I took two years out from studying, I was having to pay the full price of just under £8 at the time. However, a few weeks ago, I went there with my student card and ended up paying something like £5.80 instead of the full price of £8 which I think is great. You certainly make a great saving. Students (over 17) need to show a valid student card in order to get the discount.

      ~ * MUNCHIES * ~

      Going to the cinema can prove to be an expensive outing. Once you have bought your tickets, there is of course the food and drink. A medium sized fizzy drink can set you back around £3. You can buy bags of sweets such as Maltesers and Minstrels for around £3. They also do Hot Dogs again around £3-4 and of course pop corn which I think is very expensive - around £5 for a large one if I remember correctly.

      There is also a pick and mix section - although I have only used this once. The cost of it put me off. I ended up spending around £4-£5 on a ¼ bag full of sweets. Good job I didn't fill the bag right to the top - I wouldn't have been able to afford it!

      ~ * PARKING * ~

      There is free parking (yeah!!!) and whilst the car parks do look quite big, they do fill up very, very quickly and so I would advise getting there early otherwise you may not be able to find a parking space, or you will have to park in that tight space which everyone else has avoided because you will have to struggle to get into it and struggle to get out of it.


      If you really want to make a night of it e.g. go for a meal before watching a film, then there are plenty of options to choose from. There is a Chinese buffet called 'The Dragon King' which is located conveniently, right next door to the cinema (check out my review) where you can eat as much as you want for around £11.

      There is also a Nando's ,although I have never tried here. There is also a pub where you can have something to eat or drink before the film, or go for a drink after the film. So there is plenty to choose from.


      One thing which I do not like about the cinema experience is that; for example they will say that film starts at 8pm, so you are sat down ready for the film to start at 8pm, when in fact the film itself will not start until around 8:45pm and so you have just wasted around three quarters of an hour watching adverts! It really annoys me. But then if you say 'ok we'll get there ½ an hour after the 'film time', it is sometimes difficult to find a seat. So you can't win either way.

      There is a cash machine right next door - very useful.

      There is also an arcade / games area where you can waste time (and more money) whilst you are waiting for a film to start).

      There are plenty of toilets and you very rarely have to queue - they are usually quite clean too which is an added bonus.

      There is disabled access and disabled parking - 14 spaces in all.

      Guide dogs are allowed in the cinema.

      Remember to turn your mobile phone off - there are plenty of warnings during the adverts that I am sure it will be impossible for you to forget.

      If you love going to the cinema and go on a regular basis, there is a card available called the 'Unlimited Card' where you pay £14.99 a month and can go and see as many films as you like. I guess this is a good thing if you go a few times a month, because at £8 a ticket you do make a great saving. However, if you don't go many times, then you could end up paying more than you get back. So it all depends on how much you go to the cinema.

      Children under 8 are not allowed in the cinema without an adult over 18 - no matter what the rating of the film is.

      I was reading on the internet that Cineworld works with local councils and so if a child goes to the cinema during school time, they will not be allowed in to watch a movie.

      I was also reading on the internet how Cineworld are very against people bringing in food and drink which they have got from anywhere other than the cinema - apparently a security guard searched a customer's bag, found sweets that they hadn't bought in the cinema and then threw them out! This wasn't at this cinema though, this was somewhere else. So be careful, just in case.

      ~ * MY FINAL THOUGHTS * ~

      I would definitely recommend this cinema - even if I do get annoyed about certain things. The films are always of high quality though and that is the main reason I go to the cinema so I just ignore the little annoying parts.

      Thanks for reading!
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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