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Electric Cinema Portobello Road (London)

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    2 Reviews
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      30.12.2016 13:46


      • "Good cinema"


      • "Ok film"

      Creed - a film I saw here

      Star – Sly Stallone & Michael B Jordan
      Genre – Sports > Action
      Run Time – 133 minutes
      Certificate – PG 13
      Country – USA
      Oscars – 1 Nomination
      Awards – Wins 54 & 45 Nominations
      Amazon – £4 00DVD £8.00 Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      So have we had our fill of boxing movies? The answer is a big fat yes for me. Rocky was the ultimate one way back in 1976 and Raging Bull the most cerebral to date – the later not something you associate with boxing. But the big action stars of the 1980s are ruthless in flogging the life out of their most famous franchises, seven Rocky movies to date with all manner of re-launches and rehashes going on. It reminds me of that scene in Back to the Future where Marty - in the future - is attacked by commercials for Rocky 38 in the juice bar in fictional Hildale in 1997. Back to the Future Director Robert Zemeckis was not far wrong with that one! It’s feasible that Creed has launched another quintology although the gross of $127 million may suggest the audience have indeed had enough. Recent films The Fighter and Southpaw didn’t really add much to the genre.

      ===Rocky Movie Grosses===

      1 Rocky UA $473m
      2 Rocky III UA $363m
      3 Rocky IV UA $304m
      4 Rocky II UA $292m
      5 Creed LF $173.6m
      6 Rocky Balboa MGM $90m
      7 Rocky V UA $83m

      Creed garnered some controversy when the films only Oscar nomination went to Shyster Stallone, only the sixth actor in The Academy’s history to get nominated twice for paying the same character in two separate movies, even though young handsome black actor Michael B. Jordan dominates the movie with a cracking performance. The kid definitely deserved the nomination ahead of Sly. Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett- Smith waded into the Creed debate saying her husband, as another black actor, was also overlooked for a nomination for his role as a Nigerian doctor in Concussion. She obviously hasn’t seen her husband’s movie. But black actors and entertainers have a lot of power in Hollywood and so expect a very colorful nominations list in 2017.


      Michael B. Jordan ... Adonis Johnson
      Sylvester Stallone ... Rocky Balboa
      Tessa Thompson ... Bianca
      Phylicia Rashad ... Mary Anne Creed
      Andre Ward ... Danny 'Stuntman' Wheeler
      Tony Bellew ... 'Pretty' Ricky Conlan
      Ritchie Coster ... Pete Sporino
      Jacob 'Stitch' Duran ... Stitch
      Graham McTavish ... Tommy Holiday
      Malik Bazille ... Amir
      Ricardo 'Padman' McGill ... Padman
      Gabe Rosado ... Leo 'The Lion' Sporino (as Gabriel Rosado)
      Wood Harris ... Tony 'Little Duke' Burton


      Adonis Johnson Creed (Michael B. Jordan) is the one-night-stand son of former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Dad was killed in the ring by Iva Drago (Dolp Lungdren) in 1985 (Rocky 111) and his son now lives a very comfortable life with Apollo Creeds widow Mary Anne (Phylicia Rashad) in the families huge gold encrusted mansion. Adonis has graduated and doing well in an office job in the city and set for promotion. But on the side and behind his stepmoms back he is sloping off to Mexico for some backroom fights under another name preparing to go pro. He can’t get his fathers legacy out of his mind and boxing is in his blood. He feels he has something to prove. He is not a mistake.

      He quits his job and back in Los Angles he starts hanging around gyms looking for a trainer but no one wants to take him on. They know who he is and the baggage so he packs those bags and heads of to Philadelphia to try and get his dads big mate Rocky Balboa to train him. Balboa runs a local restaurant and long retired from training and has no idea who the kid is. But once the big reveal he begrudgingly agrees to train him – if just to protect him – and understands he has something to prove and that’s not going to go away until he proves it.

      In the city he meets pretty singer Bianca (Tessa Thompson) who is also struggling for her art. Now that Phili knows who the kid is, Rocky trains him hard and the kid wins his first pro fight, beating Danny 'Stuntman' Wheeler (Andre Ward) in 4 rounds. That first official pro victory earns him a ranking point. When the divisions world champion ‘Pretty’ Ricky Conlan (Tony Bellew) has a meltdown in his title fight weigh in and receives a long ban and Adonis true identity is revealed to the world its a commercial fight the networks and Bellow camp cant ignore as the champions taunts Creed to a fight in Liverpool, England.


      Just as Rocky Balboa was a remake of Rocky 3 this is a remake of Rocky, but for a younger audience. Rocky has been re-launched, Jayzee style, and aiming at a more global ethnic audience. I can easily see the sequel having a Chinese fighter. That is the future of the big action movie now. For its $76 million it pulled that $135 million back so that sequel is not guaranteed.

      It’s OK but nothing more. The boxing clichés come at you like jabs to the ribs and there is nothing new here. Michael B Jordan is fabulous in the lead as the college educated middle class black kid in the grubby world of boxing and Stallone avuncular and nostalgic but in no way worthy of an Oscar nomination.

      With its ‘street’ soundtrack pumping out like those right crosses this is a movie aimed solely at rebooting the franchise to a younger audience. It has some pathos and heart but the only thing that grabs the older viewer like me is the nostalgic pang for those event movies of old that had you queuing down the street outside the ABC in the 1970s with your mum. Rocky was a very long one but I was only young at the time so had to wait for the Beta tape along time after.

      It’s a long film but never feels that long although if you read the plot before hand you would groan. The mad looking Tony Bellow adds a contemporary twist to the film although not the bet at acting. With all his rants against David Haye it feels like he has become that Conlan character. But the fight scenes between the two are innovative and realistic and add to the movie. I’m guessing if you haven’t seen the Rocky movies and your are under 25 then this was a cracking cinema experience but if you are over 40 then there will only ever be one Rocky and who wouldn’t want to run up those steps and kiss the statue in tribute to Stallone’s brilliant movie.


      Imdb.com –7.7 /10.0 (167,345votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 94% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com – 82% critic’s approval


      ===Special Features===

      -Becoming Adonis-

      A short behind the scenes film not worth seeing.

      -Deleted Scenes-

      Quite a few


      In Phili of course and Q&A wit the two leads.


      Empire Magazine –‘Following the failure of the underrated Rocky Balboa, the Rocky series was on the canvas, the count nearing ten. Creed not only gets it - and Sly Stallone - back on its feet, but completely reinvigorates it’.

      Baltimore Times –‘It's a formula film, executed to near perfection. And it wields a secret weapon: our nostalgia for the original’.

      BlackFilm.com –‘Stallone is not only giving his best performance to since Rocky, but Michael B. Jordan has fully established himself as a leading man to be reckoned with’.

      RTE Ireland –‘ Creed is a special film that pound for pound competes with the best heartstring-pulling of Rocky Balboa's 40-year screen odyssey but, crucially, looks to what's ahead in a very exciting way’.

      The NY Post –‘Creed is feels gritty and lived in, while also hitting technical highs like an astonishing single-take boxing match. It's funny and sweet and sad and scrappy. You never saw this one coming’.

      Independent –‘If you can stomach the schmaltz and suspend your disbelief in the face of the film's pounding predictability, you'll find plenty to enjoy’.



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      05.10.2006 10:12
      Very helpful



      Really nice treat or somewhere to impress a date with!!!

      I know none of you would be able to wait for the second instalment of my absolutely riveting Tuesday night out, I have just posted part 1, been down to our work canteen and had half a rather bland sandwich, and here I am slaving over part 2, just for you!

      Any of you that have not read part 1, stop reading this review and be bloody normal and read the story from the beginning, remember if you rate this review and not part 1, I will know what you have done and come after ya! Ha let that be a warning to all of you!

      ohhh....don't know what came over me there, onto the review

      ~Tuesday 21:05 hours~

      Leaving the Churchill Arms full and satisfied, we meet Harry's bro and made our way down to the Electric Cinema on Portobello Road, which is actually further from Nottinghill Gate than I first thought, especially with my boyfie's "special" sense of direction. I would highly recommend going to Ladbrooke Grove or Westbourne Park tube stations, as they are much closer.

      Again, none of us have ever been to the Electric Cinema, but it is one of those places that Londoners always talk about, you know "that cinema with the sofas", so Harry had taken it upon himself to book some tickets to go and see An Inconvenient Truth (look out for the third and final part of my super exciting Tuesday night - more shameless plugging).

      ~Tuesday 21:15 hours~

      We arrived on Portobello road, and found ourselves outside the cinema, you will be able to spot it from the end of the road, it has a big blue neon sign that reads Electric, the entrance is ram-a-jammed full of fashionable (well we let them think they are) notting heller's er i mean HILLers.

      First things first, boyfie and I had run out of ciggies, so he disappeared off round the corner to find some before we had to go in & we were sent on a mission to find a suitable lamp post for Harry's Bro's bike.

      We were told that the film begins at 9:30, and that we should arrive to take our seats and collect our tickets about 15 mins previous - check & check, so far so good, we are able to follow simple instructions!

      ~Getting tickets~

      As mentioned earlier, this little jolly was Harry's brain child and he had booked the tickets in advance this morning and whilst we were at the Churchill Arms, he had recounted a tale of marvellous customer service and unimaginable intelligence, intelligence that even Mensa would have been astounded by!

      So here is the situation - five tickets are required, so Harry calls up the booking number and asks for five tickets. The scarily intelligent girl at the other end of the phone states that there are only four tickets left, so Harry enquires after a spare ticket anywhere, to which she replies "I am sorry sir, but we are fully booked and there are only four tickets left". Again Harry enquires as to whether he can chance it and purchase a ticket on the door, to which she replies, they are fully booked, but they do have a spare seat that is not with the group of four (?!)...Interesting, I was always under the impression that 4 + 1 = 5....obviously key stage 1 maths is getting harder and the government are wrong, examinations are not getting easier at all, they are clearly getting much harder!

      I would highly recommend that you book in advance and call up in the morning that you want to go (at the latest) to avoid any disappointment, and if you are intending on going as a group, I would suggest a couple of days in advance to ensure that you all manage to sit together. Whilst outside the cinema, and giving Harry the cash for the tickets someone approached him because they thought he was a ticket towt (sorry can't spell it and my spelling is so bad my spell checker doesn't even know what I am trying to spell).

      ~Seating & Ticket Pricing~

      The cinema has a total capacity of 102, and the seating is broken down as follows:

      Front 3 rows (seating a total of 42 peeps) - brown leather seats, with plenty of leg room and a table for your snacks and a convenient little wine cooler. This is where we sat and paid 10 squids each for our tickets.

      Back 4 rows (seating a total of 56 peeps) - same brown leather seats, but with the added bonus of a matching brown leather footstool, and table for alca-mar-ol, so for an extra two-fiddy you get a footrest!

      Very back row - 2 x 2 seater sofas - which look extremely comfortable, these are large leather sofas with virtually another seat attached to the end they really should be called 2 person day beds! The sofas are 30squids to hire for two people.


      If you think about it, at first it does seem like a lot of money, but if you think that for the front three rows the price of a ticket is a tenner, and then you think about the price of a ticket at a normal Odeon Cinema (about £7.50 - £8.50) then it really is worth it, and if you think the sofas are £30 for two people, that's £15 a head....You would probably pay that for a ticket in central, say Leicester Square.

      If you go on a Monday, the front three rows are half price (£5), the other seats are £7.50 and the sofas come in at £20 (so if you book ahead it really does make it worth your while).

      ~Fodder & Alca-mar-ol~

      There is a bar at the back, and I was pleasantly surprised at the range of drinks they had on offer and was suitably impressed at the price of their range of beverages!

      As mentioned earlier you are invited to take arrive at least 15 mins prior to the time that your film is due to start, I would however recommend at least half an hour, to compensate for bar queuing time, the service is awful and unfortunately because of the location, some of the people that frequent this cinema have a certain sense of their own self importance - idiots with pink golf jumpers tied round their shoulders, wearing boat shoes, sans sockas (see where I am going with this one?).

      I ended up standing actually at the bar for 15 mins waiting to try and get someone's attention, not to mention the fact that I had been queuing for about 10mins just to try and get to the bar. This meant that I missed the first 10mins or so of the film, and for anyone that has ever seen me in a bar, they will know that I do not understand the concept of queuing for my alca-mar-ol and will just very politely (but forcefully) fight my way to the front of the bar - unfortunately, there were some deluded people there who thought they were more important than me!!

      There are a wide range of drinks at the bar, you can get wine by the bottle (3 varieties of white & 3 of red) which start from £14, wine by the half bottle, a choice of red or white, the red is a very good valpolicella, I do remember thinking it was a bit pricey for a half bottle for red, so just went for the full bottle of French red at £14, which was really nice and drinkable. Wine is also available by the glass and prices start at around £3.50, a couple of beers on draught are available and amstel by the bottle, all at very regular prices, I also noticed that they did Veuve Clicquot by the glass - very nice!

      If you want popcorn or penny sweets whilst you watch your film, I suggest that you bring your own, because that is the last thing that you would find here, you can get a pot of a mixed nutty type thing or a choccie brownie (which very nicely comes served on a china plate). I did notice one thing however, a man did not like the mixed nuts that had been boxed up and wanted some that he could see in a jar behind the bar, the bartender told him that they were not selling that particular mix of nuts that night therefore could not serve him - rightly enough the man just asked if the bartender could very kindly take the empty pot (used to put the mixed nuts in) in front of him, take 3 steps left, open the lid and put some nuts in his pot for him - to which he got the same answer!

      ~Useful Information (well I think it is)~

      The Electric Cinema's website: www.electriccinema.co.uk

      The website is full of useful information, like what movie is playing, pricing info and a little plan so that you can decide where to sit.

      There are also a couple of other interesting pages on the site such as "Electric Scream" this is a regular night where parents or carers can bring their sprogs that are under a year old and have them on their laps, apparently these run every Monday and Tuesdays (from March) too, cheap ticket prices apply.

      ~That's a Wrap Folks~

      Overall I really enjoyed the experience in the cinema, despite my moaning and groaning about the other clientele, the cinema does tend to draw a more civilised crowd, I was actually really surprised at how well behaved everyone was considering they were all boozing it up and the film that we chose to watch was a little er....non-gripping (but you'll have to wait for the third and final instalment of my riveting Tuesday night to find out about that one!). I would highly recommend this place for a really sweet, romantic date (on the sofa of course), a bit of a treat or just because you can afford to pay a little extra to go to the cinema. There is only a minor problem with this cinema, because it is so small only 1 film is shown at a time, so you can't just decide that you want to watch a film that's on at the rest of the cinemas, you sort of have to watch out for when they are playing the movie you want to see.....but to be honest, the Electric Cinema is not the sort of place that becomes your regular cinema (those pennies do add up you know!).

      Thanks for reading


      *also on ciao*


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