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Address: 10 - 14 Skinner Street / Stockton On Tees / TS18 1DZ

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2013 17:56
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      A great party

      ==Local Choice==

      Last year we agreed that our eldest daughter Sophie could have her very first birthday party, I really don't like being the centre of attention so for me to give her a home party would not be an option I would like so I started to look around at what the party options were in our area. I contacted our local soft play but they weren't willing to let me have a look at the area unless I went on a specific day which I couldn't do so I ended up going around the corner to Fun City and enquiring there.


      When we arrived I actually found it a little uninviting, it is situated on the back streets of Stockton on Tees and is in amongst run down buildings. The front of Fun City has pictures drawn in the windows but some of the paints have worn off and it could really do with a repaint. Depsite first impressions I decided we would go in for a look as my younger sister had been there for a couple of parties as a child and she raved about how good it was.

      ==Inside the Building==

      Inside the building you find a reception desk with a gate where children can be let through to the play part, the gate has a little latch on it which is up high so that children cannot let themselves out which I thought was great. The owner was happy for us to take a look before deciding if we wanted to use the soft play or not and promptly let us through.

      Inside you have 7000 sq feet of play area, the play area is on three levels and then there is a seperate little area for really young children which was a concern for us as our youngest daughter was not quite 2 at the time of the party. There are ball pools which I think are generally expected now in this sort of place, there are rope bridges to walk across, a spooky area which is dark with different little things glowing in the dark, there is a large trampoline at the back and then there are a couple of different slides one of which is a 20ft drop slide which is a vertical drop and looks very scary.


      The play area is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3pm - 7pm and then Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 6pm. The prices are as follows,

      Aged 2-4 - £3 for 90 minutes
      Aged 5-12 - £4 for 90 minutes
      A party packaged is priced at £7.50 per head


      Sophie really liked the look of the play area and so we allowed her to have her party here, there was a couple of different themed rooms for the eating part of the party however you don't get to choose which one you use as it depends on how many people are actually at your party, we ended up in a princess room which Sophie was thrilled with and she had a pretent throne to sit on which she thought was fantastic.

      The staff prepared and set out the food for us and you had a choice of a hot or cold buffet, we choose a cold buffet which was basically sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps and cakes. The staff cleared everything away when we were finished and when we had blown out the candles on Sophie's cake they took the cake and cut some slices to put into the party bags so we didn't need to worry about anything.


      If you have a party on a busy day then there is a member of staff doing facepaints, you have to pay extra for this and I really wouldn't bother if I were you. The face painting is very basic and they charge £1.50 per child, Sophie had a little Dolphin and a bit of detailing on one side of her face and the transfer from the facepaints was ridiculous and it was ruined within half an hour, the facepaints did wash off the clothes however so that wasn't an issue.

      The toilets all have childrens decorations on the walls which I thought was nice and the toilets were nice and clean however they felt cold and uninviting, there are disabled toilets and baby changing facilities available too.

      The area around the play area is fully seated so that you can be close to your children whilst they are playing and then there is also a cafe to the right with more seating, you can get hot and cold drinks and both hot and cold food, the menu is a full cafe menu with plenty of choice and it is all decently priced too.


      The owner of Fun City couldn't be nicer, there is hardly any parking near to the soft play so he parked his car outside the venue when he opened up and then moved it aroudn the back when we arrived so that we could park right outside which I thought was really nice. The staff who actually brought in the food an soerted out Sophie's cake and party bags were all young girls and really not overly interested, don't get me wrong they were pleasant enough but didn't really interact with the children at all.


      The play area was brilliant, the children all loved it and we had ages ranging from 1 to 6 at the party. The drop slide was a massive hit with the parents and the owner wasn't bothered about the adults going in with the children. For the party package you got 90 minutes of play which is fantastic as other places is only 60 minutes for around the same price. The whole place was clean but just seemed cold and uninviting. An added bonus was a free return pass for the birthday girl too. Sophie would certainly recommend this play area she loved it.


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