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Funworld Leisure (Greenock, Scotland)

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    4 Reviews
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      15.04.2012 22:37
      Very helpful



      A nice few hours play for children

      It was my birthday last week so we decided to take my children to the soft play in Greenock to tire them out and as the weather was not great it needed to be something indoors. It is very easy to park they have their own parking with plenty of spaces and we managed to find somewhere to park easily even with it being Easter break.

      **Toddler soft play area 3 and under **
      This has a small climbing frame with obstacles on it not too challenging cause of course it for younger children and also has a large ground area where they have things like ride on's a little tikes kitchen and just general small toys for children to play with, It also has a jumparoo for children and a sit me up cosy so even young babies have something to do while playing in there. There is a soft mat covering the whole of this area so if children lose their footing they will not hurt themselves and generally has a lot for younger children to do. My youngest boy who is two in May loved this area although I did have to go in with him as he did not want to play by himself and my little girl who is three loved playing with the kitchen and other toys that were in there.

      **Pirate ship 5 and over **
      This is a large play area the biggest in the centre that has lots of netting all over it for children to climb across and climb over obstacles in the way it looked great fun for older children but my little boy who is just coming up to five did not enjoy it at all. It is designed for 5 years and over and there are lots of different platforms to climb and things to do but it all looked a little repetitive and is definitely aimed at older children who like a challenge.

      **2 bouncy slides **
      These are both large inflatable slides one is for 5 and under and one for 5 and over at the entrance of each of these slide are small obstacle courses so a small whole to climb through and then soft poles to squeeze through to reach the stairs to climb the slide. My children loved these this was the most used item by most of the children in the soft play and they went up and down over and over again.
      They are not too challenging for the age ranges they are designed for and it provided something a little different for them to enjoy of course I was frightened as the large slide is rather huge but both my three year old and four year old decided they liked this one best so my heart was in my mouth but my children loved it and had no fear at all while playing on it.

      **2 bouncy castles** - There are 2 bouncy castles 1 for 5 years and younger and one for 5 years plus there is no one watching to make sure that the children abide by the age recommendations but of course parents will be watching their children to make sure they are on the right equipment. My children did not really spend too much time on these they just were not interested enough as there were other things to do but they were a nice addition and very quiet as all the children seemed to prefer different areas.

      **Soft ball area **
      This is in a netted area that children have to climb into to find a small court to play on there are basketball nets up in there and a number of soft balls very simple but my children loved it this also was a very quiet area meaning each child can easily have a ball and lots of space to move around it may have been nice to have football posts or such in there but it was nice all the same to have an open space where children can run around and let of some steam.

      **Laser tag **
      There is also an option to play laser tag you can buy an all inclusive pass that allows you access to this and the whole play area but as my children are too young for this we did not take advantage but it would be good for older children as there is not much for them to do in the main play area of the building so would be worth looking into of you decide to go.

      **Cars area **
      This is a small track where there was 4 to 5 cars for little one to ride they are like go carts and the child simply press the peddle and rides around the track. Most of the cars have 2 seats so the children can go on together or a parent can go on with younger children. These are not included in the price and you have to pay a £1 a shot for the children to ride so of course this happened to be one of my children's favourites and we ended up paying an extra £5 for them all to have goes on them.
      This area could have been used for something else for the children that was free but to be honest it is a good addition as my children loved it even if it did add to the amount of money we spent while we were there the smiles on their face was definitely worth it.

      **Large blue way slide **
      This is a plastic wavy slide that children climb steps and slide down very simple yet provides lots of fun as they do come down at some speed. My children did not notice it until the end as it is tucked away in the left hand side behind the pirate ship but as soon as they did it became another favourite and they went up and down over and over again.

      **Price and getting there **

      Babies not walking:
      All Inclusive Pass - Children:
      (For 2 hours & 1 game of Laser Matrix)
      All Inclusive Pass - Adults:
      (For 2 hours & 1 game of Laser Matrix)
      Under 5's:
      (For 2 hours)
      5 years and over:
      (For 2 hours)
      1 hour play any age:
      (Between 9.30am and 4pm)
      Last hour:
      (Between 5.30pm and 6.30pm)
      (Members free)

      We were not members so were only charged £1 each for us to get in so it was not to high an admission fee for us all to get in as we just paid for the soft play rather than the al inclusive pass. The children were £4 each to get in but they certainly got here money's worth and were tired out by the end of their 2 hour play.

      We drove to the soft play which I would say would be your best bet but it is not too far from the centre of Greenock so public transport would also be able to take you there rather easily.

      Fun world Leisure Ltd
      Unit 1 - 2
      Fort Matilda Industrial Estate
      Eldon Street
      PA16 7QB

      T: 01475 783003
      F: 01475 783007

      **Food **
      We had just eaten before we got there so did not purchase any food but they did have a large range available to order mainly fast food like chips and burgers the prices seemed reasonable for what you usually pay in children play areas we brought 3 fruit shoots and 2 regular cokes and it came to around £6.50 in total. There is a canteen area to sit and eat or you can choose to take it across to a table in the viewing area which is what we decided to do as the children wanted to continue playing and the canteen is in a different area so we would not have been able to see them.

      **The staff **
      The ladies we were first greeted with were lovely I asked where the toilets were and as she then knew that we had not been before she took the time to explain everything to us like where all the areas were, that we were allowed to go on the apparatus with the children though we must wear socks or it was a £50 fine that children could go on the older activities if they like it was down to us to decide and that none of the areas were supervised by staff and of course it was our responsibility.
      We only came across 3 members of staff after this and to be honest they could have cracked a smile I understand they had been working all day and children can be very loud and irritable but the attitude of some of them was appalling considering they were working around children.
      I asked one lady for change of a £2 coin at the canteen so my children could go on the cars and you honestly would have thought I was asking for her to run a mile she sulked to the counter and back with my change.
      Another was supervising the cars this is the only area that had a member of staff and he looked really bored and quite agitated with the children but she did leave to take a break five minutes later so maybe it was long overdue.

      **Overall **
      They also have toddler classes and exercise groups with notices pinned around everywhere as to when they are on but as it is an hour's drive away from us I was not interested in them so did not take much notice to be honest. They also offer parties and have 2 separate rooms for children who are booked in with parties although you do share the whole hall will paying visitors also.

      The whole place is set out very well there is lots of room between each area for children to run about. The small bouncy castle and small slide are next to each other as is the bigger slide and bouncy castle.
      We went last week and was actually dreading it as it was the Easter holidays but actually it was not too bad at all it was busy but not overly so and there was plenty of room for everyone on the activities.

      A lot of parents were moaning there was no staff watching over each area but to be honest even if there was staff doted around I would have been watching my children anyway it is not like we are paying for a babysitting service we pay to use the items they have there so I do not think this is a problem at all.
      The whole area is clean light and well laid out and all the equipment in perfect condition for use by young children. There is lots to do and my children really enjoyed it although as it is a hour drive each way to us it is ok for special occasions but not something I would do on a regular basis as we actually have good soft plays around us that are more suited to all of my children's age range but this is a very nice change for older children as a lot of the play areas only have little ones in mind.

      It is a great way to tire little one out and I actually was tired out by the end of it as I found myself on many of the activities with my children and at seven months pregnant a bouncy castle is not the best place for m to be so we all slept well that night.


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        29.05.2008 15:24
        Very helpful




        Funworld Leisure was opened in June 2005 by brother and sister,
        Douglas Brands and Sharon Murdoch. It is situated about 25 miles from Glasgow and 50 miles from Ayrshire. It can be found on the A8 between Greenock and Gourock and is very well signposted. There is a train station less than one mile away with direct trains to and from Glasgow. It is also on a frequently served bus route. There is a large car park and parking has never been a problem for me even when it is very busy.

        Funworld is said to be the largest Indoor Family Entertanment Centre in Scotland.

        When you go in, the doors open automatically which is great if you have a pram or a few children with you. In front of you is the reception desk. You go in at one side and exit at the other side.
        There are electronic barriers in place on each side which can only be operated from behind the admission desk,so a member of staff has to let you in or out.

        When you are paying you have to give the name or names of your child or children. You are then allowed entry.

        It is very spacious with a high roof making it bright and airy.

        There is a large segregated play area for toddlers with ball pools, cars, small climbing frames and lots of soft play toys.

        Beside this is a very large bouncy castle and depending on whether it is busy or not toddlers can have a go. I know my grandaughter just loves this.

        There is a pirate ship called "Giggling Racara" which is on three levels. The upper two levels being more suitable for over fives.
        It has a tunnel slide going from level three to the ground and spiral slides at different levels. You can also find rope bridges and ball cannons alongside soft play stairs and climbing frames.

        When the kids get bored of this there is an inflated assault course where they have to climb, crawl and slide to get to the finish.

        For older children there is also a football and basketball area.

        There is a lage seating area with plenty of tables, chairs and highchairs (which are very clean). The cafe sells a variety of coffees, teas and juices along with sandwiches, cakes, scones and biscuits. Hot snacks are always available and vary depending on the time of day. The prices are reasonable with a white coffee costing £1.10 and a cake costing on average 80p. Free daily newspapers are available.

        The toilets are clean and are inspected regularly. There is a disabled toilet and a baby change. These are also regularly inspected.

        Funworld also caters for birthday parties. You can book a two hour party for a minimum of 10 children and choose which "deal"
        you would like ranging from one to five. Funworld provide a decorated room with a large table and chairs for the party. There are spotlights on the roof and disco music is played for the kids. You have to provide your own Birthday cake and party bags.

        Deal one:- Buccaneer Picnic £6.95 (including entry charge)

        Snack box containing two sandwiches, carton of juice,
        packet of crisps, yoghurt and a bar of chocolate.

        Deal five:- Themed Party £8.95 (including entry charge)

        Hot buffet (sausage rolls chicken pieces etc), jugs of
        juice on the table and ice cream. Foil balloon for
        birthday person and a free entry to funworld.
        You can choose your own theme for the party.

        Deals two, three and four are somewhere between the two above.

        There is a shop just next to the cafe. It sells a range of goods including fancy dress outfits, travel games, activity toys, pogo sticks etc. etc. The prices are a bit more expensive than you would pay on the High street.

        Funworld opens from 9.30am to 6.30pm every day except Christmas and New Year.

        Prices are as follows:-

        Adults and babies Free
        Under fives £3.95
        Five to twelve years £4.50

        Family pass with four children of any age is £15.95
        If you go in for the last hour a child of any age will cost £2.50.

        This is a great day out for all kids from tots to twelve year olds. The staff have no problem with adults joining in the fun, and many do, including myself.

        There are plenty of staff supervising the kids and all have their badges and uniforms on to make them easily recognisable.

        If this is not enough there is a large park situated just beside funworld which has large grassy areas, swings, slides and sandpits. It is at the water's edge and the kids will love this. There is a large cafe which opens from early morning till about 8pm. About two miles along the road there is a large swimming complex with large slides and a lazy river. Just across the street from this is the Oak Mall shopping centre which has a great selction of shops to suit all tastes.



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          08.05.2006 14:01
          Not Helpful
          1 Comment



          toddler area was well equipped

          We went on Thursday during the day and what fun we had,the area for toddlers was great plenty for them to do and more to the point it is clean ! and the whole area is safe not only that but us mummies were allowed on the equipment we had so much fun on the chute it was a pity at times that we had to have children with us !! the staff were very helpfull and i am sure the had fun watching us on the bouncy castle, good value for money and the cafe area is well priced and food is fresh.


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            10.02.2006 13:13
            Very helpful



            A great fun day for kids!

            Funworld Leisure - Family Entertainment Centre.

            Situated in Greenock (right next to Gourock) on the West Coast of Scotland, Reached easily by the M8 motorway, also Fort Matilda train station nearby, local buses run past very regularly too. Because it's based on the firth of Clyde it is even accessible by boat!

            This centre opened in May/June 2005 so is still relatively new.

            This is the address for anyone interested

            Funworld Leisure Ltd
            Unit 1-2
            Fort Matilda Industrial Estate
            Eldon Street, Greenock
            PA16 7QB
            (Next to Battery Park)

            Website is http://www.funworld-leisure.co.uk/ where you can get a map and directions.

            Busy times include weekends, early evening and school holidays, so best to check with them if you're after a quiet(ish) time.

            Open 7 days a week from 9.30am til 7.30pm

            Entry Fees
            Under 5's - £3.75 for a 2 hour session
            Over 5's - £4.25 for a 2 hour session
            (January 2006 special offer - pay for one child, 2nd goes half price)
            Adults - Free unless attending fitness class
            Babies - Free unless joining in.
            The last hour before closing is £2 for all.
            Party bookings are also available from £5.95 - £7.50 per child
            What is Funworld?
            It's an amazing indoor adventure area for children up to the age of 12, They have various different areas within the centre.

            Toddler area
            This is a pretty big area for the little ones, It has a large soft play area, which is usually attended by the trained staff, The soft play includes a climbing frame apparatus with which has a ball pool, tunnel slide, This is 3 level platform but low enough for a 2 yr old to climb quite easily.
            There are a couple of little cars that the children can play in, and little chairs and tables that they can use for their role play etc…..
            This whole area is brilliant for all areas of development.

            Pirate Ship
            There is a huge slide from the highest level, which has 4 lanes and is like the ones you see at the fairground that you come down on sacks….and when you sit at the top it looks like big waves (in keeping with the sea theme)
            There is also the tunnel slide, a huge one - helter skelter style, I haven't braved this as I'd probably get my ample bottom stuck halfway lol.

            Again a large ball pit area for everyone to have a good laugh in, but beware there are various areas around the ball pit with ball shooting cannons which the children can use to fire the cannons (hollow plastic balls) into the ball arena! If there's an adult in there it is usually them getting aimed at! I pity the staff lol

            The children really enjoy climbing from one level to another, finding different ways of getting to them and different things to do at each level.

            Enclosed football/basketball area
            This is a large area which is enclosed with a net, the children/adult helpers can climb through an opening to join in with a mini football game, shoot some hoops, or basically just throw balls to each other.

            Bouncy castle
            Over at the other side of the large open plan floor there is a huge bouncy castle… This is designed to look like the sea, with large inflatable sea creatures that the children can climb onto or bounce off of. If your child likes bouncy castles then this one is superb….. (I even had a shot)

            The Big Challenge
            This is basically an inflatable assault course designed for children. They have to climb over, squeeze through, crawl under inflatable apparatus, climb net then slide down the slide to reach the finish line….This is great fun for the children as 2 usually go at a time and "race" even the younger children can do this, I'd say from 3-4 yr olds upwards.

            There is quite a big seating area for parents/guardians to sit and keep an eye on the children, this is situated in the middle so that parents can keep watch, the actual café Is situated beside the entrance/exit, You place your order and if it's hot food or drinks you're ordering you give them your table number and they will bring it over to you when it is ready. This is for health and safety reasons obviously.

            The food is quite reasonably priced with a jug of diluting juice costing around £2
            A plate of chips about £1.50 and a large diet coke about £1, there are meals available too from about £2.50 - £6.

            Now I have taken my own 2 children to Funworld quite a few times now and each time they have loved it, but I hadn't actually joined in with the play when I was there with them as they would've been embarrassed lol.

            I then went with the nursery class I help out in on a Friday morning, and I was encouraged to join in, climb with the children, go down chutes etc…..all I can say is phewwww……………… I had no idea fun was so exhausting haha.

            The nursery class I help with are 3-5yr olds, but when we went it was a quiet morning, and it was in term time so the only other children who were there at same time was a crèche!
            Because it was so quiet our brood of children were able to play on all the equipment including the huge Pirate ship climbing platform….there are lots of levels and the smaller children did need help occasionally to shimmy up! Most managed it though without help, as children will find a way if you leave them to use their brains.

            You don't have to book a session in advance (unless it's a party booking) but it is advisable to phone in advance to check if it's busy or if they have party booked in as these can become quite rowdy!

            There is a party room, which is decorated with very bright colours in an underwater theme again, and has spotlights and ultraviolet lights too. This is used for group bookings and also discos.

            There are also various events and classes on throughout the week at Funworld.
            I cannot give my opinion on these as I have not used them yet.

            Funfit classes
            This is an fun exercise class with different levels for the different age groups.

            Each class costs £1.75 or £3.75 with an hours play included, They are paid for in blocks of 6 classes, and must be booked beforehand.
            18 mths - 3 years: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 - 10:45 (parent participation required)
            3 - 5 year olds: Tuesday 12:00 - 12:45 and Friday 10:00 - 10:45
            5 - 8 year olds: Wednesday 16:00 - 16:45
            8 - 12 year olds: Thursday 16:00 - 16:45
            Adult Fun-fit: Tuesday 13:30 - 14:15 (Priced @ £2)
            Toddler Morning
            This is on every weekday morning from 9.30am til 11.30am
            Baby special - £1.50 includes tea/coffee, plus morning roll or fruit salad for parent.
            Toddler special - £4.95 includes tea/coffee, plus morning roll or fruit salad for parent, plus juice and biscuits for child.
            Manicure Monday
            10am til 2.30pm
            Get a full manicure, French polish etc, prices vary. (haven't yet tried this either)

            Sumo Fight Night
            Every Monday night from 5.30pm til 7.30pm
            Costs £3 for 9 rounds. This is for adults and children over 8yrs old.
            A friend of mine works in the centre and says this is great fun, What happens is you get dressed up in one of those huge Japanese Sumo wrestling outfits…..this is inflatable! And basically just wrestle each other. I say wrestle but it more like bouncing each other around….and if you fall down it is very hard to get back up, making it hilarious to watch!
            Mums and Tums
            Wednesday morning 10am til 10.45am
            This is a 45mins exercise class for adults, there is no need to bring your child but you can if you wish, and they can play for 2 hours whilst you exercise then relax and watch.
            Class - £2
            Child - £2.75

            All exercise classes are run by qualified instructors and all play leaders looking after children are qualified and strict checks are run via Disclosure Scotland.
            Before Funworld opened last year I used to have to travel out of town to take my kids to places like this, Kidzplay in Prestwick, Big Adventure in Linwood, But these places only cater for the younger children…with nothing (as far as I know) except the cafés for teens and adults. I don't drive so relied on trains and buses to take me to these places which cost me a fortune. I am now within walking distance to a much better facility, It takes me about 30-40mins to get there by foot, but only 10mins in a taxi costing about £3. We usually walk down the hill…..a nice walk and the kids don't complain because they know they're going to enjoy it, and then we get a taxi back up the rather steep hill as they're usually too exhausted to walk lol.

            I should also mention that there is a huge park right beside Funworld which is 100% FREE!!! This is superb in the summer as there is a huge grass area, a playpark for under 5s and another for the over 5s which are well maintained and filled with deep sand. This is called the Battery Park and I have spent many a summer's day there over the years….This is situated right on the waterfront, so the kids can go throw stones into the water or collect crabs etc…..In the good weather, you can also soak up the rays and use the café facilities!

            Thanks for reading.
            Michelle x


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