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Handsome Hounds (Weston-Super-Mare)

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Brand: Handsome Hounds / Type: Dog Grroming

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    1 Review
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      10.10.2011 01:00
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      Never again!

      When I moved to Weston Super Mare, I moved here with my friend of 18 years Liz. We came in a caravan with 4 dogs in tow (hers) and pitched up and got looking for a flat to share. She had to be out of her home in Yorkshire as she was getting divorce and me......well I wanted to move here as I had friends here and loved the place quite simply and fancied a big life change!

      Sadly Liz had to part with her dogs as we couldn't find a property at all that rented to people with pets. Moving on a year and a half myself and my friend had a fallout, hated each others guts and had to end the tenancy together and she went off and got a flat and me...I'm moving out this Wednesday from the flat we once shared to a lovely 2 bedroomed flat in town myself!

      In an odd turn of events we have managed to become friends again. Living together didn't work but now we have more respect for each other and spend more time together than when we lived together lol. Its nice to have separate lives and to 'choose' to spend time with each other when and if we want to.

      Liz came round one night and told me we have to talk and as she said it thrust a white poodle, called Daisy into my arms. Daisy is a small white poodle and she rescued it as now she is allowed pets in her long term tenancy rented flat.

      Daisy is gorgeous and happy to have a new home! Shes spoilt and spends alot of time with me with overnight stays on her own to keep me company and also shes here all the time with my pal and I count her as one of us....where I and Liz are...Daisy is too!

      However when Liz got her she was in less than her best condition. Her hair, in our opinion needed a trim along with her claws (which we requested). She needed a good pamper and me and my mate decided to go halves on sending her to a posh pampering parlour.

      Handsome Hounds was actually recommended by a friends mum we know. She has two standard poodles that always go there and to have both of them trimmed and pampered costs her £40.00 each every 6 or so weeks. We were quoted £35.00 and told to drop her off at 12pm which we did.

      The salon is lovely and I was immediately impressed with the smart, uniformed staff who were pleasant and the fact the place was so pristine and fresh looking. My mate was pleased though as a driver that there were free spaces outside the shop to park in!

      As you approach the paying section there is a large amount of doggy items on sale such as coats in an array of different colours and styles for very reasonable prices plus flea sprays and different things like that. Daisy was taken by the lady who was dealing with her and we were told that she was in such a state and that her hair was so 'tight' that she needed shaving. We had decided on the puppy cut prior to getting there and this didn't sit well with us at all really. She had no knots as I had given her a good brush before we took her there. She had no lugs and her hair wasn't wild so we didn't really get why she was being shaved. It was only afterwards we told the person that recommended the place to us that she had been shaved that she went mad and said they only did that as it was easier and that her dogs have been in far worse condition than Daisy was and had never been shaved. I can't say for sure they took the lazy option but when we got her back she was scalped and even bald in places.

      We were told to collect Daisy at 5pm and off we went happy to leave her in a nice place and out the back, behind the counter where we paid at we could see staff working away and grooming pets behind the glass window.


      Things then went mad. Myself and my friend went to Bristol to do some shopping, Liz had her purse stolen with all of her cash and credit cards in it and I only had half of the money we were paying. Add to that we had to go and report the theft to the police and then my friend was so worried could barely drive back properly....we were running late. The lady from the salon called Liz asking why it was 5.30pm and she wasn't there to collect her pet. My friend was really nice to the dog grooming woman and the woman was really not pleasant. Liz explained about her purse to which the reply was....I've heard this excuse before...I know cos I could hear it as Liz popped her mobile on loudspeaker and she was in tears and worried to death about her beloved pooch. In the end the woman said see you when you get here but made it clear, no money no dog. Out of her mind we tried to race back to Weston Super Mare but we literally got hounded all the way there and Liz's mobile went off a total of 7 times in 45 minutes and we felt completely harassed.

      Each call got nastier. The woman was really unpleasant to Liz threatening that she wouldn't get her dog back, to I'm charging you an extra £10.00 per five minutes late you are, to I'm doing that and I'm taking the dog home to my house and charging you board....completely forgetting the fact that Liz had her purse stolen! She told Liz you buy something you pay for it, Liz agreed and explained that she wanted to pay and get her pooch back, this wasn't planned but the woman then started shouting. We managed to get the money off a mate on route and we ran in and grabbed Daisy. Yes we were about 40 minutes late I have to admit that but this really wasn't planned at all but as we all know sometimes things happen we can't always predict.

      I was livid by the time we got to the shop as Liz was actually scared now to go in and collect Daisy. I thought the woman Liz had been speaking to lacked heart and understanding and didn't grasp the fact that not all of us are scallyways but genuine. The woman was all smiles, took the money and handed the dog over. Like I mentioned earlier Daisy was shaven really short and with bald patches all over the place. She looked a real mess. She smelt nice and fresh and like she'd been bathed but she hadn't been brushed as there wasn't (and still isn't) enough hair to brush anyway. Her nails were unclipped, her insides of her ears still grotty and we were informed that Daisy had fleas and instead of costing £35.00 we owed £43.00 (more than most big dogs cost to be groomed there) as they had to treat the fleas. Funny that cos I and a friend searched for fleas before she went and found nothing at all.

      The worse thing was not only was the whole cut bad and it really upset my friend, a day later I was playing with Daisy and noticed her front leg had been shaved too close to the skin. Her elbow was really badly grazed to which I put a little tea tree oil on it. It has now healed but it wasn't a very pleasant looking wound at all and it really annoyed her!

      Overall our experience with this place was appalling. The place looks top class but I've never heard of collecting a dog and having to pay for a flea treatment! Also if they hadn't of shaved her we were told that if they found knots it would cost £5.00 (per knot!) to remove them! Basically that means you can't be sure of the price you pay till you collect your beloved mutt.

      This is a terribly bad place in my opinion, poor Daisy is looking a messy bald thing and we were nervous wrecks by the end of the day and stressed out to hell. I can't recommend it at all and I'm used to dealing with grooming parlours having been brought up with dogs....this really is the worse one I have ever heard of!

      I'd give it 0 stars if I could believe me!


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      217 Milton Road, Weston super Mare, BS22 8EG

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