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Address: County Hall, Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7PB

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    1 Review
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      01.12.2011 08:30
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      London attraction

      London Death Trap

      On a recent visit to London and with it being almost Halloween I bought some tickets to go to London Death Trap, since Little Miss is always wanting to do "spooky things".
      This is advertised as the a live horror show where you will experience "the fright of your life".

      We knew the place was close to Westminster Bridge but not having lived in London for a number of years I had forgotten how to get around. With the number of people in the centre of London, it was quite a walk from Piccadilly across the bridge to the County Hall. Again, it was quite a fight to get to the attraction as its very close to The London Eye and there are lots of fast food restaurants so the whole area was heaving. The location of this place however means that it will probably be very busy all of the time.

      The attraction focuses on actors recreating a scenario whereby an infection is spreading through a laboratory . Add to this the diseased who are lurking around every corner and the scene is set.

      The Death Trap is suitably gruesome when we found it, with several bloodied chairs and a skeleton. The staff when we met them were the people who would be acting in the show and we were primarily invited to have our photo taken on the large chair in a pose; we were later sold this (naturally!). The actor who took us into the "lab" was very friendly and gave us all of the rules and regulations. He was especially nice to Little Miss and explained to her that he would speak to the actors and tell them they were not to touch her. He also explained that we would also be touched only on our feet and the back of our necks, and never on our front.
      We were taken into the lab where it was dark and as expected there were plenty of rattling noises and banging from behind the door. We did have a member of staff telling us what to do, until we went into the second room. We had to walk past people dressed as zombies rattling their cages which was quite eerie when in semi darkness.

      The whole experience lasted only about 20 minutes and during this time there was lots of shrieking from other members of the party (I think you go round in groups of about 10) and lots of refusals to go forward.


      Mon - Fri 11.00am - 6pm
      Sat 11 - 7pm
      Sun 11-7pm
      School Holidays, Mon -Sun 11.30am - 8.00pm

      Adults: £12
      Children and Students: £9.00

      Email: info@londonsdeathtrap.com
      Address: County Hall, Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road, London
      Website: http://www.londonsdeathtrap.com/

      The décor of the attraction when we first entered was suitably gruesome and "spooky" and when we got inside the lab, it was all very gloomy, with lots of cages being rattled and shrieks and groans from the inmates.

      The staff were incredibly helpful and professional, and assured Little Miss (who looked petrified ) that she would be ok. They told her that they were all actors and looked after her on the way round.
      It wasn't as scary as I had expected it to be and parts of it were actually funny because the inmates added humour to the whole proceedings when they remembered names of the people visiting.

      It was all over very quickly and not a scary as some other attractions I have visited. Having prepared Little Miss for it, and because it was close to Halloween, it was a fun thing to do, but not somewhere I would visit again and again.
      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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